UN Emissions Report Says the United States Doesn’t Need To Rejoin Paris Climate Accord, so Why Did Media Ignore it?

UN Emissions Report Says the United States Doesn’t Need To Rejoin Paris Climate Accord, so Why Did Media Ignore it?

Back in December, the United Nations released an annual assessment report on contributions to greenhouse gas and carbon emissions called the Emissions Gap Report 2020.  They keep the doom and gloom going for the socialists out there who want to demand more money from their citizens to fight something they cannot prove is actually there because of their filthy capitalist lifestyle.  This why I refer to the climate change monks as watermelons.  They are green on the outside and socialist red on the inside. 

These people care much less about the planet and the environment than they do the high it gives them to control people’s lives with dictatorial mandates that suck more tax dollars out of their paychecks to go toward disaster plans like the Green New Deal that would take us back to the Stone Age.

The report is filled with arduously convoluted projections that might or might not happen someday.  Did you ever notice that climate change and global warming nuts always put information out there that could happen or might not happen and their doom and gloom predictions are always between 10 to 50 years out?  And it’s always based on the predicate that Americans need to stop having such a good time. 

Normally most of these clowns won’t be around or they won’t be in the profession by the time they claim that their projections will be realized, and the funny thing about it is they never are.   We can name a lot of people who made climate change and global warming predictions, but can you name a single person that predicted a calamity of doom and gloom that ever came true? I won’t hold my breath.

In the report, they say “despite a brief dip in carbon dioxide emissions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the world is still heading for a temperature rise.”  Yeah, right.  That’s their way of trying to make it appear that they really aren’t crazy loons who bark at statues of the virgin goddess Tamar.  They want you to believe they’re reasonable.  Um… sorry, not sorry.

But there really is something in this report that probably made it in there accidentally but nonetheless pretty good news for the United States. There is actually an advisory inside the report that says that the United States does not need to join the Paris Climate Accord.   This report literally advises that the United States should just keep doing what it’s been doing to cut its own emissions. 

 The United States is by far the most successful country in the world at reducing its own pollution and the United Nations is now revealing this to the world. S o then why are the Woke Supremacist socialists in the Democratic Party trying to push garbage like a Green New Deal and other stupid climate mitigation disasters that will leave us all in the poor house?  Because it’s never been about the climate and it’s never been about Mother Earth. These tyrants are all about controlling the masses and they do that through legislation that can take more of your money, force you to behave the way they want you to, and you can’t do a damn thing about it.

Inside the report, it says, “the United States of America emits 13 percent of global GHG emissions,” and “China emits more than one-quarter of global GHG emissions.”  The US still creates the most greenhouse gas emissions per capita in the world, but, over the last decade, the country’s GHG emissions have been going down by 0.4% per year.

So, while greenhouse gas emissions per capita in the United States are dropping boldly at the same time those of China, India, and Russia continue to increase.  Being the world’s strongest economy of over $21 trillion in 2019 (thank you, President Donald Trump, it’s no surprise to understand that the US pollutes more per person as we’re all having a good time, but the US is also making great strides in fixing the problem. 

The watermelons will never admit it but this phenomenon is because of capitalism.  Capitalism allows for research and development to invent new ways to capture pollution.  We went through an entire decade of capitalist ventures that created filters on smokestacks for manufacturing plants for example. They capture most of the pollution coming out.  This is all due to capitalism. Capitalism produces. Socialism is a parasite of capitalism.

In 2017 the Trump administration said that if we stayed in the Paris Climate Accord, “compliance with the terms of the Paris Accord and the onerous energy restrictions it has placed on the United States could cost America as much as 2.7 million lost jobs by 2025 according to the National Economic Research Associates.”  So, the US under Trump continued to lower its greenhouse gas emissions quicker than any other major polluter, and it accomplished that without the stupid Paris agreement.

The Biden administration never heard the saying “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” because they are getting us back into the Paris Climate Accord. The Woke Supremacists in the Democratic Party already got their jobs so they don’t give a damn about 2.7 million Americans who are going to lose theirs.  Just know this, on all things climate change the Woke climate hacks are nothing but fake, phony, frauds.

Biden to Order Mask Mandate, Open our Borders to Illegals, and Rejoin Paris Climate Accord All On Day One

Biden to Order Mask Mandate, Open our Borders to Illegals, and Rejoin Paris Climate Accord All On Day One

On Saturday, Joe Biden’s Chief of Staff said Biden is planning to take immediate actions to roll back President Donald Trump’s achievements for the country, to expand the federal government’s powers even more, all of which promises to make life miserable to most Americans.  Did you ever think you would see the day that a new president (who stole the election) would do things to harm the American people?  Read on.

The Biden administration will hammer a ten-day blitzkrieg of executive orders to remove many of our freedoms by advancing a radical climate change agenda, and the administration will open up our borders to allow dangerous illegal aliens to once again float over our border so that we the taxpayers will owe them a living while many (not all) will cause crime rates to rise.  It will most certainly cost Americans billions of dollars to pay for them.  He will do these things without Congress, which is unconstitutional and a violation of the Separation of Powers, but who the hell cares anymore, because the courts are as corrupt as Joe Biden.

