Civil Rights Leader Quotes Rev. Dr. MLK To Defend White Americans From “Perversion of Civil Rights”

Civil Rights Leader Quotes Rev. Dr. MLK To Defend White Americans From “Perversion of Civil Rights”

Bob Woodson, a Civil Rights leader, appeared on Fox News to talk about the state of the country, where it appears much of what was achieved in 1964 with the hard-fought Republican battles for integration, have been destroyed and even reversed, in a shocking push for racism in American institutions.

“Casually throwing around false accusations of racism harms the fabric of our nation & keeps us divided.  The Civil Rights movement was about treating everyone equally & fairly. That’s not happening on many college campuses across America,” Woodson posted on his Twitter account.

According to the Fox News article, Ex-civil rights leader blasts Smith College for ‘perverting’ MLK legacy after meritless racism charge, reported:

Civil Rights leader Bob Woodson slammed Smith College on “The Story”  Tuesday after White service workers were forced to undergo anti-racism training despite an investigation into a bias claim turning up no evidence.

In 2018, student Oumou Kanoute, who is Black, was approached by a janitor and a police officer while eating in a closed dorm lounge and asked what she was doing there.

At the time, the local ACLU characterized the encounter as Kanoute being questioned for the crime of “eating while Black.” Kanoute accused the pair of campus employees of racially profiling her and posted pictures on social media accusing them of being racist. The janitor she named wasn’t working that day.

Yahoo news reported:

More than 40 African American intellectuals are asking Smith College to end the “forced, accusatory ‘anti-bias’ training” that was mandated for campus service workers after a student falsely accused some workers of racially-profiling her.

The letter, obtained by National Review, was sent on Monday to Smith College president Kathleen McCartney by Bob Woodson, a veteran of the Civil Rights Movement and founder of “1776 Unites,” and 44 fellow black intellectuals. The signatories ask McCartney to “rethink how you have handled” the fallout over an alleged incident of racial profiling in the summer of 2018, and urge her to “publicly apologize” and “compensate” the school’s service workers that were caught up in the firestorm.

Fox Reported:

Woodson, founder of the pro-American organization 1776 Unites — meant as a counter to the New York Times’ 1619 Project, said that the controversy sullies the intention of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s message

“We didn’t march so Americans of any race could be presumed guilty and punished for false accusations, while the elite institution that employed them cowered. We didn’t march so privileged Blacks could abuse working class Whites based on lived experience,” Woodson and other Civil Rights leaders wrote in a letter to Smith College President Kathleen McCartney.

Woodson told “The Story” that King once described racism as malevolent not because “it is visited upon Blacks by Whites — it’s bad because it’s evil.”


The School responded that nothing bad happened, it was just people being uncomfortable.  Bringing people into an “uncomfortable space” and letting them stew in discomfort is a late part of Critical Race Theory.

Woodson didn’t back down, and told Fox News, “the school is punishing people based on the actions of others.  We, who are veterans of the Civil Rights movement, are against the perversion of the Civil Rights movement, we want an apology from the school President and we want the workers to be compensated. The fear is tearing the fabric of this community apart. The school says that they are dealing with unconscious bias, and that isn’t right,” Woodson said.

Kamala Tells Tall Tale of How She Fell Out of a Stroller During Civil Rights March, Then Told Her Mom All She Wanted Was “Fweedom” – Story Was Lifted From 1965 Playboy Interview with MLK!

Kamala Tells Tall Tale of How She Fell Out of a Stroller During Civil Rights March, Then Told Her Mom All She Wanted Was “Fweedom” – Story Was Lifted From 1965 Playboy Interview with MLK!

It didn’t take Kamala Harris long to start lying about her past as Joe Biden has always done.

She just told people that when she was little she fell out of her stroller and her mother asked her what she wanted and Kamala says she answered “Fweedom.”

That’s a cute story. Too bad it’s not hers.

That story is now 55 years old and it was a story from MLK.

Harris did told her story in an October interview with Elle Magazine. I guess she also picked up the habit of plagiarizing from old Joe. She told the interviewer this story.

