Joy Reid Accuses Republican States Of Deciding Blacks Will Die From COVID in Another Racist Rant [VIDEO]

Joy Reid Accuses Republican States Of Deciding Blacks Will Die From COVID in Another Racist Rant [VIDEO]

Another day, another irrational rant by the racist lady at MSNBC.

On Wednesday, radical leftist Woke Supremacist MSNBC host and most misnamed person for her personality, Joy Reid, said that Republican-run (read white people) states only wish to vaccinate black residents if they “get their behinds into the factory and make me my steaks, make me my stuff.”

Of course, there is zero evidence that such a sentiment exists, but when has that ever stopped the racist woman at that network from making blatantly racist comments?  Does she actually believe that no black people work for Republican state administrations?  I have concluded that Joy Reid must have a very embarrassing photograph of the president of the network because I do believe any other network, with the possible exception of CNN, would fire her racist behind for these outlandish racist accusations that this host makes on a weekly basis.  It’s like MSNBC gives her a license to say racist things on the air.  What exactly does the FCC do?

The “ReidOut” host was talking about Republican governors in Mississippi and Texas taking actions to reverse COVID-19 mitigation policies in those states, including mask mandates, despite both states having low vaccination rates for black residents.  Here’s the thing.  If black people don’t sign up to receive a vaccine it is not racist that the state government doesn’t chase them down with large butterfly nets and needle-carrying sidekicks running alongside them.

I can only imagine if red states started mandating their people get the COVID vaccine, Reid would have a field day on the air talking about how racist forced vaccinations are.  You can’t win with leftists.

Joyless said that Republican state leaders are making their own determinations as to “who gets to live and who gets to die” with what she described as their “absolutely insane and irresponsible” directives to completely reopen.


Is Reid an outpatient from a mental ward?  Seriously, is she given a nightly pass to go do her show, and then it’s back to the giggle factory afterward?

“There is a term called ‘necropolitics,’ which is essentially the politics of who gets to live and who gets to die, and these states, what they have in common is that they have structures which say that Black and Brown lives matter less,” Reid told her audience via CNN contributor Jason Johnson who smiled and continuously shook his head in the affirmative as if he speaks babbling idiot while she ranted racist speculation onto Republican state officials.

“And so all that matters is that Black and Brown people get their behinds into the factory and make me my streaks, make me my stuff, get there and do my nails, work, get back to work now and do the things that I, the comfortable affluent person, need. Isn’t that what we’re seeing in states like Texas?” she added.

Johnson continued nodding in agreement, before saying, “‘The Hunger Games’ would be more humane.

“If they made people line up and fight for vaccines at least then you have a fighting chance,” he said. “No, they’re just gonna starve people and it’s always seemed ironic to me that the party of supposedly family values is basically saying, ‘You kids starve, aunty starves, uncle starves, and my wife and my smart son get to eat and get to live and get the vaccine.'”

I wonder if everyone at the MSNBC studio standing around her lined up and got their vaccines?  These people are stark-raving mad.  They act liked if you don’t get the vaccine without question you are going to die.

I think what’s going on is governors are starting to realize the COVID mitigation recommendations are not biding to states, which have sovereignty from the federal government.  This is why Reid and the other useful idiots from Fake News networks try virtual-signal shaming if you go against the Woke Supremacy orthodoxy.  State governments have put up with the mitigation nonsense long enough.  State officials realize they need to open up their economies again so that their people don’t starve or become totally dependent on government assistance.

The biggest fear of the Woke Supremacy is that more and more states will open up once they realize it’s safe to do so because there aren’t hordes of people dying in states that have already opened.  The progressives are losing control and they hate it.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid Makes Another Racist Comment that Conservatives: ‘Would Trade All The Tax Cuts For The Ability To Openly Say The N-Word’

MSNBC’s Joy Reid Makes Another Racist Comment that Conservatives: ‘Would Trade All The Tax Cuts For The Ability To Openly Say The N-Word’

Extremely far-left radical MSNBC host Joy Reid’s intentionally egregious week continued on Wednesday when she tweeted out that “people on the right” or conservatives, would all love to “openly say the n-word” and felt oppressed because they couldn’t be “openly racist.”

“I’ll say it again: people on the right would trade all the tax cuts for the ability to openly say the n-word like in ‘the good old days.’ To them, not being able to be openly racist and discriminatory without consequence is oppression. Trump is the avatar for this ‘freedom.'”

It’s always nice that the racist lady on MSNBC can take a moment to tell us what the Right really thinks.  #EyeRoll

In “the good old days” it was Democrats who used that word to denigrate black people.  Republicans have always fought for freedom, they ended Democrat slavery, and despite on-air racist pigs like Joy Reid the GOP has never changed its stance on civil rights.  Reid can have her own opinion but she cannot have her own facts.

This is a woman who posted homophobic and anti-Semitic rants online and then lied saying that her blog was hacked.  If anyone spreads conspiracy theories it’s this fruitcake who has said for years that white people she doesn’t like politically are always trying to harm “brown people.”  She had to apologize in 2018 for her comments.

Make no mistake, her comment was racist and she will get away with it because she wears her race on her sleeve.  Reid equates “people on the right” with white people, and racism is defined as “a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human racial groups determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to dominate others or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others.”  In this case, she believes white people would trade tax cuts (a dog whistle for conservative – read white – policies -) for the ability to say the n-word.  She made it up. There isn’t a crumb of evidence to support her statement.

I was so angry I replied.

“You’ve said some pretty outrageous things over your career from gay-bashing to racist rants against white people, but this is worse than most because you’re making up horrible charges against half the country. You made this up. Your words are racism. You’re an awful person, Joy.”

It’s almost as if there is a contest for “Most Shameful Person On Cable News” and between Joy Reid, Brian Stelter, Lawrence O’Donnell, Chris Cuomo, and Joe Scarborough the competition is tough.  But Reid put herself out in the lead this week with this outrageous indictment of half the country.

Joyless Reid posted the tweet in response to MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson who was replying to a tweet from Bari Weiss, a former New York Times opinion editor.

In a sort of #MeToo-like moment over the leftist silliness from last week when CNN political analyst Kirsten Powers virtue-signaled about a black author about using the n-word and it was all about New York Times science writer Donald G. McNeil Jr. being forced to resign for using a racial slur over a year ago to a student during a school trip, allegedly trying to give a teachable moment about not using the filthy word.

Johnson contended that Weiss was trying to defend the idea of using racial slurs privately when she discussed how many people feel the need to “self-censor” for fear of being attacked herself.  A liberal (not leftist) writer, Weiss is hated by many in the Woke Supremacy because she was not acting like a lockstep Woke Supremamcist when she gave a scathing indictment of the Times’ out-of-control liberal culture in the form of a resignation letter.  The #1 rule of the Woke Supremacy is loyalty to the Supremacy over all else and Weiss violated that cardinal rule, so she is despised by all who carry the Marxist membership card.

Reid tweeted her grotesque statement the same day she said that states like Mississippi and Texas opening up their economies and getting rid of government-forced mask mandates are only doing it because white residents want black people to “get their behinds into the factory and make me my steaks.”

“There is a term called ‘necropolitics,’ which is essentially the politics of who gets to live and who gets to die, and these states, what they have in common is that they have structures which say that Black and Brown lives matter less,” Reid told Johnson.

There isn’t an ounce of evidence to show that states care less about black lives.  What the hell is wrong with this woman?

“And so all that matters is that Black and Brown people get their behinds into the factory and make me my streaks, make me my stuff, get there and do my nails, work, get back to work now and do the things that I, the comfortable affluent person, need. Isn’t that what we’re seeing in states like Texas?” she continued.

As if no white people work in those same jobs.  This woman is deranged.  Instead of seeing the situation in states opening up as opportunities for people who have been hurting badly by the forced government lockdowns for a year are able to get their lives back, able to work and feed their children, to pay their bills once again, this racist piece of garbage Joe Reid instinctively goes the racist route and says that white people are op[ening up their economies again because they want black people to pamper them with the goodness of life that they deserve but not people of color.  That’s sick.

The perpetually angry Reid this week also said that Senator Time Scott (R-SC) was at a Republican press conference to oppose a minimum wage increase for the sole purpose of adding a “patina of diversity.”  So, are they not supposed to include Scott in press conferences on subjects he’s very involved in because he’s black?  Reid sounds like the south end of a northbound horse.

Notice the Congresswoman in the segment smiling at Reid’s racist comment.

Reid is an aggressively angry black racist who sees everything in life through the lens of race.  Between bitter attacks against conservatives and especially conservative white people, and things like calling Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas “Uncle Clarence” to insult one of the greatest minds on the High Court as somehow being an Uncle Tom, a racial slur to black people who racists of all colors believe act obediently and subserviently to white people.

For a black woman who hates white conservatives enough to say so publicly with no regard to civility and never an ounce of remorse, you have to wonder how she still has a job in media.  Does MSNBC condone such blatant racism or could it be that MSNBC is terrified to fire a racist black female anchor who throws bombastic rants out like an out-of-control petulant child?

Trouble in Progressive Paradise, Joy Reid Insulted Islam, Trump Jumps in calls out ‘Liberal Privilege’

Trouble in Progressive Paradise, Joy Reid Insulted Islam, Trump Jumps in calls out ‘Liberal Privilege’

Far-left radical Democrat Representative Ilhan Omar from Minnesota called out MSNBC anchor Joy Reid to apologize Tuesday over comments where the MSNBC talking head compared the actions of President Donald J. Trump and his allies to “the way Muslims act” when “radicalizing” supporters. 

Omar, who is accustomed to getting her way and leading the Democrat party and US House of Representatives to obey her every whim, was unhappy about Reid’s comments. This is not the first time Reid has made comments about a special protected progressive group. The talk show host once made anti-Gay comments and had to grovel and beg forgiveness, once already.

Yet Reid seems to be protected fro the very “cancel culture” who would demand the resignation of anyone else, pointing to the privileged liberals have to do what they want.

President Trump weighed in early Wednesday morning tweeting a slam at Fake News, including “Fredo” at CNN calling Reid “untalented” and calling for her dismissal from the network, and taking a stab at MSNBC as an arm of the DNC, the Democrat National Party, and pointing out the liberal privileged Reid enjoys because others would be fired for making the same type of comments she made.

Here is Reid making the comments about Trump and his supporters:

“Honestly, this kinda casual Islamophobia is hurtful and dangerous,” Omar, one of the first Muslim women elected to Congress and highly protected by the Democrat Party, tweeted Tuesday. “We deserve better and an apology for the painful moment for so many Muslims around our country should be forthcoming.”

Reid has a history of insensitive comments to special protected Democrat identity groups, having made anti-gay comments at one point, and was forced to delete the comments, but not before people took note of them.

Reid did respond that she felt there was some “thoughtful commentary” on her anti-Muslim comments, but also some willful distortion of points she “tried to make.”

In other words, she is sorry she got caught, but not sorry about Omar’s feelings.

Reid could possibly be trying to use the blunder to drive ratings for her suffering show, saying she will discuss it on Wednesday’s show, or draw other people into the discussion as new guests.

A Muslim poster has added that more of their pain comes from the FBI, and someone else is skeptical that there is a strange co-incidence with the timing of this cat fight .

More trouble- Liberals, Leftists and progressives are taking sides.

This story is still developing..

Appellate Court Revives Libel Suit From Trump Supporter Against MSNBC’s Joy Reid

Appellate Court Revives Libel Suit From Trump Supporter Against MSNBC’s Joy Reid

It’s a good thing that MSNBC has promoted Joy Reid because it looks like she may need the money. The Second Court of Appeals has reinstated a defamation lawsuit against the racist TV host. Roslyn La Liberte, a Trump supporter in 2018 was slandered by Reid who made up a story out of whole cloth.

Reid claimed that La Liberte had yelled racist slurs at a 14 year old boy. Reid sent out a series of tweets from a picture showing her in what appeared to be an adversarial pose. Remember, this was a picture and therefore, she had no idea what was being said, meaning she had to make up what the conversation was about.

Reid made a series of accusations against La Liberte including saying that she was yelling racist slurs, told the boy he would be the first one to be deported and claimed that La Liberte called the boy a dirty Mexican. None of this happened and nowhere else did anyone make such specific charges.

A district court judge claimed that there was no proof that Reid made her charges out of malice and he dismissed La Liberte’s charges.

But, Joseph Luevanos, the 14 year old boy said that the conversation was very cordial and in no way was La Liberte being a racist. That prompted the Second Circuit Court of Appeals to overturn the decision of the district court judge. The judge had claimed that La Liberte could not prove Reid acted with malice even though she had made everything up.


La Liberte appealed the decision, saying that her lawsuit had been improperly dismissed and the Second Circuit Court disagreed with the judge’s use of the SLAPP statute that ostensibly exists as a protection for the First Amendment.

From The Daily Caller

In turn, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals revived the claims Wednesday. Following this decision, the federal appellate circuit deemed that laws such as California’s anti-SLAPP statute don’t count for federal court.

“Reid urges us to follow the Ninth Circuit, which holds that California’s anti-SLAPP statute and the Federal Rules can exist side by side . . . without conflict,” Judge Dennis Jacobs wrote according to Hollywood Reporter. “We disagree.”

