ZOA Slams ‘Deeply Troubling’ Tweets of House Committee, Ilhan Omar on Holocaust Remembrance Day

ZOA Slams ‘Deeply Troubling’ Tweets of House Committee, Ilhan Omar on Holocaust Remembrance Day

ZOA (Zionist Organization of America) is lashing out at Ilhan Omar for tweets they take as being anti-Semitic.  From Ilhan Omar? Say it ain’t so, Joe. She has a long history of anti-Semitism but this comes as the remembrance of the holocaust is going on. In addition of blasting Omar, ZOA head Morton Klein expressed his “deep concern” over an official HFA tweet that acknowledged that six million were killed but it did not mention they were Jews.

Klein, who was born in a displaced persons camp in Germany and is a child of holocaust survivors referred to the omission as both “incomprehensible and reprehensible.”  Klein went on to say that the Nazis killed six million Jews of which 2 million were children. The sting of Omar’s tweets is possibly hurting him much worse than the average Jew.

Klein also slammed Omar for a personal tweet of hers which he also deemed antisemitic.

In the tweet, Omar describes Israel as “a wealthy country that’s getting $3.8 billion a year from America. Yet their Ambassador has the audacity to complain about $150 million going to Palestinian refugees,” before adding, “Shameful.”

Klein wrote:

In her Yom HaShoa Day tweet, antisemitic BDS-promoter Omar wrongly referred to the Jewish State as “wealthy,” condemned the military assistance that enables Israel to defend herself from Arab/Muslim terrorists, and even condemned Israel for expressing concern that the Biden administration is renewing sending hundreds of millions of dollars to UNRWA (whom Omar misleadingly referred to as “Palestinian refugees”).

Israel-hater Omar ignored the fact that UNRWA, which will receive hundreds of millions of dollars of U.S. taxpayer funds, teaches Arab children to hate and commit violence against Jews and Israel, in their textbooks and schools. UNRWA also has operations with the murderous terrorist group Hamas.  

UNRWA is the United Nations organization that runs schools in Palestinian territory that teaches young children jihad.

They teach us that Jews are bad people”; “I am ready to stab a Jew and drive a car over them”: “I will run a car into the Jews”; “We have to constantly stab [the Jews], drive over them and shoot them”; “Stabbing and running over Jews brings dignity to the Palestinian people”; “I’m going to run [the Jews] over and stab them with knives”; “I am prepared to be a suicide bomber”; and “With Allah’s help, I will fight for ISIS.”


Ilhan Omar Calls Out Biden Administration, Introduces Bill To Sanction Mohammad bin Salman

Ilhan Omar Calls Out Biden Administration, Introduces Bill To Sanction Mohammad bin Salman

Ilhan Omar is calling out the Biden administration for refusing to sanction Mohammad Bin Salman after it was revealed that he personally okayed the torture and killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

The Biden administration decided not to sanction bin Salman for fear it would harm US Saudi relations. Ilhan prefers the more radical Muslims. She complained that Congress was not informed of the attack in Syria.

I can understand why they did not disclose that information beforehand. The more radical elements in the Democratic party might have warned the Iranians.

If Trump had done this, he would have been impeached….again. But since it is a Democrat charging him with a crime would be racist, xenophobic and white supremacy.

Biden has taken some heat over the raid on Iranian assets in Syria.

Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar introduced legislation to sanction Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman on Tuesday after the U.S, intelligent report named bin Salman as the one who sanctioned the attack on Khashoggi. S

he named the Biden administration in the offering of her bill.

She wrote:

“Starting with the Biden Administration, it is vital for all world leaders to ask themselves if they are prepared to shake hands with a person whose culpability as a murder has been proven.”

The bill calls for bin Salman’s assets to be frozen, any transactions between bin Salman and the U.S. be cancelled and his ability to travel to the United States be immediately revoked.

From The Daily Caller

The report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence said the Crown Prince directly ordered his own security detail to “capture or kill” Khashoggi, a Saudi dissident who previously wrote for The Washington Post. Saudi Arabia’s foreign ministry has called the report “negative, false, and unacceptable,” rejecting any responsibility for the assassination.

