Dr. Fauci Says No Plan For Federal Mandate on Coronavirus  Vaccine Passport Then Sends Wink and a Nod At Woke Corporations

Dr. Fauci Says No Plan For Federal Mandate on Coronavirus Vaccine Passport Then Sends Wink and a Nod At Woke Corporations

Dr. Anthony Fauci (da Fouch), director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said that a federal mandate on having to show a coronavirus vaccine passport is unlikely, but added that some local governments and businesses might choose to implement their own standards.

This should frighten the hell out of a lot of you because we have a progressive corporate culture now that is doing things that would absolutely violate Constitutional and civil rights if it was the government doing them. The Democrats are using these Woke corporations to push draconian measures on the American people that they can’t do legally, and they are going to give them special attention in bills that are written in the future, at least until said corporations are no longer needed.

On Monday, the head of the previous and current administration’s coronavirus task force made the statements during an interview on the Politico Dispatch podcast.

“I doubt that the federal government will be the main mover of a vaccine passport concept,” said Fauci.

“The main mover” tells me he knows there will be a push for it but Biden doesn’t want to be the culprit.

“They may be involved in making sure things are done fairly and equitably, but I doubt if the federal government is going to be the leading element of that,” he explained.

And then the little left-wing fascist said that businesses and organizations might require a vaccine passport. I can see where the administration will tell certain industries that they would get either a tax break or other special considerations for forcing customers entering their businesses to provide a coronavirus vaccine passport all in the name of “public health.” Admittedly, this is speculation on my part because we can’t even get truthful information from this administration about the horrendous crisis they created on our southern border. What makes anyone think that they’re going to be honest and transparent about how they’re going to implement a vaccine passport? But make no mistake, the administration will be involved.

“I do believe that there will be individual entities that will do that, there may be theaters that say you don’t get in unless you have proof of vaccination,” da Fouch said. “There may be colleges or other educational institutions that do that,” he added.

“I’m not saying that they should or that they would, but I’m saying you could foresee how an independent entity might say, ‘Well, we can’t be dealing with you unless we know you’re vaccinated,’ but it’s not going to be mandated from the federal government,” Fauci concluded.

There is one thing that I have maintained over the years about corporations that go Woke. One of the goals of the officers of a corporation is to make the stockholders happy. The way that they do that is by increasing business products or services, increasing their customer base, and growing their position in the market all to make sure that the bottom line for the company rises. But when corporate officers engage in Woke Supremacist tactics the way they have been for over a year now, it seems that the Woke Supremacy is more important to them than the mission statement of the corporation. That is dangerous to the corporation because millions of Americans will not do business with many companies that enforce unconstitutional restrictions on them when they are clearly not necessary. It’s called Go Woke Go Broke. The NFL, MLB, Coca-Cola, and Delta are right now experiencing this. And the oddest thing of all is that apparently, the corporations don’t care.

Remember that all of this is over a virus that has a 99 percent survival rate, and now many doctors are coming out and saying that it’s nothing but the flu. This means that the administration will know exactly where you have been and will know the things you purchase in stores. They will have more control over you. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene called the coronavirus vaccine passport Biden’s “mark of the beast.”

While da Fouch said things like, “I’m not sure the coronavirus vaccine is going to be mandatory from a central government standpoint, like federal government mandates,” back in January when he was asked about international travel and public schools he goes on to subtly warn that the vaccine passport is coming. “But there are going to be individual institutions that I’m sure are going to mandate it.”

Mark my words, the Biden administration is using Fauci to deceive the populace into thinking there won’t be coronavirus vaccine passports with the government involved when there will. This is why it is so important that conservatives and other freedom-loving Americans support an alternative economy where capitalism and common sense reign supreme.

California School Board Vice President: Asian Americans Use ‘White Supremacist Thinking’ to ‘Get Ahead’

California School Board Vice President: Asian Americans Use ‘White Supremacist Thinking’ to ‘Get Ahead’

The San Francisco School Board’s Vice President took a lot of heat this week with efforts to have her removed from her position, in essence, canceled, because of social media posts from back in 2016 when she made a number of racist comments against Asian Americans.

It makes sense.  She’s vice president of the San Francisco school board which means she’s probably a progressive and there is no bigger a privileged racist than progressives with a kingdom.

This woman went on a tear accusing Asian Americans, among other things, of using “white supremacist thinking to get ahead.”  If that’s not bad enough she also said that Asian Americans who don’t publicly trash then-President Donald Trump they are nothing but “House N-words.”

This is what progressives do.  If a conservative doesn’t want to eat meat she won’t eat meat.  When a progressive doesn’t want to eat meat she doesn’t want you to eat meat either.  When a progressive calls a US president a racist without any real evidence they want you to think the same thing.  And they come up with consequences too.

San Francisco parents initially started a campaign to recall school board members who refuse to reopen schools even though the “science” has always said that children are the least likely superspreaders in the country.

