White CNN Analyst Lectures NY Times Magazine Writer on Usage of the N-Word

White CNN Analyst Lectures NY Times Magazine Writer on Usage of the N-Word

The Leftward Land of Media Silliness has gone completely addlebrained.

Kirsten Powers, a leftist CNN senior political analyst and USA Today columnist, tried to lecture author Thomas Chatterton Williams, a black man, who writes for Harper’s Magazine and New York Times Magazine, about how, when, and how not to use the “N-Word.”   She did this even though she started out saying that white people shouldn’t lecture black people on the use of the derogatory word.

The discussion started when Powers, who is a white woman, took to social media to tweet out the question “What is so hard about listening to Black people and respecting their view?”

Virtue signaling is a personality disorder commonly found in people who subscribe to liberalism.  Some known symptoms of this disorder are rare public outbursts intended to express the sufferer’s personal notions that they are the most moral person in the room, nastiness against disagreeing viewpoints, and the unexplainable need to make an a$s of oneself regardless of being proven wrong.  Side effects are permanent Resting B*tch Face, irritable bowel syndrome (for those who have to listen to it), a job at CNN, and the belief that one can break their own rules on morality when making a point about their own rules on morality.

By the end of the thread, Powers told Williams, a black man, that his view doesn’t belong in her conversation about white ppl who argue with black ppl about when it’s ok to use the N-Word.

The squabble began when Powers tweeted out an article about a white person who talked about the use of a racial slur and lost his job over it.  Mike Pesca was suspended from his podcast which is hosted on Slate because he defended New York Times science writer Donald G. McNeil Jr., who recently was forced to resign from his job when he was accused of saying the racial slur to a student when they were doing a field trip years ago when holding a conversation about the word’s appropriate usage and non-usage.

I told you that the Left would eventually run out of people to cancel and they would start to eat their own. Here we have a guy who is being canceled because he talked to a student about the appropriate usage or non-usage of a racial slur… because he used the racial slur in the teachable moment.

Powers tweeted, “Another day, another news story quoting white men saying they can say the N-word bc ‘context’ + that ‘nothing should be beyond debate.’ WHAT IS SO HARD ABOUT THIS? What is so hard about listening to Black people and respecting their view?”

The conversation about if O’Neil should have been fired was made public when a number of posts from a private, New York Times Facebook chat were made public.   That stemmed a bigger conversation on whether it was ever appropriate for a white person to say the word, even in the context of discussion over whether or not it’s okay to even say the word.   Sure, it’s a cockamamie conversation that on the surface everyone knows the N-Word is not a nice word to say out loud, but when using it to explain that it’s not a nice word to say out loud it should be overlooked by the Woke language police because the intent in that context is not to hurt anyone, but just the opposite.   Instead, these are the types of conversations that leftists are having in private chatrooms around the world wasting so much time and effort to constantly change the rules.  To keep up with it is exhausting.  Maybe we should just ban the word altogether, and remove it from the dictionary if it’s even in the dictionary.  But think about what that would do to rap lyrics.  And I’m a huge fan of Hip Hop!

In a Slate Slack exchange, Pesca allegedly said that “he felt there were contexts in which the slur could be used,” reported the Times. “Slate’s chief executive, Dan Check, stepped in to shut down the discussion.”   For those of you who don’t know, Slack is an app and a website that is a chat room where you can create a series of separate rooms inside the same chat dwelling for different things.  Slack is an app that is used by a lot of newspapers and other professionals who write for a living.   We have a Slack and it’s very convenient for internal communications and organizing our stories.  The difference is most of our writers don’t go toys-in-the attic bat-guano crazy inside it.

Powers believes that Pesca being fired, and O’Neil being forced to resign were justified and that it is fitting for white people to be prohibited from saying the word even in conversations tackling the question of whether or not it’s appropriate to say the word in certain contexts.

A Twitter user who identifies himself as a Philadelphia lawyer, with under 500 followers, chimed in, saying “Most of those offended are over-educated and relatively young white liberals rather than AAs. The focus should be on substantively addressing inequality, injustice, and discrimination as opposed to ineffectual symbolic gestures that amount to nothing more than virtue signaling.”

Powers responded, “Wrong,” quoting from the Times piece, saying “From article: Joel Anderson, a Black staff member at Slate…disagreed. ‘For Black employees, it’s an extremely small ask to not hear that particular slur and not have debate about whether it’s OK for white employees to use that particular slur,’ he said.”

So, then that’s it.  The law has been determined and set into stone.  A black staff member from Slate has spoken and the world must now bend the knee.  How ridiculous this whole thing is.  When someone says that word around me I say, “Language!” and it’s done.  Most people at that point would feel shame or would say “sorry” and we’d all move on with our lives.  Leftists get into arguments over it and want to individually show their powers (pun intended) virtue-signaling until someone either backs down or another member of the Woke gives a response that bests them into silence.

This was the time when Williams got into the debate where he pointed out to Powers, who quoted him, that he himself has used the word in a conversation, tweeting, “I mean, Joel Anderson has used that term in reference to me on this website.”

Powers replied, “What’s your point?  Does that mean white people should be saying it?”

Williams then tweeted back, “I think a while [sic] person mentioning it not derogatorily is not as bad as a black person using it derogatorily.”

That’s when Powers went in for the virtue-signaling kill shot.

“ok not sure why you are trying to change the subject. Feels like whataboutism which i don’t entertain. my tweet was about white ppl who argue with Black ppl about when it’s ok to use the N-word”

And Williams then replied for the win, “I hate to break this to you, but right this very moment a ‘white’ person (YOU) is arguing with a ‘black’ person (ME) about when it’s okay to use that term!”

So, Kirsten Powers, white liberal, virtue signaled that white people, her included, should listen to black people when they talked about how they feel when the N-Word is used, and she wound up at the end of the debate refusing to listen to a black man who told her how he feels when the word is used.

MOVIE PLOT: Time Magazine Confessed to Their Villainous Plan, But Why?

MOVIE PLOT: Time Magazine Confessed to Their Villainous Plan, But Why?

A villainous staple of dramatic movies is the part where the sadist villain is heard in the act of “evil gloating” over the hero, rubbing it in, taking credit, and monologuing. The villain taunts the hero one last time before attempting to finish him off for good.

“Their work touched every aspect of the election. They got states to change voting systems and laws and secure hundreds of millions in public and private funding. They fended off voter-suppression lawsuits, recruited armies of poll workers, and got millions of people to vote by mail for the first time. They successfully pressured social media companies to take a harder line against disinformation and used data-driven strategies to fight viral smears.” Molly Ball wrote recently, in a creepy sort of evil gloating.

Has this ever experienced evil gloating that sounds like this?:
“If you have to look along the shaft of an arrow from the wrong end, if a man has you entirely at his mercy, then hope like hell that man is an evil man because the evil like power, power over people, and they want to see you in fear. They want you to know you’re going to die. So they’ll talk. They’ll gloat. They’ll watch you squirm. They’ll put off the moment of murder like another man will put off a good cigar. So hope like hell your captor is an evil man. A good man will kill you with hardly a word.”—Terry Pratchett, author of Discworld.

Are you thinking of the Time Magazine Confession yet?


Consider what Ranker said about a famous evil gloater:

“When Darth Sidious (Ian McDiarmid) tries to turn Luke (Mark Hamill) to the dark side of the Force, he makes the fatal mistake of monologuing instead of just taking action.

Sidious grows upset because he feels he had Luke in his grasp. He was even willing to slay Darth Vader (James Earl Jones) to gain a new apprentice. When Luke rejects his plan and refuses to end his father, Sidious uses his fun lightning powers to shock his prey. He zaps Luke, again and again, giving Vader plenty of time to get to his feet. He then continues to taunt Luke, explaining that Luke’s power is nothing compared to the dark side. He keeps talking and talking, telling Luke what a failure he is until Vader finally has enough and throws Sidious to his doom. “

WE ARE BEING TAUNTED BY THE DARK SIDE- AREN’T WE?Isn’t that sort of what it feels like reading the Time Magazine article, The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election, confessing to an evil plot to steal the 2020 Presidential Election? It feels like “Evil Gloating”- The left is trying to seduce us to the dark side. Think about it.  What is the purpose for rubbing our noses in this dirt? What is the purpose of the Time Magazine article about the 2020 election:

“An odd thing happened amid Trump’s attempts to reverse the result: corporate America turned on him. Hundreds of major business leaders, many of whom had backed Trump’s candidacy and supported his policies, called on him to concede. To the President, something felt amiss. “It was all very, very strange,” Trump said on Dec. 2. “Within days after the election, we witnessed an orchestrated effort to anoint the winner, even while many key states were still being counted.””In a way, Trump was right.””There was a conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes, one that both curtailed the protests and coordinated the resistance from CEOs. Both surprises were the result of an informal alliance between left-wing activists and business titans. The pact was formalized in a terse, little-noticed joint statement of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and AFL-CIO published on Election Day. Both sides would come to see it as a sort of implicit bargain–inspired by the summer’s massive, sometimes destructive racial-justice protests–in which the forces of labor came together with the forces of capital to keep the peace and oppose Trump’s assault on democracy.”

That is some seriously evil gloating.

TV Tropes.com, people who study these things, says it never works out well for the villain though. “As any villain caught gloating is sure to be either killed or foiled, as in the end his gloating always ends up giving the hero that little bit of extra time or information that helps him counter the villain’s Evil Plan. In their defense, it’s really fun and gives you that warm evil feeling in the black pit of your soul when you utterly grind your opponent’s face into the dirt. Unfortunately, most villains fail to grind hard enough. But how could anyone appreciate the brilliance of your scheme unless you explained it to them?”

“Another way this could easily backfire is that it goes hand in hand with Engineered Public Confession. A savvy hero can use it as an easy way to reveal the Chessmaster or Manipulative Bastard to the world and bring their plan crumbling around them.”

Well, if our hero really is into 4-D Chess, hopefully, we will find out about it very soon.

Anti-Trump, BLM, Transgender Protester With Unlicensed Pistol and High Capacity Magazine, Arrested Near Capitol……Father Blames Trump

Anti-Trump, BLM, Transgender Protester With Unlicensed Pistol and High Capacity Magazine, Arrested Near Capitol……Father Blames Trump

A  man was arrested for carrying an unlicensed pistol at the January 6th rally at the Capitol unrest in Washington DC. He also had a high capacity magazine. But, guess what? Leslie (Logan) Grimes is not a Trump supporter.

He is a transgender, BLM supporter and was raised in a very anti-Trump household. Yet, his father blames Trump for his arrest.

It will be interesting to see what the Democratic DA in DC charges him with if anything. Once they are convinced he is a Trump hater, it’s quite possible all charges will be dropped. They have already released BLM activist and leader of Utah’s Insurgency USA, John Sullivan even though he too charged the Capitol building and was inside the same as those they are charging with a crime.

According to his stepfather, Andrew Hanselman:

“He is not a Trumpster.”  “Not a MAGA (Make America Great Again) person…We’re totally flabbergasted as to the charges.” 

So, exactly what is the stepfather saying? That is sure what it sounds like to me. Does he believe that if you hate Trump, you should not be charged with any felonies you might commit?

But, of course, there is more to this story.  According to the Detroit Free Press:

“Logan Grimes is a social justice activist who participated in Black Lives Matter, is transgender, and believes many groups have faced injustice since Trump’s election, his father said.”

From The Gateway Pundit

“We’re a very progressive liberal family … if there’s any reason my son was even present, it’s because of his stand against what a lot of those folks who did horrible things yesterday (believe) — and I’m still sick to my stomach (from) when I saw it on TV last night.”