She was at a civil rights march with her parents. She fell out of the stroller and her parents never noticed and they walked away. Later, they noticed that she was missing and they looked for her.

When they found her, she was upset. She said her mother asked her what was wrong and then asked her if she needed anything and Baby Kamala said “fweedom.”

Now, I ask you, isn’t that cute? When people read the article, I’ll bet there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

But the story seems very familiar.

Senator Kamala Harris started her life’s work young. She laughs from her gut, the way you would with family, as she remembers being wheeled through an Oakland, California, civil rights march in a stroller with no straps with her parents and her uncle. At some point, she fell from the stroller (few safety regulations existed for children’s equipment back then), and the adults, caught up in the rapture of protest, just kept on marching. By the time they noticed little Kamala was gone and doubled back, she was understandably upset. “My mother tells the story about how I’m fussing,” Harris says, “and she’s like, ‘Baby, what do you want? What do you need?’ And I just looked at her and I said, ‘Fweedom.’”

In 1965, Martin Luthor King told the following story:

I never will forget a moment in Birmingham when a white policeman accosted a little Negro girl, seven or eight years old, who was walking in a demonstration with her mother. “What do you want?” the policeman asked her gruffly, and the little girl looked him straight in the eye and answered, “Fee-dom.” She couldn’t even pronounce it, but she knew. It was beautiful! Many times when I have been in sorely trying situations, the memory of that little one has come into my mind, and has buoyed me.

Michael Beatty Wrote the Songtrack for the Trump Revolution

Michael Beatty Wrote the Songtrack for the Trump Revolution

The singer details his passion for America turning news into songs on his phone, like his passionate anthem Awake, which he recently wrote for the world. 

Michael Beatty has been around the Hollywood music scene and played with big names, and been around the music scene of the Americans Mega Churches, so he gets it.  Beatty knows the famous and the trials and tribulations of fame, yet he stays grounded in just being a patriot, traveling around with his guitar on his back, looking for ways to tug at heartstrings and instill a love of American, rather than focusing on making bucks. 

“All of my music is free on my site.  It is about freedom for Grandkids, not making money,” Beatty told me. “I do all of my work on my phone, and it’s very grassroots.  I like it that way,” he said. 

“The music started with my shit posting. I just took it to the net level and added some music,” Beatty said. 

At his site Beaty has been at it making his Patriotic music videos for almost a year now, he says it is ongoing work in process. But in reality, he has great success already with his other soundtracks, the Patriot stuff is what he is focused on now, and he is getting attention: 

“Welcome to my World. This site is an ongoing project. I’ve written lots of songs & made lots of videos, and it’ll take a while to add everything. Also, I’ll be uploading new stuff as well. I’m looking forward to the process & so thankful you’ve stopped by,” you’ll find at this site, where you can get plenty of free downloads.

He posts them on his Twitter account as well:

Beatty’s style is unique, blending footage from news stories to his original music, as one of his most popular that he is very proud of about the First Lady, Melania Trump. 

“I found footage of her from the White House Channel, and I wanted to make sure people saw it because Melania really is our American Jewel, so I wrote it out and made a video,” Beatty told me. 

“It takes me about 12 hours to make a video from start to finish, Beatty said.  “I like using footage like the footage at the end of the Wonder Years, you know real Americana.”

“I would say that Sidney Powell is a big fan of mine, and I like that.  I like exhorting saints,” he told me. 

“Awake is one I wrote for the world. It is what I call the common folk movement. We haven’t forgotten the tragedies of the world, and music can connect us. Some great people have retweeted me, and I like the idea of using that to reach new people. I like it when telling me they tailgate before MAGA rallies to my songs, that is my contribution,” Betty told me.

Beatty will make his first trip to DC soon.

“That is my legacy and what I want to give to America, so my Patriotic songs are free. Ill be in DC because I think it is going to be like Woodstock meets the March on Washington with MLK,” he said.

So Beatty will be in DC for the Trump rallies on the 6th and plans to walk around with his guitar on his back and meet some great patriots. If we are lucky, he will write a new song.