Right out of the gate on Wednesday Biden will remove the travel ban from countries that the Obama administration deemed most likely to have ISIS operatives infiltrate tens of thousands of refugees to get into the country.  Why would a president do that to the American people?

Biden will also get us back into the Paris Climate Accord which will cost millions of American jobs almost immediately.  Why would a president do that to the American people?

He will extend the pause on student loan payments and other actions that are meant to hold off evictions and foreclosures for those struggling during the pandemic.  They should just allow businesses to open up again.  If you can go to the supermarket every week then you can go to work.  The virus doesn’t know the difference.

Joe Biden will also force a mandatory mask-wearing edict for Americans who are on federal property and during interstate travel.  The details of that last one are yet unknown.

The new White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain sent these items to senior staff by memo, about a dozen things Biden will do on his first day in stolen office.  I’m sorry, but I will never accept a Joe Biden presidency.  The Democrats stole the election from Donald Trump and from his voters.  We’re not even allowed to talk about it or we’ll somehow be punished.  What the Democrats are doing is hardcore Marxism and sorry to say, but we are all going to suffer.

“These executive actions will deliver relief to the millions of Americans that are struggling in the face of these crises,” Klain said in the memo. “President-elect Biden will take action — not just to reverse the gravest damages of the Trump administration — but also to start moving our country forward.”

Gravest damages?  What damages?  The Trump economy was the greatest our country ever experienced.  Black and Hispanic unemployment were at record lows.  Wages were rising for the first time in decades.  The future was bright.  It is numbing to think that all of that prosperity for all working-class Americans will most definitely go away under this new administration.  They care about globalism and we are in the way.

“Full achievement” of Biden’s agenda needs Congress to act, Klain wrote, including a $1.9 trillion virus relief bill he outlined on Thursday.  We have already spent trillions.  Now they want two trillion more for a virus they will never allow us to believe has been controlled, because they want to keep us in lockdown forever.

The chief of staff also said that Biden is going to propose to Congress an amnesty program that will give citizenship to between 20 to 30 million illegal aliens on his first day in office.  Again, why would a president do this to the American people?

There’s talk of an 8-year path for illegals to be given citizenship.  Does anyone really believe that?

They’re talking about a faster track for people in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program which was 100 percent illegal/unconstitutional from the day President Barack Obama created it by executive order without ever asking Congress.

On Day Two Biden will sign executive orders related to COVID that is aimed at reopening schools and businesses, according to Klain.  Again, does anyone really believe that?

On Day Three, Friday, we can expect executive actions on economic relief for people suffering from the economic losses caused by Democrat governors and mayors exploiting the virus pandemic.  And we’re supposed to be appreciative.

Folks, this is what globalists do.  They stole the presidential election and stole the Senate, and now they control everything.  You can’t even talk about the mountains of evidence that were discovered of massive election fraud that took place.  We saw it, but no one on the Left admits it when it’s available for anyone to see.  Expect more of that kind of nonsense for the next four years.

Ask yourself, would America really demand that the party that locked us down, kept our kids out of school, bankrupted businesses which also caused many people to lose their jobs, to be the party in total power?  Really?

Leaked Video Exposes Mass. Climate Czar’s Agenda To Raise Taxes by Blaming The People For Climate Change [VIDEO]

Leaked Video Exposes Mass. Climate Czar’s Agenda To Raise Taxes by Blaming The People For Climate Change [VIDEO]

In an honest and forthright video (probably caught off-guard) that was leaked from a Zoom meeting, Massachusetts climate czar under anti-Trump pro-mail-in voting RINO Republican Charlie BakerDavid Ismay admitted what climate change policy is actually designed to do.

There’s a reason I call climate change and global warming crazies watermelons because while they are green on the outside, they are socialist red on the inside.  In other words, while they are pontificating and virtue signaling to the rest of us about how they are green and they are for a clean environment what they are really for is socialist policies that will be able to control as many people as humanly possible. Don’t doubt me on this.

For example, Americans are forever facing gas tax increases because if you didn’t pay more money the climate change wins!   The state of Massachusetts is right now facing another seven cents increase in their gas tax.  Increasing taxes on gas is a way of stopping a lot of activity that would otherwise take place if people could afford to buy more gas.

David Ismay, the ‘climate czar’ of Massachusetts explained:

“Sixty percent of our emissions come from you and me… residential heating and passenger vehicles…”  So what?  We reported recently that the UN put out its Emissions Gap Report 2020 where they said that the United States does not need to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord because the US cleans up its mess better than any other industrialized nation in the world.

This dope is now threatening our ability to heat our own homes in the winter or to drive our vehicles, which is no longer a privilege but a necessity.

