Gavin Newsom Tells Californians They Are Never Going Back To Normal After COVID Because of ‘Acceptance of Inequality’

Gavin Newsom Tells Californians They Are Never Going Back To Normal After COVID Because of ‘Acceptance of Inequality’

During his State of the State Address, California Governor Gavin Newsom said that California is NOT going back to normal AFTER the pandemic.

Folks, that’s a brilliant message to send to an agitated constituency after a year of winging it through the COVID-19 response always tending to be on the totalitarian side with a lot of hypocrisy blended in.

Do you know that saying that whatever starts in California eventually makes its way across the country?  Be forewarned folks, because this bullschtein wasn’t done off the cuff.  It’s a precursor test to see how much backlash comes of it.  If you do not complain then it will come to your town too.

We’ve always known that the Democrats are a group of hypocrites who hate the middle class, or the Great Unwashed if you will.  They hate them because Democrats think they are better than them, that filthy middle-class voters should be thankful for them and they’re not.  It’s because the Great Unwashed are people who are not sophisticated like them.  They look down on them even though for years they claimed to live and breathe just to make their lives better.  It was always a lie.

Elected Democrats have now moved into the phase of preparing for total communism.  Don’t take that as hyperbole.  That would be a mistake.  The difference between socialism and communism, at least the main difference, is that under communism, the electorate no longer has the impression that what they want matters.

The Democrats hated having to appease the Great Unwashed for so long and now they have come to realize they don’t need them anymore.  They no longer need to kiss up to the Great Unwashed for their votes.  They have special voting systems now and that’s all that matters.  I know we’re not supposed to talk about that, but isn’t that fact the deciding factor that pushed Democrat tyrants over the edge, the comfort of knowing no matter what they do they will always remain in power?  Now they can openly do whatever they want without having to worry about the backlash.

Socialists/Communists have always believed that it was their destiny to create a utopian heaven on earth in their eyes and if the Great Unwashed are resistant then they will do it by force, because it’s good for them, even though Democrats in charge hate them because they don’t love and accept their “wisdumb.”  This image they have of a utopian society doesn’t really include the Great Unwashed.  They see a Brave New World kind of society where they get to live in comfort without having to do much physical work while the Great Unwashed does everything else, and they are thankful.  At least the Woke Supremacy will believe they are thankful, and they will never have to deal with the Great Unwashed again.

This right now is a pivotal moment in our history.  If we allow the Gavin Newsoms to get away with their Great Reset we will go past the point where we can do anything about it.  The window is closing.

Gavin Newsom gave his State of the State speech from an empty Dodger Stadium, probably just to rub it in, where he vowed to deliver a New And Improved Normal, but it went over about as well as the revelations of when he dined out at a French restaurant with his rich friends and no one wore masks or socially distanced at the dinner even though he had forced a mask mandate and lockdowns on the Great Unwashed clearly revealing that the whole mask mandate thing was nothing more than the new socialist’s uniform that people will wear.  And you will wear them!

His speech was the stuff that recall elections are made of:

From excerpts of his speech, Newsom said “we’re not going back to normal” because “normal accepts inequity.”  What the hell does that leftist gobbledygook have to do with the COVID pandemic?  Thanks to this guy the only company doing great in California is U-Haul.

The governor went on to say that this acceptance of inequality is why Latinos died from COVID at a higher rate than any other racial groups in the state, why wages earned by essential workers aren’t enough to live on, and other things designed to support a power grab.


I am so sick of hearing Democrat politicians say that a virus or our system to deal with a virus is racist.  Some group of people had to be the top one to catch the virus, and apparently, Democrats are angry it wasn’t CIS white men.  If more Latinos caught the virus than any other group it’s not because our hospitals who by law must accept anyone without regard to being able to pay are racist.  It’s not racism that causes poverty in the United States in 2021.  There are no laws that allow racism in our health care industry.  There are COVID laws however that put many Hispanics and others out of work because of the virus.

I would have to say that Gavin Newsom is a deadly virus because he’s the one who created the skyrocketing unemployment numbers in his state harming millions of lives through mandates of mitigation for a virus that he himself doesn’t take seriously enough to mask up and socially distance himself from his rich friends at a French restaurant!

This clown used Dodgers Stadium as a prop for showing how many Californians have died under his leadership.  While the Woke Supremacy blamed Donald Trump for every new case and every death from coronavirus, these tyrants feel they can say anything because after all, it’s not their fault.  It’s Donald Trump’s fault.

The message Newsom sent by using a backdrop that only makes people remember they can no longer go to sporting events because of him has to be the most oblivious, least-caring, tone-deaf messaging ever given to a population that has been forced into lockdown for about a year where small businesses have been put out of business forever, where their children are facing psychological problems for being forced into at-home virtual learning and they have no idea how they’re going to pay their bills.  And Newsom is telling them that he’s going to use the Great Reset to upend their lives even more for things they have no control over.