The intensity of the campaign to remove Alison Collins and other school board members from office grew when last month the board voted 5-2 to change the admissions policy at San Francisco’s elite Lowell High School from merit-based to a lottery system if you can believe it, citing “pervasive systemic racism” as the reason, according to KPIX-TV.

It seems like everything the Woke Supremacy dislikes is magically due to systemic racism or white supremacy.  Asians do better in school than brown kids; systemic racism.  Asian students get higher GPAs than black students; white supremacy.  Humidity; systemic racism.  It doesn’t matter.  They blame everything on racism or racists.  They rarely ever provide evidence for such claims and in the case of the Asian community, there really is no evidence.  And yet without providing an ounce of evidence official policy is actually made based on the bogus claims made by progressive lunatics who sit in power.

The “Recall SF School Board” campaign on Thursday released a number of racist anti-Asian tweets from Collins showing how she complained that “Many Asian [Students] and [Teachers] I know won’t engage in critical race convos unless they see how they are impacted by white supremacy.”

SOURCE: TGwitter screenshot

“I grew up in mostly Asian AM schools and know this experience all to [sic – school board vp?] well. Many Asian Am. believe they benefit from the ‘model minority’ BS,” she tweeted.  “In fact many Asian Americans [Teachers], [Students], and [Parents] actively promote these myths. They use white supremacist thinking to assimilate and ‘get ahead.'”

She added, “Talk to many [Lowell High School] parents and you will hear praise of tiger Moms and disparagement of Black/Brown ‘culture.'”

This is a psychotic paranoid woman.

Collins even asked, “Where are the vocal Asians speaking up against Trump? Don’t Asian Americans know they are on his list as well? Do they think they won’t be deported? beaten? Being a house nr is still being a nr. You’re still considered ‘the help.'”

In a press release, the Recall SF School Board campaign declared that Alison Collins’ tweets “would be unacceptable for any elected official, but especially so in a school district where over a third of the children are Asian.”

The campaign also said that the decision to change Lowell High School’s merit-based admission system “was prejudiced by the same animosity” she has shown in the tweets, noting that “Asian Americans account for over 50% of Lowell’s students and are most likely to lose ground in this shift to a lottery system.”

A system of meritocracy is an even playing field.  It’s based on the hard work, talents, and ambitious drive of students who reap the rewards.  If Asian family culture emphasizes more on academic achievement than black, Hispanic, and even white family cultures, then so be it.  Someone has to be #1.  But losers like Collins want to make excuses for Asian students doing much better than all other groups.  In their warped progressive minds, they think that somehow Asians must have some magical-like gifts given to them that black and brown students are denied and that magical power is from racism.  The only magical power Asian students have is parents who raise them to put a strong emphasis on doing well in school.  Black and brown students can absolutely do as well or even better than Asian students, but apparently they’re missing that one special ingredient: parents who get strongly involved in their kids’ academic life.  Did I just say black and brown parents don’t care about their kids?  Not at all, but it’s well known that Asian culture emphasizes hard work and the value of achievements more than other groups.  That’s not racism on the part of Asian Americans, but what’s happening to them is racism on the part of those attacking them in all forms and fashions.

When reached for comment, Collins told National Review, “I’m not going to comment on social media posts from five years ago,” adding that she has “been heartbroken seeing the escalating violence against my Asian-American brothers, sisters and siblings.”

She went on to say:

“What has been even more upsetting is seeing the ways that the media often erase the true nature of the problem. Seeing hate crimes labeled ‘sex addiction’, and seeing videos of police and EMTs responding to the needs of perpetrators of violence while overlooking the needs of the people they target is telling. This isn’t just about one or two incidents circulating in the news cycle—it’s a pervasive culture. One we must all collectively name and dismantle.”

Again, this woman is a paranoid psychotic.  She’s obviously referring to the recent shootings at massage parlors outside of Atlanta, Georgia where six other eight shooting victims were Asian.  Because of their race, racist morons like Collins automatically look to racism as the only reason why the shooter attacked them, even though the local police authorities and the FBI director have said that there does not appear to be a racial motive for the shootings.  The shooter told police he has a sex addiction and that she shot up the massage parlors because in the Atlanta area there are sex shops among and inside many massage parlors and the shooter felt they were harming him with his addiction to sex.  Police spoke with friends and former roommates who said the shooter belonged to a sex addiction therapy group and that he hated himself for going to massage parlors for sex.  Yet even though no black or other people of color were shot and/or killed lunatics like Collins cannot help themselves and have to blame racism.

So on one side we have the shooter himself, his associates, local law enforcement, and the FBI director saying sex addiction and on the other side Alison Collins saying racism, and our failed mainstream news media say racism. In essence, Collins made racist rants against Asian Americans and then linked them to white supremacy.