I told you it was about control.  This crackpot intends to regulate people out of being able to drive their cars or stay warm when it’s cold out on a supposed “science” that they claim is real based on a consensus.

Part of the history of the global warming crowd which later on had to change the name to Climate Change because they were told that we were actually in a cooling phase not a warming phase by the real scientists, is that back in the 70s when all this nonsense started, politicians we’re getting a message from their constituents that they were sick and tired of paying ever-increasing income taxes.  So the greedy b@$tards came up with a way to suck more of your income and to virtue signal you at the same time by telling you that you’re the reason for it all happening.  They are actually telling us in essence that the reason we have to pay more in taxes is that Americans just keep having a good time.

So now that they have squeezed as much as they can from businesses after decades of green policies, and the deadline that we’re all going to die keeps getting extended before the last deadline was met, they have a new solution which is to give up on the old belief that they can’t screw you, the American worker, out of even more of your wages.

“You…the senior on fixed income…There is no bad guy left–at least in Massachusetts–to point the finger at to turn the screws on and, you know, break their will so they stop emitting.  That’s you. We have to break yourwill.”


Ismay sees his role in government as to not protect the American people’s liberties but to “break their will.”  What kind of nut thinks that way?  He let the proverbial cat out of the bag by insinuating that the scam for years was that they wanted to go after more of your wages but they had to blame the cause for it on businesses and now they have reached the limit with them and have to go after John Q Public.   He knows what he’s saying is wrong because he openly said, “I can’t even say that publicly” after he made the statement.  So, he’s a backstabbing phony on top of it.

What’s also noticeable is that the others in the video don’t even skip a beat, blink an eye, or raise a single eyebrow.  It’s as if they were all on the same Woke Supremacy page.

Now that we have a Woke DC this is the kind of nonsense we’re going to have to deal with for the next four years.  That’s if we last that long as a country.

US Formally Announces Withdrawal From Paris Climate Deal, Pompeo Says

US Formally Announces Withdrawal From Paris Climate Deal, Pompeo Says

We are out of the global agenda but that doesn’t mean we won’t do the right things to be more environmentally smart. We are putting America first! MAGA.

The United States has formally begun the process of pulling out of the Paris climate agreement, which backs a promise that President Donald Trump made in 2017 when he first announced his intention to withdraw from the climate change initiative.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the move in a statement on Nov. 4, calling the accord unreasonable.

“President Trump made the decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement because of the unfair economic burden imposed on American workers, businesses, and taxpayers by U.S. pledges made under the Agreement,” Pompeo said. “The United States has reduced all types of emissions, even as we grow our economy and ensure our citizens’ access to affordable energy.”

The secretary said the United States formally notified the United Nations on Nov. 4 about its plans.

Pompeo said the “U.S. approach incorporates the reality of the global energy mix,” adding that “innovation and open markets” will drive reductions on emissions.

“Just as we have in the past, the United States will continue to research, innovate, and grow our economy while reducing emissions and extending a helping hand to our friends and partners around the globe,” he said.


Read the entire article here: US Formally Announces Withdrawal From Paris Climate Deal, Pompeo Says

The Big News: Working-Class Minority Voters Running To Trump’s Republican Party

The Big News: Working-Class Minority Voters Running To Trump’s Republican Party

The Democrats may be in power in the government’s three branches, and the Supreme Court may be leaning far to the left. It may look dire for liberty-loving Patriots but hold on because the news breaks that working-class Americans are joining the Republican party again.

“Donald J. Trump’s success was really based on his ability to transform the Republican Party into the party of blue-collar America” The GOP must not go back to its pre-Trump focuses,” former Trump adviser #PeterNavarro said recently. 


“The percentage of blue-collar workers who said they identify with the Republican Party greatly rose during former President Donald Trump’s time in office according to the latest poll from NBC News,” According to  Sunday’s Meet the Press. 

White working-class had a slight increase, however here is the big news:

“The number of Hispanic blue-collar workers who indicate support for the GOP rose from 23% in 2010 to 36% in 2020, while support among Black blue-collar workers rose from 5% to 12% during that same time frame. GOP support from white blue-collar workers rose from 45% in 2010 to 57% in 2020,” NBC reported.

American First policies struck a chord with minority working-class Americans in 2020 for President Trump. That will make a huge difference in all future elections and the GOP’s future, whether they like it or not.

And President Trump worked hard to gain their trust by bringing them to the table and talking about what concerned them, and implementing policies that made their lives easier.


Consider Trump’s American Dream, which included jobs for all Americans, including minorities.  That is Economic Nationalism:

The Democrats have taken those votes and those Americans for granted with their push for open immigration and globalism.

Just The News reported on the betrayal of the Democrat Party for the working-class base:

“On his first day in office, Biden ordered the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada shut down, which unions said would cost 11,000 jobs. He also rejoined the Paris climate accord, froze new drilling on federal lands for 60 days, and nominated for secretary of the interior Congresswoman Deb Haaland, who has led efforts against oil and gas exploration in America, raising fears about the drilling and fracking moratorium could become more permanent.”

Trump’s push for Economic Nationalism, meaning hire Americans and benefit Americans,  which benefits those working-class Americans the most, is gaining popularity as Democrat Joe Biden’s decimation of their jobs really hits home, so we can expect those numbers from 2020 to grow stronger, especially as the GOP begins to learn about the movement, themselves.

NBC notes that while the survey shows that Republicans have “made substantial inroads” with the demographic, it also shows that the GOP “is increasingly reliant on blue-collar voters as a key, if not the key, component of its coalition.”

The expansion of the Republican party to embrace the policies that catapulted Trump into power was met with resistance from within the party by squishy centrist Sen. Mitch McConnell, and his greedy cohorts have been pushed into a corner. They are losing steam as Trump regains his authority.

Support from the minority blue-collar Americans is energizing.

Biden Announces Job-Crushing Environmentalist Policies With a $2 Trillion Price Tag

Biden Announces Job-Crushing Environmentalist Policies With a $2 Trillion Price Tag

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden announced his environmental plan, something akin to the disastrous Green New Deal, an initiative that is aimed at putting “climate change at the center of our domestic, national security and foreign policy,” which is gaining criticism for its extreme cost and most likely high job losses as the US tries to dig out of its COVID-19 Democrat-exploited economic nightmare.

We just reported that the United Nations released an annual assessment report on contributions to greenhouse gas and carbon emissions called the Emissions Gap Report 2020, and in that report is a conclusion that the United States does not need to join the Paris Climate Accord, because the US does the best job at cleaning up its own pollution, but you wouldn’t think it was ever published because no mainstream news outlet touched the story and no Democrat with their commie card will ever admit it.  So if the leftist United Nations doesn’t think that the United States needs to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord then why are the Woke Supremacists in the Biden ministration so hell-bent on completely disrupting our lives with kooky climate change policies that are going to cost each individual American working family a fortune?

The whole environmentalist movement has been co-opted by radical leftist extremists and they are using environmentalist issues like so-called climate change and global warming and other nonsense not to help Mother Earth but do use as a cudgel to tax the hell out of American citizens and to force them on how to behave and run their lives. This is what all supremacist types do.

Biden ran down a list of the policy changes he wishes to shove down our throats, including eliminating coal, oil, and natural gas as electricity sources by 2035.  This means your electric bill is going to go up, and I don’t care what ideological gobbledygook the radical Woke Supremacy tries to tell you, it’s going to be painful on your budget.

The timing of this unnecessary nonsense couldn’t be worse as we are still in a COVID-19 health crisis, and an economic crisis brought to us by Democrat governors and mayors across the country who exploited hyperbolic rhetoric about the pandemic virus and locked us all down and bankrupted thousands of small businesses, oh and there is that $27 trillion national debt, about $215 trillion if you factor in the unfunded mandates that the federal government foisted onto us.

For the love of gummy bears, can someone please point out to me where the US Constitution gives the federal government the right to put its citizens into massive debt?  I have been a student of the Constitution for about 25 years now and I simply cannot find it anywhere inside the document.  For a cabal of radical swamp rats who can somehow find an imaginary power for abortion, you would think that they could find the power to put the American people into massive debt.  You can hold the Constitution up to a lightbulb, upside down, and pour lemon juice on it, and you still will not find it.

West Virginia’s Attorney General Pat Morrisey is pissed, saying on Wednesday that Biden’s anti-energy policies are going to be “destructive” to the economy, especially while it tries to recover from the Democrat business slowdown that they blamed on coronavirus.  Where is it written that the federal government is in charge of energy policy anyway?  How come the federal government’s rules and regulations always supersede that over the states?  Has no one in Washington DC ever read The Federalist Papers?  Have they ever heard of the 10th amendment?  How about the ninth amendment?   Do these nimrods not understand that the federal government is not supposed to be an overlord to the states but rather they are supposed to be an agent to the states with powers given to it for particular enumerated powers that the states should not have to worry about?

“What we’re seeing in the first week of the Biden administration is that the president is really taking a wrecking ball to many of the states that have oil, gas, coal, manufacturing jobs — that’s gonna have a real detrimental impact, especially as the American economy is coming out of COVID-19, a pandemic,” Morrisey said on Fox News.

The states should say screw you, we are sovereign states who agreed to 18 enumerated powers and a group of Amendments.  Outside of that, the federal government cannot force states to do anything.  But the Woke Supremacy on the Left no longer cares about the Constitution.  They haven’t cared about the Constitution or the rule of law for a very long time, but recently they started letting us know this openly and outright.

Morrisey said that “Biden is going much further” than former President Barack Obama with the green stuff.

“I think he’s really kicking the American people when they’re down economically and it’s not a message of unity that he’s been talking about,” Morrisey said.  He’s absolutely right. How are you going to spread unity when you’re not sending messages of unity except only when you speak with platitudes about unity?  It’s like punching someone in the face and shouting at them, “I LOVE YOU, BROTHER!”

