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A Couple of Woke Diversity Activists in Arizona Mistakenly Accuse a Black DJ of Wearing Blackface During a Show [VIDEO]

What does one have to do to become a “diversity advocate?” Marquette University says, “Becoming a Diversity Advocate requires having or developing a particular worldview or set of beliefs as well as committing to the mission of promoting awareness, education and appreciation of diversity to the campus community.” No need to send your kids to that institution.

In Arizona, two local diversity advocates are taking some shots across the bow for labeling a school district “racist” for hiring a DJ to perform in blackface.

The only problem for them is the DJ is black.


Stuart Rhoden and Jill Lassen, the two diversity, equity and inclusion nitwits, attacked the Scottsdale Unified School District’s Hopi Elementary PTA for hiring Kim Koko Hunter, 56, a local black DJ, for a charity event.

According to the Arizona Daily Independent, both of them are involved in diversity work in the school district, and they ripped the school when they saw a picture of the DJ. It wasn’t until later they learned about his race.

“The DJ that the Hopi PTA hired was, in fact a Black man,” Megan Livengood, the Hopi PTA president, wrote in response to Lassen in a message obtained by the outlet. “It is insulting that you feel myself or PTA condone racist behavior or encourage it by posting on social media.”

But isn’t that exactly what a diversity advocate does? They hunt for any infraction they can find that goes against the ever-changing doctrines of the woke supremacy, so that they can sound the alarm and get that 15 minutes of fame as a social justice warrior.

Lassen, who is a librarian, responded saying, “You are right, we should’ve reached out and inquired before making such accusations,” according to the outlet. “I cannot fathom the hurt, anger and frustration you felt after you and others volunteered countless hours on your event. Again I truly apologize.”

But the guy was being somewhat of a jerk about it. Rhoden, an instructor at Arizona State, wasn’t very apologetic. It was more like a “sorry/not sorry” post. He put up a side-by-side photo of Hunter the DJ on Facebook in an attempt to say that the DJ darkened his face even though he is black. He’s saying the DJ was in blackface. That has to be some kind of Facebook violation to use someone else’s photos from their Facebook profile to trash talk them on your own profile.

Let me be clear, a Black man, apparently in Black face is an entirely different discussion than a White person. However I did not state that the person was White. It was assumed that was my intent, and perhaps it was, but nonetheless, looking on his FB page (photos below), it seems at the very least he is in darker make-up if not “Black face” or I am completely mistaken and it’s the lighting of the patio.
So here’s what I want to say. I apologize to dude for the implication, but the sentiment still stands, Black face by anyone, in this day and age is problematic. I also apologize to folks who reposted and made other statements based on my assumption.

Lassen is a co-chair of the Scottsdale Parent Council diversity, equity and inclusion committee, while Rhoden is a member of the district’s Equity and Inclusion Committee.

Rhoden seems like one of those types that just can’t ever admit he’s wrong. He should have apologized to the DJ and let it be. But he didn’t do that. Instead, he made a lighthearted apology and worked to give himself an out by saying Hunter was using dark makeup when he had absolutely no evidence whatsoever to support such a claim.

Even if Hunter was playing a part for a theme that night, who does Rhoden think he is mouthing off like that without talking to the guy first?

Apparently, an organizer called someone Hunter works with after the event, according to Hunter’s Facebook page, and asked if he was black. WTH?

“They thought that the DJ there or the person there was in a black face, and the person that they thought was in blackface was me,” Hunter said.

“Was I not Black enough? How black do I got to be for people to know that I’m an actual Black person,” he said.

Here’s Hunter talking about the incident in his own words.


This is what happens when leftists get an ounce of power over other people. They abuse it, cause problems for innocent people, then walk away as if they did nothing wrong. Think about how their accusations could have cost Hunter jobs working as a DJ. Who wants to hire a guy someone accused of working in blackface?

At least Jill Lassen apologized, and it seemed heartfelt. Good for her.


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