Democrat Senators Cannot Hold Out Any Longer and Begin to Criticize Biden’s Mishandling of the Southern Border Crisis

Democrat Senators Cannot Hold Out Any Longer and Begin to Criticize Biden’s Mishandling of the Southern Border Crisis

Up until now, the Republicans were the only ones slamming the Biden administration for how it has handled the southern border crisis. President Joe Biden has done a really poor job with the crisis he created. Joe Biden took a fixed immigration system that once again benefitted America instead of benefitting paupers from third world countries at American taxpayer expense, and he turned it upside down almost as soon as he became president. Up until now, Americans have been gaslighted by Democrats with the help of their stenographers in the mainstream news media by being told that there is no crisis at the border, and conditions that are worse than ever before were being denied.

This week we saw three Democrat Senators criticizing the Biden administration’s poor handling of the migrant crisis.

The two Democrat senators from the border state of Arizona criticized Biden for not doing enough to get control of the illegal migrant surge at our southern border.

On Wednesday, Arizona’s Democrat Senator Mark Kelly gave a reaction to Biden’s first joint session address to Congress, saying, “While I share President Biden’s urgency in fixing our broken immigration system, what I didn’t hear tonight was a plan to address the immediate crisis at the border, and I will continue holding this administration accountable to deliver the resources and staffing necessary for a humane, orderly process as we work to improve border security, support local economies, and fix our immigration system.”

When Democrats say they need to “fix our broken immigration system” what they mean is it is broken in that they have to go through hoops and hurdles to get as many future Democrat voters into our system and they want to fix it to make that easier for them. The crisis is just something that gives the party bad optics and they want to avoid that if possible.

The other Arizona Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema reiterated Kelly’s position that Biden hasn’t done enough to address the historic surge at our southern border.

“Senator Sinema has been clear that she, along with Senator Kelly, wants to see more action from the administration to address the border crisis and support Arizona border communities. She’s spoken directly with administration officials on this,” Sinema’s office told Fox News.

Whenever a politician says “has been clear,” or “let me be clear,” or “I have been clear since the beginning,” they’re not being honest with you. People don’t have to point out they have been straight with you if they have. These are border state Democrats and their party is screwing up the immigration process, so they have to say something.

More Democrats came out to give cover for the party. That’s how bad things are at the border. Democrats are actually coming out against a Democrat president, which is unheard of.

The crazy lunatic Democrat Senator Mazie Hirono from Hawaii criticized Vice President Kamala Harris who was made the point person for the southern border crisis back in March to get the migrant surge that is overwhelming our system under control and she hasn’t yet even visited the border to see firsthand what’s going on.

Even the left-wing rag Newsweek noted that Harris has been MIA at the southern border but she “made trips to New Hampshire and other states to promote the administration’s jobs and infrastructure plan and its coronavirus response, with most of her work on the matter occurring in the form of roundtable discussions with experts and meetings with regional leaders.” So the only border state she has visited after being put in charge of the illegal migrant surge is a northern border state.

Margaret Hoover of PBS ask Hirono during an interview, “Will you urge Vice President Harris, who has been tasked with handling this crisis, to visit the border, as she hasn’t yet been there?”

Hirono replied telling Hoover of course she will urge Harris to visit the border and that she has no idea why the vice president hasn’t already done so.

“We have a few other things to deal with, like the pandemic and everything else, so I’m not going to point fingers at her in the sense of — I hope that she will go down to the border,” Hirono said during her appearance on “Firing Line with Margaret Hoover.” “I hope that we can have a comprehensive, ‘whole of government’ approach to what we need to do to have a humane immigration system.”

In other words, Hirono gave her own excuses as to why she hasn’t yet criticized Harris for now taking her job seriously.

“I would call it a crisis,” Hirono said of the problems being faced at the border that are 100% Democrat created.

“We know what is happening,” the senator added. “So whatever you call it, we’re going to need to deal with it. We’re going to need to address it in a humane way.” In other words, she couldn’t wait for the next question.

