Snapchat Denies Blackburn’s Charge It Enables Child Predators

Snapchat Denies Blackburn’s Charge It Enables Child Predators

WASHINGTON—A company official responded July 19 to Sen. Marsha Blackburn’s (R-Tenn.) recent claim that Snapchat is “a child predator’s dream” with an eight-page, single-spaced letter describing multiple ways the smartphone app “is different than other social platforms.”

The lengthy letter from Jennifer Stout, Snap Inc.’s vice president for global public policy, was in response to Blackburn’s July 11 speech on the Senate floor, in which Blackburn declared:

“Snapchat by its very nature is a child predator’s dream. Its auto-delete feature allows individuals to ensure their pictures and videos erase themselves after only a few seconds.

“Its public location-sharing feature allows anyone—even underage children—to share their location in real time. If left in the public mode, the ‘Snap Map’ will reveal their location and their Snap video feed to complete strangers.


“Even if an underage user hasn’t fallen prey, they’re still exposed to provocative and age-inappropriate material via the app’s ‘Discover’ feature—recommendations generated by Snapchat itself, free from parental control or monitoring.”

And in a July 8 letter to Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel, Blackburn said: “Just as teens flock to Snapchat, so do criminals seeking a platform that enables easy contact with potential minor victims.

Read the entire article here: Snapchat Denies Blackburn’s Charge It Enables Child Predators

Ted Cruz Asks For DOJ Probe Into New York Nursing Home Deaths Scandal

Ted Cruz Asks For DOJ Probe Into New York Nursing Home Deaths Scandal

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and eight other Republican lawmakers on the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee have urged Chairman Dick Durbin (D-IL) to open an investigation into Governor Andrew Cuomo’s increasingly troublesome nursing some death scandal.

Wednesday night, the GOP lawmakers sent a letter asking Durbin to schedule hearings into the conduct of the Cuomo administration since it has been reported that it intentionally withheld the COVID-19 death numbers from nursing homes after Cuomo forced COVID-19 positive patients into nursing homes with the most vulnerable of our society for this pandemic virus, the elderly.

“The American people deserve to know the extent to which Governor Cuomo and his senior staff violated the civil rights of New York seniors, lied to the Department of Justice about their actions, and violated federal civil and criminal laws in the process,” the lawmakers wrote.

“That so many people needlessly lost their lives because of the failed policies of Governor Cuomo’s administration — an administration that many have lauded over the past year — is tragic and deserves a full investigation and accounting.”

Of course, you just know that Durbin and his cohorts in the party are going to use the Cuomo administration’s lie that they did it because President Donald Trump was pressuring them on Twitter.

The GOP Senators who signed with Cruz were Senators Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), John Cornyn (R-TX), Tom Cotton (R-AR), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Chuck Grassley (R-IA),  Josh Hawley (R-MO), Mike Lee (R-UT),  and Thom Tillis (R-NC).

In the letter sent to Durbin, the senators said they expect Merrick Garland, President Joe Biden’s attorney general nominee, to commit to investigating this growing scandal.

“When Judge Garland testifies before this Committee, we expect him to commit the Department of Justice to fully investigating this cover-up to determine whether any criminal laws were violated and to prosecute any violations,” they wrote.  Not that it will ever happen, because while Democrats make things up against Republicans out of thin air, they rarely ever go after one of their own, and the tyrant governor of New York is most definitely one of their own.

Richard Azzopardi, a spokesman for the governor, slimed on about Cruz’s request, “Every death in this pandemic is a tragedy and shame on the Treason Caucus for exploiting them to distract from fermenting the Capitol insurrection that resulted in the death of a police officer.”

Can you believe that?  This putz (a little cultural appropriation) tried to dilute the scandal by referring to a fake scandal against Senator Cruz where in the wake of the Capitol riot on January 6, the Democrats have tried to accuse Cruz of helping to incite the riot while he was inside the Capitol building doing exactly what the Democrats did for the last three Republican White House victories.  Azzopardi accused Cruz and the other Republicans of doing exactly what he did in the context of his accusation.  The Democrats are sick people.

Last week we reported that a Cuomo top aide, Melissa DeRosa, admitted to a bunch of state Democrats lawmakers that they withheld the COVID-19 nursing home death count over the fear that the numbers would be “used against us” by federal authorities.  Isn’t that called obstruction?  I thought the Democrats really hated obstruction.

This scandal was made public after New York Attorney General Letitia James reported that she discovered that COVID-19 nursing home deaths were 50 percent higher than Cuomo and the administration claimed.