SF Teacher Adds Abraham Lincoln HS to Renaming Committee List, Because Freeing Slaves Wasn’t Woke Enough

SF Teacher Adds Abraham Lincoln HS to Renaming Committee List, Because Freeing Slaves Wasn’t Woke Enough

The San Francisco school district is soon removing the names of historical figures off of school buildings, people who had connections to oppression, genocide, and slavery.  One person on the list that’s a real head scratcher is Abraham Lincoln.

The deadline to get all the names submitted for consideration is Friday.  But a deadline doesn’t really matter, because we learned during the 2020 election that deadlines mean nothing to Democrats.  Oh yes, mark my words that 100% of the people involved in removing historical figures from buildings are Democrats, or some other leftist wokety woke woke political organization.

Can we get one thing straight? There is no pro oppression, genocide, or slavery group out there.  Even the worst of the worst of any legitimate group, I don’t believe, are for these things.  And these atrocities committed against black Americans, were committed almost 100% by Democrats throughout our history.  Yes, there were some bad people as Republicans in our history, but not enough for a statistic. The Democrats pretty much owned it. It is my contention that had it not been for the Democratic Party America would have never needed a single Civil Rights bill.  Democrats supported slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, and the welfare state that kept poor black families poor.  The racist Dixiecrats were Democrats.  The Ku Klux Klan was the terrorist wing of the Democratic Party with many elected officials leading groups of them.  For goodness’ sake the Democrats made Senator Robert KKK Byrd the Senate Majority Leader twice!  Byrd was a Kleagle in the Klan, whatever the hell that is, and he rose to the level of Exalted Cyclops, which when you think about it sounds as silly as the Flintstone’s “Grand Poobah.”

The man in charge of the effort was asked by the San Francisco Chronicle why Lincoln was on the list while some others are not.

“Uprooting the problematic names and symbols that currently clutter buildings, streets, throughout the city is a worthy endeavor,” Jeremiah Jeffries, chairman of the committee to rename everything, told the paper. “Only good can come from the public being reflective and intentional about the power of our words, names, and rhetoric within our public institutions.”  He is also a first-grade teacher in San Francisco. I can only imagine the garbage that this man teaches those poor little kids in his classroom.

In other words, he didn’t really want to answer the question.

More from the Chronicle:

To many, Lincoln was one of the country’s greatest presidents, the Great Emancipator, a beloved historic figure as well as political mentor to his successors, including Barack Obama, who used the Lincoln Bible for his inauguration.

Yet the renaming of Lincoln High School was a slam dunk for the committee, which didn’t even discuss it, according to video of the meetings. The members of the committee, appointed by the school board, deemed whether a person’s actions or beliefs met the criteria for renaming, and moved on. The committee’s spreadsheet with notes on their research listed the federal treatment of Native Americans during his administration as the reason.

“The discussion for Lincoln centered around his treatment of First Nation peoples, because that was offered first,” Jeffries told the paper. “Once he met criteria in that way, we did not belabor the point.”

What’s really going on here is that these people are true Marxists.  The Marxists throughout history have tried to completely fundamentally change a society by removing all historical figures and mentions of historical references of that country, because any historical references leftover will be a reminder to the people they’re trying to subjugate into Marxism of what used to be.  Even the Marxists know that their subjugation into their system is horrible for most people of society.  They don’t care, because they want to be in charge.  Marxism is all about control of the state, run by those political elites, over everyone.

He added that Lincoln’s historical legacy is much overblown, and that even the Civil War wasn’t fought over slavery.  I guess he missed that part of History class that teaches about the Emancipation Proclamation or that the Republican Party was the Abolition party.

“The history of Lincoln and Native Americans is complicated, not nearly as well known as that of the Civil War and slavery,” Jeffries told the Chronicle. “Lincoln, like the presidents before him and most after, did not show through policy or rhetoric that Black lives ever mattered to them outside of human capital and as casualties of wealth building.”

