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General News

Picture: Vice President Mike Pence will inform Congress Tuesday that he discovered classified documents in his Carmel, Indiana, home on Jan. 16. (Thos Robinson/Getty Images...

General News

Fox News host Tucker Carlson appeared on “Ingraham Angle” last night and sounded off about former Vice President Mike Pence urging Trump supporters to...

General News

It's a feud!


Former Vice President Mike Pence played a leading role in the betrayal of the American people on Jan. 6th at the US Capitol, and...


On Tuesday, former Vice President Mike Pence said that President Joe Biden disregarded the cease-fire deal that his predecessor, former President Donald Trump, made...


The narrative is being set out that ‘crazy- fringe’ Trump supporters don’t like Mike Pence because of Jan. 6th at the US Capitol.  Consider...

Attacking Trump

The entire thing is a bald-faced lie.


Over one-hundred state legislators from contested key battleground states have asked Vice President Mike Pence to delay the congressional certification of the elections by 10...


Republican Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert and a group of other GOP figures filed a lawsuit Sunday against Vice President Mike Pence. The lawsuit focuses...


Reality Check with Will Johnson

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