Also on Wednesday Assemblyman Ron Kim (D-Queens) said he received a threatening phone call from Cuomo last week telling the assemblyman that he’d be “destroyed” if he didn’t help contain the situation.  Can you imagine?

Kim said he was “in the middle of bathing my kids,” when Cuomo asked him to write up a statement that would say that DeRosa told state lawmakers that they would comply with federal prosecutors.

Folks, that’s manufacturing false evidence, something the Democrats accused Trump of doing, except unlike the former president, Cuomo allegedly actually did if Kim is telling the truth.

Kim said that during the call Cuomo threatened him saying,  “You have not seen my wrath. I have been biting my tongue for months.”  The assemblyman said Cuomo then told him, “I can tell the whole world what a bad person you are and you will be finished.” Kim said, and concluded that the governor told him, “You will be destroyed.”

This is worse than any of the lies the Democrats made up about Republicans and apparently it’s a real scandal.

Last month, Cruz introduced an amendment to the COVID-19 relief package that called for a Department Of Justice investigation to determine if officials like Cuomo could be criminally or civilly liable for forcing COVID-19 patients into nursing homes.  The senator from Texas shouldn’t hold his breath because there is no way, no how that the Biden DOJ will ever hold Democrats accountable for what they did that ended up killing thousands of seniors.

Cuomo made good on his threats.  During a press conference on Wednesday, the governor attacked both Assemblyman Kim and the New York Post for having the gall to expose the nursing home scandal.

It now appears that fellow Democrats, who put up with Cuomo’s arrogance for way too long during the COVID-19 crisis, are now turning on him.  On Tuesday, nine state Assembly Democrats accused the governor of federal obstruction of justice in a letter that asks that Cuomo’s COVID-19 emergency powers be stripped.  Multiple state Senators asked for the same.

I am admittedly a partisan conservative, but I don’t take too much pleasure watching someone have the world come down on them, but in this case, I think it’s completely justified.  Andrew Cuomo has been an obnoxious and arrogant tyrant who not only botched his handling of the pandemic for New Yorkers and not only tried to blame everyone else for his and his administration’s negligence over the nursing home debacle, but he actually wrote a book about what an awesome job he did as governor handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

But, absolutely nothing will happen on the federal level as we now know that President Biden chose not to discuss the scandal during his White House meeting with the governor on Friday, saying “it was not a focus of their conversation or a topic.”

For those of you reading this who are admitted leftists I want you to do something for me.  I want you to close your eyes, take some deep, slow breaths, and once your mind has been cleared of everything, think to yourself, what if it was Donald Trump.

It’s Happening: Former Governor Eric Greitens Is Already Being Mentioned to Take on Weak GOP Senator Roy Blunt in 2022 Missouri Senate Race

It’s Happening: Former Governor Eric Greitens Is Already Being Mentioned to Take on Weak GOP Senator Roy Blunt in 2022 Missouri Senate Race

This is a scenario you had better get used to. Conservative Republicans will be urged to run against weak-kneed Republicans who refused to support Trump and in many cases actually opposed him. How much of your hard-earned money would you be willing to risk betting that Georgia’s Brian Kemp or Brad Raffensperger get reelected to any office?

In Missouri, the former extremely popular Eric Greitens is being pushed to run against Roy Blunt for the Senate in 2022. This could also affect Mitch McConnell because these conservatives would be much less likely to vote for him in the new Congress starting in January of 2023. That would be great news for conservatives. We need a hardcore leader like the Democrats do.

This week Blunt said that the election was not rigged and there was no effective voter fraud. Trump supporters are extremely loyal and have very long memories, so it is not a good idea to anger them. In Blunt’s case, it could be fatal. He is not that well-liked and Greitens was extremely popular.

He was forced out as governor by Soros backed prosecutor Kim Gardner. he has now been cleared of all charges against him, while Gardner is being investigated for her actions in the case.

Eleven US Senators are going to object to certifying the votes for the electoral college. They are current Senators:

  • Ted Cruz (R-Texas),
  • Ron Johnson (R-Wis.),
  • James Lankford (R-Okla.),
  • Steve Daines (R-Mont.),
  • John Kennedy (R-La.),
  • Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.),
  • Mike Braun (R-Ind.)
  • And four Senators Elect (newly sworn in):
  • Cynthia Lummis (R-Wyo.)
  • Roger Marshall (R-Kan.)
  • Bill Hagerty (R-Tenn.)
  • Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.)

