Sen. Ron Johnson Had Enough of Democrat ‘Russian Disinformation’ Lies, Goes Off On Ranking Member [VIDEO]

Sen. Ron Johnson Had Enough of Democrat ‘Russian Disinformation’ Lies, Goes Off On Ranking Member [VIDEO]

On Wednesday, a shouting match broke out at a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing on election security when Republican Chairman Ron Johnson (R-WI) and Democratic ranking member Gary Peters (D-MI) accused each other of lying about the other.  In the end, the Democrat was the one who lied.

Johnson directly pointed out that Peters and other Democrat senators falsely accused him of spreading misinformation about Russian interference in the 2016 election and about Hunter Biden.

“I just have to talk about Russian disinformation because the people peddling it are not on my side of the aisle. Senior Democrat leaders including ranking member Peters were involved in the process of creating a false intelligence product,” Johnson said, where he was clearly talking about the Steele Dossier, which FBI officials believed was compromised by Russian Intelligence Service disinformation.

In fact, we recently reported that handwritten notes from John Brennan have been declassified that show the intelligence folks in the Obama administration knew from the very beginning that the Russian collusion nonsense against Donald Trump was started by Hillary Clinton in an effort to get the media to focus off of the illegal email server that she used while serving as Obama’s Secretary of State.

Johnson accused Democrats of leaking the false information from the dossier to the press and then having the gall to accuse Republicans of spreading Russian disinformation when Republicans pointed out what the Democrats did.  You would think only a bunch of sociopaths would behave like that.  And it could be that on that side of the aisle they are sociopaths who participated in such deception and not have a care in the world about getting caught.

After reports confirmed there is an ongoing Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation into Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings, Johnson blasted Democrats and members of the intelligence community for claiming publicly that his committee’s investigation into Hunter Biden’s nefarious foreign business dealings played right into Russian hands.

Is now  appears that everything the Democrats cannot explain, because of either their own malfeasance or misfeasance, they blame on Russian disinformation.  And the lemmings who support them fall in line.

“It’s just galling and I just have to point out that the purveyors of Russian disinformation — Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the DNC, the Steele dossier, the ranking member Peters accusing Senator Grassley and I of disseminating Russian disinformation — that’s where the disinformation is coming from,” Johnson said.

“I can’t sit by and listen to this and say that this is not disinformation, this hearing today. This is getting information. We have to take a look at to restore confidence in our election integrity,” he continued.

Of course, Peters denied that he’d put out any misinformation.  It is maddening when someone dismisses something that is serious and relevant with a cliché.

“You say I’m putting out information. I had nothing to do with this report,” he said.

Johnson then slammed the ranking member:

“You lied repeatedly! You lied repeatedly in the press that I was spreading Russian disinformation, and that was an outright lie and I told you to stop lying and you continued to do it!” Johnson shot back at Peters very loudly.

There comes a time when proper decorum has to be put aside.  When the opposition party members continually lie is one of those times.

“Mr. Chairman, this is not about airing your grievances. I don’t know what rabbit hole you’re running down right now,” Peters responded.

“You can’t make these false allegations,” Peters ranted while Johnson slammed his gavel to move forward by allowing Senator Rand Paul his time to speak.

“This is terrible what you’re doing to this committee,” Peters accused.  Actually, what Peters and his sociopaths in the Democratic Party are doing is what’s terrible.  They are all in on the conspiracy to cover up the wrongdoing of the Obama administration’s phony Russian collusion nonsense, and now using the specter of Russian disinformation to dismiss anything that shines a light on the massive election fraud that occurred during the 2020 election.

“It is what you have done to this committee, falsely accusing the chairman of spreading disinformation,” Johnson hit back. “Nothing could have been further from the truth, and you’re spouting it again.”

“This is outrageous,” Peters mumbled into his mask.

Folks, Senator Peters is a sociopath, because only a sociopath can be told by the Chairman of the committee to stop repeating what he knows are outright lies, and then Peters goes on to completely dismiss the allegations against him and place blame for the lack of decorum during the hearing on the Chairman.  There has to be something wrong going on inside this man’s head.


According to the New York Post, the argument was about a letter Democrats sent to the utterly worthless deep state FBI Director Christopher Wray back in July making the claim that members of Congress were targeted by foreign entities to change the outcome of the 2020 election.