White Joy Behar Says Black Senator Tim Scott Doesn’t Know the Difference Between ‘Systemic Racism’ and a ‘Racist Country’ [VIDEO]

White Joy Behar Says Black Senator Tim Scott Doesn’t Know the Difference Between ‘Systemic Racism’ and a ‘Racist Country’ [VIDEO]

One of the most misnamed people on television today, Joy Behar, who is one of the more prominent, angry, and obliviously uninformed co-hosts of “The View” saw yet another opportunity to put on her Dunning Kruger mask and act out her Woke Supremacy powers to lecture Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), a black man, on racism.

On Wednesday, Scott delivered the Republican response to President Joe Biden’s first address to a joint session of Congress to remind us that despite Biden’s irresponsible rhetoric, “America is not a racist country.”

Earlier in the week, mainstream news media reporters were feverishly digging into Scott’s background in an effort to come up with something to discredit him. The best they could do is claim that Scott’s family was not as poor as people think, suggesting that his family’s poverty was a privilege if you can believe it.

“I’ve also experienced a different kind of intolerance. I get called ‘Uncle Tom’ and the n-word by progressives, by liberals,” the senator said when he took a swipe at the post for their hit piece on him. “Just last week, a national newspaper suggested that my family’s poverty was actually a privilege because a relative owned land generations before my time.”

The strangest phenomenon is when leftists think it’s okay to be racist against a black conservative.

And with that, the tolerant blue checkmark leftists started in with their racist attacks on the black US Senator, calling him “Uncle Tim” and worse.

This clown thinks Scott doesn’t have the capacity to think for himself. Maybe Nasheed suffers from victimhood status so much that he himself is incapable of believing black Americans are free to make their own destiny. What a sad little racist man.

The reprobates on the Left made it so that “Uncle Tim” started trending on Twitter for several hours before the tech tyrants there finally took measures to block it. I think every user who tweeted that term should be removed from Twitter for spreading racism.

And to show once again how crazy insane the Left is, Vice President Kamala Harris hours after Scott’s remarks agreed that the United States is not a racist country. Yet the Woke Supremacy didn’t attack her at all.

Behar tried to school Senator Scott on racism, saying, “Now, Tim Scott, he does not seem to understand, and a lot of them don’t seem to understand — the difference between, um, a racist country and … systemic racism. They don’t seem to get the difference. Yes, maybe it’s not a racist country. Maybe Americans, the majority, are not racist. But we live in a country with systemic racism.”

So the new line from the whacky Left is that America is not a racist country, but that it has systemic racism. How much more loony tunes can you get? Systemic means all throughout, taking up the entirety of whatever you’re talking about. I don’t think Behar knows that saying America has systemic racism is the same as saying America is a racist country. If it’s not a racist country then it cannot be systemically racist. I’m sorry, Dum Dum, but it can’t be both things at the same time.

Behar is trying to say that the people of America are not racist, but the system itself is. If that were the case, then no black Americans would be able to thrive, and yet we have millions who do. If the system really is systemically racist, then how do black Americans get college degrees, good-paying jobs, buy houses to live in, and raise their children without the help of Joy Reid and her band of angry shrews?

Behar added, “The fact that Tim Scott cannot acknowledge this … is appalling. How can you go out there and say that when you just said two minutes ago that you were the object and the victim of discrimination? And then he says that this is not a racist country. At least acknowledge that there is systemic racism. That’s what I wanted to hear from him, and he didn’t say it.”

Again, Behar is in over her head. She just got done saying that America is not a racist country and now she’s saying that because Tim Scott said that he had left-wing racists attacking him that the country is racist. Does she not understand that a country can have racists in it without the country being racist? Is she so stupid that she thinks a leftist calling the senator Uncle Tim or even the n-word means the country is systemically racist? I would love to see her SAT scores.


Thursday morning, during an appearance on Fox, Senator Scott said that the Left attacking him with racial epithets was “upsetting” and really “disappointing,” and he made the point that “leftists are literally attacking the color of my skin.” I don’t think Behar would be able to comprehend his point.

“The left has doubled down,” he continued. “You cannot step down out of your lane, according to the liberal elite left.”

Scott added that “what they want for us is for us to stay in a small corner and not go against the tide that they think is America. Their America and my America are not the same if they think that discriminating is the fastest way to end discrimination.” Amen.



