Cuomo Hires High-Profile Lawyer Who Represented Harvey Weinstein

Cuomo Hires High-Profile Lawyer Who Represented Harvey Weinstein

After being hit with a third accusation of sexual harassment in under two weeks, Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) has hired a high-powered criminal defense lawyer who once defended sexual predator Harvey Weinstein and alleged pervert Woody Allen against allegations of sexual assault, which is a sure sign that Cuomo believes that his female accusers have him by the short hairs wherever they may be.

A former federal prosecutor, Elkan Abramowitz, who has ties to Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance, who refused to prosecute Weinstein and it was discovered that Weinstein’s legal team funded Vance’s campaign, will serve as legal counsel to the embattled governor and his top aides, according to The Wall Street Journal who reported on it on Monday.

Letitia James, the radical Soros-funded New York Attorney General (AG) is investigating the Cuomo administration, though she hasn’t yet appointed anyone to look into the accusations made by three women who say that Cuomo sexually harassed them, which includes inappropriate kissing and touching without consent and making lewd comments like asking a 25-year-old aide is she had ever had sex with older men and the 63-year-old governor letting her know that “he’s fine with anyone above the age of 22”

“To be clear I never inappropriately touched anybody and I never propositioned anybody and I never intended to make anyone feel uncomfortable, but these are allegations that New Yorkers deserve answers to,” Cuomo said in a statement giving a non-apology apology for the things the women have accused him of doing.  He tried to blow it off as “being playful and making jokes that I think are funny.”

So what was the punchline of that joke where he kissed Lindsey Boylan on the lips without consent?  Can you imagine?  “Two guys walk into a bar and MWUAH!  In your face!”

Cuomo asked New Yorkers to hold off judgment until the findings come from an independent investigation – note: there are no independent investigations when Democrats are involved, only rigged circus acts – when he at long last referred the matter to James’ office on Sunday, but that was only after he caught a lot of backlash for first picking former US District Judge Barbara Jones, a former law partner with Steve Cohen, one of Cuomo’s closest advisors.  He tried to rig the investigation.

AG James is already looking into the Cuomo administration’s mishandling and possible criminal activities with regard to the nursing home scandal where top Cuomo aide told state Democrats on a conference call that the administration hid the nursing home COVID death numbers because they were afraid that the Trump administration’s Department of Justice would find out the real number of deaths that they lied about after forcing coronavirus patients into nursing homes that killed over 10 thousand seniors.  Apparently, the Cuomo administration undercut the death count by over 40 percent.

This isn’t the first time Abramowitz had to get Cuomo out of a mess as he represented the horny old man once for a federal investigation over the governor’s stupid decision to dismantle an anti-corruption panel he created in 2013.

Abramowitz donated $2,100 to DA Vance’s campaign after the DA dropped charges against his client, the infamous sexual predator Harvey Weinstein, even though police provided a recording of the former Hollywood mogul apologizing to his alleged victim and on tape it has him apologizing to her and he promised he wouldn’t do it again.

The attorney also once represented actor Woody Allen on sexual abuse charges that involved his daughter, Dylan Farrow.  Abramowitz accused Dylan’s mother, actress Mia Farrow, of planting the idea that Woody molested his own daughter.  “The idea that Dylan was molested was implanted by her mother, and that memory is never going to go away,” he said in 2014.

Biographer: Andrew Cuomo’s Abusive Behavior So Bad His Ex-Wife Kerry Kennedy Had to Sleep in a Locked Bathroom

Biographer: Andrew Cuomo’s Abusive Behavior So Bad His Ex-Wife Kerry Kennedy Had to Sleep in a Locked Bathroom

Democrat New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been having a rough couple of months what with being investigated by the federal Department of Justice (DOJ) for making the colossally stupid decision to force coronavirus-infected patients into nursing homes with the state’s elderly and most vulnerable people which caused the death of about 15,000 people.  Oh, and then there are the #MeToo allegations of sexual harassment and official misconduct by what are we up to now, seven former female aides?

Most of the people who are now making accusations against Cuomo, including other folks who acted as observers of his behavior yet never said anything until several brave women started making accusations against him are describing the governor as an arrogant, obnoxious bully.  But he wasn’t always like that, was he?

Toward the end of her marriage to Andrew Cuomo, Kerry Kennedy, daughter of former Senator Robert F Kennedy, had to sleep in a locked bathroom to protect herself from Cuomo, according to biographer Michael Shnayerson to got to take a closer look at Andrew Cuomo’s life.

Shnayerson said that what helped end their marriage, which ran from 1990 to 2005, was abusive bullying over his wife Kerry that involved demeaning treatment.

These accusations from the former aides absolutely fit the same pattern of brutal bullying and his demeaning treatment of women that have caused many calls from New York Democrats for the governor to resign, and if not, there is talk about possible impeachment.

According to Shnayerson, Kennedy wanted to leave the marriage back in 2001, which was around the time her husband’s role as Secretary of State for the Clinton administration was coming to a close.  It was a job he botched terribly by telling complaining bank presidents that instead of ending the quota system for giving out mortgages to bad risk applicants they should put them through the subprime program instead.  That exacerbated the 30+ year Democrat scheme in the Housing market and the economy went belly up in 2008.

“Her problems with her husband were strictly personal,” Shnayerson wrote in Vanity Fair.  She complained about her husband not wanting to do things like visiting their daughters at their schools or reading a book on parenting, and there were other accusations that were much stronger.

The author cited a source close to the couple telling him that “Kerry was done being ridiculed and belittled.”    Sounds familiar.  “Either Andrew would work on the marriage or he wouldn’t, and the two would divorce.”

Cuomo ran a failed campaign for governor in 2002 when he never made it past the state convention.  When Cuomo dropped out of the race is when Kerry asked for a divorce.  According to Shnayerson, Cuomo wouldn’t leave the house and he never replied to her lawyers.  It was as if he thought hiding out in the house would make all the bad stuff go away.

Kerry revealed that on more than one occasion she had to sleep in a locked bathroom, a close friend of the family said and described multiple instances of physical abuse.

“I’ve been a human rights activist, and for women who have abusive husbands,’ Kerry said to a friend, ‘and here I am enduring this abuse’,” Schnayerson recalled.

Cuomo acted like a punk bullying her in many different ways, including getting in the way of planning holidays for their daughters, Schnayerson wrote, quoting a source saying, “There’s a million ways for a single parent to make the other parent’s life miserable, and he played that game.”  He used his daughters in the fight against their mother.  What a dirtbag.

A paid spinner for Cuomo told Vanity Fair, “The divorce was over 15 years ago and was tabloid fodder for weeks with all sorts of untrue rumors circulating. Time has proven them all false. Andrew is a great father, and his daughters will be the first to say that Kerry and Andrew have been great co-parents — and time showed those who spread the rumors? were actually the problem.?”

Yeah, okay.