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Sen. Ted Cruz discusses how by not doing anything to secure a porous border, President Biden is the one being “racist” Tuesday on “Jesse...

General News

Senator Ted Cruz just tried to pass one of the most aggressive school safety bills but was blocked by Democrats who blocked efforts to...

General News

Cruz's NRA speech gives a much better answer to gun violence.


Sen Ron Paul and Senator Ted Cruz hit back hard on Dr. Faucistein after he claimed to criticize him was dangerous because represents science....


Maria Shriver is your typical liberal which basically means she does not allow the truth to disturb her ideology. You would think that anyone...


Ted Cruz is calling Joe Biden lawless for his plan to kill Title 42 border expulsions. Title 423 allows for the expulsion of illegal...


Republican Senator from Texas plans to stop the divisive Critical Race Theory (CRT) that is dividing the nation.  While many people are focused on...


Reality Check with Will Johnson

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