Biden’s First 100 Days Were a Disaster By Any Measure

Biden’s First 100 Days Were a Disaster By Any Measure

While MSNBC’s Joy Reid and Lawrence O’Donnell sing the praises of Joe Biden’s first 100 days as president, surveys taken of the American people show that Biden is not impressing the electorate as he has one of the lowest approval ratings of any president in modern-day history at this point in his presidency. President Gerald Ford came in lower because he pardoned Richard Nixon and President Donald Trump because the media hated his guts and lied about him every day since the day he came down the escalator to announce he was running and then lied every day for the 1,461 days of his presidency.

By any objective measure, the Biden administration has had the worst first 100 days of any administration going back to President Harry S Truman.

Most administrations experience their screw-ups in the beginning as they are working to get their feet wet, but Joe Biden has been in Washington, DC for nearly 50 years, and many of the people he has brought into the administration are seasoned political professionals, so the amount of chaos they have already sown isn’t because of a lack of knowledge of how things work in DC, but shed light on the fact that what they are doing goes completely counter to what most Americans want them to do.

Joe Biden took an immigration system that was fixed by the Trump administration and completely turned it on its head. When I say fixed, I mean that the Trump administration converted the mess that was our immigration system and made it America First. Prior to Trump, our immigration system was changed to help benefit the immigrants rather than have the immigrants help benefit America. Over decades, the Democratic Party, starting with Senator Ted Kennedy, changed our immigration system to favor not people with skills that are needed in America, but to favor unskilled paupers from third world countries who contribute nothing to America other than votes for Democrat politicians. Biden has reversed the fixed immigration system and broke it again, making it even worse than it was prior to Trump.

We all scratched our heads as the Biden administration set out to destroy women’s sports by forcing men suffering from a mental illness to be allowed to infiltrate women’s sports, thus taking away many benefits women enjoyed through healthy competition.

The numerous trillion-dollar spending bills that Biden claims were going toward infrastructure and COVID were really bailouts for Democrat states that screwed up their economies long before COVID came along. And that spending will enslave our children and grandchildren throughout their entire lives as they are forced to pay it off through ever-increasing taxes.

On top of that, Biden is set to crush our economy by raising taxes on the very people who provide us with jobs. Ask yourself when is the last time you got a job from a poor guy? And he is talking about taking the insane action of doubling the capital gains tax to a level that economists say defies logic because it will cause government revenues to go down.

And if that’s not enough, he wants to charge all Americans with paying off loans for deadbeats with student debt because the Democrats want their votes when they graduate.

Biden seems to want to go forward with a Green New Deal-like disaster that just might be the thing that destroys us. Spain tried to go green, and it destroyed their economy. Spain’s programs were mere child’s play compared to what the progressives want for us. They wish to make us green without waiting for the technology to catch up to fossil fuels before getting rid of them, sending us back to the 17th century.

With Biden at the helm of the country, China and Russia are salivating at the opportunities to outwit the Nitwit-in-Chief by fixing trade deals for their benefit against our own, allowing China to overtake the US as the top world currency reserve and watching them increase their influence globally why our moron in the Oval Office tries to fiddle with his face mask. We’ll watch Biden shut down oil and coal to benefit Russia, and sit back as Russia takes over more territory from former Soviet block countries while Biden, like his former boss Barack Obama, will do nothing to stop them other than to tell Putin to cut it out.

While the Democrats talk about abolishing police, the Biden administration is pushing to get rid of the Second Amendment.

We’ll read news stories after the fact about how the Biden administration allowed China to spy on us to undermine our standing in the world, and all the while the fawning Fake News media will try their best to cover it up or somehow blame Donald Trump.

What should get Biden impeached is his re-entering the US into the Iran Nuclear Deal that was never signed by either side. I bet you didn’t know that because we haven’t had an honest news media in a long time. Maybe Biden will go so far as to make it binding by signing the deal so that Iran may legally have nuclear weapons as stipulated in the appendix area of the agreement that no one in Fake News ever read.

The Middle East will become a powder keg once again because as Obama Defense Secretary Robert Gates said, Joe Biden has been wrong about every major foreign policy issue his entire career.

With the amount of damage heading our way from just what this administration has already done, we may never survive it as a country, and it appears that they are only getting started. We have four years of this to come.

It will be never-ending riots with Democrats appeasing the rioters while constantly accusing Trump supporters of being white nationalists and the biggest domestic threat over ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter terrorists who burn down cities whenever they get angry.

Biden’s cognitive decline is so bad the Democrats will hate to see him go by either dying in office or completely losing all ability to function as a human being. They need him there because he is a puppet to push his minions’ progressive agenda coming off as a grandfatherly type that doesn’t seem threatening even though what he is doing is destroying our country right before our eyes.

