Joe Biden’s Gun Control Fact Sheet, Red Flags And Community ‘Intervention’

Joe Biden’s Gun Control Fact Sheet, Red Flags And Community ‘Intervention’

Democrat Joe Biden will take Executive Action on his Gun Control measures, claiming to not be willing to wait for Congress, and on Wednesday Night he released a fact sheet of what his order would be demanding.

Key points:

Biden’s plan will be Expanding “Red Flag Laws” which is a playground of revenge and dominance for the left, and is what most Americans are worried about, considering the left’s pattern for lying.

“The new “Red Flag laws” they are proposing to make it possible for a disgruntled ex or anyone else to call law enforcement and have your guns taken away on a whim,” one person posted, reflecting a general attitude by many. 

Biden’s planned pick for ATF director is a fierce advocate for gun control. David Chipman currently serves as a senior policy adviser at the gun control organization led by Gabby Giffords.

Expansion for “community violence intervention” is concerning, considering the amount of control the left demands to have over Americans.

And the gun grab begins. This week, Biden… -nominated a gun control lobbyist for ATF director -pushed red flag laws -created a plan to seize lawful property -proposed 6 gun control executive actions The Second Amendment is being trampled, and I won’t stand for it,” US House Member Lauren Boebert from Colorado posted on Twitter. 

Katie Pavlich made a number of posts on Twitter.

“The reason homicides are up is due to a lack of prosecution and incarceration for violent crime. Insane,” Katie Pavlich of Townhall wrote, also posting a connection between the massive infrastructure spending and money for gun control,” Pavlich wrote.

And here it is, the press release in full:

FACT SHEET: Biden-Harris Administration Announces Initial Actions to Address the Gun Violence Public Health Epidemic

Today, the Biden-Harris Administration is announcing six initial actions to address the gun violence public health epidemic. The recent high-profile mass shootings in Boulder – taking the lives of 10 individuals – and Atlanta – taking the lives of eight individuals, including six Asian American women – underscored the relentlessness of this epidemic. Gun violence takes lives and leaves a lasting legacy of trauma in communities every single day in this country, even when it is not on the nightly news. In fact, cities across the country are in the midst of a historic spike in homicides, violence that disproportionately impacts Black and brown Americans. The President is committed to taking action to reduce all forms of gun violence – community violence, mass shootings, domestic violence, and suicide by firearm.

President Biden is reiterating his call for Congress to pass legislation to reduce gun violence. Last month, a bipartisan coalition in the House passed two bills to close loopholes in the gun background check system. Congress should close those loopholes and go further, including by closing “boyfriend” and stalking loopholes that currently allow people found by the courts to be abusers to possess firearms, banning assault weapons and high capacity magazines, repealing gun manufacturers’ immunity from liability, and investing in evidence-based community violence interventions. Congress should also pass an appropriate national “red flag” law, as well as legislation incentivizing states to pass “red flag” laws of their own.

But this Administration will not wait for Congress to act to take its own steps – fully within the Administration’s authority and the Second Amendment – to save lives. Today, the Administration is announcing the following six initial actions:

The Justice Department, within 30 days, will issue a proposed rule to help stop the proliferation of “ghost guns.” We are experiencing a growing problem: criminals are buying kits containing nearly all of the components and directions for finishing a firearm within as little as 30 minutes and using these firearms to commit crimes. When these firearms turn up at crime scenes, they often cannot be traced by law enforcement due to the lack of a serial number. The Justice Department will issue a proposed rule to help stop the proliferation of these firearms.

The Justice Department, within 60 days, will issue a proposed rule to make clear when a device marketed as a stabilizing brace effectively turns a pistol into a short-barreled rifle subject to the requirements of the National Firearms Act. The alleged shooter in the Boulder tragedy last month appears to have used a pistol with an arm brace, which can make a firearm more stable and accurate while still being concealable.