Woke Left Says: Black Americans Who Want To Live Unchained From Past Mistakes Are “Tokens” And “Mascots”

Woke Left Says: Black Americans Who Want To Live Unchained From Past Mistakes Are “Tokens” And “Mascots”

Republican Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina responded to a jab this week from a far-left Community Organizer on MSNBC that went viral, and as a Pro-Trump leader of “Economic Nationalism,” Scott said he used to the extra attacks for being Black, from the radical left activists, like Joy Reid of MSNBC.

“Woke supremacy is as bad as white supremacy. We need to take that seriously,” Scott said. “Unfortunately, I have become accustomed to hearing casual racism and insults from the ‘tolerant’ left.”

Scott is a well-respected Republican Senator who views him as more than his pigmentation.

“Liberals can’t grasp the fact that millions of minorities in this country refuse to be told how to think because of their race. So, they insult them. @SenatorTimScott is a fantastic senator and role model. Joy Reid should apologize,” Nikki Haley, an Indian-American who has reached the heights of politics, wrote in support of Scott.

Her response must lead others to question whether more Black Americans would run for office as Republicans if they didn’t face hysterical mobs who easily get into the media.

BizPacReview reported on a recent appearance by Scott:

“Trey Gowdy hosted Scott on “Fox News Primetime,” referring to Reid’s recent comments about Scott when she essentially called Scott a token for being the only black Republican senator, suggesting the color of his skin was his key qualification.”

“Tim Scott is a United States senator who worked his tail off to be part of nearly every significant policy conversation this country has,” Gowdy said. “He can stand wherever the hell he wants to stand and any group he wants to stand with because he has earned the right to be there. The fact that you see a black man as a prop, Joy Reid, says a lot more about you than it does about Tim Scott.”

In fact, the news broke at the same time that President Donald J. Trump endorsed Scott.

“Former President Trump has endorsed Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina.

“It is my great honor to give Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina my Complete and Total Endorsement,” the nation’s 45th president said in a statement. “He is both an outstanding Senator and person who works tirelessly for the people of his great state and the USA. Strong on the Military, Law Enforcement, love our Vets, protects our Second Amendment and our Borders. Tim will continue to do an OUTSTANDING job for our country!”

Scott, who is the sole black GOP senator, will be up for reelection in 2022.”


A white man, Mehdi Hassan, host of MSNBC and NBC, posted in reaction, “Literally the dumbest thing a Republican senator has said in 2021, and that’s despite all the heavy competition for that title from Tim Scott’s colleagues.”

The White liberal “woke supremacist” mob called Scott names and told him he had to be quiet and remove his comments about his personal experience.

White liberals, like Slate correspondent Will Saletan, rushed in to squelch Scott’s voice and discredit him and also to reject his point of view on the state of racism against Blacks in the United States.


So now Scott is a “mascot” of blackness but isn’t actually Black. And his ideas about racism from his own experience formed because he wasn’t taught to see history differently.

Make sense?  That is “wokeism” as laid out in the following string of posts. See if you can follow this logic:

Black Conservatives joined Scott in his opinion.

“Woke” Capitalism: Gen Z Goes To War to Cancel Lindell’s My Pillow and Forms Company With No Plan For a Product

“Woke” Capitalism: Gen Z Goes To War to Cancel Lindell’s My Pillow and Forms Company With No Plan For a Product

A revenge-driven, abuse-driven product, “Good Pillow,” driven by leftist virtue-signaling against Mike Lindell, is going to hit the market at some point. Still, their marketing and PR already hit social media and public consciousness, with Big Tech and Social media’s assistance.
The company’s founder, activist David Hogg says they have a waiting list for their product already, claiming over 15,000 people have signed up to be alerted for a potential pre-order of their product.

This sounds like a long way of saying there is no product yet, and no plan for a product.

Here is a forthcoming problem for dynamic duo William LeGate and David Hogg:  How are people going to virtue signal that they have a Good Pillow? Virtue signaling only works when you can show it off.  Are you going to sell T-shirts and bumper stickers?  Hey- then you are not in the pillow business.

It is a total farce.

A total farce that is being heavily promoted and marketing on Twitter, we would guess for free:

So, the virtual company is being given a very high profile that has been thrown together in a few days by two Gen Z social media influencers/ Community Organizers. They are going to war to promote their idea of a socialist-green utopia by attacking a company with an American made product, My Pillow, who supports several high profile charities that help recovering drug addicts.

The focus of their revenge is the My Pillow company owner, who is a supporter of President Donald J. Trump, so he is being set up to be canceled by the “woke” supremacists of the left by taking over his product line.

Numerous questions were raised on social media about the wisdom of Good Pillow’s business plans.

As one person with manufacturing asked me, “Are they going to source the pillow in China? Pillows may be the last thing that is cost-effective to ship from China due to the bulkiness and cheapness of the product.  Did they consider the transportation costs for shipping Pillow materials?  Or outsource the sewing?  Time will tell.  They may not have considered all of the regulations materials have to pass through the Federal Government.”

Perhaps they were hoping for fast pass through the Government red tape?