Democrats have continually lied by accusing Johnson’s Hunter Biden investigation of spreading Russian disinformation.  Johnson’s responses during the hearing show just how fed up he is with the accusations.  Claiming Russian disinformation today is about as debunked as “the dog ate my homework.”

“Yes, I’ve Heard All Kinds of Things That I Think will Probably be Revealed” – Senator Ron Johnson Does Not Rule Out Child Pornography on Hunter Biden’s Computer (VIDEO)

“Yes, I’ve Heard All Kinds of Things That I Think will Probably be Revealed” – Senator Ron Johnson Does Not Rule Out Child Pornography on Hunter Biden’s Computer (VIDEO)

On Wednesday, the NY Post published an article about a hard drive supposedly belonging to Hunter Biden. One of the emails shows that Hunter Biden introduced the number two exec from Burisma to Joe. That is if the hard drive was really Hunter Biden’s. Since the hard drive contains pictures and videos of him, it would seem likely. But it is not positive proof.

As the story goes, Hunter Biden dropped off his laptop for repair. He never retrieved it even though the shop owner called him repeatedly. By law, if you abandon property for 90 days, ownership goes to the shopkeeper. The shop owner checked what was on the hard drive and he got scared. He made four copies because he feared for his life.

There is now talk that there were 25,000 photos on the laptop. Some were innocuous such as childhood photos and family photos. But there were also a large number of porn photos according to sources. Steve Bannon is said to have copies of the photos.

It is alleged that the warrant for seizing the laptop by the FBI was signed by Joshua Wilson. Wilson has spent the last five years on child porn and abductions. That might mean he had child porn on the laptop. But again it has not been established yet.

Democrats are taking the stance that the emails are fake. But are the photos and videos of Hunter fake too? That might be a stretch of the imagination. But maybe not. Allegedly there are photos with Hunter and prostitutes, and one where he is sleeping with a crack pipe in his mouth.

Senator Ron Johnson appeared on Fox Business news with Maria Bartiromo:

Maria Bartiromo: Connect the dots, if an FBI agent is working on child pornography issues for five years why is he subpoenaing the laptop of Hunter Biden? Is there a connection here? Should this suggest that there is a child pornography issue here on that laptop?

Senator Ron Johnson: Well, I think you just made a connection. This is what the FBI has to come clean about. This isn’t a standard investigation where the FBI doesn’t indict somebody and everything remains confidential. This is something that we were talking about that relates to national security. If there is criminal activity involved that is tied to Hunter Biden or his business associates or even possible ties to other members of the Biden family that some of these emails indicate that Joe Biden is fully aware of this, that he was taking his 10% cut or requiring 50% from his family members’ salaries, this needs to be known before Americans go to the polls.

Maria Bartiromo: So was the FBI agent serving the subpoena investigating child pornography, senator?

Senator Ron Johnson: Well, you just read the news report. I can’t comment any further. I don’t want to speculate other than to say that what I said publicly before. Our report uncovered several troubling connections, so many things that need to be investigated that I really think we’re just scratching the surface. Yes, I’ve heard all kinds of things that I think will probably be revealed over the next few days. There’s a treasure trove of emails and video and pictures. Not only in the purported computer of Hunter Biden but now we got the co-conspirator Kevin Cooney that’s also starting to reveal information. I guess we’ll find new information over the next couple of weeks.

Senior GOP Senate Source: Romney Blocking Sen. Ron Johnson From Subpoenaing Comey, Brennan

Senior GOP Senate Source: Romney Blocking Sen. Ron Johnson From Subpoenaing Comey, Brennan

A senior GOP source has confirmed to the Gateway Pundit that Mitt Romney is the Senator leading the way on blocking the calling as witnesses, James Comey and John Brennan.

In an interview with Hugh Hewitt, Sen Ron Johnson indicated that at least one member of the committee he chairs is preventing him from subpoenaing James Comey and John Brennan. Unlike other Senate committees, Johnson’s committee has a Democratic majority 8-7 counting Mitt Romney. Little did we know that we dodged a bullet when Obama humiliated Romney in the 2012 election.

Hewitt tried to get Johnson to name names but he refused to do so. Romney, however cannot prevent Lindsey Graham and his  Senate Intelligence Committee can call them to testify before that committee. I am sure they have plenty of questions for that duo.