Robert Grimes, 54, of Cadillac says his son is not a supporter of President Donald Trump and should not be associated with those Trump supporters who stormed the U.S. Capitol building. His son keeps an eye on groups such as the Proud Boys and was there to protest the Trump faction, he said.

He also seems to somehow blame Donald Trump for the actions of his son, which took him from Grand Rapids to Washington, DC:

“Now thanks to that man that I just despise, Donald Trump — who I did not vote for and did everything I could to make sure he would finally leave office — has served me up one last injustice by making sure my son got arrested so he could stick his pride out.” 

Rapper Bryson Gray’s  Playful Wishes for a MAGA Christmas and an AR 15

Rapper Bryson Gray’s Playful Wishes for a MAGA Christmas and an AR 15

“MAGA Christmas, I got Trump 2020 on my Wish List,” superstar Bryson Gray sang.

Every political event should kick off with a  Gray tune- because everyone needs to just have some more fun. Gray released his latest album and video just in time for Christmas with his tradition of Pro-Second Amendmendment, anti-leftist lyrics. Gray says he wants a AR 15 in the mode of old school rap meets Republican politics.

And the haters hate it, and Gray isn’t fazed.

Like with its two predecessors, Trump is your President and Gun Totin Patriot, opponents of Trump can’t hang. Other people just want to sing along. At the latest rally for President Donald J. Trump, Gray was treated like a rock star. But Gray is not sweating about being a legend, a genius, a gamer, an innovator — he is really just a Christian, a mentor and a friend kicking back in quarantine, in his MAGA hat coming up with new lyrics and live streaming with Gamers for Trump, a new group he is an innovator and creator for.

In DC, a young gamer made his way to Gray through a crowd of towering adults, excited fans who were drawn over to rap with him. The young man was determined to meet Gray; he told his Mom he waited all day to meet Gray, and when they met, Gray spent some time spitballing ideas for a game and to pose for a photo with the kid- Gray was a real role model.

“They tell me to take off my MAGA hat, I say they have to make me,” Gray’s lyrics ring out.

Watching the shock of the left over Gray’s rap tunes is embarrassing. The left can’t hang. Rex Chapman, who “holds a mic for a grudge’ is so confused, but it gave Gray a chance to defend himself, something he does well.

Gray’s lyrics are a common anthem to the right; stop forcing sexuality on kids, stop treating illegals better than the troops; Gray is pro-God, a theme in most of his songs. His young fans, some of them report they are under discipline for having Trump flags in their virtual classrooms, look up to Gray. That is something Gray does as his role as a player with Gamers for Trump.


“The Bible doesn’t command you to be quiet. Matter of fact, it says quite the opposite. It says to call out sin IN FRONT OF ALL PEOPLE. It says IRON SHARPENS IRON. It says to EXPOSE DARKNESS. It’s sort of our jobs as Christians, but people don’t read the Bible sooooo.” Gray wrote on Twitter.


In MAGA Christmas, Bryson says his biggest wish is for people to turn to God, because America is a Christian nation. It’s the warmest and friendliest of pro-gun Christmas tunes— it’s basically bright and cheery and sort of anti-Hillary Clinton, because who isn’t anti-Hillary Clinton?

“Tell Hillary she can mind her business…”

His tunes are really a portrait of a Trump supporter. His fans are going to love it.

“State law shouldn’t override amendements,” and “best weapons for our rivals is Bibles”, and “tell Democrats that I am buying another rifle” are something that MAGA is going to get behind.


Biden and Harris Chosen for Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” Award

Biden and Harris Chosen for Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” Award

Yes, you read that headline right.

President-elect Joe Biden and his Vice President Kamala Harris have been chosen by Time magazine to be the Person of the Year. The award is given annually to the person “who affected the news or our lives the most, for better, or worse.”

“For changing the American story, for showing that the forces of empathy are greater than the furies of division, for sharing a vision of healing in a grieving world, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are Time’s 2020 Person of the Year,” the iconic magazine announced.