On top of the fact  that there is no product, the dynamic Duo believes themselves to be Guerilla PR celebrities; they messed up the launch with sloppiness and spelling errors, which is a massive humiliation to the left who pride themselves on spelling well.

From their business Website, even a dyslexic like myself can see the numerous errors:

According to LeGate, they are true humanitarians because they are “missions based,” which apparently they believe is justified for breaking laws:

Their mission seems to be “money laundering” to various charities of friends and social justice non-profits.

An what would an American Pillow company be without a community organizing “Manifesto”?

A “Manifesto” recall is “a public declaration of policy and aims, especially one issued before an election by a political party or candidate.”

So there may be some other FEC guidelines for them to consider, but read their political plans for yourself:

good-pillow-manifesto (1)

To The Future,

Seven days ago, they said it could not be done. Seven days ago, we joked online about just how
powerful a pillow company could be. To the believers – those who dared to imagine a pillow
company could be about more than just pillows – thank you for turning our wildest dreams into
reality. Rest assured, Good Pillow is well underway :^)

From day one, we’ve set out to create a pillow company that is, simply put: Good. This
seemingly straightforward idea stems from the mindset that everyone deserves a Good night’s
sleep, coupled with the belief that we deserve to feel Good about the brands we choose to
support. Good Pillow’s commitment to being a quality, ethical, and sustainable company exists
at the forefront of all our business decisions large and small.

Why? To inspire a new generation of Americans to live the American Dream by giving back and
supporting causes you believe in, to create a true conscious consumer movement– all while
getting a Good night’s sleep.

Here’s what we mean when we say “Good”:
● Good Pillow pledges to support charitable organizations working to improve the lives of
everyday Americans & people across the world.
● Good Pillow pledges to have an active dialogue with its customers regarding which
causes it will allocate a percentage of profits to.
● Good Pillow pledges to be sustainably sourced and to be environmentally accountable.
● Good Pillow pledges to employ well-paid, unionized manufacturers.
● Good Pillow pledges to be Made in America.

● Good Pillow pledges to place a strong emphasis on hiring those who have traditionally
struggled with seeking employment, including: veterans, refugees, people with
disabilities, and people who were formerly incarcerated.
● Good Pillow pledges to fill our Board of Directors with people who actually represent
America. We’ve seen companies and leaders rely on symbolic gestures as a substitute for
real change. We commit to ensuring our actions demonstrate the depth of our
● Good Pillow pledges to appoint a Chief Progressive Officer to its executive team, whose
sole purpose is to ensure we stay true to our vision.

We’ll be honest – this isn’t going to happen overnight, and that’s because we’re committed to
doing this the right way. Though we’ve spent 1⁄3 of our lives on pillows, we can’t say we know
everything about pillow manufacturing. That’s why we’re not sacrificing quality for time. We
must invest in our foundation to make Good on our promises.

At present, Good Pillow is in the midst of negotiating and solidifying key details with our Board
of Directors, manufacturing partners, employees, advisors, and an exciting influencer network
with a combined reach of over 250 million people and counting. Before we launch, though, we
must take some time to put our heads down, out of respect for the three year anniversary of the
shooting in Parkland, Florida on February 14th. While we step back to honor those we lost on
that horrific day, we remain fully committed to delivering on what we’ve promised. We couldn’t
be more thrilled to share more important updates immediately following our blackout period.

Thank you for embarking on this journey with us to prove that we can turn Good dreams into
reality 🙂

~ David & Willam

In other words, they know how to write a well thought out drama, but can the kids make a pillow and get the darn thing to market?  We will find out if Gen Z learns a little something about Free Markets and Business from Woke Capitalism’s adventures.

US Woke SJW “Karen’s” Grasp Reaches Past Trinidad, Kentucky Fried Chicken Pulls Ad

US Woke SJW “Karen’s” Grasp Reaches Past Trinidad, Kentucky Fried Chicken Pulls Ad

An advertisement for Kentucky Fried Chicken Drumstick caused chaos on social media for being “racist” until people realized it was made by brown people of Trinidad and not White people of the United States, and then there was chaos about who should be offended and why, in the end the ad was pulled and everyone was confused.

People were having fun with the ad until the grievance culture started to make demands, and the company then retracted the ad and apologized.

“KFC has apologised for ads posted on social media on Emancipation Day which drew negative responses from followers.

In a brief statement posted to its Facebook page later in the day, the fast food restaurant acknowledged that it may have gotten it wrong and apologised for any offence caused. The posts have since been removed,” Lott.com reported.

KFC’s statement read:

At KFC Trinidad, we always strive to recognise our nation’s multicultural history and make up, and to play our part in recongising it.

Our intention was to support and recognise the importance of this historically significant event. We recognise that our posts commemorating Emancipation Day drew some negative responses.

Clearly, we got it wrong and we want to unreservedly apologise for the offence caused.

As a result, we are reviewing the approval process of all of our communications to avoid situations like this reoccurring.

Here is the ad:

Responses on Twitter ranged in response:

“In case y’all didn’t realize, the website says kfc.tt (the .tt means Trinidad and Tobago). This would of been made by Caribbean people and is right up their alley for a sense of humor in Trinidad. Now if this ad been made in USA or Europe, then yes it’d be racist,” said one poster on Twitter. 

Others agreed that it was funny, and good humor was displayed by others who normally would have been marching on DC demanding all sorts of things:

The whole thing is so complex.

Woke Social Justice Warriors responded with demands:

There was anger directed at Caucasians.


Perhaps no one should say a thing- ever, about anything.

Many people do not understand why Chicken is racist, but White Supremacists are brought up.

White women from Canada chimed in to virtue signal.

Remember, it’s racist to say Black people like Kentucky Fried Chicken.


Whew.. just everyone chill. Because Lord only knows what is going to happen NOW, Round 2? :

This story is developing.

Eric Bolling Walks Off Explosive Interview When Other Guest Accuses Him off Faking Concern For Black Communities [VIDEO]

Eric Bolling Walks Off Explosive Interview When Other Guest Accuses Him off Faking Concern For Black Communities [VIDEO]

This story is the height of racism. When people use racism as a weapon when there is no racism to be found, they’re being racist. When people throw out accusations of racism without sufficient evidence, they’re a piece of garbage.

Media political and financial commentator Eric Bolling shut down an interview he was doing on the BBC on Wednesday when another guest who was on with him simultaneously said he was faking his concern for black communities.

Bolling suddenly left an interview by walking off camera with BBC’s “Newsnight” after the other guest, political commentator, and racial agitator Aisha Mills said that his concern for black communities wasn’t real.

The two of them were discussing Georgia’s new voting law as well as Major League Baseball’s (MLB) decision to pull the All-Star Game from Atlanta and moving it to Denver, Colorado, as a punishment to Atlanta over the new law.

Bolling pointed out that the MLB’s decision to pull the game from Atlanta hurt minorities, including minority-owned businesses. Bolling was responding to how the Democrats made the issue racial from the minute Governor Kemp signed the bill into law.

Atlanta is 51% black, therefore many businesses in the Atlanta surrounding area have to be black-owned. The potential for $100 million of revenues from the game was taken away from Atlanta businesses. The point Bolling was trying to make was that the MLB was pressured by Stacey Abrams and others to move the gave upon a threat that they would get MLB players to boycott games if they didn’t. Imagine that every game. Bolling pointed out that the MLB’s decision, which they claimed in a statement was based on the new voting law hurting black voters, actually hurt black people by killing the $100 million in revenues and gave it all to a city that is about 91% white.

Bolling is a financial guy. It’s one of the things he does for a living. He is qualified to talk about this subject.

Mills started out referring to what Bolling said as rubbish.

“Well, first of all let me just go back and address the rubbish that was just said, you know, this attack on liberals and boycotts, as if, um, somehow one holding corporations accountable, uh, is a problem…” Mills said.


Here is the problem with the asinine logic of what she said. First off, it wasn’t Major League Baseball that added voter integrity laws to Georgia law. They are about baseball. The same goes for Delta Wokelines, Woka Cola, and other businesses that cowered in the face of race-baiters like Mills, Stacey Abrams, Al Sharpton, LeBron James, and others. Those corporations didn’t act irresponsibly at all, so there was nothing they had to be held accountable over. That part was all made up by lying leftists like Aisha Mills.

So are we to believe that established corporations are now supposed to just get up and move out of a jurisdiction that the Woke Supremacy deems a problem for whatever is the issue of the month and they just happen to be unfortunate enough to be nearby? That would be a hell of an economic boom for U-Haul. But then again, U-Haul may have to up and haul ass out of Pheonix, Arizona if some Woke Supremacist race hustler wets their pants during a temper tantrum over something that has nothing to do with renting a moving truck.

Aisha Mills and her ilk are dividing our country based on racial sophistry.

During the exchange, Mills said, “I think it’s really rich for any Republican — especially a white man — to run around and claim they care about the economic condition of black communities and black businesses when that’s all a lie.”

“Especially a white man?” How racist is that? Eric said nothing out of line, not even coming close. But this is how it is today. Black race-baiters feel that they can say anything they want regardless of it being racist to make their point. They all have the same self-righteousness about them as if the world owes them something. It’s called Black Woke Privilege and it’s just as dangerous to the civil society as the gibberish rhetoric of white nationalists.

Bolling shot back, “That is not fair! You don’t know me. You don’t know who I am.”

Mills threw a “how dare you” at him while turning herself into a racial victim, claiming Bolling was only showing empathy for black people to create a wedge.

“I am … a black person in America,” Mills said. “Everything that these voting laws stand for … is all about racial discrimination. How dare you try to act like you are somehow a proponent of black people and businesses just to make a point and try to create a wedge? It’s ignorant, and it’s disrespectful.”