Trump supporters have started a website calling for the recall of Blunt. But members of the US Congress are not subject to recall. But it does give them a head start in voting him out of office next year.

From The Gateway Pundit

The GOP base will no longer support the big government, pro-China, weakling senators who have refused to stand up and protect their constituents!

Additionally, several tweets have named the former Missouri Governor as an alternative to Blunt, who has held public office for over 30 years.

Eric Greitens was fully exonerated in February 2020 following an 18-month investigation that found “no evidence of any wrongdoing on the part of Eric Greitens.”

Republican Sen. Thom Tillis Wants To Make Livestreamers Felons, Bill Added to ‘Stimulus’ for Americans to Protect Copyright Material

Republican Sen. Thom Tillis Wants To Make Livestreamers Felons, Bill Added to ‘Stimulus’ for Americans to Protect Copyright Material

Republican Thom Tillis faced an uphill challenge to his election in November, with a majority of Republicans disliking him so much they booed him loudly at rallies for President Donald J. Trump. Nonetheless, Trump did endorse Tillis, and voters held their nose and elected Tillis for his second term.

It took Tillis absolutely no time whatsoever ever to betray Trump and his supporters, with Tillis go hard left on numerous topics including meeting with open borders proponents in November and now, padding the “stimulus bill” with the great idea of making live streamers into Felons.

Remember, one of the ways the left attempts to shut down independent media is by loudly broadcasting music alongside a broadcaster, causing people to have to shut down their coverage of live events. No doubt this power to criminalize live streaming will be used to censor people.

According to TV Technology:

“Illegally pirating streaming video could put guilty parties in jail thanks to a new bill. The Protecting Lawful Streaming Act introduced by Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) was included in the omnibus spending bill of the COVID-19 relief bill that was passed by Congress on Dec. 21.

Under Tillis’ bill, any person that pirates video streams of copyrighted work will have committed a felony act and be subject to either fines or imprisonment. The previous penalty for pirating streaming content was a misdemeanor.

The bill targets large-scale, criminal, for-profit streaming services, not good faith business disputes or noncommercial activities. Nor does it target individuals who access the pirated streams, knowingly or unknowingly.

Streaming has become increasingly popular in the last few years, particularly in 2020, as the global pandemic has changed viewing habits as people have more time during lockdowns. This new bill brings the pirating of streamed content to the same level as other pirating efforts, including the illegal downloading of copyrighted content.

Co-sponsoring the bill with Tillis is Sens. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.), Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii), Catherine Cortez Masto (D-Nev.), John Cornyn (R-Texas), Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), Chris Coons (D-Del.), Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.) and David Perdue (R-Ga.).”

Conveniently, this addition to a bill meant to “help the American people” is being shoved down our throats with no debate and no transparency. The Bill flew through both the US House and the US Senate, with civil servants drunk on power, gorging the American taxpayer after a year of financial and emotional struggle.

“Thom Tillis claims the proposed law only targets criminal organizations that stream copyright content as their primary purpose. I am concerned for creators that think their background music, intro/outro, and other regularly occurring music usage is 100% clear… but it’s not. I don’t trust the federal government to be able to distinguish between different music copyright situations effectively. Leadership we have in the federal government is clueless, way too old, and could irresponsibly and unknowingly punish regular people,” @AwallDigital, a former Digital media Executive, posted on Twitter.

So, Swamp dwellers like Tillis found the energy to focus on criminalizing Americans with just one more regulation, while real-life Americans are struggling with massive concerns over many other things. It is clear who the Swamp will protect, and that is not the average American.

GOP Senators: Obama Era Policies Kept DACA Illegal Alien Accused of Killing 4 Officers in U.S.

GOP Senators: Obama Era Policies Kept DACA Illegal Alien Accused of Killing 4 Officers in U.S.

Ivan Robles Navejas, a 28-year-old illegal alien from Mexico killed 4 police officers using his car. The suspect was drunk at the time, but he should not have been in the country at all.

Navejas had been arrested for DUI before but the Obama/Biden administration allowed him to stay anyway. He was charged with six counts of intoxication, assault with a vehicle, and three counts of intoxicated vehicular manslaughter.

The GOP Senators include Senators Chuck Grassley (R-IA), Tom Cotton (R-AR), Josh Hawley (R-MO), Kelly Loeffler (R-GA). The others are Ted Cruz (R-TX), Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), Joni Ernst (R-IA), Thom Tillis (R-NC), and Mike Lee (R-UT).