If Gavin Newsom believes California is systemically racist through government policy then he has nowhere else to look but at the Democratic Party of California.  Democrats have enjoyed supermajorities in the California state legislature for over a decade and they had regular majorities in both houses of the legislature since 1996.  The state’s largest cities, Los Angeles and San Francisco have been run by progressive Democrats for decades.   Democrats also run most of the smaller cities and towns as well.   It is a one-party state and has been for a very long time.  If the state is systemically racist because of the “system” then it’s because of the Democratic Party, because the Republicans have no power to be able to screw things up.

You cannot call it oppression when you keep voting for it, and apparently, there are enough people in California who keep voting for it.

Supreme Court Strikes Down Gavin Newsom’s Lockdown Ban on Church Worship Services

Supreme Court Strikes Down Gavin Newsom’s Lockdown Ban on Church Worship Services

As our nations founders were debating what should be included in our Constitution, they included several protection for the citizenry while adding restriction s on the power of the federal government.

First Amendment to the United States Constitution

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Churches in California received a major victory today when the Supreme Court struck down California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s ban on indoor worship services. The unsigned decision follow quickly on the heels of a major ruling at Thanksgiving striking down a New York ordinance severely limiting church attendance to as low as 10 people.

The Supreme Court on Thursday sided with a California church challenging Newsom’s order. The unsigned order had no dissents as the nation’s highest court tossed out an order from the federal district judge Central District of California, which had upheld Newsom’s restrictions.

The justices vacated the district judge’s ruling and sent the case back down to the lower court for further consideration in light of its ruling in Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn, which struck down New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s restrictions.

U.S. Supreme Court granted cert and vacated the lower court orders involving the emergency petition of Harvest Rock Church and Harvest International Ministry. The Court stated in its order:

“The application for injunctive relief, presented to Justice Kagan and by her referred to the Court, is treated as a petition for a writ of certiorari before judgment, and the petition is granted. The September 2 order of the United States District Court for the Central District of California is vacated, and the case is remanded to the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit with instructions to remand to the District Court for further consideration in light of Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn v. Cuomo, 592 U. S. ___ (2020).”

Tuesday, Liberty Counsel filed the final reply brief to the U.S. Supreme Court regarding its request for an injunction pending appeal in the churches’ federal lawsuit against California Governor Gavin Newsom’s unconstitutional worship ban and discriminatory treatment. The emergency petition also requested the extraordinary relief that the Court alternatively consider it as a petition for writ of cert before judgment.

Today, the Supreme Court granted the petition, vacated the lower court orders, and remanded the case for further consideration in light of its ruling last week that granted an injunction pending appeal for churches and synagogues in New York.

The restrictions against places of worship in California are more severe than those in New York. Governor Gavin Newsom’s orders ban ALL in-person worship for 99.1 percent of Californians.

Harvest Rock Church has multiple campuses in California, including in Pasadena, Los Angeles, Irvine and Corona. Harvest International Ministries (HIM) has 162 member churches throughout the state. Irreparable harm is being suffered every day as the churches remain subject to the unconstitutional restrictions, coupled with daily criminal threats, fines, and closure.

The Code Enforcement Division for the City of Pasadena and the Criminal Prosecutor have threatened criminal charges, fines, and closure for being open for worship against the governor’s orders and local health orders. The letters threaten up to one year in prison, daily criminal charges and $1,000 fines against the pastors, staff, and parishioners.

The discrimination has become more obvious and severe in Gov. Newsom’s new “Blueprint” issued on August 28, 2020, which established a system of four Tiers. The “Blueprint” discriminates against religious meetings in churches and places of worship in every Tier. The chart attached to the petition makes this discrimination very clear. For example, the consequence of the sea of purple in the “color-coded executive edict” is that indoor worship services are completely prohibited for 99.1 percent of Californians, including most of Harvest Rock and HIM churches. However, warehouses, big box centers, shopping malls, liquors stores, family entertainment and destination centers, gyms, fitness centers, and museums receive preferential treatment with either no capacity limits or no numerical limits.

Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver said, “Today’s ruling by the Supreme Court provides great relief for churches and places of worship. The handwriting is now on the wall. The final days of Governor Gavin Newsom’s ‘color-coded executive edicts’ banning worship are numbered and coming to an end. It is past time to end these unconstitutional restrictions on places of worship.”