Until the 2022 midterm elections, we are in for a tough time. The apparent attacks on our country, our people, and our standing in the world will become insufferable. Hopefully, by then enough Americans will want out of the deal and will help Republicans take over Congress to stop the bleeding. Two years of nothing getting done is better than bleeding to death.

Power Drunk From The Chauvin Victory, Keith Ellison Wants USA On Trial At The Hauge

Power Drunk From The Chauvin Victory, Keith Ellison Wants USA On Trial At The Hauge

Doug Wardlow is the Republican candidate against far-left radical Keith Ellison, Attorney General of Minnesota, who exposed Ellison recently on Twitter for a highly questionable idea that the United States of America should be evaluated by a foreign body, which Ellison wants to have jurisdiction over our system of Justice.

“Keith Ellison wants the Int’l Criminal Court to investigate our AMERICAN criminal justice system. Ellison is undermining law enforcement & siding with other countries against ours. We need elected officials who fight FOR America, not AGAINST America!” Wardlow posted in reaction to a Breitbart article on the matter.

From Ian Hanchett for Breitbart:

On Tuesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The ReidOut,” Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison (D) said that he agrees with the International Criminal Court investigating the American criminal justice system and “if we have nothing to hide, we shouldn’t worry about what might be found by the international community.”

Host Joy Reid asked, “The International Criminal Court is looking at the American criminal justice system and its treatment particularly of African Americans and saying that it might be crimes against humanity, that this actually might be something that the international community ought to take a bigger look at in terms of whether there is systemic brutality, even torture, and in short, severe deprivation of physical liberty, persecution, and inhuman acts generally by American law enforcement. Do you agree with that kind of an inquiry?”

Ellison confirmed that is what he wanted.

Ellison’s agenda has long been to infiltrate and dismantle the US system of justice, which has the highest standards of civil rights and due rights protections for individuals.


According to the website, “The International Court of Justice (ICJ) is the principal judicial organ of the United Nations (UN). It was established in June 1945 by the Charter of the United Nations and began work in April 1946.

The seat of the Court is at the Peace Palace in The Hague (Netherlands). Of the six principal organs of the United Nations, it is the only one not located in New York (United States of America).

The Court’s role is to settle, in accordance with international law, legal disputes submitted to it by States and to give advisory opinions on legal questions referred to it by authorized United Nations organs and specialized agencies.

The Court is composed of 15 judges, who are elected for terms of office of nine years by the United Nations General Assembly and the Security Council. It is assisted by a Registry, its administrative organ. Its official languages are English and French.”

In other words, after successfully building many alliances between the Democrats and the world’s most Marxist governments, the Democrats want to take the entire country to court , to be ruled over by the United Nations, and told every last thing about our country is racist to the core.

That move would allow Democrats to have the ultimate power and dominance over the country’s human capital and all of our natural and economic resources.


The two have faced off before for the office of Attorney General. Ellison squeaked past Wardlow by four percentage points in 2018, which was the closest margin of any statewide race on the ballot that year.

ELLISON IS NO STRANGER TO CONTROVERSY reported on what they refer to as Ellison’s Jihad against America.

Ellison, who currently identifies as Muslim, was born in 1963 into a Catholic family in Detroit. Almost nothing is known of his childhood and teenage years. He studied economics at Wayne State University and, in 1982, in his sophomore year, converted to Islam. He has been extremely reluctant to reveal more than a glimpse of the motivations behind his conversion: In a December 2006 interview (about one month after his election to Congress), Ellison said,

I have been a Muslim since age 19, and I am 43 now. Of course my faith strengthens me and guides me. How I came to it is a deeply personal matter, and I’m not ready to talk about it now.[3]

However, in a more recent interview with Al-Jazeera’s Riz Khan, he was more forthcoming:

I can’t claim that I was the most observant Catholic at the time [of my conversion]. I had begun to really look around and ask myself about the social circumstances of the country, issues of justice, issues of change. When I looked at my spiritual life, and I looked at what might inform social change, justice in society … I found Islam.[4]

As testimonies about conversion to Islam go, this is somewhat atypical as it is rare for converts to have mulled over wide political and social issues before conversion.[5] The spiritual dimension of Ellison’s conversion receives just a passing mention. Nothing seems to be known about what mosque he attended, what books he studied, whether he went to Islamic classes or conferences or engaged in any of the religious activities in which young converts usually involve themselves.