President Biden was hesitant to directly sanction bin Salman due to concerns it would strain the diplomatic partnership between the U.S. and Riyadh, according to The New York Times. The administration has said it is pursuing a “recalibration” of the relationship between the two countries.

Ilhan Omar Accuses Minneapolis Police of Being ‘Unwilling to Work’ Even Though They Get No Support From City Leadership

Ilhan Omar Accuses Minneapolis Police of Being ‘Unwilling to Work’ Even Though They Get No Support From City Leadership

Representative Ilhan Omar said the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) is low on officers because cops are “unwilling to work.”

MPD just began 2021 with about 200 fewer officers than it had at the start of 2020 after losing 105 cops during a year filled with riots and anti-police sentiment. During a usual year, the department would expect to lose just over 40 officers. The city now has just 638 active officers.

A lot of the cops who aren’t showing up for work are claiming PTSD, Chief Medaria Arradondo and Financial Director Robin McPherson recently explained to the Minneapolis City Council.

However, Omar and her district director, Kendal Killian, apparently don’t see validity in these claims.

“The police are just refusing to come to work,” the congresswoman claimed in a recent Twitter post.

Well, first off, that’s a lie.   I’m sorry, but to say that Minneapolis hasn’t passed a single policy that changes the makeup of the police department is a lie.  Minneapolis City Council recently voted to cancel the Minneapolis Police Department but to keep the police officers.  The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that the plan these geniuses came up with will create a new Department of Public Safety which will have “additional divisions … to provide for a comprehensive approach to public safety beyond law enforcement.”  I bet the people of Minneapolis are feeling safer already.

At first, the Minneapolis City Council voted to abolish the police department, and now they are making good on that promise even though they are lying by claiming they’re not abolishing the police department, they’re just getting rid of it and replacing it with another department they just made up.

On June 12 the City Council voted unanimously to support a pledge to abolish the police causing a massive exodus of cops.

Back in June, even Axios wrote that Omar supported the idea of dismantling the police department.

Kendal Killian, Omar’s District Director also made a similar statement, alleging that the high erosion rate of Minneapolis police officers is because the cops  would “rather snowmobile than do their jobs.”

This know-nothing fool once berated Minneapolis cops calling them “insecure babies” and “cowards” and “scardy-cats [sic]” and said that supporting law enforcement was “an attempt to maintain white supremacy.”  This guy is a whackjob and he works for an elected member of the US House of Representatives.

Nonetheless, the Minneapolis police tell a very different story.

One officer wrote an op-ed that appeared in the Star Tribune where she specifically said. “I did not retire because I wanted to retire, despite many thinking 37 years was enough. I didn’t feel as if I was done just yet. I still had a mission to complete and that is what makes leaving difficult.”

Kim Voss, the officer who wrote the op-ed added that the total lack of support from city leadership after police officers were attacked by a mob of animals, many of who now suffer from PTSD.  Yokels like Omar and her sidekick Killian go on to say how horrifying it was for members of Congress on January 6 compared to cops who have had thousands of people in their face wanting to kill them.

“It’s hard to get up every day and be happy to go to your job feeling like damaged goods,” she said. “I received over 4,000 voicemails of vitriolic hate, and I didn’t have a phone left or a desk to put a phone on. My office had been firebombed.”

What happened to George Floyd at the hands of several Minneapolis cops was a horrible scene and his death a tragedy.   Even though it has been shown by the coroner that Floyd didn’t die by the officers but by an overdose of fentanyl, it still was a horrifying scene.   But there is no justification for what happened afterward when mobs of violent rioters and looters went through the city and destroyed everything they could get their hands on.   It seems that the politicians in City Council, the Mayor’s office, and even the Governor’s office were scared to death that the violent mob would go after them, so it appears that they came down on the cops and used them as the scapegoat to show that they were on the right side of the Woke Supremacy.  But their actions have harmed the city more than any mob because they are dismantling the police force and causing a massive exodus of good cops.  The people of Minneapolis will be hurt the most.

