Rush Limbaugh Signs Off Last Show of the Year Giving Audience a Personal Message of Gratitude

Rush Limbaugh Signs Off Last Show of the Year Giving Audience a Personal Message of Gratitude

Rush Limbaugh, a conservative radio talk show legend, gave his audience an emotional and heartfelt message of gratitude opening his final show of the year on Wednesday, thanking his family and the listening audience for all of the love and support they gave him throughout his battle with lung cancer.

The All-Seeing, All-Knowing, All-Everything Maha Rushie revealed that according to the doctor’s prognosis after being diagnosed with stage IV cancer, the conservative legend “wasn’t expected to be alive today” and he shared what he’s learned from his experience.

Rush let his audience know that he was “shocked” after he was advised on his fate back in late January, noting that he went through a period of denial.  He talked about the outpouring of support he received from people that was overwhelming, so much so that he has felt in a place of sheer gratitude.

The top host, who admittedly changed my life, reminisced about when he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom back in February during the State of the Union address.  He reminded his listeners that at about that time he told his audience that he gained  “a little bit of understanding of something that had perplexed me for a lot of my life, and that was Lou Gehrig.”  Gehrig was a legend baseball player who was diagnosed with ALS, which cut his record-breaking career short in the 1930s.

Rush went on:

“On the day that Lou Gehrig announced that he had his disease that was forcing him to retire from Major League Baseball, he said to the sold-out Yankee Stadium, ‘Today I feel like the luckiest man on the face of the earth.’I didn’t understand that. I mean, here’s a guy who’d just been diagnosed with the most terminal of terminal diseases, and I said, ‘This can’t be real. He can’t really think he’s the luckiest guy in the world. This is just something that he’s saying because it will play well.’ I don’t mean to be insulting Lou Gehrig; don’t misunderstand. I’m just saying, how in the world if you’re being honest can you feel like you’re the luckiest man on the face of the earth?”

Limbaugh went on to talk about how he now understands, “Well, when I got my diagnosis, I began to receive all of the outpouring of love and affection from everywhere in my life from so many of you in so many ways and from my family.”

He added, “because I have outlived the diagnosis, I’ve been able to receive and hear and process some of the most wonderful, nice things about me that I might not have ever heard had I not gotten sick. Again think, how many people who pass away never hear the eulogies, never hear the thank-yous? I’ve been very lucky, folks, in I can’t tell you how many ways.”

When I was a young man, fresh out of college, I was a died-in-the-wool liberal.  I drank the Kool-Aid and asked for more.  I believed all the left-wing garbage that was fed to me by college professors, TV anchors and Hollyweird and so on.  One day, during the Gulf War I tuned to a local talk radio station out of Philly to listen to the news about the war, because my cousin was serving there as an Army engineer before, during, and after the war, and at that point he was one of the unlucky few who had to put on a suit, go outside and test for chemicals in the air after every SCUD missile that Saddam Insane fired off at them.

Anyway, after I got the news and before I was able to turn the radio off, I heard this guy coming back to his show, and he had rock and roll bumper music playing that I actually liked.   This guy went on talk about things in the political world that I had never heard before on the air.  Even though I was a liberal at the time, there were certain things that I believed that I had never told anyone, because God forbid they found out that a fellow liberal believed in certain principles that were very pro American. But this guy was going on and on about things that I had already believed but had never heard anyone, in any form of media, ever have the balls to say so.  That man was Rush Limbaugh, and he gained a new fan that day, and I spent the next 20 years listening to him daily.  He changed my life, and made me a happier person.

This man went on to win five National Association of Broadcasters Marconi Awards for “Excellence in Syndicated and Network Broadcasting.”  He was also a #1 New York Times bestselling author back when that actually meant something unlike today.  He is a Radio Hall of Fame and a National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame member.

And I have loved him since the moment I personally discovered him.  He saved AM radio and he was a man who for the first time I knew of made fun of the left wingers in media and politics who up until that time always made fun of conservatives.   Rush made it cool to be a conservative.

I hope we get another year with him before God takes him home.