Did you catch her bizarre leap in logic? Mills was saying that being a white person, Bolling would not normally show empathy for black people or black-owned businesses and that he only mentioned how a majority-black city got screwed out of $100 million in revenues by MLB’s decision just to stir up racial problems in the country and create a wedge between racial groups.

That’s nuts. Who thinks like that? A sick person, a racist nut job who wears race on their sleeve, that’s who.

At that point, Bolling had enough and shot back, “That’s disgusting. I’m done. Put me off. That’s disgusting. I am nowhere near anything you are painting me to be, and the problem with American politics is exactly that. Because I’m white, you think I’m racist? That’s BS! I’m done.”

As Bolling moved to leave the interview, “Newsnight” host Emily Maitlis asked if he would remain for a question.

Bolling sat back down saying, “I don’t know why I’m staying here.” He followed up saying, “I need an apology.”

Mills fired back, “I’m not going to apologize for being offended.”

Can you believe this crazy woman? SHE was the one who was offended! She fabricated what she claimed to be offended about.

Folks, this is why I am believing more and more every day that this country is divided so badly it will never come together again. I don’t believe the country is divided by race. I believe we are divided by ideology and it is the Left’s decision to be this divided. They are the ones who use cancel culture, racial sophistry, and reverse racism disguised as righteous indignation. When you have people who are capable of making up disgusting things about other people out of whole cloth, knowing they can do it with impunity, and they share absolutely no values with anyone outside of their political ideology, how can you go on as a society? You cannot. Decent people of all walks of life, all races, colors, and creeds do not live this way, they do not think this way. And the decent people among us have absolutely nothing in common with the Woke Supremacy of the leftists.

After adding insult to injury Bolling finalized his intentions saying, “I’m done” and he walked off not to return.

Biden DHS Secretary Tells ICE Workers They Have a ‘Noble Mission’ And Vows To Defend Them And Fight Sanctuary Cities

Biden DHS Secretary Tells ICE Workers They Have a ‘Noble Mission’ And Vows To Defend Them And Fight Sanctuary Cities

Homeland Security Secretary (HHS) Alejandro Mayorkas, who I have so far not been very impressed with, has said that he is preparing to take on sanctuary cities that refuse to work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and he wants to see more illegal immigrants face criminal prosecution for illegally crossing our border.

Mayorkas has also refused to agree to abolish or break up ICE. He disagrees with President Joe Biden’s base of support to get rid of deportation agents totally.

Last week, during a virtual town hall with ICE workers, the head of HHS revealed his hard-line positions. He could have only been blowing smoke up their legs, so we’ll just have to wait and see. After all, he is a member of the Biden administration. So far I find everyone in that administration a despicable liar who hates this country.

Mayorkas gave notes to the Washington Time that said he is developing a new set of deportation guidelines that will govern how and when agents can arrest and attempt to deport illegal aliens. The devil is in the details, so I wonder if he will be transparent with the American people?

When ICE workers told the Secretary that they were worried about public resistance to their work, Mayorkas reassured them that ICE has a “noble mission.”

“I’m 100 percent opposed to the abolition of ICE,” he acknowledged to the employees. “It is the opposite of what I think needs to occur. I think we need to strengthen our policies and practices and communicate more effectively what we do and why we do it.”

I had to corroborate the next part where he went on to tell the ICE employees that he believes that more illegal aliens should be prosecuted criminally, which is a pretty big thing, because illegals are normally handled under what’s called administrative law, and the punishment is deportation. They just keep coming back again and again.

What most Fake News outlets will never tell you is that when you enter the United States by crossing a border illegally, you have committed a misdemeanor under Title 8 Section 1325, but if you are deported and you re-enter a second time or a third or a fourth or whatever it is now a felony offense under Title 8 Section 1326.

“I see cases now where we apprehend and remove individuals that I think need to be prosecuted criminally,” Mayorkas said.

Mayorkas also said, “Quite frankly, I’m going to have to understand why some of these individuals are not subject to a Title 8 USC 1326 case, and I intend to work with the DOJ in that regard.” I for one cannot believe that he would say something this blatantly against the Biden administration’s progressive Woke Supremacist agenda without having his own agenda behind it. Speech like that is more-than-likely going to get him into hot water with illegal alien rights groups who believe our system has already gone too far toward criminalizing illegal immigration. Deportation is going too far? I don’t understand where these people come from. If you steal a 5-cent piece of bubble gum from a store, you have just committed a theft, petty larceny, or whatever you want to call it, and you could possibly go to prison for that and get a criminal record. Crossing our border illegally is far worse than stealing a nickel’s worth of bubble gum.

The Washington Times asked DHS for comment on things Mayorkas said, but the department declined, noting that “internal discussions with our personnel, including those that are deliberative and law enforcement sensitive.”

When former Homeland Security officials were asked for comments, they pointed out that though Mayorkas’ language sounds good to the agents; they doubted his eagerness and ability to follow through. If he wants to keep his job, he will probably just let his words wither on the vine.