Biden then started insulting the benighted Americans by lying to them about why he is pushing such policies that are indeed going to move millions of Americans into unemployment.  For God’s sake, we just came from four years of near full employment and are now moving back into the Obama misery days and it’s all thanks to the Democratic Party.  It wasn’t bad enough that the Democrats shut down our economy for close to a year, but now they have to add insult to injury by destroying jobs and potential job growth.

Something known as the Pareto Efficiency is a standard that if every government policy measured up to it our world would be so much better, and it goes like this: does the policy at issue help at least one person without harming anyone?  I’ll bet you can’t think of any government policies that live up to that standard, and that means that the government is in the business of harming people when trying to help people.  Think about that for a minute.

“Today is climate day at the White House, which means that today is jobs day at the White House,” Biden said before signing a potentially job-crushing executive order “to meet the climate crisis for American jobs and American engineering.”  There is no climate crisis outside of the Woke Supremacy cabal of government gravy train pseudo-scientists who make their living by coming up with junk science that radical leftist politicians can use to justify grabbing even more of your liberty.

Biden said “this executive order, it’s about jobs, good-paying union jobs.  It’s about workers building our economy back better than before. It’s a whole of government approach to put climate change at the center of our domestic, national security and foreign policy.”

Most people working in the energy industry already have a good-paying job, and Joe Biden and his administration are taking those away from them.  I’m surprised Biden didn’t tell those people to learn to code.

The executive order states that the government will “pause” new oil and gas leases on federal lands and orders changes to federal procurement to purchase “clean and zero-emission vehicles for Federal, State, local, and Tribal government fleets, including vehicles of the United States Postal Service.”

Again, can someone please show me where in the Constitution it says that the federal government is allowed to own land?

The order proposes a goal of “conserving 30 percent of our lands and waters by 2030” and a new “Civilian Climate Corps.”  It mandates that federal agencies must develop plans to support renewable energy and environmental initiatives.

Biden didn’t talk about the job losses, because the Woke don’t care one iota about people.  It’s all about globalism for them.  So, instead, he lied to the American people by twisting it the ramifications of his policies to mean there will be great economic opportunities.  And there will, but for China and Russia, not the American people.

“This is a case where conscience and convenience cross paths, where dealing with this existential threat to the planet and increasing our economic growth and prosperity are one and the same. When I think of climate change and the answers to it, I think of jobs,” Biden said.  Remember, the UN recently told us that the United States should not rejoin the Paris Climate Accord because the US is #1 in cleaning up its own pollution, so all of this is socialist policies designed to control the American people.

Biden said, “we can put millions of Americans to work modernizing our water systems, transportation, our energy infrastructure to withstand the impacts of extreme climate.”  Can anyone point to any country that did what the Biden executive order is mandating and show that they came out much better than they were when they went in?   You really can’t.   One of the few countries that did try to go green was Spain and it was an economic nightmare.

Specifically, he said, “We’re going to harness the purchasing power of the federal government to buy clean zero-emission vehicles that are made and sourced by union workers right here in America.”   The first government-created vehicle will be called the Flintstone because there will be large cutouts to the bottom of the frame so that your legs can fit through it to power the car.

Biden said his policies, including using federal purchasing power to buy electric cars, will mean “1 million new jobs in the American automobile industry.”  He just pulled that number out of his rear end, and we’re supposed to believe him.

What kind of an American president would do this to the American people? Did you vote for this?

In all of this, what the American people want and desire doesn’t matter to the Woke Supremacists.   They will force onto you what they think matters because you’re too stupid to know what’s best for you and your family.  There’s no freedom in that.

Texas Size Trouble for Biden, AG Paxton Ready to File Lawsuits Against Him

Texas Size Trouble for Biden, AG Paxton Ready to File Lawsuits Against Him

Problems are already unfolding for Democrat Joe Biden who has treated to reverse the law and order that President Donald J. Trump set in to motion by strengthening a Wall on the Southern border and building up the Federal law enforcement of the border.

And already the Governor and the Attorney General of Texas have said they are ready with lawsuits to sue Biden when he moves in to hurt the state with his far-left and radical policies.

Ken Paxton, the Republican Attorney General posted on Twitter the following statement:

According to the Epoch Times:

“The Biden administration has signaled a left-leaning agenda on energy, taxes, immigration, health care, and other priorities. Biden has vowed to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord and take far-reaching steps on climate change, including seeking to cut greenhouse gas emissions by half by 2030 and effectively ending them by around 2050, sparking existential fears from the fossil fuel industry, a key economic pillar in Texas.

Biden has also proposed sweeping immigration reform that would create a pathway to citizenship for more than 11 million illegal immigrants, and plans to roll back Trump’s corporate tax cuts and raise income tax.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who—while serving as the state’s attorney general—famously proclaimed, “I go into the office, I sue the federal government, and I go home,” said on Jan. 16 that the Biden White House can expect a spate of legal challenges from the Lone Star State.