Rush Limbaugh issues plea for Americans to re-elect Trump: ‘This is not the old ‘Republicans versus Democrats … It’s serious, and it’s scary’

Rush Limbaugh issues plea for Americans to re-elect Trump: ‘This is not the old ‘Republicans versus Democrats … It’s serious, and it’s scary’

Rush Limbaugh has been the voice on the right for decades and political anchor during my career in talk radio and syndicated writing.

For several months we have been going through Rush’s fight with Stage 4 lung cancer, diagnosed in February, which is terminal.

He has pointed out his awareness that his listeners have hardships of their own, and that many of them are battling cancer themselves. But the host reluctantly gave an update nonetheless, saying that “it’s tough to realize that the days where I do not think I’m under a death sentence are over.”

Right after Rush’s announcement of his condition in early February, President Trump insisted Rush attend Trump’s 3rd State Of Union address in the chamber of the U.S. House of Representatives.

To many people’s approval, during the event on February 4th, First Lady Melania Trump presented Rush with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

To show the president’s compassion for his friend, not only did he encourage Rush as he starting his cancer treatments but did it the night before the U.S. Senate was set to vote in his impeachment trial.

Fast forward to last Monday, as Rush challenged his audience to to re-elect President Donald Trump on Nov. 3.

Limbaugh uploaded a video to Twitter reaffirming his support for Trump just moments before Barrett’s Supreme Court confirmation.

“Hey, folks, sitting here in the library getting ready to watch the confirmation vote — Amy Coney Barrett, Supreme Court — and it just reminds me: Folks, we don’t have a choice in this election,” Limbaugh began. “It’s got to be Donald Trump.”

Limbaugh pointed out that the 2020 presidential election is especially important because the Democratic Party simply isn’t what it used to be.

“We’re not going to have the kind of country everybody thinks we’re going to have,” he predicted. “This is not the old ‘Republicans versus Democrats,’ where we all have the same objectives, just different philosophies on how to get there. They do not have those objectives any more. Their purpose is to erase the Constitution, start over rewriting it, eliminating the concept of ‘The citizen has rights which prevail over government.'”

Limbaugh continued, pointing out that the notion is frightening at best. “It’s serious, and it’s scary, and we don’t have a choice,” he insisted. “You have to get out there and vote Trump.”

Limbaugh added, “It’s got to be Trump … we’ve got to be America.”

Pray for Rush and for those of you who are Christians rejoice to know that Rush shared that though his lung cancer has taken a turn for the worse, he’s also shared he was heavily relying on his Christian faith to endure until it’s time to go home.

“I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ”.

“It is of immense value, strength, confidence. And that’s why I’m able to remain fully committed to the idea that what is supposed to happen will happen when it’s meant to.”

In the end let’s win on November 3rd and by God’s Grace get to listen to Rush for many more years.

MAGA TIME WITH RUSH! President Trump Joining the Rush Limbaugh Show Tonight for Virtual Campaign Rally!

MAGA TIME WITH RUSH! President Trump Joining the Rush Limbaugh Show Tonight for Virtual Campaign Rally!

In spite of the polls, the Trump-hating media, entertainment industry, and college Marxists, the one variable that keeps the 2020 Presidential election up for grabs in President Donald J Trump’s will to win.

At the same time Trump is defeating COVID, he has agreed to extended virtual rally with Rush Limbaugh, who himself is fighting against the disease of cancer.

During Rush’s show intro today, he announced President Donald Trump will participate in a virtual rally on the Rush Limbaugh show on Friday, tomorrow.

Limbaugh announced the news in a pre-recorded message, as conservative commentator Mark Steyn was guest hosting the program.

“I’m thrilled to announce that our commander in chief, President Donald Trump, will be right here tomorrow hosting the largest virtual rally in radio history. Be sure to tune in you don’t want to miss this. It will be special and I am really looking forward to it.”

On Rush’s website, he posted the following and is giving those who want to, the opportunity to submit a question for tomorrow’s broadcast.

