MLB Gives All-Star Game To Blue State With Even Stricter Voting Laws Than Georgia

MLB Gives All-Star Game To Blue State With Even Stricter Voting Laws Than Georgia

Remember all that Jim Crow racism that was found in the new Georgia voting law? Yeah, I don’t either, but that didn’t stop the Major League Baseball (MLB) from caving to the radical Woke Supremacy from pulling the All-Star Game from Atlanta and moving it to a new stadium to host.

MLB went woke and is now going out of its way to let Republicans and conservatives know that it doesn’t give a damn if they ever watch professional baseball.

They pulled the game from Atlanta because of the Georgia election integrity law that is pretty much in line with the majority of states on top of most countries around the world. They chose who to award the All-Star Game to blue-state Colorado.

Colorado Governor Jared Polis is a Democrat, and it is one of the very few Democrat-run states out there that has rolled back their COVID-19 restrictions.

“For the first time in 550 days, fans will be welcomed back at Coors Field to cheer on the Rockies during Thursday’s home opener,” the Rockies announced. “Given new safety guidelines and protocols put in place at Coors Field to help protect fans from COVID, health officials feel optimistic about the decision to allow a reduced sized crowd within the stadium.”

Coors Field will still have some restriction guidelines for fans to be allowed to enter the stadium.

Here’s where it shows that the people running the MLB don’t know their butt from their elbow. Colorado has stricter voting laws than Georgia, a lot stricter. For example, Colorado has in-person voting voter ID while Georgia only has voter ID for absentee ballot voting. Colorado mandates signature verification for mail-in ballots that Georgia got rid of, and Georgia only requires the last four of the voter’s Social Security number or their driver’s license number (which I can almost guarantee the Democrats will exploit to cheat next election), and Colorado has a similar ban on food and water being given away to people standing in line to vote by campaign workers that Georgia has.

People asked me why is the food and water in line thing important? “Hey buddy, it’s hot out and you look like you’re sweating there. Here, have an ice-cold bottle of water on Joe Biden,” said the man wearing a “Biden for President,” shirt who works for the Biden campaign.

Not only was it a stupid move to cower to the radicals and pull the game from Atlanta, but OMG-stupid to hand it over to a state that the Woke Supremacy will most certainly scream about if they ever cared enough to find out what’s in Colorado’s voting laws.

The expectations of what the MLB has done will cost Cobb County, Georgia, where the stadium is situated, and estimates say that the surrounding areas will lose $100 million in revenues from tourism.

More than corporate 200 CEOs have caved with the MLB by also opposing election integrity laws like Georgia’s and Colorado’s.

The Democrats and their boot-licking sycophants in the Fake News media have lied about the new Georgia voting law. The Washington Post gave President Joe Biden a Four Pinocchios rating for blatantly lying about the new law when he said it rolled back the time that polls close to 5 pm, saying that it will hurt working people because they just get off from work at that time and they won’t be able to vote. The fact of the matter is the polls are open in Georgia from 7 am to 7 pm. The new Georgia law actually expands voting time for early voting as well. Biden just blatantly lied.

So why all the lying? What the Woke Supremacy is upset about is voter ID. Even though academic studies show that voter ID does not suppress anyone’s vote, Democrats make up whoppers that they do. Even the radical left of Lenin’s website Vox knows it’s not true. Voter ID is strong election integrity, and that scares the daylights out of Democrats who can’t win races without cheating. Without any credible reason to be against voter ID Democrats played the race card and said that having to show ID to vote is worse than Jim Crow, even though a black person who shows ID to vote knows that their vote is secure because they had to show ID. Democrats want to cheat and voter ID shuts that down.

Democrats are so terrified of voter ID they say things they don’t even realize are insulting the very people they claim to be fighting for. For example, Democrats will tell you that black people are too stupid to be able to get a voter ID. They won’t actually use the word stupid, they’ll use a much more flowery way of saying it, but you get the point. Democrats will also tell you that black voters are too stupid to learn how to get on the Internet to apply for a voter ID. How much more insulting can they be to black people and people of color who already have photo IDs because you can’t do anything in this country without one?

The bottom line is the MLB and hundreds of other corporations made the choice to say “screw you” to 40 percent of their buying market and with luck that bottom line will affect all of theirs until they get the point.

State Legislature Reminds Coloradans Of Their First Amendment Rights Ahead of Thanksgiving

State Legislature Reminds Coloradans Of Their First Amendment Rights Ahead of Thanksgiving

A state legislature from Colorado is pushing back against the executive orders of politicians and the recommendations of health officials to

In a letter to his constituents on November 17th, Mark Baisley (R) encouraged Coloradans that their constitutional rights could not be suspended.

“It is important for Americans to realize that, in spite of their good intentions, neither a Governor, a President-elect nor I as your State Representative have the constitutional authority to restrict the number of family members who gather in your home,” he wrote.

“You have a constitutionally guaranteed right of assembly and association, specifically protected in the First Amendment.”

He also recognized that for many, Thanksgiving is a religious observance, and therefore, also protected by the First Amendment.

He reminded his constituents that “the Constitution is not suspended because of a pandemic.”

Baisley ended the letter by quoting from a landmark 1866 U.S. Supreme Court decision:

“The Constitution of the United States is a law for rulers and people, equal in war and in peace, and covers with the shield of its protection all classes of men, at all times, and under all circumstances. No doctrine involving more pernicious (malicious) consequences was ever invented by the wit of man than that any of its provisions can be suspended during any of the great exigencies (emergencies) of government. Such a doctrine leads directly to anarchy or despotism.”