“I’ve seen this administration say a lot of things that I feel like they’re disingenuous about, and they know they can’t deliver on, but they pretend and leave their audience to believe they can deliver on. That’s what I see here,” another official said.

Another Asian Couple Attacked Out of the Blue By a Street Thug [VIDEO]

Another Asian Couple Attacked Out of the Blue By a Street Thug [VIDEO]

A 15-year-old boy was arrested in Tacoma, Washington after he apparently attacked an Asian couple. I say apparently instead of allegedly because the attack was caught on film and the video was widely distributed on social media.

Tacoma Police said that the unnamed teen has been charged with second-degree assault, according to CNN.

Someone wearing a red shirt can be seen in the video approaching a man and a woman on a Washington street. Red shirt guy, who has been identified as the teen who was arrested, is seen swinging at the man and the woman when he starts crying out. During a second video clip, the outlet reported the Asian man “is being cursed at and seems to be pushed or struck,” and then said that it’s unclear if the second clip was of the same attacker or someone else from a group, probably because there are two people wearing red in the video. To me, it looks like the same guy.

Police said that the attack took place in November 2020 and that the victims didn’t know the identity of the attacker.

Do you remember when the Knockout Game that was all the rage in black neighborhoods across America? It’s not racist to say that because that’s the only place it was done back then. That’s where black thugs would go up to an innocent person, usually a white person, and sucker punch them in the head from behind in hopes to knock them out with one punch.


At the time, when these incidents were reported, the Fake News industry never said anything about “hate crimes” or that they were racially motivated, yet they clearly would have said so if it were the other way around. I believe blacks attacking Asian Americans is the new Knockout Game, but this time it’s even worse because there are white Woke Supremacists who buy into the racist Critical Race Theory (CRT) garbage that Asians are the enemy attacking Asian people on the streets. Why? Because Asians have come out against CTR because a big part of it is getting rid of meritocracy in America and Asians wholeheartedly support meritocracy, which is a belief that if you work hard to get ahead, you should be able to get ahead regardless of your race. CRT wants special front-of-the-line treatment whether the hard work has been done or not.

At first, the Fake News media tried to blame Donald Trump because he kept referring to COVID-19 as the China Virus because it originated in Wuhan China. But that argument fell flat in the minds of people who have three-digit IQs.


We reported almost three weeks ago when a white man attacked a 79-year-old Asian woman without provocation. Unfortunately for the soy boy who attacked her, the 70-year-old firecracker never got the memo that she was supposed to be a victim and not fight back.

Remember this?

Tacoma Police Public Information Officer Wendy Haddow told the outlet that they hadn’t been able to connect the video to the victims until family members recognized them in the video footage that had been shown on social media and on the news.

On Wednesday, an Asian man who identified himself as one of the two victims told KIRO-TV he forgives the attacker. Of course, he’s going to say that because now that he has been outed as the victim, he would likely become the focus of many more attacks.

“I want him to be better,” he said in Korean. “I want him to know this was bad.”

The victim who remains unnamed said that he can’t figure out why he was targeted by the attacker and said the only thing he can think of is because he’s Asian. He had no run-in with the thug who attacked him, so what other reason could there be?

I am now waiting for President Joe Biden and other Democrats to blame racism or Donald Trump or even systemic racism for a black teen attacking an Asian couple.

The unnamed victim said he just couldn’t understand why he was targeted to be attacked, but said that he could only imagine because he is Asian.

“I have to think so,” he said. “I’m Asian. I’m older, and I’m not that big.”

The man said that the attack took place when he was walking near his apartment when the couple saw four teenagers approaching them.

“I thought they were messing around with each other and accidentally bumped into me,” he said. “So I asked, ‘You OK? You OK? … A fist came flying in, hit me … and I started bleeding.”

According to NBC News, the man suffered a broken rib from the attack.

Biden Appropriated $86 million in US Taxpayer Dollars To House Migrants in Hotels For Up to 6 Months

Biden Appropriated $86 million in US Taxpayer Dollars To House Migrants in Hotels For Up to 6 Months

As with everything else in his too-long political career Joe Biden overdid it with calling all migrants to rally at our southern border.  Sending the message out that there is such a thing as a free lunch our borders are flooded with multiple surges of southern American migrants whose only skills are taking freebies paid for by American taxpayer dollars and voting for Democrats in the future.

As the migrant facilities at our southern border are being thoroughly overwhelmed by the insane amount of migrants arriving, the Biden administration’s solution to the border crisis Biden created is to put the migrants up in hotels, and this of course will come at a colossal price tag to the American taxpayer.  It always does and you’re not allowed to complain about it.

The Biden administration is planning to spend $86 million to rent hotel rooms to shelter 1,200 migrant family members who crossed the US-Mexico border, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials informed the uber leftist website Axios.  The hotels in the border states of Texas and Arizona, for now, will lodge migrants for about six months, but “could be extended and expanded.”