The Justice Department, within 60 days, will publish model “red flag” legislation for states. Red flag laws allow family members or law enforcement to petition for a court order temporarily barring people in crisis from accessing firearms if they present a danger to themselves or others. The President urges Congress to pass an appropriate national “red flag” law, as well as legislation incentivizing states to pass “red flag” laws of their own. In the interim, the Justice Department’s published model legislation will make it easier for states that want to adopt red flag laws to do so.

The Administration is investing in evidence-based community violence interventions. Community violence interventions are proven strategies for reducing gun violence in urban communities through tools other than incarceration. Because cities across the country are experiencing a historic spike in homicides, the Biden-Harris Administration is taking a number of steps to prioritize investment in community violence interventions.

  • The American Jobs Plan proposes a $5 billion investment over eight years to support community violence intervention programs. A key part of community violence intervention strategies is to help connect individuals to job training and job opportunities.
  • The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is organizing a webinar and toolkit to educate states on how they can use Medicaid to reimburse certain community violence intervention programs, like Hospital-Based Violence Interventions.
  • Five federal agencies are making changes to 26 different programs to direct vital support to community violence intervention programs as quickly as possible. These changes mean we can start increasing investments in community violence interventions as we wait on Congress to appropriate additional funds. Read more about these agency actions here.

The Justice Department will issue an annual report on firearms trafficking. In 2000, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) issued a report summarizing information regarding its investigations into firearms trafficking, which is one way firearms are diverted into the illegal market where they can easily end up in the hands of dangerous individuals. Since the report’s publication, states, local, and federal policymakers have relied on its data to better thwart the common channels of firearms trafficking. But there is good reason to believe that firearms trafficking channels have changed since 2000, for example due to the emergence of online sales and proliferation of “ghost guns.” The Justice Department will issue a new, comprehensive report on firearms trafficking and annual updates necessary to give policymakers the information they need to help address firearms trafficking today.

The President will nominate David Chipman to serve as Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. ATF is the key agency enforcing our gun laws, and it needs a confirmed director in order to do the job to the best of its ability. But ATF has not had a confirmed director since 2015. Chipman served at ATF for 25 years and now works to advance commonsense gun safety laws.

Breaking: Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin Rejects Joe Biden’s Corporate Tax Increase – Says More Democrats Will Join Him

Breaking: Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin Rejects Joe Biden’s Corporate Tax Increase – Says More Democrats Will Join Him

On the same day that the Senate Parliamentarian told Chuck Schumer that he could pass Biden’s so-called infrastructure bill through the reconciliation process, Sen Joe Manchin of WV drove a wooden stake through the bill’s heart by declaring that he was against the bill because of the increase in the corporate tax rate.

To make matters worse for Schumer (A practice I heartedly endorse) there are more Democratic Senators who will not vote for the bill.

After Democratic governors locked down their states and devastated their economies is hardly the time to put more pressure on an already shaky system.

The bill is supposed to raise money to pay fo0r the liberal wish list with no upside whatsoever. But, there is no guaranty that the bill would raise nearly the amount Biden and the Democrats are counting on since many corporations would move out of the country and could mean fewer taxes and not more.

Biden’s plan would raise corporate taxes from 21% to 28%.

When President Trump cut the rate from 35%, he unleashed the economy and the country saw the unemployment rate hit new lows but Biden insisted that the opposite would not be true.

Best of all, the unemployment rates for Blacks and Hispanics hit all-time lows. Democrats claim the lowest unemployment among Blacks happened under their watch until they were told slavery doesn’t count.

CNN reported:

Sen. Joe Manchin, an influential centrist Democrat, warned Monday that the Biden administration’s massive infrastructure package can’t pass in its current form because he and a handful of other Senate Democrats believe the corporate tax hikes proposed in the bill — designed to offset its costs — are too steep.

“As the bill exists today, it needs to be changed,” he told West Virginia Metro News host Hoppy Kercheval in a radio interview when asked if he supported or opposed President Joe Biden’s $2.25 trillion proposal.

Manchin said he is against raising the current 21% corporate tax rate — which was put in place by the 2017 tax overhaul under the Trump administration — to 28% as called for in the bill and instead supports a middle ground 25% rate, which he called “fair.”

The West Virginia senator said he would use the “leverage” he has in the 50-50 Senate to demand changes before voting to take up the bill, which has been introduced but expected to go through weeks or months of negotiations before being debated on the floor.

“Leader of Free World Is Incoherent, Having to be Propped Up Physically and Intellectually” – SKY News Host Rips Joe Biden on Latest Gaffes and Falls (VIDEO)

“Leader of Free World Is Incoherent, Having to be Propped Up Physically and Intellectually” – SKY News Host Rips Joe Biden on Latest Gaffes and Falls (VIDEO)

A Sky News reporter has taken Joe Biden to the woodshed over his massive cognitive decline. During the Trump administration CNN and other fake news networks would trash Trump, many times having to make up facts or get opinions from people claiming that Trump was not right in the head despite never meeting him.

When Trump slow walked down the steps of Air Force One Slowly CNN spent 22 minutes on the non story but when Biden actually fell they spent just 15n seconds.

His handlers kept a tight rein on him during the campaign by locking him in the basement. It was his only chance of winning as he was making daily gaffes before the lockdown. As president it has gotten no better.

His first press conference was not until he was in office almost two months breaking the old record of 33 days. And then his handlers supplied him with a cheat sheet with reporter’s pictures to make sure he called on friendly members of them press.

Alan Jones:

“Leader of the Free World is incoherent, having to be propped up physically and intellectually…  After the stumble, the websites of MSNBC, CBS News, the Washington Post, Lost Angeles Times and the New York Times all had no mention of Biden’s stumbling incident,” Mr Jones said. “To prove the Trump point, when it came to airtime on television, CNN devoted 15 seconds to the incident”. “But when Trump walked slowly down a ramp after he delivered a graduation address last June, CNN devoted 22 minutes to Trump’s walk, the media pushing the line that Trump – 74 – was facing serious health question.”

From MSN

The Australian’s Foreign Editor Greg Sheridan says it is impossible to watch Joe Biden perform in a spontaneous setting and not conclude there has been some cognitive decline.

It comes after a clip recently emerged showing Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden mixing up President Donald Trump with former US President George W. Bush.

“There is just no doubt at all that Biden has had some cognitive decline,” Mr Sheridan told Sky News host Peta Credlin.

Joe Biden Used a Cheat Sheet Guide To Help Get Him Through His First Press Conference This Week

Joe Biden Used a Cheat Sheet Guide To Help Get Him Through His First Press Conference This Week

President Joe Biden finally decided to hold a formal press conference. It was revealed that pretty much up until the event, at least on the day of the presser, Biden didn’t know anything about it.


It took 65 days in office for Biden to do a press conference. No other president has ever waited that long to do so. In the end, his handlers pointed him in the direction of the POTUS podium, said a prayer, and allowed the man allegedly suffering from dementia to go do the show.

I watched the presser and was shocked that his handlers allowed him to do it within the first two minutes. It became clear right away that Biden was reading off of a list of reporters and what they were going to ask before he called on them. The president of the United States kept looking down at the notes because he apparently could not memorize the questions and the answers given to him before the show. It was a sad display.

Our 78-year-old Democratic tyrant president used a cheat sheet with pictures of White House reporters who would be in the room to ask their pre-approved questions, along with the answers he should give during Thursday’s presidential press conference.

It was later learned that the cheat sheet contained pictures of the faces of the reporters and what news outlets they worked for. The cheat sheet also showed where the reporters were sitting during the presser, and there were numbers next to their faces, which probably indicated the order in which they should be questioned. It looked like a guide for someone with cognitive decline.

Check it out.

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

Last Tuesday, Newsmax host Greg Kelly took top social media to expose that the White House press office asked reporters to submit their questions for President Biden’s first press conference and that White House press secretary Jen Psaki said she would let them know if their questions were “approved.”

“MEMO FROM THE WHITE HOUSE PRESS OFFICE: please submit to us your questions for @joebiden’s first press conference. @PressSec JEN PSAKI will get back to you about whether or not your questions was approved. Thank you “reporters”!!!”

Philip Melanchthon, White House reporter for Real Clear News, said, “Biden appears to be calling on reporters from a prepared list.”

Of the 25 reporters who were allowed in, Biden called on members from the Associated Press, PBS, Washington Post, ABC News, NBC News, CBS News, CNN, Bloomberg News, and Univision.

Yamiche Alcindor, a PBS White House reporter, was criticized for her softball question, feeding Biden pablum about the idea that the border crisis, which he created, may have been created because Biden has the perception of being a “moral, decent man.” Only by those who have never once in their lives paid attention or those who are boot-licking sycophants of the Fake News media.

Biden skipped over any reporters from conservative news outlets, especially Fox News’ Peter Doocy, who has made a name for himself of being the only well-known reporter to ask serious questions at press briefings held by the space cadet Jen Psaki. Doocy said he wanted to ask the president where COVID-19 originated. Biden’s China masters would have collectively leaned forward toward their state-owned television sets, possibly tilting the axis of the planet.

And it wasn’t just information about reporters and their questions, Biden had a list of talking points as well.

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

A reporter asked Biden about North Korea testing ballistic missiles again, and the president seemed to be reading from a prepared response word for word. And he wasn’t very convincing. You can see him searching for the section on North Korea in his cheat sheets while the reporter was asking the question. If you could read his mind: “Okay, she’s obviously asking about North Korea. I saw something about that in the notes. Where is it? Southern border — do not call it a crisis–, no. Insult Trump, no… She’s still talking, isn’t she? What am I doing? Oh yeah, I gotta find those talking points on North Korea. I love Korean bar-b-q. Is that from North Korea or the guys from the South?”


Fox News host and Trump hater Chris Wallace said he was “struck,” that when Biden was asked questions about foreign policy he “went to his briefing book like Jen Psaki does sometimes in the briefings and was reading obviously White House guidance, White House talking points.” I don’t think Wallace was paying attention much, because Biden did that most of the time he was up there. It was a pathetic thing to watch.

“I was also struck by the fact that it seemed on every foreign policy question… [Joe Biden] went to his briefing book… and was reading obviously White House guidance, White House talking points. Covering Ronald Reagan for 6 years, I never saw that.”


GUNS: Jen Psaki Confirmed Joe Biden Will Take Executive Action On His Agenda Of Controlling Gun Owners

GUNS: Jen Psaki Confirmed Joe Biden Will Take Executive Action On His Agenda Of Controlling Gun Owners

The news hit Friday that Democrat Joe Biden would take executive action for his gun control demands by signing some executive order. Although the details were not discussed, Biden’s Press Secretary affirmed that Biden was ready to sign a decree to get what he wanted.

“White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Friday confirmed that President Biden intends to sign executive orders on gun control. Psaki replied “Yes” to a journalist’s question about whether reporters should “be expecting executive orders from the president on gun measures,” The New York Post reported.

“When the president was the vice president in the Obama-Biden administration, he helped put in place 23 executive actions to combat gun violence. It’s one of the levers that we can use,” Psaki said on Friday.

In a typical plot, where the Democrats pretend they are reacting to emergencies and have special emergency powers to overthrow our government system to get more control for themselves, the Democrats insist that the lastest power grab is merely a reaction to mass shootings.

Left leaving MSNBC reported on the announcement and said,  “In the wake of two mass shootings in the U.S. in a single week, the White House said Friday that President Biden is prepared to issue executive orders to enact gun reform, circumventing the need for a divided Congress to pass legislation.”

At least they admit that the executive action would unfold because the UC Congress is not behind Biden.

Psaki, as usual pretending that she isn’t clear on what is happening, said Biden understands the frustration of the people who want more information on his anticipated power grab and deflected responsibility by childishly directing toward those members of Congress who are voting to block gun-control legislation.

MSNBC reported, sounding surprised that mass shooting events didn’t change the US Constitution or the rights of Americans:

“In 2013, a few months after 20 children were killed at their elementary school in Newtown, Conn., a bipartisan bill that required background checks on commercial gun transactions failed in the Senate. A more sweeping version of the provision also failed to make it off the floor in 2016, after a gunman killed 49 people at an LGBT nightclub in Orlando, Fla.

Even now, after two back-to-back mass shootings in Atlanta and Boulder, Colo., Democrats may not have the numbers — or the Republican support — to pass the provisions. Despite co-sponsoring the 2013 background check legislation, Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., has already voiced opposition to the two House bills, instead pressing for the passage of his own version.”

The mass shootings are not moving Americans at all. They are not moving their Congress members who know that gun ownership is a massive issue with voters of both parties and won’t collapse under Democrat leadership’s demands.

Gun ownership has soared, and each time Democrats talk about another plot to steal guns from Americans, millions of guns are sold.  It is unclear if Democrats have figured out that they are the best gun salespeople on the planet.


According to Marketwatch anti-gun Biden is good for sales. Of course, he is.  We knew that.

Joe Biden Said GOP Asking For Voter ID Is Worse Than Jim Crow

Joe Biden Said GOP Asking For Voter ID Is Worse Than Jim Crow

There are some people in America, racists, let’s just call them what they are, who demand that we know a voter’s identity before we allow them to vote to choose our government that will affect all of us. The reprobates want people to show a form of ID at the election polls before they can vote. Can you believe this is going on in 2021? What is this country coming to? These racists, according to President Joe Biden, are Republicans.

Biden said that Republican states’ voting legislation “makes Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle” during his first formal press conference on Thursday, which incidentally was over 60 days after being inaugurated, the longest time before a president gave a formal press conference.

During the press conference, Biden was asked about whether he worries that Republicans in states across the country proposing legislation to curb voting access could cost Democrats control of Congress during the 2022 midterms. That’s what the press was concerned about, not concerns that our elections are being tampered with by crafty politicians.

Leave it to left-wing biased reporters to use the term “curb voting access” as a means of saying that Republicans want to suppress voting, and as always, they will naturally conclude that it’s minorities that Republicans want to suppress. Nothing could be further from the truth. Republicans do want to curb voting access, but the reporters should continue from there and admit that Republicans want to curb voting access to people who are not legally voting.

First of all, the Jim Crow era was something that the Democratic Party created. Jim Crow, poll taxes, literary tests to vote, etc. were all things that the Democrats created, so when Joe Biden insinuates that wanting to make sure that people vote are who they say they are and only vote once per election is worse than Jim Crow is despicable.

Biden was asked the question, and he disingenuously answered it as Republican legislatures in key battleground states are changing election laws to tighten up voting requirements on mail-in voting and closing up loopholes that are invitations for fraud in future elections.

“Deciding in some states that you cannot bring water to people standing in line waiting to vote, deciding to end voting at 5 o’clock when working people are just getting off of work, deciding that there can be no absentee ballots under the most rigid circumstances,” Biden said.

“It is all designed — I am going to spend my time doing three things. One, figuring out how to pass legislation that was passed by the House. Number two, educating the American public. The Republican voters I know find this despicable, Republican voters.”

Democrats in the House passed a horrible election bill called HR-1, or For the People Act of 2021. It should have been named For the Democrat Party Act of 2021, because items in the bill formally legalize election fraud in favor of the Democratic Party.  Of course, the Democrats claim the bill will “improve access to the ballot box” but the reality of it is the bill will only allow people who should not be allowed to vote to register to vote and then vote. This goes beyond the normal gourmet formulas of easy voting that the Democrats have created all with loopholes that allow for cheating.

Instead of Democrat claims that the bill will “clean up corruption” in politics, it blatantly legalizes corruption in the election process.

For example, Democrats argue that the bill will “improve access to the ballot box” by forcing an automatic voter registration system throughout the country that allows criminals who completed felony sentences to have their voting rights restored. That means states like Iowa, Kentucky, and Virginia that have election laws that say felony convicts may not vote will be overridden by the federal government even though Article I, Section 4 of the US Constitution states that only state legislatures may create or change election laws for their state. HR-1 blatantly violates the Constitution.

The bill also expands early voting, which is nothing more than an opportunity for Democrats to cheat. Why do people have to vote early? Democrats love to point out that people have the right to vote, but they never mention that with rights come responsibilities and if someone cannot be in the state on Election Day tough cookies, because though they have the right to vote, if they are not able to vote in person then they give up that right. Of course, there should be exceptions for people who are serving overseas in the military or for people who for medical reasons cannot go to a polling place on Election day, but the Democrats have this way about them where they use these exceptions to cheat their way into office. Mail-in voting due to COVID was the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the electorate.

The Democrats say the bill also “ensures that American elections are decided by American voters” by enhancing federal support for voting system security, specifically with regard to paper ballots, and also by increasing oversight of election system vendors and by requiring the “development of a national strategy to protect U.S. democratic institutions.”  They mean a national strategy to protect Democrats in power.

“I’m convinced that we’ll be able to stop this, because it is the most pernicious thing—this makes Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle.”

In other words, Joe Biden and the Democrats do not want voters to have to prove who they are before they vote and they’re playing the race card.  They want you to understand that asking people to prove who they are before they vote is more racist than segregation, whites-only water fountains, and lynching. Segregation, whites-only water fountains, and lynching are Jim Crow, and asking people for a driver’s license to vote is Jim Eagle. Do you get it?

Biden continued, “This is gigantic what they’re trying to do and it cannot be sustained.”

What we are witnessing is the Democratic Party is trying to make it legal for them to rig future elections, and any attempt to stop that from happening by making elections fair and legitimate is cast as racism and voter suppression. For example, the Democrats in the US Senate are looking at S-1, which they say is critical for civil rights and is needed to protect the right to vote against Republican-controlled states that have introduced bills to tighten voting restrictions. It doesn’t matter to them that the restrictions they are placing make the right to vote more secure for everyone, including black and brown people that Democrats tell us are too incredibly stupid to know how to get an ID so that they can vote. At least Democrats want you to believe that most black people do not have a government ID of some kind like a driver’s license.

I don’t know how black people survive in this racist country. Not being able to figure out how to get an ID means black people can’t drive a car, buy a car, rent a hotel room, travel on an airplane, get a job, open up a bank account, get a credit card, rent a book from the Public Library, get prescriptions from the pharmacy, purchase alcohol, buy cigarettes, apply for Medicaid or Medicare, sign up for Obamacare, apply for unemployment, get married, purchase a gun, adopt a pet, get a hunting license, get a fishing license, buy a cell phone, buy certain cold medicines at the CVS. Black people can’t do any of these things because Democrats say they are too stupid to figure out how to get a proper ID to vote.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer the Democrat from Hell said, “Our move to equality, our move to fairness has been inexorable. But it didn’t happen on its own, it took mighty movements and decades of fraught” political fights.  He left out that all those fights became necessary because of how the Democratic Party treated black people. At a committee appearance Wednesday, Schumer said, “I would like to ask my Republican colleagues, why are you so afraid of democracy?”

Well, for one thing, we don’t live in a democracy; we live in a republic, and everyone should fear it being turned into a democracy. That aside, the Republicans are the ones who fought Democrats to allow black Americans to vote. Republicans aren’t afraid of every legitimate citizen casting a vote. They fear the same level of cheating and irregularities that went on before and during the 2020 elections.

The real question should be why are Democrats afraid of fair elections where voters prove who they are?

Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said during a conservative podcast of the things Democrats are doing to rig things in their favor, “They want to change the system to benefit themselves and they want to have instead of a referee they want the FEC to be a prosecutor,” McConnell, R-Ky., said, referencing HR.1 and S.1.

“So this is not about anything other than trying to help the Democrats win elections in perpetuity,” he continued.

GAO to Determine Whether Joe Biden Broke the Law by Freezing Money For Border Wall in Violation of Budget Rules

GAO to Determine Whether Joe Biden Broke the Law by Freezing Money For Border Wall in Violation of Budget Rules

The General Accounting Office is investigating Joe Biden’s use of Executive Order cutting off funding for the border wall. Remember when Democrats claimed that Trump was a dictator?

They lost many court battles because they sued even when they didn’t have a leg to stand on. But, funding does not originate with the presidency unless a state of emergency is declared.

Trump declared the border as a disaster area, Biden simply followed his liberal agenda, which has no force of law.

So, if the GAO decides Biden could not legally stop the construction with money already allocated, Biden will have to restore all of the funding and the six million a day paid out in penalties to construction companies cannot be included in that amount.

However, he is not obligated to sign any new contracts that would need additional funding. Trump will have to complete that if her decides to run in 2024.

Politico reported:

On his first day in office, Biden hit pause on billions of dollars set to be spent on his predecessor’s long-touted barrier between the U.S. and Mexico while his administration figured out next steps for the money. Now the Government Accountability Office is launching a review to determine whether the new president broke the law by freezing the money in violation of budget rules designed to keep Congress in control of the cash flow, the federal watchdog confirmed this week.

An unfavorable ruling from GAO would bolster Republicans in branding Biden as a rule-breaker as they blame him for the surge of migrants and unaccompanied children at the southern border. The pause on spending “directly contributed” to that flood of border crossers.

Senate Republicans said in their plea last week for GAO to opine on the issue. More than 70 House Republicans followed Tuesday in asking for a GAO opinion, which the watchdog typically provides whenever a member of Congress requests one.

Members of the GOP in congress complained to the GAO that Biden was withholding money that was appropriated by Congress that the president has no right to cut off.

It might not be all that bad if Biden gets away with it. That would allow the next Republican president to cut funding for Planned Parenthood, NPR and public broadcasting which should be paid for by the DNC in my opinion.

Frustrated Photojournalist Asks Joe Biden on Social Media to ‘Stop Blocking Media Access To Their Border Operations’

Frustrated Photojournalist Asks Joe Biden on Social Media to ‘Stop Blocking Media Access To Their Border Operations’

Late last week a photojournalist with a major very-well-known international image subscription service said that every president has allowed him to photograph US Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) operations going on at the US-Mexico border operations except for Democrat President Joe Biden. So why do you think that is?

The claims made by John Moore, a Getty Images Special Correspondent, come as a bipartisan group of senators now demand that Biden allow the news media to see the crisis that Biden himself has created with no end in sight.

Moore took to social media to air his complaint to the government for the entire world to witness. A guy who went by the name of Thomas Jefferson did the same thing once when he wrote the Declaration of Independence, where he was telling the world what the British government did to them. I’m not comparing Moore to Jefferson, but it is a gutsy move on Moore’s part just the same.

But at the same time, we have to recognize that a media blackout was self-imposed against former President Donald Trump during the 2020 election where the media simply refused to report any news whatsoever on election fraud allegations other than to claim they were false where there were mountains of evidence presented at a number of state legislature hearings after the Big Steal. And think about this. After the peaceful protest turned riot on January 6 at our nation’s Capitol Trump made many social media posts, including two videos, asking for calm and asking protesters and rioters to respect law enforcement and he even asking them to go home, but the same media who are now complaining about not being given access to news refused to publish either Trump’s pleas for peace or report that the social media tech giants censored him by removing all of his posts including the two videos.

“I respectfully ask US Customs and Border Protection to stop blocking media access to their border operations. I have photographed CBP under Bush, Obama and Trump but now – zero access is granted to media. These long lens images taken from the Mexican side. @CBP #gettyimagesnews

CBP was established under the George W Bush administration in 2003.

“There’s no modern precedent for a full physical ban on media access to CBP border operations. To those who might say, cut them some slack – they are dealing with a situation, I’d say that showing the US response to the current immigrant surge is exactly the media’s role.”

“Photographing Border Patrol agents and immigrant encounters can and has been done respectfully without interfering with operations. Regardless, @cbp public affairs exists to work with media,” he continued.

“And Pandemic restrictions are not a valid excuse to block physical media access, especially to operations that are outside. There are easy alternative options to media ride-alongs.”

“Showing the difficult and important work of @cbp agents in the field, while also photographing immigrants in a dignified way are not mutually exclusive endeavors. Transparency is key, even in a politicized environment.”

“The photographs in this tweet string were taken with a telephoto lens from across the border in Mexico. Until now, US photojournalists haven’t needed to stand in another country to photograph what’s happening – in the United States.”

“The vast majority of river crossings by asylum seekers happen on federal land in south Texas’ Rio Grande Valley. The federal govt. controls access to those areas,” he concluded. “The Border Patrol has been removing journalists who enter, including recently myself, CBS, others.”

Last week several reporters excoriated White House Press puppet Jen Psaki over the lack of media access the Biden administration is offering to the press. One of the reporters reminded Psaki of one of the things Joe Biden said, that if elected his administration would “be the most truthful and transparent administration.” It has been anything but truthful or transparent.

During a press briefing, one reporter cited that it was three weeks since someone first asked Psaki about access for journalists inside the southern border facilities, “Why are we still not seeing any images inside these facilities?”

“The DHS oversees the Border Patrol facilities, and we want to work with them to ensure we can do respecting the privacy and obviously the health protocols required by COVID,” the press secretary replied.

What health protocols? The Biden administration isn’t testing the “unregistered Democrats” for COVID as they walk across our border.

Biden DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said during an interview last week that if “loving parents” send their child alone to the US-Mexico border, the Biden administration will not only not expel the child, but will also “care for” the child.

Maybe it’s statements like that which caused former President Donald Trump to point out that Mayorkas is incompetent at his job.

“He’s incompetent and just mark my words, take a look at what’s going to happen over the next fairly long period of time because they might not be capable of stopping it,” Trump said in an interview with Newsmax.

Trump continued, “You take a look even now you take a look at the thousands of people that are pouring up from South America, Latin America, pouring up into our country, and they don’t even stop them, they just let them walk right in. They’ve totally lost control of the southern border. We had it under total control.”

The Biden administration won’t even admit that what’s going on at the southern border is a crisis, having Psaki refer to the overwhelming chaos there as a “circumstance.”

Joe Biden Administration Plans ‘Reset’ with Palestinians

Joe Biden Administration Plans ‘Reset’ with Palestinians

The Biden caliphate us about to normalize relations with the Palestinians again.

So far, the Biden caliphate has been kissing up to China, Iran, and now the Palestinians.

Do you notice a pattern developing here? The bigger the enemy of this country, the more Biden likes them and the same holds true with most of the Democratic party. At the same time, we are putting our allies won hold.

For instance, we are not expected to sign a trade deal with Great Britain until 2024 while we work feverishly to give China a trade deal that will likely favor them.

Great Britain runs a trade deficit with us while we run a huge deficit against China who has promised to buy large quantities of farm products from the United States but has failed to keep those promises. And in the current reset with Palestinians, they still refuse to recognize the existence of Israel, making peace impossible.

The man Biden tapped to handle Israeli Palestinian relationship is Hady Amr, who was born in Lebanon and who wrote The Need to Communicate: How to Improve U.S. Public Diplomacy with the Islamic World. He also wrote, “The Opportunity of the Obama Era: How Civil Society Can Help Bridge Divides between the United States and a Diverse Muslim World” for the far left wing Brookings Institute.

The memo reads:

“As we reset US relations with the Palestinians, the Palestinian body politic is at an inflection point as it moves towards its first elections in 15 years. At the same time, we [the US] suffer from a lack of connective tissue following the 2018 closure of the PLO office in Washington and refusal of Palestinian Authority leadership to directly engage with our embassy to Israel.”

From Breitbart NewsThe Biden Administration’s approach will return to past formulas, with the two-state solution “based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed land swaps and agreements on security and refugees,” the memo said. The Trump administration maintained that the two-state solution, heavily touted by the Clinton and Obama administrations, had failed on multiple fronts because it does not take into account facts on the ground. The Biden reset plan also calls for the resumption of funding to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA). The Trump administration cut aid to the U.N. agency over allegations of corruption and incitement. The agency drew international criticism after a leaked internal report alleged corruption, sexual misconduct and mismanagement at the agency’s highest levels, and also infamous for spreading antisemitic hate in its schools and employing members of terror organizations and supporters of terror.