If anyone out there is making a list of all the idiotic things that have happened over the past nine months, this should at least be in the top 10.

Biden and Harris have done anything but promote unity during the coronavirus pandemic. During the time when most presidential candidates are on the campaign trial, Biden retreated into seclusion, afraid to come out into the public and address the nation during turbulent times. He condoned the violent protests that ravaged major cities over the summer, and lied to protect his son, Hunter, from being exposed by the media for his shady foreign business deals.

None of that sounds empathetic. In fact, it seems narcissistic and destructive.

Furthermore, Harris is a staunch supporter of pro-choice groups and has voiced her support for defunding police departments. She relies more on her ability to appeal to progressives as woman of color and minority in power than an agenda that is pro-American. Like her running mate, Harris’ views on several key issues do not promote unity and progress, but discord, backsliding and corruption.

The fact that Time would offer them with an award of this magnitude is not surprising, but nonetheless disheartening. The publication showed that they have deliberately turned their back on the truth of the actions of these two and have concerned themselves with promoting a destructive agenda.

Biden and Harris do not deserve this award. To think otherwise is to completely ignore the all they have done in the past year to tear apart the fabric of American life.

Distressed MAGA 45 Hat

Distressed MAGA 45 Hat

Expand your headwear collection with this fashionable dad hat. With a slightly distressed brim and crown fabric, it’ll add just the right amount of edge to your look. For a quick and easy outfit pair it with slacks, your favorite jeans, and a sports tee.

• 100% pre-shrunk cotton twill
• Soft crown
• 6 sewn eyelets
• 6 stitched rows on the brim
• 6-panel unstructured cap with a low profile
• Seamed front panel without buckram
• Adjustable hook and loop closure

MAGA TIME! President Trump Announces Rally in Georgia On Saturday Night – December 5th

MAGA TIME! President Trump Announces Rally in Georgia On Saturday Night – December 5th

Trump’s first term has been successful, especially the economic growth, low unemployment numbers, and foreign policy including not sending US troops into new military conflicts. All remarkable considering he has been hounded by the CIA, FBI, and Special Counsel Robert Mueller from before he took office.

Everything from an attempted Coup d’état, bogus impeachment over a phone call, and after providing President Trump bogus COVID-19 forecasts and encouraging a national shut down, the same leftists and RINOS blame him for every death arising from the Chinese virus.

And to close out his first term, Trump’s re-election attempt against declining Joe Biden did not go well but as expected, the millions of mail-in ballots caused massive confusion allowing, what appears to be, another coordinated attempt to force him out of office via election fraud.

In the three plus weeks following the November 3rd elections, six swing state ended up flipping to Joe Biden up to 10 days following election night even though President Trump was leading in all of them after the polls closed on election day.

In an attempt to help the GOP hold on to the US Senate by winning the two seats, he also appears to want to get back out and encourage his supporters that the fight to overturn the election results will result in his second term in the White House.

The commander in chief announced his plans while speaking to reporters following a Thanksgiving video conference with military members stationed abroad. “Speaking of Georgia, we’re going there. I spoke with the two great senators today. I’ll probably be going on Saturday,” Trump said, adding that he planned to hold some type of campaign rally.

Both Senator Loeffler and Senator Perdue advanced to the Georgia State Runoff, which will be held in January 2021 and are hoping to retain their seats. Holding onto these seats is crucial for the GOP to keep their majority in the Senate and holding back the night of a potential Biden Presidency.

The President may even hold a follow-up rally, stating to the press, “Maybe I’ll go twice!”

Million MAGA March Has Started, Big Tech on War Path to Stop it with Cancel Culture

Million MAGA March Has Started, Big Tech on War Path to Stop it with Cancel Culture

After the Presidential Election of 2020 has been winding around the courts, supporter of President Donald J. Trump are eager to show their continued support of his candidacy and of him personally. With that goal in mind a march has been organized in Washington DC for Saturday.

Attempting to prevent the showing of Trump supporters, numerous obstacles have been set out to prevent the March from happening, yet Trump’s supporter are undeterred, and have even started early.