GOP Lawmakers Move to Oust Ilhan Omar From Committees in Response to Democratic Measure Against Marjorie Taylor Greene

GOP Lawmakers Move to Oust Ilhan Omar From Committees in Response to Democratic Measure Against Marjorie Taylor Greene

The GOP in the House will be attempting to oust Ilhan Omar from her committees because of her blatant anti-Semitism. It is an exercise in futility because anti-Semitism is a major plank in the Liberal ideology. During their 2012 Democratic national Convention, Democrats booed Israel and God. Democrats are playing with fire. By 2023, Republicans will be in charge of the House and it will be payback time.

The Democrats have been trying to oust Republicans from the House and Senate ever since the election. They will try some more. I look for Democrats to oust her from her committees but fully exonerate Omar over her anti-Semitic rhetoric. The Republicans will have a wide range of targets,

They could go after Adam Schiff for leaking and lying. Maxine Waters for telling extremists to accost GOP officials in restaurants and public places. Omar for anti-Semitism. AOC probably won’t be back as Democrats do away with her House District. But if she is there, she could be booted for claiming Ted Cruz almost got her murdered in the Capitol Building even though she wasn’t even there.

The Democrats are trying to take away the committee assignments of Marjorie Taylor Greene over her posts about conspiracy theories. But, if that is a violation, half of the Democrats should get bumped for peddling the Russia Collusion Hoax. Or they now debunked story about Trump being deep in debt to China. A charge you could easily make against Joe Biden whom prefers America’s enemies such as China and Iran over American interests.

From The Blaze

This week, in order to reprimand her as well as to show disapproval to House Republican leadership, Democrats have drawn up a resolution that would strip Greene of her committee assignments. The measure is expected to be considered and debated Wednesday.

But on Tuesday, a group of Republicans filed an amendment to that resolution that would also remove Omar from her assignments “in light of conduct she has exhibited.” While in Congress, Omar has served on the Budget, Foreign Affairs, and Education and Labor Committees.

The amendment was reportedly sponsored by Reps. Brian Babin (R-Texas), Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.), Jody Hice (R-Ga.), Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.), and Ronny Jackson (R-Texas).

According to Pergram, in the amendment, the group cited Omar’s frequent anti-Semitic comments as grounds for dismissal.

Last summer, Journalist David Steinberg  told BlazeTV host Glenn Beck:

“Essentially, almost everything she put her name on for eight years was perjury or fraud. And it all adds up to likely the most extensive spree of state and federal felonies by an elected congressperson in U.S. history. I really have no other way to put it.”

She also pumped $2.7 million into her husbands’ company.

SmackDown: James O’Keefe of Project Veritas Successfully Fact Checks Yahoo News And Exposes Ilhan Omar Again

SmackDown: James O’Keefe of Project Veritas Successfully Fact Checks Yahoo News And Exposes Ilhan Omar Again

James O’Keefe, the founder of Project Veritas, released a press statement announcing that he had gotten a retraction from a Yahoo News reporter, who had attempted to discredit the group’s recent work exposing a ballot harvesting scheme in US rep. Ilhan Omar’s Minnesota district.

“This is where journalists’ reputations are sent to die. Where we post our retractions,” O’Keefe said, prior to playing his awesome “Retracto” theme song.

“John Ward, the Senior Political Reporter at Yahoo News, was trying to undermind our journalism by claiming that our group alleged illegal harvesting, but we showed it, we didn’t allege it,” O’Keefe said.

“He had to update his article, ” O’Keefe said, “that is going on our wall of shame”.

The video is quite witty. However, the topic is somber.

The focus of O’Keefe’s Ballot Harvesting investigation was arrested for ballot harvesting and faced 20 years in prison, according to O’Keefe. His press statement follows:

On Friday, “Project Veritas is inducting Yahoo’s Senior Political Correspondent Jon Ward to our infamous Wall of Shame. Ward, like other “journalists” before him, claimed that Minnesota law allowed for an individual to harvest more than three ballots at a time. Obviously, that’s fake news. You can watch my response to Ward here”:

In the statement, O’Keefe said:

“Hey Jon, do your homework before you attack Project Veritas’ credibility.

All you had to do was look up basic laws in place in Minnesota, but your emotions and dislike for Project Veritas spoke louder, unfortunately.

These media people are what they hate. They project onto me what they are.

Now, Ward’s retraction is just another portrait we will be adding to our Wall of Shame. It will live there forever.”

Project Veritas produced a three-part series on the Omar campaign’s connection with balloting harvesting in her most recent election to office.


I covered that story here:

“James O’Keefe, the founder and CEO of Project Veritas, an undercover activist group of citizen journalists and investigators, has exposed US Rep.

Ilhan Omar’s connection to a voter fraud scheme called “Ballot Harvesting,” with videos that expose people close to Omar confessing to illegal activating in her last election. Ballot harvesting is expected to be a serious problem for the 2020 General Election in November, adding urgency to this expose of O’Keefe’s, which should cause Americans to take note of the broader Ballot Harvest schemes of the Democrat Party.”

Yahoo News had attempted to give cover to Omar’s campaign and thereby help Omar avoid public scrutiny, which is one of the roles mainstream media, like yahoo, provides to assist the established media.

The way Democrats harvest Ballots is a critical issue for the American voter to understand because it, in fact, causes hundreds of millions of Americans to have their real voters disenfranchised.

Project Veritas has been using its platform to educate Americans on the corruption behind Ballot Harvesting:

“UNBELIEVABLE: @MaggieAstor claims @Project_Veritas #BallotHarvesting video was “deceptive” because she couldn’t “verify” unnamed sources. Lawyers now ADMIT that “using unnamed sources is a common journalistic practice and generally accepted” #ExposeNYT”

Ilhan Omar Spreads the Lie That Trump Tried To Get Georgia Secretary of State to Cheat, Wants Him Impeached

Ilhan Omar Spreads the Lie That Trump Tried To Get Georgia Secretary of State to Cheat, Wants Him Impeached

Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN), the rabid anti-Semite bigot in the House of Representatives, is calling for President Trump’s impeachment after leaked audio recordings showed that he attempted to pressure a Georgia official to overturn the 2020 presidential election results.  Of course, that’s not at all what happened, and no one will hold Omar responsible.

This is because Omar is nothing more than a left-wing political hack who will use anything to trash her opponents including lies.  She is scum.

Omar said the Constitution did not “make exceptions” for individuals based on the amount of time they had left in office, which is just over two weeks for Trump, and that he must be held accountable for efforts to “overthrow our democracy.”

“The president’s effort to openly overturn our election results by putting pressure on the Republican Secretary of State of Georgia is a crime, plain and simple,” Omar wrote in a statement.

“The constitutional remedy for a high crime and misdemeanor committed by the president of the United States is clear: impeachment.”

On the leaked audio, Trump seemed to pressure Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to “find” enough votes in the state to deliver him a victory in the state over Joe Biden.

Here’s the problem.  Prior to that point in the conversation, the president pointed out the tens of thousands of votes that were fraudulent based on evidence revealed during the legislative hearings in Georgia with expert testimony and the testimony of whistleblowers who worked in the vote-counting centers who revealed what they saw.  The Washington Post released the audio, but they focused only on the point where trump made that statement, taking it completely out of context, and leftist scumbags like Omar just went with it. The audio is the full recording, but they focused on that point without revealing what came beforehand.

Like everything else they did to this president over the last 4 years they set him up yet again with lies.

And the lamestream news media continue to report that Trump is arguing “unfounded claims” that he won the state “very substantially,” yet they too refuse to reveal the evidence that was brought out in the hearings.

Most people who make these types of arguments against the president’s claims don’t even know that there were legislative hearings in all the key battleground states. CNN and MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, none of them covered the hearings at all, the hearings where there are expert witnesses who testified using the voter data itself, and whistleblowers who just reveal what they saw.  They all signed affidavits upon penalty of perjury, but you are being gaslighted by the mainstream media and lying politicians like Ilhan Omar.