The problem with these types of radical Marxist nitwits is that unless you specifically come out and say, “This policy is for black people only,” they declare the policy as for white people only.   You see, it’s not a good thing to include black Americans with everybody else these days to the woker crowd [wokest?].  You have to go out of your way to kiss their a** or you’re deemed a racist.  Who wants to live in a society like that where the rules of societal decency are changed at the whim of radical lunatics?

Lincoln scholar and director of the Hunter College’s Roosevelt House Public Policy Institute, Harold Holzer, said, “He saved the country from dividing and ruin.”   He added, “He should be honored for it.”

Holzer added to the paper that looking at Lincoln’s treatment of Native Americans, he “was more progressive than most people. There was pretty rampant hostility, and I think Lincoln rose above it. Nobody is going to pass 21st century mores if you’re looking at the 18th and 19th centuries.”

More from the Chronicle:

Lincoln’s administration supported the Homestead Act of 1862 and transcontinental railroad, which led to the loss of Indigenous peoples’ land. Lincoln himself largely delegated the sometimes bloody response to Native American conflicts while focusing on the Civil War, according to historians.

But Lincoln, whose grandfather was killed by a Native American, oversaw the hanging of 38 indigenous warriors after a Santee Sioux uprising in Minnesota, but only after he personally reviewed the legal cases against the 303 men sentenced to death. He saved the lives of 265 Indigenous men.

Lincoln, historians say, was focused on the Civil War and therefore did little to change policies related to Native Americans, but had planned to.

“If we get through the war and I live, this Indian system will be reformed,” he said. He never got the chance.

Even though it was Lincoln who ultimately freed the slaves by ending slavery in America, he wasn’t woke enough for the clowns on the renaming committee.  They added him to the list because of his treatment of Native Americans, people who used to be called Indians in the BW era (Before Woke).  Apparently Lincoln’s treatment of Native Americans weighed as more negative than positive, so on the list he went.

But for the renaming committee, Lincoln’s treatment of Native Americans was more bad than good — and that’s why he made the renaming list, the paper said.

“We asked ourselves, ‘Did the name under consideration meet one or more of our criteria?’ If that name met criteria, they were put on the list,” Jeffries told the Chronicle.

These know nothings have no idea what it was like to live in those times.  They have no understanding of context.  Horrible things were done, because it was a cruel world back then.  You can’t judge all historical figures by today’s standards.  In the end, the Marxists are not judging people out of context.  Rather, they are systematically removing all of America’s history, because you can’t move forward with a Marxist society if people remember their past.

The paper noted that this was the reason why Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein’s (D-CA) name wound up on the renaming list.  You have to laugh, because liberal Democrats played into all the woke crap for a long time now, and they’re turning on them as well.

I would love to ask these nitwits simple question period are you the same person you were twenty years ago? Should you be held liable to things you thought, believed, or said twenty years ago?  Look what these idiots did, they forced me to defend the likes of Diane Feinstein.

After all, Jeffries told the Chronicle, she “chose to fly a flag that is the iconography of domestic terrorism, racism, white avarice, and inhumanity towards black and indigenous people at the City Hall. She is one of the few living examples on our list, so she still has time to dedicate the rest of her life to the upliftment of Black, First Nations and other people of color. She hasn’t thus far, so her apology simply wasn’t convincing.”

The problem is that even Snopes, a left-wing fact-checking site, says that the allegation is unproven.  It sounds like he woke crowd is just looking for any excuse to remove any historical icons from America while at the same time referring to anyone they disagree with as racist.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK) would certainly not approve of this.  This attitude of Jeffries and those like him turn MLK’s dream into a nightmare for our society.

Detroit Woman Charged with 6 Felonies for fixing Absentee Ballots in 2018, Superstar Democrat Activist

Detroit Woman Charged with 6 Felonies for fixing Absentee Ballots in 2018, Superstar Democrat Activist

A rock star activist is facing federal charges for fixing the election in 2018 in Detroit while working as a Southfield City Clerk and she is charged with six felony counts over “unauthorized and inaccurate” changes to absentee ballots.

OAKLAND COUNTY, Mich. – Michigan State Police have arrested a recently celebrated Democratic Party official on several felony charges related to voter discrepancies. The Michigan official who earlier this year received an award from the state’s Democratic Party is now facing six felony charges for reportedly forging records and falsely marking absentee ballots as invalid during the 2018 election, reported The Detroit News.

Sherikia Hawkins, 38, city clerk for the city of Southfield, was arrested Monday after the Oakland County Clerk’s office noticed discrepancies in voter counts while certifying absentee ballots from Southfield. State police investigated and found that records had been altered so that nearly 200 voter files were improperly listed as invalid.

According to the city of Southfield, Hawkins is a celebrity activist: 

“She is currently the City Clerk for the City of Southfield, Michigan, making history in November of 2017 as the first African-American elected to that post. She is one of the rising leaders in the metropolitan area, making a mark through her professional acumen, public affiliations, and a personal desire to see all residents in the City of Southfield thrive. Driven by an innate desire to excite her community about civic engagement, Sherikia has over 16 years of public administration experience. She is committed to voter education and registration initiatives. 

Hawkins is an active member in various organizations including, but not limited to, the International Institute of Municipal Clerks, National Congress of Black Women, NACCP Northern Oakland County Branch, Women’s Official Network, Southfield MLK Task Force, and Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc.  She is also an adjunct faculty member at Oakland Community College, where she teaches Political Science. She is a member of the Cranbrook Village North Neighborhood Association.

Sherikia is a recipient of numerous awards, including the 2017 Michigan Chronicle 40 under 40 Award, The 2017 Oakland County Executive Elite 40 under 40 award, The 2018 Michigan Chronicle Woman of Excellence Award, The 2018 sisters National Leadership Award powered by the Black Woman’s Roundtable, and the 2018 MSUBA Distinguished Terry Young Trailblazer Alumni Award. She’s also was a recipient of the 2019 Dingell/Levin Award.”

“Our elections are the foundation of our democracy, and under my and Attorney General [Dana] Nessel’s administration, there will be no tolerance for any actions that undermine that foundation — anywhere, anytime, by any person or official,” Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said in a statement.

According to court documents, Michigan police found that 193 absentee voter files were changed in the city’s computer system to say they either had no signature or no return date when they had both valid signatures and return dates. Police stated that after Oakland County Election Director Joseph Rozell found that Hawkins had submitted altered reports, his staff found the original ones in a trashcan at the election division office.

Hawkins was charged with falsifying records in violation of state election law, forgery of a public record, misconduct in office, and three counts of using a computer to commit a crime. The top count carries a maximum penalty of 14 years in prison, Fox News reported. She was arraigned on Monday and released on a $15,000 bond, according to a state press release. Hawkins has a probable cause conference set for Sept. 30, and another hearing scheduled for Oct. 15.

Despite what looks like a ton of evidence pointing toward Hawkins, her attorneys said it was just a technicality, WXYZ reported.


Portland’s Black BLM Activists Say They’re Done With ‘White’ Antifa, Want ‘Separation’

Portland’s Black BLM Activists Say They’re Done With ‘White’ Antifa, Want ‘Separation’

BLM protesters want a separation between themselves and Antifa, because of their white privilege.

It has been discovered that many of the Antifa protesters come from well to do families and they have a tendency to get bailed out as opposed to those in the Black community. There are many in the BLM movement who are tired of being painted with the same brush as Antifa.

The violence in many BLM protests in Portland come from antifa. They will shout obscenities into the face of police but BLM always ends up sharing the blame.

Not that the BLM movement is peaceful but they could be considered to be when compared to the fascists in the antifa movement. No one gets support from the masses through violence.

Look no further than Martin Luther King Jr. He knew that violence was not the answer and that is why he was able to capture the hearts and minds of people even until this very day, long after his assassination. However, I am not suggesting that BLM will ever hold the sway that MLK had because they do not follow the same non violent attitude that he held.

Oregon Public Broadcasting reports :

“Tensions between Black activists fighting for racial justice and anti-establishment protesters have bubbled beneath the surface for months.”