“It will be a great honor to speak with President Donald Trump live for the Largest Radio Rally in history! Do you have a special question for our Commander-in-Chief? I can’t promise that your question will be selected, but you never know. This audience is filled with the most informed listeners and patriots of all time. I know you will flood this inbox with sheer brilliance!”

Further details will be announced Thursday afternoon.

With Rush’s EIB Audience Model Projecting 43 Million Listeners, an effective few hours by the President could significantly change the direction of the race.

Make sure you don’t miss this, the show starts at 12 PM ET, 9 AM Pacific.

The Kraken: Sidney Powell Makes Claims About Dominion Voting System, ‘Communists are Counting our Votes’ on Limbaugh Show

The Kraken: Sidney Powell Makes Claims About Dominion Voting System, ‘Communists are Counting our Votes’ on Limbaugh Show

Sidney Powell, an attorney working on class action lawsuits on behalf of President Donald J. Trump, was on the Rush Limbaugh show with host Mark Steyn. She talked about her alleged findings against the Dominion Voting system. She added some new shocking details about how American elections’ tabulations were being done in foreign countries and by foreign handlers.

“I am livid about all of this. I am livid about the corruption and that CIA and the FBI haven’t done anything about the complaints they received, which makes me want to find out even more who has been paid what and who is responsible for all of this and got special benefits on the side, Powell said.

Powell has been doing a media blitz and posting about her determination to expose the role that Dominion Voting Systems played in fraudulently removing votes from president Donald J. Trump.

Below is a series of tweets of the show, in 8 parts.

Part one:

“There are so many problems, mark that it would be hard to articulate all of them. The system was specifically created and designed by Venezuela money and interest to rig elections for Hugo Chavez and Maduro; it was exported internationally, I understand, to rig the election to Argentina, and it has been used to the right his election to make it appear that the votes were for Mr. Biden and Donald Trump won overwhelmingly. I am in the process of collecting evidence through a fire hose to the point that it feels like a Tsunami now, of honest, patriotic people American citizens who are coming forward to tell us exactly what was going on. I just got word today that 100 Dominion [Voting System] employees have taken affiliation with Dominion off their linked in account. And Dominion is scrubbing names of people like crazy,” Powell told Steyn.

“My Math experts told me that the algorithm was switching votes, and its own owners manual tells you that they can do that. It was changed to run 67% for Biden, and votes were injected into that number by the hundreds of thousands multiple times the same number and ratio were injected like three times in Wisconsin and Twice in Michigan or vice versa and 20 minutes apart, or something. It is absurd and for people to say there is no evidence of fraud are the people that want to cover up the fraud for whatever their personal interests are,” she said.

Part 2:

“it is coming in that whoever bought these Dominion systems for their states got special benefits on the side, and I mean the level of corruption is what the American people have felt for a long time. We are just now getting people to come forward, and they realize that I am here, and I will fight for it until we get it out there,” Powell said.

“The guys, and I don’t know whose payroll they are on, need to be fired,” Powell said about the people in the Trump administration who Steyn called the “Deep State” and have certified that 2020 was the cleanest election ever.

“Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren have complained about this, and a few years ago Carolyn Maloney wrote a letter years ago, and they are even scrubbing the articles they have cited from the internet, we have gone to find links, and they are gone, and I do not doubt at this point that this involves the tech companies and Silicon Valley who are also trying to suppress our free speech on all of these issues to cover their own you know whats.

Part 3:

“I think the evidence is going to be overwhelming, and I would warn any state right now that that thinks they are going to certify this election to rethink it very seriously because what they are certifying is their own fraud and their own complicity in the fraud, and I might even bring a class action suit later to sue them, themselves for their participation in this. It is ridiculous. The legislatures in the states need to take control right now and reject the certification, especially the swing states that were so heavily influenced by the hundreds of thousands of vote changes and in the Smart Tech manual tells you that they can do this, that they can change any vote they want to change and reallocate any id from one vote to another, they can take batches of votes and trash them, if they were for Trump and add votes for Biden they can be manipulated any way they want to be manipulated. They had VBN actions and access, and I think Raheem Kassam tweeted a picture yesterday of Glenn Simpson looking behind a screen of Dominion voting machines,” Powell said.

“The machine was created to cheat for Venezuelan elections,” she said.

Part 4:

“It was created to do this, and the counts go to Barcelona Spain and Frankfurt Germany and where they can be further manipulated before they sent back to be reported on the AP and the New York Times and all of that. And why it was caught this time was because Donald Trump’s lead was so overwhelming it didn’t calculate that algorithm high enough, and that is why they had to stop counting at 8,” Powell said.

Part 5:

“You may as well call them Venezuelan machines, using several different companies, but yes, we have Venezuelan Communists who are counting and Cuban Communists who are counting our votes and deciding how our election is going to come out. It is an absolute outrage. It should be being investigated by the highest of our intel investigators, preferably military, because it is a national security threat. That is exactly why they have done this, and don’t forget China’s influence on all of it too. There is Chinese money in this,” she said.

Part 6:

“There are numerous ways that the machines alter the algorithms. They can add and subtract votes and change the numbers of votes, and if they don’t like it again, they can change it Barcelona. The hand count in Georgia that they are doing now they are going to try to use to say that the Dominion fraud in the software is a hoax, that is bologna, they did all kinds of different things there that include closing out Republican accounts and doing provisional ballots for people that then disappeared ad we have got to have access to machines themselves to get the software and examine it, but we know that the glitches in Georgia, that anytime there was a glitch like that there was software probably uploaded because they can change things over the internet, they have never had an internet connection before. Patches were put in the day before the election, and they were never certified. The machines are not supposed to be touched before the election. That is a violation of law by itself.

Part 7:

” I have been told that there are special concerns about the Governor of Georgia that and the Secretary of State has received some personal benefit for rushing the purchase of the Dominion machines into the state. These machines are so hackable that the 15-year-old could do it.

Part 8:

“If he [SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts] doesn’t take it [Dominion case], he should be impeached. I feel very optimistic that the truth is going to get out. Everyone on Earth is suppressing the story. I am going to release the Kraken, “she said.


From, in their article from July 30, 2019, Georgia Awards $107M Voting Machine Contract to Dominion, appears to confirm, in part, of what Powell said on the Rush Limbaugh show:

“Georgia officials awarded a contract for 30,000 new voting machines to Dominion Voting on Monday, scrapping the state’s 17-year-old electronic voting equipment and replacing it with touchscreens that print out paper ballots.

The $107 million contract will switch Georgia from its longtime elections company, Election Systems & Software, following complaints about malfunctioning machines and unverifiable results during the November midterm election.

The announcement is a defining moment for Georgia’s elections, reintroducing paper ballots to Election Day voting for the first time since the state converted to electronic ballots in 2002 following the controversial presidential election between Republican George W. Bush and Democrat Al Gore.

Dominion, a Denver-based company, won the contract in large part because it offered Georgia the lowest-cost system among three companies that submitted bids, according to evaluation score sheets. Though ES&S scored higher on the government’s criteria for a replacement voting system, Dominion came out on top when the price of its system was taken into account.”

Numerous threads and posts full of research are available on Twitter about the alleged raid in Frankfurt Germany, which has not been verified at this point but points to numerous ties with counting software from what Powell laid out on the Limbaugh show on Monday.

We are not yet able to confirm any “military raid” happened as described by Rep. Louie Gohmert, but that is a question on the minds of many people, so I will keep digging and asking about it.

This is a broadcast Gohmert made, which can not be validated at this time, with any firm details.

Twitter’s Stock Drops First Day of Trading Since Banning the President of the United States

Twitter’s Stock Drops First Day of Trading Since Banning the President of the United States

On Monday, the soviet-style tech giant Twitter’s stock price dropped more than 12% on the first day of trading since the social media tyrant kicked President Donald Trump off of its platform Friday night.  The stock price decline wiped out $5 billion from Twitter’s market capitalization.

Last Friday, Twitter’s honchos announced they were permanently suspending Trump’s account “due to the risk of further incitement of violence” after supporters of the president stormed the US Capitol in protest of the 2020 election results. In the months preceding, Trump had frequently taken to Twitter to argue that the election was fraudulent.

“After close review of recent Tweets from the @realDonaldTrump account and the context around them we have permanently suspended the account due to the risk of further incitement of violence,” Twitter said.

The fact of the matter is the president did not incite violence at all.  On the contrary, Trump said at end of the rally that took place on January 6, “and now you will march peacefully to the Capitol and let your voices be heard.”  There was no incitement rhetoric.  He didn’t tell people to attack anything.

Twitter’s move was the first time that the social media company had ever banned a head of state.

Conservatives argued that the ban was an unprecedented attack on free speech; leftists celebrated it as “the most important moment in the history of social media.” However, on Monday, investors expressed their own concerns, putting the social media company’s ticker price under pressure.

Twitter’s stock, according to Yahoo! Finance opened down about 10% before spiraling down to as low as $45.17 per share, or 12.3 percent down.  Twitter stock came back over several hours to end the day down 6.4 percent.

That early drop wiped out over $5 billion from the company’s market capitalization, according to Business Insider.

Trump’s account showed more than 88 million followers, which made it one of the most popular accounts on the site, and his activity on the account over the years generated a lot of traffic for the platform.  People either loved Trump or hated him on Twitter, and either way, many people were drawn to go onto the platform just to see what he was saying and how others were reacting to what he was saying.

Twitter was a useful tool for the president because he could speak directly to the people without having his message filtered by the lying leftists in the Fake News media. That’s why the Left hated him on Twitter.  Up until social media, the mainstream news media was how you heard what the president was saying, outside of a direct speech he gave.  Either way, the mainstream media always filtered what a president said, especially Republican presidents.  Social media allowed Trump to speak to the people without the news media twisting his words.  They would twist his words anyway but at least the people were able to go back to his Twitter account and read what he really said.

That drop in the stock price represents investors who are concerned that Twitter may be less competitive, especially if supporters of the president decided to leave the platform.  So far Dan Bongino, Rush Limbaugh, and others have dropped their accounts in solidarity with the president, and they collectively had millions of followers.  Many of those millions of followers will also drop their accounts, or they will stop visiting the site as often.  Fewer people on the site generate fewer sales leads for advertisers.  Fewer sales for advertisers mean less ad space purchased and that means less profits for the company.

Conservatives have felt that Big Tech companies like Twitter unfairly censor conservative voices and ideas for a long time.  And they are not wrong.  Leftist-run social media companies like Facebook and Twitter have been censoring conservative speech for some time now, but in 2020 they took it to new levels.  They blatantly censored critical information that people needed to make informed decisions for the 2020 elections.

A lot of conservatives started moving over to Parler, which is a free speech alternative to the likes of Twitter.  And it seems that the leftist tech giants aren’t complacent with getting rid of conservatives from their own platforms, they are now attacking conservative platforms to silence them in their own environments.  Apple and Google removed Parler’s app from their sites, and Amazon shut down Parler’s hosting services claiming they lacked content moderation.  Bongino revealed that Parler has policies for content moderation and they do moderate posts made there that violate their community standards, but the tech tyrants just want them gone.

We reported that Parler sued Amazon over antitrust violations on Monday.

Facebook and Google stock also took a hit on Monday, not as hard as Twitter, but still enough to send a message.  The problem with tech tyrants is that they now have so much money they no longer care about making profits over forcing their political ideology on their platforms. They care more about pushing their ideology than earning money.  The stockholders have already sent a message and that message will get stronger if they continue with the same practice.  Twitter’s management team could become its own demise if they don’t wise up.

Powell Encourages ‘Red’ Candidates to File Suit and Join Trump in Legal Action

Powell Encourages ‘Red’ Candidates to File Suit and Join Trump in Legal Action

The information coming from Sidney Powell’s account and media appearances is like a firehose this week, as she is emerging as one of the sole voices of the information, which has an actual first-hand fact for public consumption on the legal issues around the 2020 Presidential election tabulations.