MSNBC guy says Biden camp is terrified that a Biden inauguration would turn into a Million MAGA march ….

But supporters of President Donald J. Trump aren’t waiting for January. An event has been scheduled for Saturday, on Nov. 14 in Washington DC, and the support for Trump in the streets has already started, according to numerous reports.

WUSA reported, “Protesters were in downtown DC near the White House on Wednesday in support of President Donald Trump’s claims of voter fraud in the 2020 Election.

The line of cars had Trump campaign flags, American flags and a variety of signs in support of the President and his agenda.

Protesters in DC on Thursday come a few days before the Million Maga March and other pro-Trump rallies this coming Saturday, which are being held in Washington and other parts of the country.”



Shortly after announcing the event, an announcement that Democrat Muriel Bowser, DC’s Mayor, “has imposed new #COVID19 restrictions for anyone coming to Washington, DC from 42 of the 50 states. Visitors coming to DC from a state classified as high-risk will be required to take a virus test & receive a negative result within 72 hrs before traveling.”

The left’s use of Cancel Culture, or using corporations to punish political opponents has been deployed by Airbnb, and spread around on the media, as a shaming tactic:

According to the event organizer, Amy Kremer, eventbrite canceled the event and contacted the participants, a strange breach of privacy. Kremer posted about it on her Twitter timeline.

Even though lawmakers plan to be in attendance,

And the Trump campaign is predicting a large turnout,

According to The Hill:

“White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said on Thursday that she expects the turnout at Saturday’s “Million MAGA March” in support of President Trump to be “quite large.”

The event is set to take place in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, one week after news networks projected that Trump had lost the presidential election to Democrat Joe Biden. Trump has refused to concede the race and the Saturday events seem intended to bolster him. 

“I think it’s going to be quite large, um, from what I’m hearing, don’t have an estimate for you,” McEnany said on Fox News when asked about the event.

Disparate groups are reportedly preparing for the event, with one gathering scheduled to take place at the Freedom Plaza in downtown Washington, D.C., at 12 p.m. with a march to the Supreme Court at 2 p.m.

A counterprotest called “F— MAGA” has also been planned by All Out DC to happen nearby.”

The troops are their way…

This story is developing…

MAGA – President Trump Peaking! Now at 52 Percent Approval in Rasmussen Polling Before Final Debate with Joe Biden

MAGA – President Trump Peaking! Now at 52 Percent Approval in Rasmussen Polling Before Final Debate with Joe Biden

There are several indicators we can look at when trying to evaluate who is winning the presidential campaign.

Where are the candidates in the few remaining “swing states” such as Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Nevada, Pennsylvania & North Carolina?

Who has the momentum as indicated in the event attendance numbers, supporters enthusiasm IE yard signs, spontaneous gatherings, voter registration efforts, and more simply, what is the sitting presidents’ current approval rating numbers?

The consensus has been the closer the president is to 50%, the better chance they have.

This is why 3 weeks ago, the Trump campaign was struggling as Rasmussen was reporting that Biden had opened a 9 point lead and Trump’s approval number had dropped down to 45% On October 8th.

So here is some great news for the Trump campaign.

The situation has changed dramatically as President Trump has cut the lead down to 2 percent, and his approval number is better than where Obama was at this point before his re-election victory.

President Trump holds a 52% approval rating in the Rasmussen daily polling on Thursday before the second and final presidential debate. Barak Obama was at 50% running up to his re-election victory.

Barak Obama’s approval number, in the Gallup Poll on election day was 51% (Nov 5-11. 2012 -)

This is devastating news for Democrats.

The election outcome will determined by tonight’s debate, voter turn out, and how much voter fraud can be prevented and caught when attempted.

The early voting numbers are favoring the GOP “BIGLY”, the fraud is being closely monitored, so now it’s up to tonight’s debate.

With a solid presidential performance by Trump, along with the huge unfolding Biden corruption story, the election might be decided this week.