Ex parte Milligan

On Tuesday, Colorado Governor Jared Polis (D) announced new coronavirus restrictions in response to rising COVID cases. Under Polis’ new restrictions, indoor dining is prohibited, gym capacities are reduced from 25% to 10%, and private gatherings are prohibited.

Polis is one of many governors and politicians attempting to curb COVID-19 cases by prohibiting private gatherings.

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee recently told Washingtonians that “it’s just too dangerous to gather indoors” this Thanksgiving. He, too, has prohibited private gatherings that mix various households together.

Several other governors and mayors nationwide are enacting prohibitions on private indoor gatherings, or just strongly encouraging residents to refrain from inviting members of other households to Thanksgiving.

Violent Rioters Torch Courthouses In California And Colorado, Attack Police, Chant Racial Slurs

Violent Rioters Torch Courthouses In California And Colorado, Attack Police, Chant Racial Slurs

Peaceful protesters in California and Colorado did nothing violent last night unless you consider attacking the police, burning courthouses and assaulting people is violent. Evidently Democrats and the mainstream media doesn’t.

They champion the domestic terrorists in their cities and states.

The Oakland Police Department asked the more peaceful demonstrators to help with the rioters but to no avail.

The rioters were breaking windows and yelling racial slurs at the local residents. The rioters set the  Alameda County Superior Courthouse on fire.


In Colorado things were not much better. The Aurora Colorado police force pleaded with the rioters not to riot. That’s like asking Adan Schiff not to lie.


The department announced the following to the rioters:

“There has been a fire started inside of an office in the courthouse. Protesters need to leave the area immediately.

The fire has been extinguished. It does not appear to have spread anywhere else inside of the building.

Protesters needs to leave the area or are subject to arrest. You can safely exit the area to the south.”


Colorado State Rep. Dave Williams has asked President Trump to send in federal agents as Gov Jared Polis has done nothing to stop the violence, like every other Democratic governor has failed to do.

Rep Williams sent a very lengthy and detailed letter to the president in hopes that further violence be avoided if possible.

Despite Colorado Law, Many Essential Employees Not Wearing Masks, Should We Shame Them?

Despite Colorado Law, Many Essential Employees Not Wearing Masks, Should We Shame Them?

CBS4 Investigates found several employees at two local Home Depots not wearing masks while helping customers.

We get investigative reporting and it’s purpose. And we also understand that masks can help protect people from the virus. But should we be shaming people for not wearing masks? Especially if you are wearing one yourself? Now there are reports of neighbors complaining because others in the neighborhood aren’t wearing masks while walking on the sidewalk. The concern is where will this lead. Will others start attacking those not wearing masks because of the hype media is creating around it? Many want everyone to just follow the herd and wear the masks required. In the end, we can be assured of one thing, if you have strong concerns about your health and safety then take precautions to protect yourself. Stay home, order in, wear masks and other protective gear. Because we cannot count on others to protect you from them.

Some stats for Arapahoe County. It has a population of 656,590. There are 2,160 cases and 127 deaths. These cases are far less than 1% of the population.

CSBN Denver. |. By Kati WeisApril 28, 2020

ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – Even though Gov. Jared Polis signed a law requiring essential employees to wear masks or face coverings to slow the spread of coronavirus, especially when interacting with the public, CBS4 Investigates found several employees at two local Home Depots not wearing masks while helping customers. So, CBS4 Investigates went undercover to find out why.

On April 20, at least four employees were spotted not wearing masks at the Home Depot on Gun Club Road in Aurora.


On April 23, three other employees were seen not wearing a mask. While wearing an undercover camera, CBS4 Investigator Kati Weis asked one of the employees why.

“I don’t like it, and I have asthma, so it’s kind of a liability,” the employee said. “If I get it, I get it.”

Asked about the state law, the employee said, “I mean, you’re not going to make a law telling me what I can and can’t wear.”

Another employee said while Home Depot had provided masks to employees, he was waiting to wear his own.

“I’m going to be putting on one, I special-ordered one, I just got it yesterday,” the employee said.

Asked about the state law requiring essential employees to wear one, the employee said, “If you’re in a restaurant, yeah.”

On the morning of April 27, three more employees were not wearing masks while on the job at the Home Depot on Arapahoe Road in Greenwood Village. One of those employees said he wasn’t wearing one, because, “I just don’t like it.”

That employee also said, “I don’t think it’s a store policy that we have to.”

The Centers for Disease Control says wearing a mask is important, because “the virus can spread between people interacting in close proximity … even if those people are not exhibiting symptoms.”

Dan Hunter, of Arvada, said he saw the same problem when he went to a Home Depot in his community a couple weeks ago.

“What wearing a mask does for people that aren’t aware that they’re sick, it protects other people, not themselves, that’s what I was concerned about is that, well, they don’t seem to care about me I guess,” Hunter said.

A spokesperson for Home Depot said the company will be following up with the Arapahoe County store locations mentioned in this report.

(credit: CBS)

“We’re providing non-medical masks to all associates to wear while at work and will follow up with these two locations,” a spokesperson for Home Depot wrote to CBS4. “We’ve been partnering with the state and local officials for some time to share our efforts to keep our associates and customers safe. We’ll continue to ensure our stores are in compliance as we work to provide essential items to our customers and communities.”

Source: Despite Colorado Law, Many Essential Employees At Stores In Arapahoe County Still Not Wearing Masks