The Democratic Party still has not decided who’s going to challenge Donald Trump in next fall’s presidential election.

The field of 2020 candidates is one of the largest in history. Pretty much everybody seems to be running, from the former vice president of the United States to some guy who is literally the mayor of South Bend, which, in case you’re wondering, is the fourth biggest city in the state of Indiana. It’s smaller than Evansville, but it’s slightly larger than Carmel. That guy’s running for president.

There are an awful lot of people in this race. And yet the ideological range they’re allowed is strikingly narrow. — Everyone’s required to have pretty much exactly the same views on everything. Anyone who dissents, even a little bit, is immediately denounced as immoral or racist or an agent of Russia.

In other words, the Democratic primary race is very much like everything else the left touches. It’s strident; it’s intolerant. It’s almost unbelievably dumb.

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii is one of the very few willing to challenge the status quo. She’s no conservative, of course; she’s liberal. But she regularly criticizes her party for becoming reflexively pro-war and pro-corporate monopoly. She did it again Wednesday night during the Democratic primary debate.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii: Our Democratic Party, unfortunately, is not the party that is of, by and for the people. It is a party that has been and continues to be influenced by the foreign policy establishment in Washington, represented by Hillary Clinton and others’ foreign policy, by the military-industrial complex and other greedy corporate interests.

Oh. Spoken like an old fashioned liberal. There is one left, but things have changed in the rest of the party. Talk like this is a threat to the private equity community, which is now the core of the Democratic Party. So, their chief toady, Kamala Harris, immediately leaped forth to shut it down.

Kamala Harris: I think that it’s unfortunate that we have someone on the stage who is attempting to be the Democratic nominee for president of the United States, who during the Obama administration spent four years full-time on Fox News criticizing President Obama —

Gabbard: That is ridiculous, Senator — that’s ridiculous…

Harris: — Who has spent full time criticizing people on this stage as affiliated with the Democratic Party.

You often hear Democrats claim Donald Trump divides America. Okay, well, they want to unite it.