Fed Judge Smacks Down Gavin Newsom’s Special Powers in Emergency COVID-19 order

Fed Judge Smacks Down Gavin Newsom’s Special Powers in Emergency COVID-19 order

The Judge has ruled in our case against Gavin Newsom. We won. The Judge found good cause to issue a permanent injunction restraining the Governor from issuing further unconstitutional orders, and that could potentially affect the election.

Bi-Partisan support: covered the election angle:

California Assemblymen Kevin Kiley and James Gallagher sued to stop California Governor Gavin Newsom’s “one man rule,” as California Globe has reported over several months. They were in Sutter County Superior Court October 21st, arguing that Gov. Gavin Newsom has exceeded his emergency powers in issuing Executive Orders having nothing to do with the coronavirus pandemic crisis.

Monday, State Superior Court Judge Sarah Heckman tentatively ruled in favor of Gallagher (R-Yuba City) and Kiley (R-Rocklin) in their abuse of power lawsuit against Governor Gavin Newsom.

In the tentative ruling, Judge Sarah Heckman declared the Governor’s recent Executive Order N-67-20 unconstitutional. More importantly, Judge Heckman’s tentative ruling places a permanent injunction against the Governor which prevents him from unilaterally making or changing state law moving forward.

Assemblyman Kiley wrote:

The Judge ruled Newsom violated the Constitution. She also issued an injunction restraining the Governor from issuing any more unconstitutional orders. You can read the ruling here.

This marks an end to Gavin Newsom’s one-man rule. It makes clear that the laws of the State of California do not countenance an autocracy under any circumstances – not for a single day, and certainly not for eight months with no end in sight.

The ruling is “tentative,” meaning Newsom has a few days to try to persuade the Judge to change her mind, but it’s rare for a tentative ruling to change. While Newsom can appeal, we are confident the decision is on solid legal ground and will stand.

Kiley and Gallagher argue that California’s Constitution has an explicit separation-of-powers provision, which Gov. Newsom has violated. “A California Governor is constitutionally forbidden from doing the very thing Gov. Newsom has done here: exercise legislative powers,” they said.

Gov. Newsom’s Executive Order to create an all-vote-by-mail-election suspends and substantively changes California’s Elections Code. Gov. Newsom contends that the order “fits comfortably within the Governor’s broad grant of authority under the Emergency Services Act.”

According to KLTA the story is valadated:

A judge on Monday preliminarily ordered California Gov. Gavin Newsom to stop issuing directives related to the coronavirus that might interfere with state law.

Sutter County Superior Court Judge Sarah Heckman tentatively ruled that one of the dozens of executive orders Newsom has issued overstepped his authority and was “an unconstitutional exercise of legislative power.”

She more broadly barred him “from exercising any power under the California Emergency Services Act which amends, alters, or changes existing statutory law or makes new statutory law or legislative policy.”

It’s the second time a judge in the county has reached the same conclusion, which runs counter to other state and federal court decisions backing the governor’s emergency powers. An appeals court quickly stayed the earlier order in June.

Heckman’s decision will become final in 10 days unless Newsom’s attorneys can raise new challenges.

Newsom’s administration is evaluating its next steps and strongly disagrees with the order’s specific limitations, said spokesman Jesse Melgar.

The judge found the California Emergency Services Act itself to be constitutional, and made it clear that Newsom “has the authority, necessary in emergencies, to suspend statutes and issue orders to protect Californians,” he said in a statement.

The case centers on a single Newsom executive order in June requiring election officials to establish hundreds of locations statewide where voters can cast ballots. Lawmakers subsequently approved the same requirement, and the judge’s decision will have no effect on Tuesday’s election.

She acted in a lawsuit brought by Republican Assemblymen James Gallagher and Kevin Kiley, who said Newsom, a Democrat, was single-handedly overriding state laws in the name of keeping Californians safe.

“This is a victory for separation of powers,” the lawmakers said in a joint statement. Newsom “has continued to create and change state law without public input and without the deliberative process provided by the Legislature.”

Heckman wrote in a nine-page decision that the California Emergency Services Act “does not permit the Governor to amend statutes or make new statutes. The Governor does not have the power or authority to assume the Legislature’s role of creating legislative policy and enactments.”

Newsom used his emergency powers to virtually shut down the state and its economy in the early weeks of the pandemic.

“Nobody disputes that there are actions that should be taken to keep people safe during an emergency,” the lawmakers said. “But that doesn’t mean that we put our Constitution and free society on hold by centralizing all power in the hands of one man.”

Kiley compiled a 28-page list of Newsom’s orders that alter existing state laws, from halting evictions to how public meetings are conducted.

The governor also extended deadlines for businesses to renew licenses, file reports, or pay taxes; delayed consumers’ late fees for paying taxes or renewing drivers licenses; suspended school districts’ deadlines and instructional requirements; suspended medical privacy rules; and allowed grocery stores to hand out free single-use bags.