Here is just one example of an expert witness who testifies during the Georgia legislature hearings on election fraud.  Mark Davis is a numbers guy.  He has been an expert witness in court for giving separate election cases in the past.  If a court deems you an expert it means that they have to accept what you say as gospel truth.

Davis points out that there were over 40,000 people in Georgia who moved from one county to another and did not inform the state, yet they voted anyway.  Georgia law says they were not allowed to vote, they were ineligible, and yet they voted.

The expert witness also testifies that there were thousands of people who to the USPS that they moved out of the state of Georgia and yet they voted anyway.

Just watch this video, and you will know a truth that is not being revealed by the media.  It’s only 18 and a half minutes long, but so worth your time.

The most important part of Davis’ testimony will never be talked about by Democrats, because it concerns something that they have used for over a decade to cheat.  Davis mentioned the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA) where secretaries of state in all 50 states are forced to keep bad voter data on their voter rolls. We’re talking about dead people and people who moved out of state, they must be maintained on the voter rolls for a certain number of years.  The Democrats gave all kinds of flowery reasons for the necessity of such a law, but in reality what they do is they get ahold of those names and addresses, its public information, and they use those names and addresses to register to vote and then to vote in those people’s names.  How else do you think dead people vote? They don’t vote because they’re dead!  However, Democrat political operatives are using their identities to vote in elections.

“I won this election by hundreds of thousands of votes. There’s no way I lost Georgia. There’s no way,” Trump said on the call. “So look. All I want to do is this. I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have because we won the state.”

Sounds bad, right?  Sure, but not when it’s put into the proper context, which is something the Democrat-loving media will never do when it’s about a Republican.

Trump had just gotten done talking about a number of fraudulent votes where in each category of fraud were much higher than the 11,780 he needed to win the state.  Donald Trump is not a politician, so he doesn’t speak like a politician.  If I had to translate what the president said it was, “I just told you about tens or hundreds of thousands of fraudulent votes that you can expose, though all I need is 11,780 to beat the cheat.”  And the Trump haters turned that into a crime.

Ilhan Omar Falsely Accuses Israel of ‘Ethnic Cleansing’

Ilhan Omar Falsely Accuses Israel of ‘Ethnic Cleansing’

Noted anti-Semite and brother marryer, Ilhan Omar has condemned Israel for ethnic cleansing after they tore down an illegal Bedouin village built on a live fire range on the West Bank. No one was killed. So, just how it is supposed to be ethnic cleansing I have no idea. The case had been fought in court for over a year but in the end, the Bedouins did not own the land.

Omar who sits on the House Foreign Affairs Committee claims that it was a very grave crime to evict the squatters and even said it may have violated US law. But the area where the village was illegally built was designated as a live fire area way back in 1972. There is no building allowed on that land. Israel did not touch the village until they had exhausted all legal means to keep their homes.

Ilhan Omar@IlhanMN·US House candidate, MN-5This a grave crime—in direct violation of international law. If they used any US equipment it also violates US law. An entire community is now homeless and will likely experience lifelong trauma. The United States of America should not be bankrolling ethnic cleansing. Anywhere.Quote Tweet

AFP news agency@AFP · Nov 4Israel’s army has demolished the homes of nearly 80 Palestinian Bedouins in the occupied West Bank, officials and witnesses said Wednesday, in a rare operation targeting an entire community at once http://u.afp.com/3jtX

The Times of Israel noted:

Israel declared the area to be a live-fire zone in 1972, according to court filings. Humsa’s Bedouin residents appealed to the Israeli High Court to cancel their campsite’s impending demolition. In 2019, the court rejected the petition and ruled the herders had no right to stay in the area.

While Israeli military law forbids the expulsion of permanent residents from a firing zone, the High Court ruled that Khirbet Humsa’s residents did not meet that standard.

“The petitioners have no recognized property rights in these areas. These are intruders who use these areas for grazing,” the High Court said.

In their decision, the High Court said that the evacuation would also serve the personal safety of the residents, due to the army’s presence in the area. Moreover, “the construction in the area has not been authorized and is illegal,” the court ruled.

Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar Join Event Organized By Blogger Who Said ‘America Deserved 9/11’

Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar Join Event Organized By Blogger Who Said ‘America Deserved 9/11’

The duet of Hate America First has attended an event by a planner who said the United States deserved 9/11. This came just a couple of days when Ilhan Omar said that she loved America more than President Trump. She was joined by AOC, and that was by no mistake. People are always drawn to people who think like them.

Hasan Piker, a vlogger who infamously said in 2019 that “America deserved 9/11 organized the event. Piker is a New Turk commentator who once mocked US military hero Dan Crenshaw:

“This guy has the understanding of foreign policy of, like, a 12-year-old. What the f***? What the f*** is wrong with this dude? Didn’t he go to war and like literally lose his eye because some mujahideen — a brave f***ing soldier — f***ed his eye hole with their d**? Isn’t that how he f***ing lost his dumba** eye, because he got his f***ing eye hole f***ed by a brave soldier?”

After, he was slammed for his remarks he said:

“Americas foreign policy decisions has lead (sic) to 911. this would’ve been a controversial thing to say in 2001. stop being a f***ing idiot. We supplied arms to and trained bin laden. we destabilized the region long before 911. and now we’re stuck in perpetual war, which Dan Crenshaw was trying to justify in that clip. it’s exactly this kind of attitude that has sent thousands of young men and women overseas to die.”

“It’s messed up that I would even give the opportunity to the right to try to morally grandstand on an issue like this, when they are 100% responsible for all the bloodshed that’s been caused.”

The Washington Free Beacon said that the event was set up to get people to vote.

For whom?

Joseph Stalin?

From The Daily Wire

After Piker’s vile 2019 comments targeting Crenshaw, the Texas Congressman responded that Piker “seems to confuse ‘Improvised Explosive Device’ with some weird terrorist fantasy. Lol sorry for triggering you Hasan.” Crenshaw added, “You’re no Pete Davidson, stop trying so hard.”

“Dan was hit by an IED blast during a mission in Helmand province, Afghanistan,” the Republican’s campaign website explains. “He was evacuated and awoke from his medically induced coma learning that his right eye had been destroyed in the blast and his left eye was still present, but badly damaged. Dan was completely blind and the doctors did not believe he would ever see again. Tara stood by him every day and night, keeping faith and praying he would see again. After several difficult surgeries, he eventually regained sight in his left eye, a miracle according to the head surgeon.”

New EVIDENCE Supports Allegations of Ilhan Omar’s ‘Extensive Spree’ of Felonies

New EVIDENCE Supports Allegations of Ilhan Omar’s ‘Extensive Spree’ of Felonies

As is par for the course, the lamestream media is looking the other way despite a mountain of evidence that Ilhan Omar has committed many crimes both in coming here and the things she has done since she has been here. But, one man who doesn’t look the other way is investigative journalist David Steinberg.

Steinberg who has worked long and hard on this story was on with Glenn Beck and laid out the multitude of crimes she has committed without any consequences. And there are many crimes to document.

Steinberg said:

“It’s over. There’s really nothing left. It’s all … the publicly available documentation that anyone would need to be convinced that, for eight years, [Omar] married her brother to commit immigration fraud.

And this marriage fraud also was in the service of education fraud/student loan fraud. And along the line, we have evidence, that she filed at least two years of fraudulent tax returns, possibly eight [years].

We have evidence that she perjured herself eight times during her 2017 divorce from this man. And along the way, of course, we know she was living in public housing. We also know she was likely receiving subsidized child care.”

She is a historic legislator though. As far as we know, she is the first member of congress to have ever been married to their biological brother. She has openly committed tax fraud at least twice and as many as eight times.

She went to college on the taxpayer’s dime along with her brother. If you or I would have committed just 1/3 of the crimes she has they would lock us up and throw away the key.

Steinberg told Beck that he now has an airtight case against Omar, some of it it all in public records that would be impossible for her to deny. Of course, she has never denied any of this. She just refuses to talk about it.

I understand why she takes that position but what about ICE, various government agencies including the IRS take the same position.

If she is innocent, she should have the leeway to do just that and clear her name, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.