“A new crop of Texas-led lawsuits awaits Joe Biden’s White House,” Abbott wrote in a tweet on Jan. 16.

“Texas will take action whenever the federal government encroaches on states’ rights, or interferes with constitutional rights, or private property rights or the right to earn a living.”

Paxton posted one week ago that he had not dropped the Voter Integrity issues from the 2020 Presidential election:

“As your Attorney General, I will always prosecute anyone who tried to defraud the system. In Texas under my watch, this will NOT be tolerated. #ElectionIntegrity

Governor Abbot wrote,  “A new crop of Texas-led lawsuits awaits Joe Biden’s White House. Texas will take action whenever the federal government encroaches on state’s rights or interferes with constitutionally rights, or private property rights or the right to earn a living.”

Abbot already has some differences with Biden over issues surrounding the Southern Border of the United States between Mexico and Texas:

Fo News reported on a large caravan of foreigners who were moving to force themselves into American, feeling that Democrat Joe Biden was going to help them:

“A migrant caravan moving from Honduras toward the U.S. border called on the incoming Biden administration to honor their  “commitments” to the migrants moving north, citing the incoming administration’s vow to ease Trump’s restrictions on asylum.

But on Sunday, an unnamed Biden transition official said that migrants hoping to claim asylum in the U.S. during the first few weeks of the new administration “need to understand they’re not going to be able to come into the United States immediately,” NBC News reports.


More than 1,000 Honduran migrants moved into Guatemala on Friday without registering as part of a larger caravan that left a Honduran city earlier in the day.

The Associated Press reported that they are hoping for a warmer reception when they reach the U.S. border, and a statement issued by migrant rights group Pueblo Sin Fronteras, on behalf of the caravan, said it expects the Biden administration to take action.

The Biden transition official, however, warned migrants against coming to the U.S. during the early days of the new administration, telling NBC that while “there’s help on the way,” now “is not the time to make the journey.”

“The situation at the border isn’t going to be transformed overnight,” the official told the outlet.

“We have to provide a message that health and hope is on the way, but coming right now does not make sense for their own safety…while we put into place processes that they may be able to access in the future,” the official said.”

So it appears as if Texas is going to have their hands full with Joe Biden from day one.

Joe Biden Loses Even if He Wins

Joe Biden Loses Even if He Wins

I hope and believe Donald Trump will win in the end, once voter fraud has been identified in key swing stateaas that are leaning toward Joe Biden.  The future of our republic relies heavily on Pennsylvania, and I have lived in Pennsylvania my entire life, and I can say with total confidence that the Democratic Party is famous for voter fraud, especially in Philadelphia, the city I was born and raised.  How can I say that?  Because I was involved in an incident when I was a younger man.  I was a campaign volunteer for Frank Rizzo when he ran for Mayor of Philadelphia as a Republican, and sitting in a classroom with Rizzo and other volunteers he told us of the spigot system the Democrats use in the City of Brotherly Love.  He was letting us know what we were up against. He knew about it, because up until that point he was a Democrat, including when he was Mayor from 1972 – 1980.

Here is former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani giving a press statement after preliminary findings in Philadelphia.


The spigot system Philly Democrats use, as Frank described it, is no different from what Project Veritas’ undercover reporting discovered in New York in 2018.  As Frank told us, Democrats find names of people still on the voter rolls who have either died since the last election or moved out of the state, or even the county they lived.  That’s why you always hear cries of “Voter Suppression!” whenever Republicans want to purge the voters rolls.

Democrat operatives, according to Rizzo, would get those names and fill them out on index cards.  They would then get a group of operatives who go on school buses and travel from county to county, getting off the bus and being handed an index card which lists who they are at that time.  They then would go in and vote, using the person’s name on the index card.  They would get back on the bus, and drive to the next county to be the next person on the index card handed to them there.

Here’s a New York election commissioner explaining how they do voter fraud.


I was later a poll watcher for former Senator Rick Santorum, and I along with several other GOP poll watchers were forced to leave a polling building in Philadelphia where we were threatened with physical violence if we didn’t leave.  No sooner were we out the door when the school buses, five of them filled to the brim, pulled up to the polling location, and people got off, formed a line, and were handed index cars.  Frank Rizzo was right, and I witnessed it.

Remember, Pennsylvania didn’t have voter ID until very recently.

This system is demonstrable in every election, because just before the school buses arrive the Democrat officials, usually union thugs, kick the GOP poll watchers out of the polling place, so that they can’t witness what’s going on.  And local news media would always do a story where GOP poll watchers were denied access to polling stations. The GOP would go to court, and by the end of the day we’d see another local news story saying they got a ruling allowing them into the polling places, but by that time the damage was already done.

They did this on Election Day this week.


That is exactly what happened to me over two decades ago.