Can you imagine the conversations going on between the migrants and their friends and families back home through their iPhones?  “Yeah, these stupid Americans put us up in a hotel and they’re paying for it!”

A non-profit group called Endeavors of San Antonio are organizing the hotel arrangements claiming they connect ” vulnerable populations across the United States to a wide range of helpful services.”  The non-profit’s website declares they offer: “Direct care, migrant wellness support, case management, home study and post-release services, staffing, and holistic programming for unaccompanied migrant children and families.”

The number of migrant families that attempted to cross the border skyrocketed in 2021 – thanks Uncle Joe! – climbing from 7,000 in January to over 19,000 in February according to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection.  Apparently word got out that the USA is open for their business.  Other than voting for Democrats we don’t really yet know what other business the clowns in DC have for them.

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas conceded this week that the US government is “on pace to encounter more individuals on the southwest border than we have in the last 20 years,” and they feel really good about that.  A senior official with Immigrant and Customs Enforcement (ICE) echoed the sentiment.

Folks, what are we doing to our society?  It’s not racist against “brown people” to worry about so many people from other societies being brought into our society in one felled swoop like this.  The Biden administration is not only not testing these tens of thousands of paupers coming into our country for COVID-19 but they aren’t testing them for anything, because they don’t have the capacity to do so.  Poll after poll shows the American people are not in favor of what’s going on and yet they are still being charged for the costs of it all.

On Saturday, DHS said it’s going to open yet another facility in Pecos, Texas that will house another 500 unaccompanied migrant children, and that they will expand the capacity to 2,000 kids whose parents sent them on the dangerous trek alone.

I’m sorry, but someone has to talk about the elephant in the room so I guess it will be me.  Do we want the parents of children who they allowed to travel over a thousand miles by themselves to be a part of our society?   Honestly, all bullschtein beside, would you trust these people to watch your kids?  And you just know that eventually, the Woke Supremacists in the administration are going to give us a sob story about how gosh darn awful it is that these poor migrant children have to be here all alone without their parents and so we must pay for them to fly business class to America to reunite families that never should have been separated in the first place.  Damn that Donald Trump!  Yes, that’s how absurd this whole thing has gotten.

“While ORR has worked to build up its licensed bed capacity to almost 13,500 beds, additional capacity is urgently needed to manage both enhanced COVID-19 mitigation strategies and the increasing numbers of UC referrals from DHS,” a spokesperson for the Office of Refugee Resettlement said.

“I got notified about an hour ago from HHS, that they’re opening up a new unaccompanied minor facility in PECOS, which is in my district, out in West Texas. This facility is going to house between 500 to 2000, unaccompanied minors, it appears as if they’re targeting unused man camps. These are oil facilities where workers, temporary oil workers, house when they’re operating in the oil gas industry,” Representative Tony Gonzalez (R-Texas) told Fox News on Saturday. “There is no end in sight, I’m told there’s two other facilities, and they’re also looking at attending this crisis is getting out of control.”

Word went out that the Biden administration is going to send up to 3,000 unaccompanied teen migrants to live in the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Texas, for up to three months.

Folks, this is out of control.  The simple solution right now is not to give band-aid fixes but to stop the hemorrhaging by making announcements that the American human pipeline has now closed.  A report that came out earlier this month revealed that one facility is at 729 percent capacity and that the kids in cages have to take turns sleeping on the floor.  The children are only allowed to take a shower once a week if they’re lucky.

This is better than the system designed under Trump?  Give me a break.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott had a few words for the way the Biden administration has been handling the crisis at the border that Joe Biden himself created with crazy executive orders, a crisis that the Biden administration won’t even admit is a crisis calling it a challenge instead.  They think you’re so stupid that you’ll believe it’s not really a crisis because they’re referring to it as a challenge.

“The Biden Administration has been an abject failure when it comes to ensuring the safety of unaccompanied minors who cross our border,” Abbott said in a statement. “The conditions unaccompanied minors face in these federally run facilities is unacceptable and inhumane.”

Remember all the lefties who screamed KIDS IN CAGES! KIDS IN CAGES! KIDS IN CAGES! for a year under the Trump administration?  Where the heck are they now?  Where’s AOC and her group of silly progressive Congresswomen?  Remember when AOC said Trump created concentration camps at the border for illegal migrants?  What’s going on right now under Biden is far worse than anything under Trump and yet we hear not a peep from the Squad.

“The Biden Administration has no excuse for subjecting these children to these kinds of conditions,” Abbott said. “President Biden’s refusal to address the border crisis is not only enabling criminal actors like human traffickers and smugglers, but it is exposing innocent unaccompanied children to illness and potentially unsafe living conditions. The administration must act now to keep these children safe, secure our border, and end this humanitarian crisis.”

“The Biden Admin. has turned a humanitarian crisis into a complete disaster,” Abbott wrote on Twitter. “They were unprepared for open border policies.”