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A Portrait Of Lawlessness, Philadelphia! Knife-Wielding Man Killed Chasing Police. Massive Looting, BLM, And ANTIFA Argue Over Who Should Lead The Protest.

So here’s what Joe Biden is campaigning on!

Social Justice, defunding the police and further diving America by race. Just like his mentor, Barak Hussein Obama, a Biden administration would destroy communities of color, attack American history and chase manufacturing out with high taxes and regulations.

As in Baltimore, Chicago, and Portland, lawlessness has been allowed to fester and locals have lost all understanding of basic Civics, which leads to more conflict and police shootings.

The unrest in Philadelphia began after two officers shot and killed an armed Black man, Walter Wallace, Jr. Video shot by a witness shows Wallace approaching two police officers around a car and into a street. Officers ordered Wallace repeatedly to drop the knife before firing.

Wallace continued approaching the retreating officers with the knife extended toward the police. Multiple shots rang out and Wallace fell to the ground. A responding police officer loaded Wallace into a vehicle and drove him to the hospital. He later died from his wounds.

So in pursuit of social justice on night one – hundreds of opportunists destroyed business and looted stores like Walmart.

On Tuesday night the two domestic terrorist groups, BLM and ANTIFA, clashed as they both wanted to take lead on who should lead the protest in Philadelphia. Following a short altercation, the two factions decided to go separate ways.

Interesting since they both have funding from socialist groups funded by Gorge Soros, but I guess they did not get the memo are both on the same side. The reality is BLM inc is about burning down the American traditional culture, including defunding police and redefining the nuclear family unit.

Via Breitbart

“Current scene in Philadelphia where a couple hundred BLM/ANTIFA came to march for Walter Wallace,” Savanah Hernandez tweeted. “Inner fighting between the two groups resulted in the two marches splitting off.”

The dispute led to the destruction of at least one Black Lives Matter flag by a person wearing black bloc. The argument seemed to be based on what direction the protesters should take.

Journalist Elijah Schaffer tweeted a different view of the skirmish.

“PHILLY: black bloc anarchists, black lives matter, & socialists get into a fight over who should lead the protest and where to head,” Schaffer tweeted. “They were actively pushing press back to prevent people from filming.”

Elijah later while documenting the looting took a beating, telling Glenn Beck on his radio show Wednesday morning, that the mob was only attacking white journalists calling them white supremist while beating them.

So there you have it folks.

This is what a far-left controlled city, when left to itself looks like.

The anarchists use events like a shooting of a local man, who was chasing police officers with a knife, to loot and burn down the city.

Any help coming, not from the state. Pennsylvania Democrat Governor Wolf Calls Mass Rioting and Looting “Peaceful Protests” — 30 Stores Looted, Reporters and Police Attacked.

This is not hyperbole, if Joe Biden is elected, this will become the norm in most major cities. Will lead to massive debt, expedited city erosion, and crime as we have never seen on a large-scale within our borders.

With President Trump’s re-election, the investments the administration has in motion can start to improve the lives of those in these failing cities, but only if the people wake up and vote their failed politicians out.

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