About mid-April, Biden finally admitted there is a crisis at the southern border and his minions almost immediately fixed Biden’s statement by saying it’s not a crisis but a challenge as if America is nothing but a bunch of nitwits who can’t figure out it’s a catastrophe.

The plan is to increase the number of illegal alien migrants into the US in time for them to be given amnesty so that they can vote in the 2022 midterm elections to keep the disastrous Democrats in power. If they tell you anything different, they are lying to you because that is the plan.

Joe Biden Used a Cheat Sheet Guide To Help Get Him Through His First Press Conference This Week

Joe Biden Used a Cheat Sheet Guide To Help Get Him Through His First Press Conference This Week

President Joe Biden finally decided to hold a formal press conference. It was revealed that pretty much up until the event, at least on the day of the presser, Biden didn’t know anything about it.


It took 65 days in office for Biden to do a press conference. No other president has ever waited that long to do so. In the end, his handlers pointed him in the direction of the POTUS podium, said a prayer, and allowed the man allegedly suffering from dementia to go do the show.

I watched the presser and was shocked that his handlers allowed him to do it within the first two minutes. It became clear right away that Biden was reading off of a list of reporters and what they were going to ask before he called on them. The president of the United States kept looking down at the notes because he apparently could not memorize the questions and the answers given to him before the show. It was a sad display.

Our 78-year-old Democratic tyrant president used a cheat sheet with pictures of White House reporters who would be in the room to ask their pre-approved questions, along with the answers he should give during Thursday’s presidential press conference.

It was later learned that the cheat sheet contained pictures of the faces of the reporters and what news outlets they worked for. The cheat sheet also showed where the reporters were sitting during the presser, and there were numbers next to their faces, which probably indicated the order in which they should be questioned. It looked like a guide for someone with cognitive decline.

Check it out.

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

Last Tuesday, Newsmax host Greg Kelly took top social media to expose that the White House press office asked reporters to submit their questions for President Biden’s first press conference and that White House press secretary Jen Psaki said she would let them know if their questions were “approved.”

“MEMO FROM THE WHITE HOUSE PRESS OFFICE: please submit to us your questions for @joebiden’s first press conference. @PressSec JEN PSAKI will get back to you about whether or not your questions was approved. Thank you “reporters”!!!”

Philip Melanchthon, White House reporter for Real Clear News, said, “Biden appears to be calling on reporters from a prepared list.”

Of the 25 reporters who were allowed in, Biden called on members from the Associated Press, PBS, Washington Post, ABC News, NBC News, CBS News, CNN, Bloomberg News, and Univision.

Yamiche Alcindor, a PBS White House reporter, was criticized for her softball question, feeding Biden pablum about the idea that the border crisis, which he created, may have been created because Biden has the perception of being a “moral, decent man.” Only by those who have never once in their lives paid attention or those who are boot-licking sycophants of the Fake News media.

Biden skipped over any reporters from conservative news outlets, especially Fox News’ Peter Doocy, who has made a name for himself of being the only well-known reporter to ask serious questions at press briefings held by the space cadet Jen Psaki. Doocy said he wanted to ask the president where COVID-19 originated. Biden’s China masters would have collectively leaned forward toward their state-owned television sets, possibly tilting the axis of the planet.

And it wasn’t just information about reporters and their questions, Biden had a list of talking points as well.

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

A reporter asked Biden about North Korea testing ballistic missiles again, and the president seemed to be reading from a prepared response word for word. And he wasn’t very convincing. You can see him searching for the section on North Korea in his cheat sheets while the reporter was asking the question. If you could read his mind: “Okay, she’s obviously asking about North Korea. I saw something about that in the notes. Where is it? Southern border — do not call it a crisis–, no. Insult Trump, no… She’s still talking, isn’t she? What am I doing? Oh yeah, I gotta find those talking points on North Korea. I love Korean bar-b-q. Is that from North Korea or the guys from the South?”


Fox News host and Trump hater Chris Wallace said he was “struck,” that when Biden was asked questions about foreign policy he “went to his briefing book like Jen Psaki does sometimes in the briefings and was reading obviously White House guidance, White House talking points.” I don’t think Wallace was paying attention much, because Biden did that most of the time he was up there. It was a pathetic thing to watch.