They sent a letter to the DHS wanting information on Navejas, want to know his complete criminal record, and why he was not deported.

The suspect drove into a group of the Thin Blue Line motorcycle club, killing four.  Investigators say that he was drunk and hour before the crash.

The problem is that Democrats do not consider DUI to be a crime worthy of deportation even if they have already killed someone.

Those killed include:

  • 39-year-old Niles, Illinois Police Sgt. Joseph Lazo
  • 48-year-old retired officer Joseph “GT” Paglia of Chicago
  • 74-year-old retired U.S. Army Lt. Col. Jerry “Wings” Harbour of Houston
  • 20-something retired U.S. Army officer Michael “Psycho” White of Chicago

The letter the Senators sent reads in part:

Furthermore, we were also disturbed to read that Mr. Navejas was shielded from deportation with status granted under the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in 2013. After his DACA status subsequently expired in 2015, he remained unlawfully present in the United States without consequence and was afforded the opportunity to re-offend. Media reports indicate that Mr. Navejas was charged with driving under the influence in 2016, but ICE did not pursue deportation action against him. Instead, the agency exercised prosecutorial discretion because the Obama administration did not consider a DUI arrest to be a serious offense warranting deportation. [Emphasis added]

Mr. Navejas’ encounter with immigration officials following his charge for driving under the influence in 2016 should have been enough to see him placed in removal proceedings, but ICE was hindered by the Obama administration’s guidance on civil immigration enforcement priorities. Under that guidance, the Obama administration did not deem an arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol to be a priority. The guidance further allowed for the use of discretion when taking enforcement action against those unlawfully present in the United States. ICE used that discretion in this case by choosing not to take enforcement action. [Emphasis added]

The Senators pointed out that even though he was arrested for DUI in 2016. In 2018, Navejas was arrested for aggravated assault after allegedly pinning a man to a vehicle, assaulting him, and biting off a portion of his ear.

I guess biting off someone’s ear was a misdemeanor during the Obama/Biden years. This is not the way it used to be. You had to obey the laws in order to remain here.

You have to understand, Democrats are interested in building voters. Protecting citizens does not get you elected. It is difficult to understand why we allow our laws to be broken so freely. Or maybe not. The rioters and illegal aliens are their base.

By ignoring their criminal behavior, they secure their votes. Illegal aliens will find it easier to vote with all mail in ballots.

Tom Cotton wrote:

“Ivan Navejas should have been deported for his crimes, which culminated in the alleged murder of several members of the Thin Blue Line Motorcycle Club. Four Americans are now dead from a failure to deport this dangerous criminal. We deserve to know why.”

Pompeo: ‘New Restrictions on Visas for People’s Republic of China Officials Engaged in Human Rights Abuses’

Pompeo: ‘New Restrictions on Visas for People’s Republic of China Officials Engaged in Human Rights Abuses’

On Monday in an ongoing series of restrictions on the Chinese Communist Party’s behavior by the administration of President Donald J. Trump, the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, announced there would be a new restriction on VISAs for “repression on members of ethnic minority groups, religious practitioners and human rights defenders.”

The following is an unedited press release from the US Department of State Director, Mike Pompeo:

China’s authoritarian rulers impose draconian restrictions on the Chinese people’s freedoms of expression, religion or belief, association, and the right to peaceful assembly. The United States has been clear that perpetrators of human rights abuses like these are not welcome in our country.

Today, I am announcing the imposition of additional restrictions under Section 212(a)(3)(C) of the Immigration and Nationality Act on the issuance of visas for Chinese officials who are believed to be responsible for or complicit in, policies or actions aimed at repressing religious and spiritual practitioners, members of ethnic minority groups, dissidents, human rights defenders, journalists, labor organizers, civil society organizers, and peaceful protestors. Family members of such persons may also be subject to these additional restrictions.

This action demonstrates the U.S. government’s resolve to hold the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) accountable for its increasing repression against the Chinese people. This year, the United States has imposed visa restrictions and financial sanctions on CCP officials involved in the horrific abuses taking place in Xinjiang, restrictions on access to Tibet, and the destruction of Hong Kong’s promised autonomy. Today’s action creates additional restrictions applicable to all CCP officials engaged in such repressive activities, no matter their location.