“This week marks six months since Floyd’s death, and protests continue in Portland. But now, activists in the city are divided as to whether they are still fighting in a racial justice movement centered on Black lives, or if an unfocused, anti-establishment fight against capitalism and state power has usurped the initial cause that brought thousands of Portlanders into the streets.”

One activist told OPB:

“Most Black people in our community don’t feel like they have the privilege to go straight to the police and yell in their face. If you’re privileged, if you’re white, you care less about whether or not a protest is going to result in reforms that might save even just one life. And you have the ability to be a purist in a way that Black and brown communities really do not.”

The divide between the two groups has grown as antifa has dredged up old quotes and tweets by BLM activists in order to paint them as abusive to women and of sexism.

Perhaps they should shut down part of Portland and allow the two groups to go at it with the winner getting exclusive protest rallies in the future.

DOJ: 94 Percent of Foreign Nationals in U.S. Federal Prison Are Illegal Aliens

DOJ: 94 Percent of Foreign Nationals in U.S. Federal Prison Are Illegal Aliens

94% of all foreign nationals in federal prisons are illegal aliens. Liberals claim that illegal aliens commit fewer crimes than Americans. But in order to do so, they have to lump legal and illegals together. If you have illegals standing alone, they are much more apt to commit crimes. The reason why is clear.

Legal aliens do not want to be sent home, whereas illegals know they can sneak back across the border if they are deported. If Joe Biden and the Democrats win the election it will change things. There will be no more sneaking across the border because deportations will be halted.

And with the open borders and cheap labor pouring into the country, unemployment will once again climb through the roof for Blacks and Hispanic Americans. That will take us back to the time before Trump. If you vote for Biden you are still Black but possibly unemployed. The constitution guarantees you the right to vote for whomever you want. But please consider the consequences before you do.

Democrats say amnesty for illegal aliens is a civil rights issue just like MLK fought for Blacks. But the truth of the matter is MLK not only opposed illegal immigration, but he also opposed legal immigration until all Blacks have jobs. When he passed, his wife, Coretta Scott King continued her husbands fight.

Here is a letter she and other Black leaders sent to sent Orrin Hatch:

We, the undersigned members of the Black Leadership Forum, write to urge you to postpone introduction of your employer sanctions repeal legislation until we have had an opportunity to report to you what we believe to be the devastating impact the repeal would have on the economic condition of un- and semi-skilled workers—a disproportionate number of whom are African-American and Hispanic; and until we have had the opportunity to propose to you and to our Hispanic brothers and sisters, what we believe could be a number of effective means of eliminating the discrimination occasioned by employer sanctions, without losing the protection sanctions provide for U.S. workers, especially minority workers.

We can go back even further to Booker T Washington, who at the Atlanta Exposition gave an impassioned speech, pleading with businessmen to hire black Americans rather than using cheap immigrant labor.

King’s letter to Hatch was in opposition to reducing sanctions against employers who hired illegal aliens, a bill Hatched (pun intended) by Hatch and Teddy Kennedy, that would have made it much easier to hire cheaper illegal immigrants over black American citizens.

Here is what they told Hatch:

America does not have a labor shortage. With roughly 7 million people unemployed, and double that number discouraged from seeking work, the removal of employer sanctions threatens to add additional U.S. workers to the rolls and drive down wages. Moreover, the repeal of employer sanctions will inevitably add to our social problems and place an unfair burden on the poor in the cities in which most new immigrants cluster—cities which are already suffering housing shortages and insufficient human needs services.

And if sending all the illegals back to their home countries cause our prisons to be at less than peak capacity, we can always fill them with deserving Democrats.

MAGA Boy, 12, Speaks Up For President Trump In Class. His Radical Teacher Asks Him Why He Supports ‘A Racist And A Pedophile.’

MAGA Boy, 12, Speaks Up For President Trump In Class. His Radical Teacher Asks Him Why He Supports ‘A Racist And A Pedophile.’

For generations teachers, professors, and school administrators were some of the most respected members of their communities.