“I was also struck by the fact that it seemed on every foreign policy question… [Joe Biden] went to his briefing book… and was reading obviously White House guidance, White House talking points. Covering Ronald Reagan for 6 years, I never saw that.”


Reporter Confronts Psaki Over Inhumane Conditions at Migrant Facilities: ‘How is the Administration Not Stopping That Today?’

Reporter Confronts Psaki Over Inhumane Conditions at Migrant Facilities: ‘How is the Administration Not Stopping That Today?’

PBS’ Yamiche Alcindor confronted Psaki over the administration’s handling of the crisis on the border as it pertains to illegal immigrant children who are treated more like cattle than like people. She could have cast aspersions on the press as well. Neither one for the most part are willing to call the disaster at the border a crisis.

Kids get to shower just once a week and many complain about going hungry and at one detention center kids have to take turns sleeping on the floors of the cages.

Yet, no action is being taken about the cruel and unusual way that Democrats are treating these kids. They say that Trump was cruel to the kids even though he closed the facility that locked kids in cages that were built by the Obama/Biden regime.

Biden reopened it because Democrats should never let a prison for young children go to waste. Biden has refused to travel to the border because he can’t stand to see what6 he is doing to the children.

Psaki was confronted the other day about the Biden caliphate treating children like criminals without regular showers, meals or bedding.

But Psaki had an answer for that. It’s Trump’s fault.

You have to wonder if Psaki realizes how retarded she sounds during these press conferences. She may not realize it but everyone else can. She also very seldom ever answers embarrassing questions for this administration.

Alcindor asked:

“There were lawyers who interviewed some children that were in facilities. The children described sleeping on the floor, being hungry, not seeing the sun for days. How is that acceptable for the Biden administration to keep children in those sorts of conditions given the fact that you said you were an administration that was going to be more humane than the previous one?”

Psaki answered:

“We are trying to work through what was a dismantled and unprepared system because of the role of the last administration.” 

From The Blaze

Biden campaigned on reversing his predecessor’s deterrent immigration policies. Critics say the reversal of policy is contributing to the growing migrant crisis.

“You just can’t say, ‘Yeah, yeah, let everybody in’ — because then we’re affected down there at the border,” Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) said recently. “The bad guys know how to market this.”

In fact, migrant caravans that traveled north over the winter voiced expectation that Biden would honor his commitment to welcome migrants.

Big Tech Like Microsoft, Adobe, and Others Want To Trace Your Content Back To You In Most Bold Power Grab To Date

Big Tech Like Microsoft, Adobe, and Others Want To Trace Your Content Back To You In Most Bold Power Grab To Date

“Always eyes watching you and the voice enveloping you. Asleep or awake, indoors or out of doors, in the bath or bed—no escape. Nothing was your own except the few cubic centimeters in your skull.” George Orwell, 1984

Microsoft, the new Ingsoc, has joined with a number of media and tech firms to create a system that can trace your content around the internet, a concept that I predict will kill online privacy and individual anonymity and will eventually fundamentally transform the web.

Why would a tech company do this?  I am a programmer and earlier in my career, I once dealt with a situation where a virus, not unlike the Melissa virus that was unleashed back in 1999, was written using Microsoft’s VBA programming language which stands for Visual Basic for Applications. It’s built into Microsoft’s Office products.  Inside Office products is a fully functional version of Visual Basic for VBA that will allow you to write VBA programming code that will do things inside the documents you’re working on?  Don’t believe me?  Open up a Word document and then simultaneously hit the ALT/F11 keys and watch what happens.  The Visual Basic for Applications IDE opens up.  You may have already written VBA code without even knowing it.  One of the functions of VBA inside the Office suite is when you create a macro to record tasks to be used later on, the macro creates programming code that runs your macros.  If you create macros to automate something you can then go into VBA, look up the macro name you gave it, and voila, there’s programming code that makes up the macro you created.   Pretty cool, eh?  But I digress.

Now that you know what Microsoft has been capable of doing for decades, it’s time to look at what they have done now.  Microsoft, along with the tech and media companies who signed up, has constructed a plan that could turn out to be the tech tyrant’s boldest, most shameless power grab ever.

Microsoft gave a press release that revealed a partnership with several other companies to form what they call the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA).  Their mission is to develop a system where all content that enters the internet can be traced back to the original author.

This is like buying a car and the manufacturing company records everywhere you drive so that your travel can be traced and possibly used against you.  It’s like the government putting a tracker on your home’s thermostat so that they can keep track of your carbon footprint and do whatever they want with that data including punishing the homeowner.  Believe it or not, the Democrats proposed such a thing years ago and received so much backlash that they had to scrap it, but now that Democrats no longer have to worry about winning elections they may bring it back up again.

As stated in the press release, it talks about developing specifications for “common asset types and formats,” which are objects users online could post, things like images, videos, documents, and other things.   So now if you create and post a meme that the Woke Supremacy doesn’t like they can trace it back to you and punish you accordingly.  And it more-than-likely won’t just be able to trace the author but anyone who shares it later.

Think about all the products you use on a computer, and then think about all the companies that make those products that have gone Woke over the last few years.  And it’s not just Microsoft.  Adobe that makes Photoshop, Jasc Software creates Paintshop Pro, Apple has iMovie, and there’s a whole host of software and services that allow users to be creative that may now compromise your privacy and security.

Of course, the tech tyrants will say that they are doing this to protect people from misinformation and those crazy white supremacists who are lurking around every corner of the internet.

According to Microsoft, this coalition was born to, you guessed it, stop the spread of “disinformation,” which in reality means any information that does not fit the forever changing narratives of the leftist Woke Supremacy.   Pretty soon we’re going to see Soviet-style dissident reading groups form in neighborhoods just so people can share information again, just don’t bring a Kindle.

The official line from Microsoft is they want “to address the prevalence of disinformation, misinformation and online content fraud through developing technical standards for certifying the source and history or provenance of media content.”

The first place thing can look at CNN or even Microsoft’s MSNBC, two of the largest spreaders of disinformation on the planet, but since the Supremacy shares their ideology we shouldn’t count on that ever happening.

This is something that no one wants to talk about. The same people who keep accusing conservative speech of being disinformation and misinformation are the ones who are really spreading misinformation and disinformation, and they do it on a daily basis.  CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, BBC, you name it, the mainstream media are the ones who spread disinformation as if that’s their job.  We spent nearly three years of daily reports about Trump-Russia collusion.  They spread misinformation about Trump for four years just to interfere with his ability to govern.  Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and others from Silicon Valley have censored free speech by calling it disinformation when all it really was is speech they don’t like.  These are the entities who are defining disinformation?

This is far more sinister than the censorship from social media companies who also now interfere in our elections and silence all political speech that they don’t like.  They’re now going to trace anything you produce from the CPU level of your computer and use it against you if you piss them off.  This is the most dangerous thing the tech tyrants have ever come up with.

Call your representatives, because this will be a nightmare for our society.  Privacy will truly be a thing of the past.  This is Soviet-style personal intrusion at a much worse rate than anything the Russian politburo of old could have come up with.  The old KGB would be proud.  Tech tyrants do not have the right to declare someone’s free speech as disinformation simply because they don’t like what is said.  They are the public town square now and they should be treated as a de facto government.  Unfortunately for our republic, this dangerous set of events are happening when the worst kind of people control the federal government.

Big brother is watching you.

Cuomo Responds To Sexual Harassment Accusations, Gives Non-Apology Apology

Cuomo Responds To Sexual Harassment Accusations, Gives Non-Apology Apology

The Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, at last, has finally responded to the sexual harassment allegations made against him by two women… so far.   Of course, Cuomo denied the accusations by his two accusers – who we have been told up until now must be believed – and defended himself by saying, “Some of the things I have said have been misinterpreted as an unwanted flirtation.”

“I never intended to offend anyone or cause any harm,” the statement released on Sunday read.

“At work sometimes I think I am being playful and make jokes that I think are funny,” Cuomo said. “I do, on occasion, tease people in what I think is a good-natured way.”

Welcome to the liberal-created world of sexual harassment in which pieces of garbage like Cuomo have told women that they do a disservice to women when they talk about sexual harassment in government, but go full steam ahead when allegations are made against their political enemies.  Like the time Karen DeWitt, a public radio correspondent, asked Cuomo what the state of New York “could do differently” amid a tidal wave of accusations of sexual harassment and sexual assault against prominent men in the mainstream news media and politics, including a former senior official appointed by Cuomo actually responded by saying, “It’s not government.  It’s society. It was Harvey Weinstein in the arts industry, it’s comedians, it’s politicians, it’s chefs.  It’s systemic, it’s societal, it’s not one person in one area. It’s not just Charlie Rose, it’s not just Matt Lauer, it’s not just journalists. It’s societal.”

The governor continued his non-apology apology.

“I have teased people about their personal lives, their relationships, about getting married or not getting married,” he continued. “I mean no offense and only attempt to add some levity and banter to what is a very serious business.”  In other words, it’s not his fault these women can’t take a joke.

We recently reported that a second accuser has come out to make allegations against Cuomo, 25-year-old Charlotte Bennett, alleges that Cuomo asked her if she was romantically involved with someone, if she was monogamous in her relationships, and if she had ever had sex with older men.  Yikes!

Cuomo said he wanted to be a mentor for Bennett.   Then why did the 63-three-year-old Democratic governor ask Bennett if she ever had sex with older men, and inform her that “he’s fine with anyone above the age of 22” if he wanted to be her mentor?  What kind of elderly male mentor speaks like that to women more than half their own age?

“I now understand that my interactions may have been insensitive or too personal and that some of my comments, given my position, made others feel in ways I never intended,” Cuomo stated.  May have been?  When Bennett once talked about getting a tattoo, Cuomo suggested that she get it placed on her buttocks so people couldn’t see the tattoo if she wore a dress.  Yeah, I remember when my mentor said something very similar to me.  #EyeRoll

Cuomo then gave an apology to anyone who “misinterpreted” him, “I acknowledge some of the things I have said have been misinterpreted as an unwanted flirtation. To the extent anyone felt that way, I am truly sorry about that.”

In other words, I’m sorry you didn’t understand that I was only trying to be a fatherly figure to you and you’re just too damn stupid to realize it.

Where are all the women’s groups?  Why aren’t they going on all the news programs to complain about the man who promotes all of their crazy policies? I think I just answered my own question.

Cuomo said he “never inappropriately touched anybody” and “never propositioned anybody.” He added, “I never intended to make anyone feel uncomfortable.”

Bennett told the New York Times, “He also asked me in the same conversation if I had ever been with an older man.”

Once when Bennett told the governor that she was going to give a speech at Hamilton College where she graduated to students about her experience as a survivor of sexual assault, she said, “The way he was repeating, ‘You were raped and abused and attacked and assaulted and betrayed,’ over and over again while looking me directly in the eyes was something out of a horror movie,” Bennett texted to a friend. “It was like he was testing me.”   Who does that?  A creepy guy trying to show his sensitive side thinking he’s got a shot at getting with a young woman after she opened up about a sexual assault she survived.  This man is sick.

Lindsey Boylan, we reported, was the first former female aide to accuse Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment.  She alleged in a statement that the governor kissed her on the lips without consent, touched her lower back, arms, and legs, joked about playing strip poker, and the harassment went on for years.

“These are allegations that New Yorkers deserve answers to,” Cuomo said on Sunday. “That’s why I have asked for an outside, independent review that looks at these allegations.”

For those who aren’t aware “an outside, independent review” in Democrat language means they’re going to attempt to bury the story by hiring a firm or an individual who in the end will say exactly what the folks paying them tell them to say – think Crowdstrike – and the review process will take a long time because the accused wants to make sure that everything is done properly and by the book, but really what’s going on is they are playing the odds that after a lot of time passes the issue will be long forgotten and considered old news.  It’s the standard playbook by Democrats.  Instead of asking for an independent review, he could just tell the truth.  Who calls for an independent review against themself when they are accused of sexual harassment?  If you’re truly innocent you shout from the rooftops that your accusers are full of crap.  You don’t offer to authorize an “independent review.”  And apparently, it backfired.

Last week, Cuomo personally appointed former US District Judge Barbara Jones to carry out the independent investigation into the accusations but did an about-face on Sunday after the move attracted a lot of criticism.  Jones is a former law partner to one of Cuomo’s closest advisors, Steve Cohen.  No conflict of interest there, right?

Cuomo had to put together a new statement announcing New York State Attorney General Letitia James (D) and the chief judge of the court of appeals, Janet DiFiore, would jointly select an “independent and qualified lawyer in private practice without political affiliation to conduct a thorough review and issue a public report.”

“We had selected former Federal Judge Barbara Jones, with a stellar record for qualifications and integrity, but we want to avoid even the perception of a lack of independence or inference of politics,” the statement read. “The work product will be solely controlled by that independent lawyer personally selected by the Attorney General and Chief Judge.”  If that was the original intent then why did he hand-pick Jones in the first place?

James issued her own statement on the independent investigation.

“The state’s Executive Law clearly gives my office the authority to investigate this matter once the governor provides a referral,” James said. “While I have deep respect for Chief Judge DiFiore, I am the duly elected attorney general and it is my responsibility to carry out this task, per Executive Law. The governor must provide this referral so an independent investigation with subpoena power can be conducted.”

It will be whitewashed, mark my words because in the end Democrats love to virtue signal the rest of us about how to be moral people but they really never hold themselves up to the same standards.

Clarence Thomas Documentary Pulled From Amazon Prime During Black History Month

Clarence Thomas Documentary Pulled From Amazon Prime During Black History Month

The wokety woke Amazon has gone into full tyrant mode showing that diversity for the Woke Supremacists is only superficial, because if your belief systems don’t conform to the Supremacy then you’re not considered a part of diversity.  When leftists claim to love diversity they’re not really talking about true diversity.  For the Left, diversity means people from different races, colors, genders, and backgrounds, but all of them must subscribe to the Woke Supremacy ideology.

Such is the case that Amazon, during Black History Month, yanked a critically acclaimed documentary on Justice Clarence Thomas, the only black justice serving on the US Supreme Court, from their streaming platform.  Why would they do this?  What did Justice Thomas ever do to them?

Now, if you go to watch the movie you get a notification saying “Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words,” is “currently unavailable to watch in your location.”

This is crossing a line of decency.  The Left has now come full circle and is back to saying “keep the darkies out,” reminiscent of the Ku Klux Klan.

Black Americans should be offended by this regardless of their political ideology.  Even though Amazon pulled the documentary for ideological reasons it’s still a racist move because the Woke Supremacy’s ideological belief is that because Thomas is a black man he should naturally be of the same ideological persuasion as the Woke Supremacy.  How is that any different from when Joe Biden said “Unlike the African American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community with incredibly diverse attitudes about different things” during the 2020 campaign?

While Amazon dropped the PBS documentary on only the second black Supreme Court justice in history during Black History Month you will be pleased to know that you can still watch “All In: The Fight for Democracy” with Stacey Abrams.

From Breitbart:

Amazon Prime created an entire Amplify Black Voices page on its site that “feature[s] a curated collection of titles to honor Black History Month across four weekly themes (Black Love, Black Joy, Black History Makers, and Black Girl Magic).”  There are scores of films available to stream, including four films available on the Amazon Prime site to stream (two docudramas and two documentaries) on Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, a liberal icon and our nation’s first black Supreme Court justice.  There are even two films (one docudrama and one documentary) on Anita Hill, who came forward during Thomas’ confirmation hearing to claim that Thomas had sexually harassed her.  (Hill’s story never added up and, and as reflected in a NY Times/CBS News poll after the Senate confirmation hearings, American men and women believed Thomas by a 2-1 margin.)

All of the films are free to watch with your Prime membership, except the Clarence Thomas documentary, which you can now only get if you buy the DVD, according to The Federalist.

The exclusion of a prominent black American such as Justice Clarence Thomas during an effort made by Amazon to celebrate black voices throughout Black History Month shows that the platform is not truly sincere about black voices, only leftist black voices that conform to the Woke Supremacy that Amazon is a part of.  It’s a crime to be the decider that Thomas’s story should not be learned by any American who wants to know it.

Thomas was born to deeply poor and uneducated parents in Georgia where he fought to break away from the segregated south he was raised in to find something better for his life.

“The more I read about the black power movement, the more I wanted to be a part of it,” he wrote in his memoir “My Grandfather’s Son.” He wrote, “What was the point of working within the system? Segregation, lynchings, black codes, slavery…surely the time for politeness and nonviolent protest was over.”

The Left hates Thomas because his worldview was formed by the notion all men are created equal.  The Left expects – nay – demands that black people who are thrust into power positions must use them to bring more power and influence to the leftist Woke Supremacy.  Those who fail to do so are canceled.  The Left can’t stand the fact that a black man on the Supreme Court is the most consistent originalist justice in the history of the Court because they hate the Constitution since the Constitution creates a level playing field where those who play by the rules win and lazy people who don’t want to put in the effort lose.

Clarence Thomas is undeniably historic in that he is the second black American to serve on the High Court and he is the longest-serving black justice as well.  He is to be celebrated and not shunned, especially during Black History Month, and Amazon should be ashamed of itself.

DAY ONE: Parler’s Hot Mess Is On Again and Milo Has Now Been Banned

DAY ONE: Parler’s Hot Mess Is On Again and Milo Has Now Been Banned

Parler went back online on Monday after numerous highs and lows for young and upcoming social media platform.  During the purge of President Donald J. Trump in January, Parler had been destroyed by Amazon who claimed the site was “unsafe” because of the Trump supporters on the site, and left the free speech platform without a server. Then the board for the company fired their CEO and come back online to a temped response from former users. And now they have banned a high-profile “MAGA” personality for offensive speech.

“I’m not a fan of Milo, but less than 24 hours back—‘Pro-Free Speech” Parler starts banning people?,” one poster wrote on Twitter in reaction to the news.

Most people know that Mark Meckler the new CEO is not a fan of Trump’s.

Gateway Pundit reported on Milo’s banning:

“Parler went live for many users on Monday, after being offline for roughly a month after Amazon dropped them from their hosting platform.

The platform became a major target for the cancel brigade, who were unhappy that the people they got banned from mainstream platforms were finding a new home where they could reach people who wanted to hear from them.”

But if you were thinking Parler would support free speech you’d be wrong. Mark Meckler immediately banned Milo Yiannopoulos for making an offensive joke.

In a statement on Monday, Sky Silk Cloud , the CEO Kevin Matossian said he does not “advocate of condoning hate”, and talked about the anticipated heavy moderation of its posters.

PBS reported on Parler and wrote:

“Parler limped back to life on Monday with a new Web host, retooled community guidelines and a promise that content inciting violence will be removed.

The change follows Amazon Web Services’ unusual step in January of refusing to host Parler over a pattern of violent and hateful posts that the site allegedly refused to take down. Parler has challenged Amazon’s termination of service by suing in federal court.

Since then, Parler has been in crisis. There have been mixed messages from people aligned with the company about when exactly it would be back online. Parler’s board fired the site’s CEO and replaced him. Then, on Monday, Parler was revived, though the announcement even caught some close to the company by surprise.

For Parler users, the relaunch has been anything but smooth. The website appears to be operating at a snail’s pace for people accessing it by computer. The site is not accepting new users. On mobile phones, Parler does not seem to be working at all.”

The reboot has not gone well at all. The new CEO, Mark Mecker is a throwback from the Tea Party Days and has not always been fond of President Donald J. Trump.“We run robust, sustainable, totally independent technology from Big Tech.” The official relaunch of #Parler carries forward the vision of protecting #FreeSpeech in a way that is “more firm and entrenched than ever before,” said interim CEO Mark Meckler. “Social media network Parler has relaunched today on a new tech platform with@MarkMeckler
, co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots, as CEO. Parler had a claimed 20m users when it was taken offline in January by former platform Amazon Web Services for breaching its terms of service,” The Index on Censorship wrote.  It is beginning to look like Parler is a bad cover song of Twitter, if they are going to be the same as Twitter, and not even be as good as Twitter, why bother?

UPDATE: Looks like Milo’s profile has been reinstated on the platform, however…it seems the damage has already been done.

House Democrats Hire ‘Triggerman’ Who Has Admitted To Shootings, Drug Dealing To Top Campaign Post

House Democrats Hire ‘Triggerman’ Who Has Admitted To Shootings, Drug Dealing To Top Campaign Post

Have you ever shot two people? Were you an admitted drug dealer? If so, you too can be a high ranking official representing Democrats in the House. You might be laughing but believe me, it’s no joke. Dyjuan Tatro, who spent time in prison for shooting two people and then was charged with and convicted of racketeering conspiracy, for which he received a six-year sentence, has now been named a senior adviser for diversity and inclusion.

Tatro also called himself a “triggerman” for the Original Gangsta Killas gang in New York. He admitted to gang shootings and the slashing of another victim. Tatro claimed to be making @12,000 a month and was arrested and convicted of trying to sell 50 grams of crack cocaine. Tatro appeared in the 2019 PBS series “College Behind Bars,” where inmates work to get degrees while they are in prison.

Cole Leiter, the DCCC’s communications director bashed the news story on Tatro and he called it trash.

The Daily Caller asked the DCCC about the hire to which a spokesperson responded by saying:

“Dyjuan is a formerly incarcerated person who has worked hard to change the trajectory of his life through education and service to his community.”

Nancy Pelosi refused 15,000 National Guards prior to January 6th because she thought it would be bad optics. Does she believe this hire is good optics?  There are alw3ays people willing to pay for access to political parties and elected officials. I don’t know this man or how he now lives his life. He could now be a paragon of virtue, I just think it looks bad but of course I could be wrong. I just hope he does not become a scapegoat.

From The Daily Caller

He has served his time for the crimes he committed and is now a national leader in the bipartisan movement to reform our criminal justice system and bring meaningful improvements to the education system in American prisons. Such critical work breaks cycles of recidivism by making sure more people leave prison with the skills to hold down a job and contribute to their communities.”

Since being released from prison in 2017, Tatro had been working to help increase educational opportunities for inmates.

DCCC chairman Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney’s office did not immediately respond to The Daily Caller when asked about the hire.

VIDEO: IT Expert Ramsland: Audit in Savannah, Georgia Shows Tabulation Machines Were Sending Results to China

VIDEO: IT Expert Ramsland: Audit in Savannah, Georgia Shows Tabulation Machines Were Sending Results to China

Russell Ramsland and his team of IT experts were the ones hired to check out the voting machines in Antrim County Michigan. That is the county where 3,000 votes for Trump were given to Biden. They found that the machines and their software were set up to facilitate voter fraud. Ramsland concluded that the mathematical probability of the voting was impossible.

Really, you mean Biden getting 570,000 votes to Trump’s 3,200 is unlikely to happen? It is not impossible but the odds of that happening is the same as one person hitting the Powerball jackpot 88 times. So, therefore it is not impossible but I will withhold my judgement until I hit Powerball at least thirty times.


Now, Ramsland has been investigating the voter in Savannah, Georgia and he determined that election results were sent from Dominion machines to China. We were told that was impossible but Ramsland says it is.

Russell Ramsland: It looks like it’s going to prove out to be correct that in Georgia there is a “smart thermostat” that is talking to the tabulations and reporting the votes back to China. And that was traced by a Microsoft engineer and he brought it to our attention yesterday. So that’s being monitored.

Why were results being sent to China? They could get the results from CNN. It is said that the voting could be sent offsite to be altered. At this time there is no proof that happened in this case but we still need to know why it was done. Other than for nefarious reasons would this have been done? It is obvious that China wants Biden to win since they already own him.

They had better gather up all the evidence they can before January 20th in case Biden is declared the winner because he has a history of getting prosecutors fired who are investigating him and his family.