“I think the evidence is going to be overwhelming, and I would warn any state right now that that thinks they are going to certify this election to rethink it very seriously because what they are certifying is their own fraud and their own complicity in the fraud, and I might even bring a class action suit later to sue them, themselves for their participation in this. It is ridiculous,” Powell said on Monday on the Rush Limbaugh show

Powell is a first-hand eyewitness to what President Donald J. Trump is doing with his legal team because she is a member of his legal team.

The Epoch Times wrote about Powell officially joining the Trump legal team.

“President Donald Trump announced on Nov. 14 the addition of Sidney Powell, the former federal prosecutor who is representing former national security adviser Michael Flynn, to his reelection campaign’s legal team.

The president also said Joseph diGenova, Victoria Toensing, and Jenna Ellis have joined the legal team led by his personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani.

“I look forward to Mayor Giuliani spearheading the legal effort to defend OUR RIGHT to FREE and FAIR ELECTIONS! Rudy Giuliani, Joseph diGenova, Victoria Toensing, Sidney Powell, and Jenna Ellis, a truly great team, added to our other wonderful lawyers and representatives!” Trump wrote on Twitter.

Powell engineered a stunning comeback in the Flynn case. Since she took over the case, the Department of Justice moved to drop the charges against Flynn. A federal judge has yet to rule on the request.

Powell responded to Trump’s announcement by tweeting the hashtag #ReleaseTheKraken,” The Epoch Times reported.

On Tuesday, Powell posted something on her Twitter account that when joined together with her comments on Monday about possibly filing class-action suits against state governments who certify the 2020 election results, is showing that Powell believes that our problems in election integrity are much deeper than just minor errors in this one Presidential election.

Powell posted on Twitter on Tuesday:

“Here’s the outline of the great fr@ud against this country. Every red candidate anywhere who lost by less than 6% should be filing suit now or joining existing suit.”

In her tweet she included a link to a post from The Conservative Treehouse, which contained a link to her appearance on Lou Dobbs on Monday.

You can watch that clip above.

I covered the interview with Powell, on the Limbaugh show Monday, where she made the comments about State Governments not certifying the results because they would be certifying their own fraud.

Without a strong and reliable press media, many millions of Americans are being bombarded with useless information, meaningless posts, and fake news. The stress from being confused adds to anxiety and depression among some Americans.

Trump sends Pelosi Packing after Beauty Shop Blunder, She is not ‘in it with you’ after all, Liberal Privilege

Trump sends Pelosi Packing after Beauty Shop Blunder, She is not ‘in it with you’ after all, Liberal Privilege

Democrat Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi from California made news Tuesday for having a private appointment at a beauty, shop, on Monday, to get a hair cut and a blow-dry while not wearing a mask, which are rules she enforces for everyone else.

The Shop owner said she felt like this was a “slap in the face” to watch Pelosi have this service, while others could not. Numerous people noted the hypocrisy and special advantage of being a progressive, who doesn’t usually get called out publicly for the own behavior, even when they unjustly condemn others for doing exactly what they themselves do.

Pelosi’s staff released a statement that Pelosi did not know that she had done anything wrong, which is strange for the lawmaker.

“If people can’t see through Pelosi’s hypocrisy they choose not to – She can get her hair done, not wear a mask but everyone else in SF has too. Two sets of rules… one for them and one for us. #PelosiBlowout,” reporter Sarah Carter said

San Francisco is under a lock down including Hair Salons, until later at which point only hair cuts will be allowed , with no blow outs, as long as hair cuts are done outside.

According to the San Francisco Chroncile reports, “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had her hair shampooed and blow-dried indoors at a San Francisco hair salon Monday, although city rules do not allow for such care during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new report.”

Pelosi did not abide by any of the Pandemic safety laws, including wearing her mask which is a requirement. San Francisco is under red alert meaning no beauty shops except for special Nancy Pelosi:

Here is footage of Pelosi lecturing people about masks, alongside video of her at the beauty shop:

“You must wear you mask, the science says you must have sanitation, you must test and treat,” she said. While in the video is seen Peosi walking back and forth without a mask, and with wet hair, which is not allowed with hair cuts for others.