As members of huge teachers unions, social media groups and activists for social justice warrior groups, more and more

Take, for example, a woman who was teaching a seventh-grade class for O’Maley Innovation Middle School in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

The teacher was covering a debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

“The teacher asked, ‘Who supports Donald Trump?'” Jackson recalled to WHDH-TV. “And I was the only one to raise my hand.”

He noted to WBZ that “a few kids were going to raise their hands, but then they heard the teacher say to me, ‘Oh Mr. Jackson, I thought I liked you.'”

Then the teacher’s Trump Derangement Syndrome flared up.

“Then she asked why I support a racist and a pedophile,” he noted to WHDH.

Jackson added to the station that “she also said, ‘I am ashamed of any woman who voted for Donald Trump,’ and I told her my mom and one of my grandmothers voted for Donald Trump.”

With the teacher attacking Jackson, several of his classmates felt emboldened to join the “shaming”.

“I was just upset because other kids in the class were ganging up on me, laughing at me, and she was laughing and wouldn’t say anything to them,” Jackson noted to WHDH.

Once Jackson’s family found out what went down in his class, they fought back.

They contacted a First Amendment attorney and asked the school for an apology, and got one.

With Jackson and his family fighting back, the radical teacher later apologized to him in front of the entire class, Jackson said that helped.

“We tell them to stand up for yourself and don’t be afraid to speak your opinion,” Jackson’s father, Jay Cody told WBZ. “Their opinions are theirs; they’re not our opinions. They’re very well read children. They like to educate themselves on their own topics. Unfortunately they do disagree with us very often.”

Gloucester Public Schools Superintendent Ben Lummis told WHDH he was disappointed after first hearing about the incident.

“We always want our students and staff to feel safe — and that their point of view is understood and respected,” he told the station in a statement. “Every day in our schools — we strive for tolerance, understanding, different perspectives and being civil.”

More significant perhaps is the news Lummis broke that his staff will undergo training next week on how to address controversial topics with their students, WHDH reported.

“Certain topics — politics, religion, even sports nowadays — can sometimes be discussed and can very much make kids feel uncomfortable,” Jay Cody told WHDH. “You would hope teachers could recognize that and take advantage of it the opposite way.”

He also told the station that if teachers do discuss controversial topics, they should “stand in the middle and hear from both sides.”

In the end, Jackson told WHDH “everyone has the right to their own opinion, and everyone should respect that.”
How Come Fake News About Donald Trump Never Gets Questioned on Social Media Platforms?

How Come Fake News About Donald Trump Never Gets Questioned on Social Media Platforms?

This is what totalitarianism looks like in our time.  There are no men beating people who are chained to a wall in a damp, darkened basement, or government storm troopers busting down your door because you legally own a firearm.  No, totalitarianism today comes from high tech leftists who run interference for their preferred political candidate by wiping out the evidence provided by the use of Free Speech.

That’s what the social media giants did to the New York Post’s explosive report on Hunter Biden, revealing why the famed vice-presidential son was hired by a corrupt Ukrainian energy company, Burisma Holdings, in exchange for a reported $83,000 a month.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has since said the way the social media giant handled the posting of the story by White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany was “unacceptable,” but the Times’ account was still locked down as of this morning.

According to e-mails obtained by The Post, Hunter introduced the Burisma Holdings’ executives to his father, Joe Biden, who happened to be the vice president of the United States, making him the second-most powerful man on earth, who allegedly was in the business of selling the influence of his office as he has done his entire political career.

This news is fair game and in the interest of the American people, especially since they are voting right now.  Joe Biden lied to America when he repeatedly said he never spoke with his son about any of his business dealings.  This bombshell information proves Biden is a liar.  But, since it would and should embarrass big tech’s favorite old man, the social media giants went into cover up for Joe mode immediately.

Andy Stone, a PR guy for Facebook, said, “We are reducing [the Post story’s] distribution on our platform.” Before once worked for Democratic Senator Barbara “please call me senator” Boxer and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, yet he maintained that Facebook’s action was “part of our standard process to reduce the spread of ‘misinformation’.” Sure, and I’m Mary, Queen of Scots.