The strategy this year has been for PA Democrat leaders like the governor, the secretary of state, and the attorney general to file lawsuits galore all year long to rig the election in their favor.  Things like judge shopping to find one that would allow a ballot signature law that stipulates a ballot signature must match the signature on file to be completely ignored.  The Democrats also fought to violate a law that says mail in ballots must be delivered inside a secret ballot envelope, but thankfully the PA Supreme Court ruled against them.  Ballots not inside a secret ballot envelope are referred to as “naked ballots.”

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court also came through for the Democrats by ruling that mail in ballots that come in without a postmark or any other proof of mailing, are to be accepted, completely violating Pennsylvania law.

It says in the ruling, “Ballots received within this period that lack a postmark or other proof of mailing, or for which the postmark or other proof of mailing is illegible, should enjoy a presumption that they were mailed by Election Day.”


Trump is still ahead in Pennsylvania, but the Democrats are whittling away the lead hour by hour.   There’s a 2:1 ratio of registered Democrats to registered Republicans among mail-in voters, and the political pundits are declaring this will cancel out Trump’s lead.  What they don’t consider is that a lot of registered Democrats in Pennsylvania voted for Trump.  Trying to get ballots counted fairly is the name of the game, and Democrats like Governor Tom Wolf and Attorney General Josh Shapiro and the Biden Campaign have already lied repeatedly claiming that the Trump campaign filed a lawsuit to try to get PA to stop counting votes.  It’s an absurd statement on the face of it, but millions will believe it, because of their preconceived notions.

The threats made by Democrats recently to stack the Supreme Court with enough leftist anti Constitution activist justices to have a permanent majority for decades, to get rid of the filibuster rule in the US Senate in case Democrats took over the institution, to add Puerto Rico and Washington, DC as states, to give Democrats 4 more Senators, all designed to rig power in DC for the Democratic Party, is now floating down the drain.

It looks like the Republicans kept the Senate, and with that, the GOP will block every radical attempt at a power grab that a President Biden, or President Harris in give or take a few months, would try to force down the country’s throats.  There will be no Orwellian state forcing newspeak-like political correctness in federal law, repealing the Trump tax cuts to raise taxes on all working Americans even though Biden kept insisting that repealing the Trump tax cuts was not raising taxes on the middle class.

Though I still hold out that Trump will eventually win the election once the real votes are cast and fraudulent votes are blocked, we need to think about a possible Biden presidency.

Joe Biden did not get a blue wave.  Millions of American voters will never consider a Biden presidency legitimate.  The mainstream news media and tech giants in social media have also rigged the system to help Biden.  Trump supporters were censored by Facebook and Twitter no differently from how the New York Post was censored over a legitimate news story about Joe Biden and his crime family scoring lucrative deals in Ukraine, China and elsewhere.

So the Democrats won’t really hold a lot of power when the Republicans maintain control of the Senate and that’s a good thing for America.  That sad part if Biden wins would be that under Trump America had the potential to become the greatest country in the world again, after the Chinese virus came in and destroyed our economy and allowed Democrat state tyrants force continued draconian lockdowns on us and then blame Donald Trump.

There are a few things a Biden administration could do.  For example, they could try to get us back into the disastrous Iran nuclear deal, which is really a treaty, even though Barack Obama kept saying it wasn’t a treaty just so that he could avoid having to go through the Republican Senate for advice and consent.  Our Constitution says the president cannot conduct major foreign agreements without going through the Senate.

Biden would also try to rejoined the Paris Climate Accord, which would cost millions of American jobs.  Again, a Biden administration probably would not go through a GOP Senate for advice and consent, even though a major deal like that would have massive implications on all Americans.

If Trump wins, which I fully expect, he would have the ability to conduct foreign policy, which he has been very good at in implementing his America First agenda.  He would be able to reign in big tech and stop their censorship of Americans, and he could finally fire most if not all members of our intelligence community who are responsible for so many problems the Trump administration faced during the first term.

Trump winning the White House is critical for our national security and our economic growth.  Trump made serious dents in the deep state, which has a penchant for survival even at the expense of our republic.  That’s just bureaucracy at work, but when bureaucracy has the power to take down a duly elected president, it must go.

The overall point here is, even if Biden manages to sneak across the finish line, the Republican Senate and a 5-4 majority on the Supreme Court (I no longer consider Chief Justice Roberts a Constitutionalist) will keep the barbarians at the gate to block them from trying to destroy our republic.

The Differences Between Trump and Biden Couldn’t be Further Apart For the Future of Our Country

The Differences Between Trump and Biden Couldn’t be Further Apart For the Future of Our Country

2020 has been the armpit of calendar years, but we’re finally just days away from the presidential election.

President Donald Trump has been saying that the 2020 election is the most important election of our lifetime, and while politicians pretty much say that in every election, this year it rings true.  Biden is saying we are fighting for the soul of our country, and he could not be more right, but for reasons other than he thinks, because while Trump wants to continue to grow our economy and Make America Great Again, Biden and the Democrats are promising to blow up America, clear the debris, and replace it with a socialist utopian heaven on earth.