“This was a dumb mistake,” said Rush Limbaugh talking about it on Wednesday.

Pelosi’s office confirmed that she did, indeed, have a hair appointment Monday. On Tuesday, Pelosi released a statement via her deputy chief of staff confessing to breaking city lockdown rules to get her hair done indoors at a San Francisco salon on Monday, seemingly without wearing a mask.

It was Fox News who had received security footage of the event. Information from those tapes came out that Pelosi’s assistant had mane arrangement with one of the hairstylists who rents a boot in the business to get the hair cut, and the owner of the salon did not approve, and in fact was very upset by Pelosi’s actions.

Pelosi, however, is not admitting to any wrongdoing, instead shifting blame to the salon she visited.

Fox News host, Tucker Carlson slammed Pelosi and the media, who turned their attacks to the public for finding out about this exposure of classic classism:

Trump was right, Pelosi is getting humiliated over the blunder:

Leo Terrell is a former Democrat who boldly supports Trump, and talked about the incident on Fox News.

Former Governor Huckabee said, “Pelosi broke the shutdown rules by obtaining a blow-dry (barred under the current rules) and not wearing a mask. I think we can all agree that, no matter how you feel about masks, Nancy Pelosi should always keep her mouth covered.”

Susan Rice’s Son is a Pro-Life Trump Supporter; Rice says, “I love him dearly”

Susan Rice’s Son is a Pro-Life Trump Supporter; Rice says, “I love him dearly”

In a recent interview, Democrat policy advisor and former United States Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice shared the warmth of her love for her son, despite the political differences between them.

“I have a 23-year-old son whom I love dearly,” she told NPR on Tuesday, “whose politics are very, very different from my own and from the rest of the family.” 

Rice’s son, John David Rice-Cameron, is an outspoken supporter of President Trump. He served as the president of his College Republicans chapter at Stanford University, the same university from which both of his parents graduated.

This is in sharp contrast to his parents, both of whom are Democrats. Ian Officer Cameron (his father) is a former executive producer with ABC News, and Susan Rice has an extensive history with the Democrat party. 

Rice served on the National Security Council for former President Bill Clinton, as foreign policy advisor to Democratic presidential nominees such as John Kerry and Barack Obama, as Ambassador to the United Nations from 2009 to 2013 in the Obama administration, and as the United States National Security Advisor from 2013 to 2017.

“My son and I will have some robust disagreements over some matters of policy, not all,” Rice continued. “And yet, at the end of the day, you know, I love him dearly and he loves me.” 

In an interview back in 2018 with Fox News, Rice’s then-20-year-old son said the same of his mother: “My mother and I have a great relationship, and my mother believes strongly in the free and respectful exchange of ideas.” 

According to Rice-Cameron, it was his parents’ encouragement of open debate and discussion that led him to listen to counter voices, like Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin, and it was ultimately the Tea Party movement that led him away from his parents’ liberalism into conservatism. 

Mother and son pointed to areas of agreement among them. “We agree, for example,” says Rice, “on the importance of the United States playing a responsible, principled leadership role in the world.” 

And Cameron-Rice has echoed the same: “…we agree that America is the greatest nation the world has ever seen, and thus, we believe that America has an important role to play as a force for liberty and justice on the world stage.” 

They find disagreement “on most of the standard Republican/Democrat disagreements,” said her son. 

“We disagree on things like choice,” says Rice. “I’m pro-choice. He’s pro-life.”

In the same NPR interview, Rice had been speaking of the national divide being experienced right now between two opposing political parties. She blamed the White House for this division:

“…we are now burdened with leadership in the White House that thrives on dividing us and pitting Americans against each other. We absolutely have to move past that to a point of a recognition that we are all in this boat together, we sink or swim together.” 

Turning to her disagreement with her son on the abortion issue, Rice stated, “That’s the kind of difference that we ought to be able to respect.” 

Rice is currently on Joe Biden’s shortlist for vice president.