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A Bloodless War: How To Smash Cultural Marxism With Your Purchase Power

As with everything they touch, the left has radicalized and destroyed the enjoyment of everyday items Americans purchase, from Chicken Sandwiches to clothing lines to make-up to credit card services.

As a movement, they expertly do this by using tactics of advertising, messaging, branding, and PR to push a foreign culture and a divisive political movement onto Americans who often do not appreciate the propaganda that comes with the use of their credit card or the purchase of their food or household items.

And Conservatives don’t like funding violent and divisive movements like Black Lives Matter, who get paybacks from credit card companies like Visa and Mastercard and from banking services like PayPal.

Face it- everything is about political power to the progressive left- and the majority of Americans are sick of it; however, many people have accepted that they are left with little choice other than supporting the oppressive left- because the left smartly and strategically owns so much of what we need and want.

Until now.

Pre-Register For Coign Here

The left has also been very successful in shaping public opinion, pushing public policy, and creating an environment where Americans feel they must virtue signal acceptance of that ‘Woke Left’ culture or face consequences to their employment and possibly even their banking.

But there is hope for a change.

That is why the left dominates so much of the institutions- including banking.

Now we don’t have to worry so much.

Pre-Register For Coign Here

Finally, there is something new on the horizon for Americans who do not want to support this whole ‘Woke’ Capitalism industry.

Now Americans will have a choice; a credit card, Coign, for conservatives that pushes back against ‘woke’ capitalism for them- without having to do much of anything at all- but swipe.

According to the new Credit Card Company-Coign- founder, Rob Collins, said a portion of every card swipe fee is donated to conservative causes. Collins is a former GOP strategist who has brought together other conservatives with an eye on much more than just a credit card.  He is talking about building a parallel financial universe for Conservatives.

Pre-Register For Coign Here

According to their website, “Coign is America’s first credit card built by and for Conservatives. Coign was created to advance conservative values and embrace the American spirit. Unlike other leading credit cards that give millions to the Left each year, Coign is helping Conservatives to align their dollars with their values. We’re proud to invest in Conservative causes. Coign is the only Conservative credit card that allows you to pay with a purpose while you earn rewards. Now, each time you swipe your credit card, you’re automatically spending right.”

Watch Collins’s recent appearance on Fox News:

“Every time you use it, you will give back to Conservative groups and causes.  It could be 10 Times a day,  or 480  times a year when conservatives are swiping their card and giving everything they have to liberal causes to and woke causes and that has to stop,” Collins said.

“Coign is America’s leading Conservative credit card. We were built by Conservatives for Conservatives.  With your Coign card you get an unlimited 1% *cash back VISA credit card that offers world-class credit protection and shares your Conservative values,” Collins said about the new card.

“We are focused on providing our members dependable, safe and secure credit card services and world-class customer support—all while we build the happiest and largest Conservative financial community in America.”

Coign works because Conservatives like you are willing to join together to build on the American dream.  Woke corporate America is divisive and have been leading us for too long, but now there is an opportunity for Conservatives to use our market power to change corporate America and our country for the better.

“Trillions of Conservative Dollars go to funding the left,” he said.

Pre-Register For Coign Here

“Now we have a Community that is expanding on commerce that reflects our values- the money won’t go to candidates. It is for innovation to the private sectors and nonprofits with Conservative solutions.  We are everyday conservatives, lawyers, bankers- just  folks got together and took the excitement of the conservative movement  to stop funding companies that do not like us,” he said.



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