The senior GOP source said:

“Romney was for impeachment. He has been against Trump every step of the way. Now he is obstructing going after the leakers and liars who went after Trump.”

Hewitt kept trying to get Johnson to name names but I guess he was protecting Romney, who should not have a single committee post. Mitt Romney has been a big disappointment to the Republican party and we should not wait for him to make it official and drum him out of the party ourselves. My biggest regret in life is that I worked to get Romney elected in 2012. I’m glad I lost that fight.

Romney was doomed in that election due to a severe shortage of cojones. He allowed Obama to attack at will and put up no defense or offense of his own.

From 100% Fed Up

Johnson said Republican resistance had delayed his effort to subpoena Blue Star Strategies, a Democratic public relations firm that did work for Burisma, the Ukrainian gas company that Hunter Biden served on the board of. He also cited the lengthy criminal investigations and the coronavirus pandemic for delaying his committee’s ability to get documents from the FBI, which he said were essential before seeking live testimony from central witnesses.

Ron Johnson: ‘Corruption at the Highest Levels’ During Obama Admin Investigation of Trump’s 2016 Campaign

Ron Johnson: ‘Corruption at the Highest Levels’ During Obama Admin Investigation of Trump’s 2016 Campaign

Sen Ron Johnson appeared on Fox Business with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday and they spoke about the interview Bartiromo had done earlier in the week with Valerie Jarrett.

Bartiromo asked Jarrett point blank whether Barack Obama directed the spying against Donald trump. She never answered the question.

In fact, she did everything in her power to keep from answering.

Jarrett was a special adviser to Barack Obama who knew Obama way back when she was still a Chicago slumlord. She goes way back with Michelle as well.

Jarrett was Michelle’s boss at Chicago Hospital, where the two ran a patient dumping scheme together.

It stands to reason that she didn’t want to rat him out and it may also be that she was involved and didn’t want to rat herself out as well.

Johnson said:

“Well, you will notice she didn’t answer your question,” he said. “She just talked about, in general, what the process should be. That’s not the process they followed. It is very clear that there was corruption at the highest levels of, certainly, the FBI. We have evidence of it. I’m looking forward to John Durham, wrapping up his investigation. I personally believe that the intelligence community was involved in this thing.”

This is yet another reason that we must reelect President Trump. Should Biden win, every member of the Deep State will be working overtime to get all charges dropped and to destroy every last shred of evidence against the Deep State and the Obama administration? The only way justice gets done is for Obama’s agents to all go on a joint trip to Club Fed at Ft Leavenworth, Kansas.

Johnson added:

“Their initial goal was to exonerate Hillary Clinton, when — so that she could win the election. When she lost the election, their goals shifted to first — first and foremost, I think, sabotaging the Trump administration, which they have done a pretty good job of, also, I think initiating this diversionary operation, the smokescreen to cover up their wrongdoing. The fact that they — they used all the awesome powers of their agencies to investigate their political opponent. They didn’t want that revealed. It’s being revealed right now.”

“So, again, Valerie Jarrett simply isn’t answering the question. That’s our job. We need to get the information. But, as I stated earlier, they still have so many of their supporters in these agencies. They are doing a pretty good job at hiding the ball. It’s hard to extract the information. But I’m a pretty tenacious guy.”

VIRAL VIDEO: Will Johnson Confronts Nervous Fox News Reporter at Trump Georgia Rally, “You Are the Fox in the Hen House!”

VIRAL VIDEO: Will Johnson Confronts Nervous Fox News Reporter at Trump Georgia Rally, “You Are the Fox in the Hen House!”

Will Johnson, the founder of Unite America First and Vote Dems Out, attended the Trump Rally in Valdosta, Georgia, on Saturday and confronted a Fox News reporter who ended up retreating quickly, refusing to address the crowd. The video of the Fox News reporter went viral.

“You are the Fox on the Hen House,” Wll Johnson told Griff Jenkins.

“The supporters are angry that Fox News was among the every major news outlet to declare President-elect Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 presidential election, A Trump supporter also posted video of the crowd chanting “Fox is fake news!” one reporter posted from the scene as it was unfolding.


‘There is Fox News that pretty much outfoxed everyone and did the wrong thing and and is still calling the election for Biden ,” Johnson said as he approached the Fox News reporter.

“Can I ask you a question,Sir?” Johnson asks.

“No,” said the reporter, Griff Jenkins.

“What is the difference between CNN and FOX News at this point?” Johnson said.

“Why did Fox News betray President Trump?” Johnson said,

“What are your views on these people saying Fox News sucks and what are your views on Fox News calling Arizona for Biden?” Johnson asked the reporter.

Media-ite picked up the story and made it go viral with over one and half million viewers. Here is how they described it:

“Fox News correspondent Griff Jenkins got a hostile reception from fans of President Donald Trump, who chanted and hurled rebukes as they waited in line for Trump’s Valdosta, Georgia rally on Saturday.

Sky News producer Sarah Gough posted video of Jenkins being engaged by members of the crowd, and wrote “Fox News journalists are getting the most abuse from the crowd lining up for Trump’s rally in Valdosta, Georgia. Cries of ‘we trusted you’ and ‘traitors’.”

Trump’s Valdosta Rally was attended by people from all over the country who were furious with the media, including Fox News for falsely handing Joe Biden victories in States that had yet to be determined.

Biden and UK’s Boris Johnson to Plan the ‘Destiny of the World’ Says Biden Source

Biden and UK’s Boris Johnson to Plan the ‘Destiny of the World’ Says Biden Source

It’s being reported that Joe Biden will travel to the United Kingdom as his first trip outside the country after being inaugurated after he stole the 2020 election, to meet with Prime Minister Boris Johnson and plot the “destiny of the world” together, according to claims made by a source close to the cognitive-declining Democrat.

Those in the know say that the G7 meeting in June is likely the time for this plotting as it’s being hosted this year in the UK in Cornwall.

An alleged close friend of Biden told The Daily Telegraph that the Thief-in-Chief will put aside his differences over Brexit, something an American president has no business interfering with even though Biden has conveyed his opposition to the Brits doing what they want for the future of their country and their society.

“Boris is a conservative, Joe’s a moderate [Democrat] so I think they can get over it. I think they’ll end up getting along,” the source said.

What is this nonsense that Joe Biden is a moderate?  A moderate what?  Joe Biden is saying that on day one he’s going to ask Congress to give amnesty that leads to citizenship for 30 million illegal aliens who broke our immigration laws and have been living here illegally costing us jobs and tax dollars to owe these people a living.  A moderate would never do that to the American people.  Only a radical progressive would.

“Joe’s view will be that they’ll have the destiny of the world on their shoulders so he’ll want to overcome any political differences.

“I think there’ll be more empathy than there was between Boris and Donald Trump. Boris seemed to get along with Trump, but I don’t know if he really did,” the close friend of Biden claimed.  I think so, because in England there are only degrees in socialism.

God save us all because many people have said that Biden is not the brightest bulb in the box when it comes to foreign policy, including Barack Obama’s former secretary of defense Robert Gates who said that Joe Biden has been wrong on every foreign policy decision he ever made.  He later doubled down on it in 2019.

Even though Johnson was sometimes compared to being like often President Trump, the British PM’s policies have been much closer to those shoved down American throats by Democrats than the America First agenda promoted by Trump.  This is probably one of the reasons why the British economy hasn’t done as well as Trump’s.

Let’s get something out of the way.  Donald Trump was not a conservative.  He was a populist-nationalist.  He governed very conservatively because conservatism is based on common sense and knowing to do things that have proven to work in the past by adjusting past policies that worked to fit the current political and economic climate.

Johnson is closer to Biden’s ideology on things like climate change, immigration migrations, and the government’s authority during the Chinese virus pandemic.

Biden and Johnson have been spewing the great reset mantra “Build Back Better,” which the United Nations used while working disaster relief efforts in Japan after the tsunami in 2015.

Before Trump’s epic victory over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, Johnson as Mayor of London was critical of Trump the candidate.

“When Donald Trump says that there are parts of London that are no-go areas, I think he’s betraying a quite stupefying ignorance that makes him, frankly, unfit to hold the office of President of the United States,” he said in a 2015 interview.  Of course, Trump was right because police have said there are Islamic no-go zones in London where you should not go in wearing the uniform.

More Logjam on Biden’s ‘Laptop From Hell,’  Johnson Talks About “Biden Lift” Offered to Foreign Companies

More Logjam on Biden’s ‘Laptop From Hell,’ Johnson Talks About “Biden Lift” Offered to Foreign Companies

Republican Senator Ron Johnson, the chairman of the Senate Oversight Committee, was on Maria Bartiromo, Sunday Morning Futures, and said that the FBI had Hunter Biden’s Laptop for a year, and the public has the right to know why they sat on it, because the information on the laptop included information about potential illegal business dealings by Joe Biden, the Democrat candidate for US President.

“What we are finding is that somewhere around 2014, or 2015 is that Hunter Biden really figured out how to vacuum up these dollars from around the world, ” Johnson said about the Senate Oversight Committee Investigation into the Biden’s business dealings.

The media is resisting his authority and his committee’s authority, and siding with Joe Biden, by refusing to inform the public.

“We have jurisdiction over conflicts of interest, and Biden’s dealings are sleazy, if not illegal. We have to investigate more, but this is who the American people are going to vote for, so they need to know,” Johnson said.

Johnson reacted to a video clip of Democrat candidate Joe Biden saying none of it was true at the debate last week.

“The only guy who made money from China is this guy, (pointing to Trump),” Biden said at the debate.

Johnson responded to Bartiromo and said about the video clip, “the Vice President is lying, again. Check out page 78 of our report where we show a company, a Chinese company, CESE, transferred about 5 Million dollars to businesses controlled by Hunter Biden. He, [Joe Biden] is lying when he said he never spoke to Hunter Biden about business deals and overseas business connections, who flew over to China and had a handshake with Johnathon Lee who ended up being a business partner in an investment firm, Biden is lying about Biden and Biden Inc,” Johnson said.

Bartiromo talked about newly uncovered emails that would show that there was discussion about “The Biden Lift, where people talked about doing business with the Biden’s would give their companies a lift,” she said.

“Chris Coons lied about what we are spending on this investigation, I have not spent a dime other than my regular staff salary. This is what we do. We investigate these issues and there is a blaring case of conflict of interest here that the media is ignoring,” Johnson said.

One view wrote in response to the show:

@senronjohnson did a phenomenal job laying out the corruption of Biden, Inc. this morning on Sunday Morning Futures. He needs to subpoena Hunter Biden! Anyone that blocks him from doing so is also on the take. Stop the DC corruption!”

THE FINAL REPORT IS WORTH A READ: Here is the Executive Conclusion:

As the Chairmen’s report details, Hunter Biden’s role on Burisma’s board negatively
impacted the efforts of dedicated career-service individuals who were fighting to push for
anticorruption measures in Ukraine. Because the vice president’s son had a direct link to a
corrupt company and its owner, State Department officials were required to maintain situational
awareness of Hunter Biden’s association with Burisma. Unfortunately, U.S. officials had no
other choice but to endure the “awkward[ness]” of continuing to push an anticorruption agenda
in Ukraine while the vice president’s son sat on the board of a Ukrainian company with a corrupt
owner. As George Kent testified, he “would have advised any American not to get on the board
of Zlochevsky’s company.”

Yet, even though Hunter Biden’s position on Burisma’s board
cast a shadow over the work of those advancing anticorruption reforms in Ukraine, the
Committees are only aware of two individuals who raised concerns to their superiors. Despite
the efforts of these individuals, their concerns appear to have fallen on deaf ears.
Former Secretary Kerry’s December 2019 denial of having any knowledge about Hunter
Biden or Burisma is inconsistent with the evidence uncovered by the Committees. Kerry was
briefed about Hunter Biden, Burisma and Christopher Heinz the day after Burisma announced
Hunter Biden joined its board. Additionally, Secretary Kerry’s senior advisor sent him press
clips and articles relating to Hunter Biden’s board membership. This appears to be yet another
example of high-ranking Obama administration officials blatantly ignoring Hunter Biden’s
association with Burisma.
Several witnesses highlighted efforts to enable a successful investigation of Zlochevsky,

and also noted that the U.S. decision to condition a $1 billion loan guarantee was made in part
because of the then-Ukrainian prosecutor general’s failure to pursue a case against Zlochevsky.
But at the end of the day, between 2014 through 2017, despite the concerted effort of many U.S.
officials, not one of the three different Ukrainian prosecutor generals held Zlochevsky

The Obama administration and the Democrat lobby shop Blue Star Strategies had
consistent and extensive contact with Andrii Telizhenko over a period of years. Yet despite
these well-documented contacts with Democratic officials, Democrats have attempted to impugn
this investigation for having received some Blue Star-related records from Telizhenko. Some
Democrats have even (incorrectly) identified Telizhenko as the Committees’ “star witness.”430

Although he produced a small number of Blue Star-related records to the Committees, the
Committees never interviewed him as part of this investigation.