The gap between the two visions of America coming from both candidates and their parties has never been wider or more clear.  Americans are voting for two extremely different versions of an American future.  Donald Trump’s vision is an optimistic view where America’s best days are still ahead of her, while Joe Biden and the Democrats’ pessimistic and bleak view of America says that America is a horrible place that is systemically racist, so vote for them.

Trump in his America First, our best days are ahead of us vision for America, promises to once again grow the strongest economy we have ever known, which was realized before the Chinese virus pandemic took hold of the world and destroyed economies around the globe, where stock market records were a daily occurrence, and IRA’s and 401k’s were soaring through the roof, with rising wages for the first time in decades that helped the poor more than anyone all thanks to the combination of tax cuts for all workers, massive regulations cuts, and fighting to secure our border, which stopped illegal aliens from coming in an taking American jobs at much lower wages.  Unemployment for black and Hispanic workers were at record lows.  In fact, Trump’s economy before COVID-19 was so strong that after almost 8 months of lockdowns, we’re now seeing a V-shaped comeback.

President Trump created Operation Warp Speed where he asked people in the vaccine-making business why it takes them years to produce a usable vaccine, and they all came back with government red tape.  So, he had the experts see if they could do a vaccine without the time-consuming red tape and without taking away any safety measures.  Thanks to Trump’s initiative, we are on track to have a COVID-19 vaccine by the end of November, which will virtually wipe out the looming specter of death given to the world by the Chinese Communist Party.

Trump is the first American president in decades that did not get us into another war during his first term in office.  In fact, he has been nominated 4 times now for the Nobel Peace Prize.  The Left will never give it to him, but the nominations are now a part of history.

Donald Trump is also one of the first president’s in my lifetime who actively fought to keep all of the promises he made to the American people if he got elected.

The president wants law and order for states that have suffered through Democrat-enabled riots, looting, and chaos since the death of George Floyd.

Trump wants our schools to open, so that children can get the right education they deserve instead of being locked up in their homes watching a video screen where there’s no real interaction and the psychological detriment to their well-being.

All of this is completely opposite from what Joe Biden and the Democrats are proposing.

During an interview Biden answered a question if the scientists said he should lock the country down over COVID-19 would he do with a resounding yes, he would listen to the scientists.  Even during the last debate Biden repeated talking Democrat points about how Trump was going to be responsible for doubling the number of deaths due to COVID and that he’s done nothing to combat the virus, when anyone with a working brain knows that’s just not true.  He cited the over 200,000 American deaths, without questioning how many of that number died from some other underlying condition and not the Chinese virus, or even discuss how hospitals were claiming every death was due to COVID-19 even if the patient never tested positive for it, because hospitals were given more money for COVID patients by the government.  They had an incentive to lie.

“I would shut it down; I would listen to the scientists,” Biden told ABC’s David Muir in an interview with his running mate, Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA). “We’re going to do whatever it takes to save lives.”


Biden spent 47 years in Washington, DC, and he doesn’t have any major achievements other than getting elected.  Obama’s own Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said Biden was wrong on almost every foreign policy decision and American national security decision spanning forty years.

Biden was a fracking liar when he lied during the last debate about his desire to ban fracking.  In fact, after claiming he never said he would ban fracking, even though there are multiple times he did so recorded on video, he then later came out and said he would transition the country out of using fossil fuels.  Someone needs to tell Joe that fracking is a part of the fossil fuel industry.


The simple truth is Joe Biden’s own website STILL says the Green New Deal is on if he’s elected, and that bans fossil fuels.  Millions of Americans would lose their jobs, families put out of work.  Trump fought hard to bring America energy independence where we don’t have to get involved in endless wars in the Middle East to defend oil conglomerates there, and you can say good-bye to energy independence if Biden gets elected.

The former vice president also said he would get us back into the Paris Climate Accord, which would be very bad for American workers as their jobs would vanish due to the horrible regulations contained within.

Biden also told America that if elected he would go back into the disastrous Iran nuclear deal, which was never a deal in the first place as no one from either side ever signed it.

The man who wants to be the top law enforcement officer of the country didn’t say a single word about the riots that took place in Democrat-run cities for four months where buildings, including police precincts, were burned and businesses looted, where statues were toppled, and people attacked night after night after night.  It was only when the polls started reflected poorly on Joe’s no response did he come out with a very tepid message that rioting was wrong.

Your vote matters more now than at any time of your life.  President Trump loves America and sees it as the greatest country ever created throughout history and he plans to help us rebuild it in the wake of the Chinese virus pandemic.  Joe Biden wants to trash the American system and replace it with a socialist utopian heaven on earth.

Trump believes like Reagan that America is the shining city upon a hill, while Biden thinks America has never lived up to it’s promise.  All the good America has done for its own people and the people around the world is never recognized by Joe Biden or the Democratic Party.

This election is the American dream vs a socialist nightmare.  Vote wisely.