What is known is that, for several years, he associated with or belonged to the Nation of Islam (NOI). Ellison himself denies that he was ever a member of the NOI,[6] then as now under the leadership of Louis Farrakhan, an anti-white, anti-Semitic, anti-establishment demagogue.[7] In a letter sent in May during the 2006 congressional campaign to the Minnesota Jewish Community Relations Council, Ellison claimed that his association with the NOI had lasted for only eighteen months about the time of the Million Man March in 1995.[8] However, there are problems with this assertion.

Many people believe that Ellison, who has bragged about his Marxist organizing tactics, is the driving force behind the defund police movement, especially with his actions behind the Chauvin conviction.

Ellison, the former leader of the National Democrat Party, has a long history of claiming that the US system of Justice and our very Republic is racist and that the left should be allowed to dismantle our entire system and rebuild it with ideas from third worlds where he feels more at home.

People who talk about “Democrarcy” are largely supportive of Ellison’s ideas. Democrats do believe that bringing America greatness to heal will open up new pathways for them to seek international power for themselves.

Ellison and Wardlow will face off again in 2022.

The Politics of “Ugly”: Why Is This Pence Staffer Seen On MSNBC Crying About POTUS Trump?

The Politics of “Ugly”: Why Is This Pence Staffer Seen On MSNBC Crying About POTUS Trump?

Perhaps the only loyalty to “We The People” of  America that ever happens in Washington DC was between President Donald J. Trump and the citizens. That is a concept what we are seeing unfold in the aftermath of the 2020 Presidential election.  Consider how many politicians and government workers are seen switching sides now. Consider how many of Former Vice President Mike Pence’s staff are coming out of the closest as leftists.

“Washington DC is Hollywood for ugly people,” Paul Begala once said. POLITICO agreed, so it must be true.

Seen in this recent footage with avowed Marxist/Far Left provocateur Joy Reid is former Pence staffer Oliva Troye, who found a shoulder to cry upon on MSNBC. In the footage is Troye attempting to stir up some “palace Intrigue” by gossiping about President Donald J. Trump to the court jesters.

“Well, he has been obsessed with Operation Warp Speed from day one and the vaccine, right? He tried to use the vaccine as a prop for his re-election, and when the FDA and others tried to stop him, and he wouldn’t budge because they were trying to protect the lives of the American people and their process that would lead to a really safe vaccine he was mad. He was pissed off. He- he threatened them on social media, he went at them, and they were already articles about them saying about the things that he had done to every doctor and every public health official who took a stand against him.  he would just discredit and undermine them…”

She goes on to talk about how Trump wanted her special little task force to get serious and grow up and how she was outraged, hurt, and angry that she was required to work at something faster than “government worker speed”, doing something more than shuffling papers around to the FDA.


First of all, the Valley Girl language.  Is she a professional? No one uses “like” or “right” in professional speech. Secondly, Trump was “pissed off” at the FDA?  Oh, is that a crime?  So are the American people.  We hate your massive centralized bureaucracies, Oliva.  Sure they keep lazy people employed, but they get in our way of getting work done, and we are tired of seeing the managed decline of our homes, our families, and our country.

We don’t want your safety rails. We don’t need you or like you. On you on to “Slurpee size” in your next important career rung?

Where is proof that President Trump threatened the FDA? And what does “he went at them” mean?  There is a reason you couldn’t get a job in the private sector; you speak nonsense.

She claims that Trump said, “things about every doctor and every public health official” as part of his “obsession” in getting a solid vaccine to the hurting people of America. Are there any parents reading this?

I wouldn’t accept this nonsense from my children.  She is on MSNBC because she is lying and gossiping. There are no facts in her testimony.

See if this creeps you out that this government worker, who makes her living off of the US taxpayer, describes herself thusly on her Twitter account:

“Fmr Homeland Security, CT & Covid Advisor to former #VP Pence. #NatSec Prof. The truth hurts, but silence kills. Our Democracy matters. Director @AccountableGOP”

So she is going to hold the GOP accountable? She has elevated herself to holding the people accountable for who they choose to lead.

And most people would be wondering if the Oliva-type valley girls in DC could complete a grocery store list for a family of one.

Did you notice the photo on her wall of Anthony Fauci? Some people would consider it a hint of idol worship to place a photo of a man on your wall in such a fashion.  Remember this is a representation of who Pence trusted.

Are you wondering if Pence was ever on our side in the first place? This woman is the highest quality thinker and doer that he could choose to assist him in serving the American people?



Olivia, sweetie, some people call that sort of “obsession” by President Trump a “work ethic,” and he was acting as the American people wanted him to act; he got the world done.

The Civil Servant class, who shuffles around slowly watching the clock and getting nothing done, and never missing a paycheck, obstructed his work so that he could not serve the American people to the best of his ability.

That is the obstacle course people like you have set up for all of America’s hopeful citizens, and you are destroyed our country because of it.

You are jealous, and most likely, you are slow. And most likely unaccomplished other than being a political climber.  Americans are not like you actors and actresses in Washington DC.  We get work done. Your posts on Twitter are humiliating and embarrassing for you. You are the “swamp” that President Trump built a movement on.  No doubt he gave you an opportunity to get work done, represent the American people’s needs, and have some pride in working on a historical project, and all you did was whine and complain and moan.


Consider this, America.  Oliva gets to take exotic travels to faraway lands on tax money and be seen as “important”, yet she is still the victim.

And in her story, she discredits and attempts to shame Trump for being focused on delivering a vaccine, which would bring peace to citizens (many who do nothing but spit at him), and then she wants to be seen as the hero of vaccines for her aging mother.  This is the mental abuse that Trump was dealing with while he was in DC.


The President of the United States, who actually inspires and leads nations, has “hijacked” her little meeting?

Oliva-You are the problem, and you live off our tax money, and you spit in our faces.  When will America say enough to the government worker class who destroyed President Trump’s chances to lead to the best of his ability? Imagine how different the world would be if the Olivas of the country could get some work done.

Woke Left Says: Black Americans Who Want To Live Unchained From Past Mistakes Are “Tokens” And “Mascots”

Woke Left Says: Black Americans Who Want To Live Unchained From Past Mistakes Are “Tokens” And “Mascots”

Republican Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina responded to a jab this week from a far-left Community Organizer on MSNBC that went viral, and as a Pro-Trump leader of “Economic Nationalism,” Scott said he used to the extra attacks for being Black, from the radical left activists, like Joy Reid of MSNBC.

“Woke supremacy is as bad as white supremacy. We need to take that seriously,” Scott said. “Unfortunately, I have become accustomed to hearing casual racism and insults from the ‘tolerant’ left.”

Scott is a well-respected Republican Senator who views him as more than his pigmentation.

“Liberals can’t grasp the fact that millions of minorities in this country refuse to be told how to think because of their race. So, they insult them. @SenatorTimScott is a fantastic senator and role model. Joy Reid should apologize,” Nikki Haley, an Indian-American who has reached the heights of politics, wrote in support of Scott.

Her response must lead others to question whether more Black Americans would run for office as Republicans if they didn’t face hysterical mobs who easily get into the media.

BizPacReview reported on a recent appearance by Scott:

“Trey Gowdy hosted Scott on “Fox News Primetime,” referring to Reid’s recent comments about Scott when she essentially called Scott a token for being the only black Republican senator, suggesting the color of his skin was his key qualification.”

“Tim Scott is a United States senator who worked his tail off to be part of nearly every significant policy conversation this country has,” Gowdy said. “He can stand wherever the hell he wants to stand and any group he wants to stand with because he has earned the right to be there. The fact that you see a black man as a prop, Joy Reid, says a lot more about you than it does about Tim Scott.”

In fact, the news broke at the same time that President Donald J. Trump endorsed Scott.

“Former President Trump has endorsed Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina.

“It is my great honor to give Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina my Complete and Total Endorsement,” the nation’s 45th president said in a statement. “He is both an outstanding Senator and person who works tirelessly for the people of his great state and the USA. Strong on the Military, Law Enforcement, love our Vets, protects our Second Amendment and our Borders. Tim will continue to do an OUTSTANDING job for our country!”

Scott, who is the sole black GOP senator, will be up for reelection in 2022.”


A white man, Mehdi Hassan, host of MSNBC and NBC, posted in reaction, “Literally the dumbest thing a Republican senator has said in 2021, and that’s despite all the heavy competition for that title from Tim Scott’s colleagues.”

The White liberal “woke supremacist” mob called Scott names and told him he had to be quiet and remove his comments about his personal experience.

White liberals, like Slate correspondent Will Saletan, rushed in to squelch Scott’s voice and discredit him and also to reject his point of view on the state of racism against Blacks in the United States.


So now Scott is a “mascot” of blackness but isn’t actually Black. And his ideas about racism from his own experience formed because he wasn’t taught to see history differently.

Make sense?  That is “wokeism” as laid out in the following string of posts. See if you can follow this logic:

Black Conservatives joined Scott in his opinion.