The United States stands with the many individuals persecuted for their peaceful efforts to exercise their rights – lawyers such as Xu Zhiyong, house church pastors such as Wang Yi, civil society activists such as Huang Qi, Uyghur academics such as Ilham Tohti, democracy advocates like Jimmy Lai, and Tibetan linguists and businesspeople such as Tashi Wangchuk. We call for their immediate release and urge CCP authorities to respect the human rights and fundamental freedoms to which the people of China are entitled under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”

Reuters reported:

“U.S.-China relations have plunged to their worst level in decades as the world’s top two economies spar over issues ranging from the coronavirus outbreak, Beijing’s national security law for Hong Kong, trade and espionage.

On Friday, Washington added dozens of Chinese companies, including top chipmaker Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp and drone manufacturer SZ DJI Technology Co Ltd, to a trade blacklist.

Also, on Monday, U.S. Department of Homeland Security chief Chad Wolf said it was looking at further restrictions on China, which he called an ever-increasing threat to the United States.”

After 4 Years Dems Concede No Basis For FISA Warrants

After 4 Years Dems Concede No Basis For FISA Warrants

Catherine Herridge of CBS News reported on Tuesday a set of tweets that should lead to outrage over the amount of wasted time and harassment that has unfolded around President Donald J. Trump, leading to numerous destroyed lives and obstacles to Trump’s America First policies, that the American people elected Trump to carry out, and it all looks like it was a simple baseless plot.

Herridge’s tweets happen at the same time news of Andrew McCabe’s testimony from Tuesday comes out, admitting that FISA Warrants against President Donald Trump were regrettable :

The Heritage Foundation exposed the faulty logic behind the FISA Warrants and reported in Jan:

“Two of the FBI’s four applications for warrants under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to spy on a Trump campaign adviser lacked probable cause and should not have been issued in the first place.

That’s the stunning admission by the Justice Department, contained in a recent court filing with the secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court in Washington.  

Turns out the FBI and Justice Department did abuse the FISA process, omit material information, and subvert justice, and the DOJ now has admitted it. “

That news from January has a new angle now, and one mainstream media is covering it.  

” 3 weeks before this WH meeting, October 2016, FBI secured first of 4 surveillance warrants for @carterwpage which allowed FBI to scoop up Page’s universe of communications, including campaign contacts. With today’s testimony @LindseyGrahamSC committee, McCabe becomes at least 4th former senior official to testify that if they knew in 2016 + 2017, what they know today about falsified records, errors + omissions (exculpatory evidence) they would not have signed the warrant. NOTE: Nov 2016 FBI also deep into investigation incoming NSA @GenFlynn,” Herridge posted on Twitter while retweeting a video of former President Barack Obama.

Herridge’s Tweets

In the video Herridge retweeted, Obama and President Donald J. Trump are talking with the caption, “Four years ago today, President Obama invited President-elect Trump to the White House one day after Trump’s projected victory. “My number one priority in the coming two months is to try to facilitate a transition that ensures our President-elect is successful,” Obama said.

Interesting that now we now the FISA warrants were baseless, just in time for Democrat Joe Biden to do everything the Democrats accused Trump of doing and worse.

The Fall out from McCabe’s admission has been quick, with Trump and Senator Blackburn calling for conséquences for McCabe for his admission :

Yet the rush is on for the administration of Joe Biden is rushing to be recognized as the President, like a big crazy game of “chicken”.

This story is developing..

Trump Pardons Republican Susan B. Anthony, “The Woman who Dared”, who was Found Guilty of Voting, Dems are Mad

Trump Pardons Republican Susan B. Anthony, “The Woman who Dared”, who was Found Guilty of Voting, Dems are Mad

President Donald J. Trump, who understands messaging, branding and PR like the swiftest Communist funded, PR and media consultant for Democrats in DC, entered the public news stream to announce a brilliant Presidential gesture to American women.

 Trump gave a Presidential pardon to abolition activist and women’s suffrage movement leader Susan B. Anthony after she was found guilty, of an all-male jury, of illegally voting in the 1872 presidential election. The 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote, was ratified 100 years ago today.

“President Trump said he would pardon Susan B. Anthony, the women’s suffragist who was arrested after voting illegally in 1872 and given a $100 fine,” the New York Times posted.

Of course, the New York Times, who routinely partners with the Democrats to publish and distribute their campaign messaging talking points and tactics, was not happy about having to make the announcement and added that Trump was just appealing to female voters.


Makes a Sexist comment:




Makes up a story.



“She was never pardoned,” Trump said.

Susan B. Anthony List, a Pro-Life group was very happy.

Female Republicans, from different industries, who are thankful for the blessings of America, react: