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Planned Parenthood recently put out an advertisement encouraging “transgender” children to take “puberty blockers” if they do not “identify” with how their body is...

General News

Former Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson turned on her previous employer and became a pro-life activist.

General News

Bette Midler may not be the dumbest celebrity in the world, but she is in the top two. Her last foray into ignorance is...


Democrats have wanted Trump arrested for saying to his supporters to march peacefully because, of course, he is the evil Orange man. But what...


Sex Ed is the new battleground where Critical Race Theory meets Social Medicine for parents as Illinois State Rep. Kathleen Willis (D-Addison) pushed for...


Score one for the good guys. On Monday, a circuit court ruled that Louisiana and Texas can exclude Planned Parenthood from Medicaid funding, a...


The letter calls on Planned Parenthood to denounce its founder and "discontinue its ongoing systemic targeting of Black Americans with abortion facilities."


Planned Parenthood has dropped a lawsuit against an Indiana law that requires women to undergo an ultrasound 18 hours before an abortion procedure. “For...

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