Twitter was also performing an in-kind donation to the Biden campaign when they started blocking users from spreading the story claiming they did the immediate cover up because of  “the lack of authoritative reporting on the origins of the materials included” in the report.

Wait, what?  The New York Post story gave details of exact how they received the material and the evidence that supports the material.  The Post could not have been more forthcoming about their sources, yet they got banned, along with others who posted the link to the story.

How does this compare to the thousands of anti Trump and anti Trump administration stories that have been posted on the same social media platforms since the day Donald Trump was elected, all of which turned out to be Fake News and sheet garbage, all designed to harm Trump’s next election, which is in 19 days?  How come the social media censors didn’t take similar actions against all that left-wing garbage?

Remember the whole Russian collusion hoax?  To this day Twitter and Facebook allow leftists to post anti Trump tirades about how the president is a puppet to Vladimir Putin with abandon.

How about the current lies reported every day that Trump did not take the Chinese virus pandemic seriously and that his inaction caused the needless death of thousands, despite the fact that the Trump administration mobilized an effort the likes of which was never seen before to combat the virus?  The incredible amount of things this president has done to combat the virus is unprecedented, but even today you can post the lies about Trump and his handling of the pandemic.  No social media platform would even consider questioning those lies.

How about every time Joe Biden repeats the Charlottesville lie where he clearly distorts the fact that Donald Trump condemned the racial hate groups the neo-Nazis and white nationalists claiming the president referred to them as “very fine people?”  To this day the tech giants to do put warning labels on those posts that they are lies.

Thousands of posts have made their way onto social media platforms and repeated by so-called news journalists, that Trump has never disavowed racial hate groups, when the facts show that President Trump has condemned racial hate groups more than any other past president or candidate for office.  Yet, there’s no taking down of such posts, nor any warning labels that show the easily debunked lies as misleading.

On the very day Trump was inaugurated Time did a Fake News story about the MLK bust being removed from the White House.  Even though the story was completely false, with the author Zeke Miller later admitting he never even asked anyone at the White House if the bust was removed, instead writing the fake story because he looked around and didn’t see it.  Social media never stopped people from spreading that garbage piece.

To this day Fake News reporters and anchors, along with Hollywood leftists continually post on social media that Trump will not leave the White House if he loses in November.  Despite the fact that Trump has never said that, the posts go on every day without Twitter or Facebook judging them as misleading.

As Ben Shapiro just tweeted, this is the world we live in now.

Just about every Democrat politician has spread the lie that there is something nefarious in Trump’s tax returns.  There is no way to prove whether there are or not, because even after some of his taxes were illegally obtained by the New York Times and others, nothing nefarious has ever been shown, yet they continue to report that Trump is hiding something, and none of it is ever questioned by the censors at tech giant firms.

Nick Sandmann was besmirched by many news networks for doing absolutely nothing wrong the day an activist Native American pounded a drum in his face while he simply smiled back at him.  The media invented things that never happened, called for his arrest, expulsion from school etc., and social media never stopped any of it, even though Sandmann was a minor.  The young man has since won giant awards in court settlements, proving to the rest of us that they admitted guilt and wanted to save a few million dollars, but news stories galore were allowed to be posted on the same sites that just censored a story about Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

I could go on and on and on and on and on with hundreds of Fake News stories about Trump, Republicans and conservatives that have been posted every day of the week for fours years that are never challenged by social media “fact checkers.”

The Washington Post has an official slogan: “Democracy dies in darkness.”  I’m here to tell you that they, along with all the other Fake News networks out there, are the darkness, as they lied repeatedly every day of the week.

CNN refers to themselves as “The most trusted name in news,” which is a complete joke in itself.   The most unreliable source in news is CNN’s Reliable Sources, which spends every episode going over the vast amount of lies reported that week as truth.

MSNBC had a reporter standing in front of a burning building during a riot with a chyron at the bottom of the screen saying the event was “mostly peaceful,” posted all over social media.

All of these networks posted lies on social media every day for three years about the Russian collusion hoax, and the tech giants didn’t stop a single one of them.

Freedom dies when information is blocked and Free Speech rights denied, publicly or in the town square of social media.