This story is developing..

Alice Johnson’s Pardon Shows the Difference Between Trump’s Action and Biden’s Talk

Alice Johnson’s Pardon Shows the Difference Between Trump’s Action and Biden’s Talk

Alice Johnson was given a life sentence under former Barck Obama and Joe Biden administration, and President Donald J. Trump made her sentence a national discussion by elevating her, giving her a massive platform, letting her tell her story and giving her a full pardon.

“I always remembered that God knew my name, even in my darkest hour. But I never thought that a president would,” Johnson said on Thursday.

Johnson has been very vocal about her support of Trump and credits him with understanding much needed criminal justice reform for nonviolent offenses, since her release.

“I assure you that I am alive and well and I am free because of President Donald J. Trump.  I got life plus 25 years, first time non-violent offended.  I did the time, and regret what I did, but we all make mistakes, none of us want to be defined as our worst decision. My transformation was described as extraordinary and there are thousands of people like me. When President Trump heard about me and the injust of my story he saw me as a person, and he acted,” Johnson said.

Johnson was Sharpley mocked and criticized by the Democrats as being a puppet for reminding people of Trump’s First Act Bill.  

“I was born Black, and I am going to die Black and I have made my own choices.I am using my mind.  I make my own decessions,” Johnson said Friday when called a Puppet by the Democrat Media allies.


Friday, in the Oval Office, Trump pardoned Johnson, a faithful Christian, and the two prayed together.

Johnson was released from prison in 2018  and was given a full pardon on Friday after speaking at the Republican National Convention in front of Millions of people.  She was sentenced in 1996 during the Obama administration.

Johnson’s life sentence was a result of 1986 Drug Possession Laws. that both Biden and his Vice President running mate Kamala Harris supported and worked hard to implement on nonviolent offenders

In fact Harris, herself, called Biden the Architect of the modern-day criminal justice system. And Bidden has accused Harris of making sure that once in prison, offenders could not get out.


It is noteworthy that Harris has a long history of inauthentic behavior in her long career enforcing the bad laws that Biden had authored, Biden and Harris have attacked each other over the matter, and now they want Americans to believe they will work together to bring much-needed reforms that will impact many people like Johnson.

In the following video, reason highlights Harris and says, “Harris has her own troubling record on criminal justice. It is worth setting the recond strange about Harris record before Criminal Justice was on the Democrat Platform. Harris is the defender of dirty prosecutors. She has trampled on the law to promote her political career,” Reason said.

“When Harris was California’s Top Cop she protected dirty cops and a reckless system, hiding tainted evidence, leading to the dismissal of hundreds of criminal cases,” Reason said.

“She is refashioning her past, and her judgment is off. She supported Lock the Up policies and was aggressive,” Reason said of Harris.


Melinda Gates: ‘Black People, Indigenous People’ Should Get Coronavirus Vaccine First

Melinda Gates: ‘Black People, Indigenous People’ Should Get Coronavirus Vaccine First

Are you guys ready to line up and take your vaccines?

Last week Bill Gates’ wife, Melinda, said during a virtual Forbes philanthropy summit with her husband that “black people” and “indigenous people” should receive the coronavirus vaccine first, if they are in the healthcare field.

“One of the reasons we are so involved in this is that you don’t want the first vaccines to go to the highest-bidding countries,” Melinda Gates said. “There are 60 million healthcare workers. They deserve to get the vaccine first, they’re the ones dealing with this on the front lines, trying to keep us all safe.”

“Then you have to start to tier from there, based on the countries and the populations,” Melinda Gates continued. “Here in the United States, it’s going to be black people who really should get it first and many indigenous people, as well as people with underlying symptoms, and then elderly people.”

Bill Gates said there are three promising vaccines for the COVID 19 vaccine. The companies they are working with are Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson.

He also accused the U.S. of turning “inward” instead of embracing collaboration with other countries to find solutions to the pandemic.

“Usually the United States plays a role in global problem-solving, so rather than withdrawing from WHO, they’d be involved, collaborating with other countries, not just trying to cast blame,” Gates said.

Source: Melinda Gates: These people deserve to get coronavirus vaccine first