One order allowed couples to be married by video or teleconference, with marriage licenses and certificates digitally signed and sent by email.

Lawmakers of both political parties have criticized Newsom for not properly consulting with them before issuing sweeping orders and budget decisions.

Comedian Rob Schneider Ridicules CA Governor: “Please recall dips*** Gavin Newsom!”

Comedian Rob Schneider Ridicules CA Governor: “Please recall dips*** Gavin Newsom!”

Comedian Rob Schneider lambasted California Governor Gavin Newsom on Twitter over the weekend over California’s newly-released private gathering guidelines for upcoming holiday celebrations.

Earlier this month, the California Department of Public Health released “mandatory requirements” for private gatherings ahead of the holiday season. These requirements include the following:

  • Gatherings should bring together no more than 3 households and should last no longer than 2 hours.
  • All gatherings must be held outside (but no worries, the state has graciously allowed indoor restroom use).
  • Attendees must observe 6-feet social distancing rules, and seating should allow for 6 feet of distance in all directions from members of separate households.
  • Face coverings are required (the benevolent state allows for removal of the mask “briefly to eat or drink”).
  • There will be no singing, chanting, shouting, or physical exertion (instruments are allowed, but wind instruments are “strongly discouraged”).

Schneider – known for his roles in movies like “The Waterboy”, “50 First Dates”, and “Benchwarmers” – poked fun at the rules in a tweet addressed to “Emperor” Newsom:

California released these new rules despite the World Health Organization urging government leaders to stop using lockdowns as a “primary means” of combatting COVID-19.

This isn’t the first time Schneider has shown snark about California’s governor. Days before ridiculing California’s holiday guidelines, Schneider called Newsom incompetent and authoritarian:

Schneider has also criticized California’s recent recommendation that people dining in public wear a face mask in between bites.

“Next will be squish food onto mask and suck the juice,” Schneider wrote.

The actor and comedian has been bold in voicing opinions contrary to the largely progressive narratives found in Hollywood. Schneider has also been posting about the dangers of censorship in the wake of Facebook and Twitter censoring a story that paints Hunter Biden and Joe Biden in an unfavorable light:

After some pushback, Schneider offered some further thoughts on censorship. “Regardless of political affiliation, every citizen should be concerned that Big Tech & MSM is censoring & deciding the news FOR US,” he wrote.

Illegals in CA Crash Site Trying To Collect $75 Million from Gavin Newsom

Illegals in CA Crash Site Trying To Collect $75 Million from Gavin Newsom

On Monday, in California, it was the first-day illegals that could tap into the $125 million set aside for them during the pandemic. Newsom set aside $75 million while nonprofit organizations added another $50 million. The money is supposed to be distributed through nonprofit organizations.

Researchers believe there are about 2 million illegals in California. And when they tried to collect the money they crashed the disaster relief website and jammed nonprofit organizations hotlines.

So is this all legal?

According to the lawsuit by Judicial Watch it is against the state and federal constitution to pay illegals unemployment compensation.

Judicial Watch says federal law requires state legislatures to enact legislation to grant benefits to illegal immigrants. The conservative public interest law firm, which sued on behalf of two state taxpayers, said Mr. Newsom’s independent move violates that standard.

Judicial Watch said the judge agreed Mr. Newsom didn’t have the authority to spend the money but rejected the temporary restraining order because there was an immediate public interest in getting the money out the door quickly during the coronavirus crisis.

Then this past week the Supreme Court ruled that encouraging illegals to remain in the U.S. is a crime.

Both links to those articles are below.

A huge problem with California are the biased federal judges and the Ninth Court Circuit of Appeals based in San Francisco.

Clearly Governor Newsom is breaking Federal law and getting away with it.



The Tribune  BY YESENIA AMARO.  MAY 18, 2020 07:38 PM Undocumented workers flooded California’s coronavirus disaster relief website Monday, causing the site to crash for several hours, a state official said.

Additionally, the hotlines for the nonprofits distributing the funding were “jammed,” and many people struggled to get through, an attorney told The Bee.

Monday marked the first day undocumented workers could apply for the one-time payment of $500 per individual or $1,000 per household.

“The website is currently up and running, and we are continuing to increase its capacity,” he said. “We understand that the demand is high for the Disaster Relief Assistance for Immigrants program.”

However, that fund is expected to be drained “very quickly,” according to Ana Padilla, executive director of UC Merced’s Community and Labor Center.

Gov. Gavin Newsom and others have said the $125 million fund announced in April for the state’s undocumented population is not enough.

Experts have noted the fund would only be enough to assist about 150,000 undocumented workers across the state. It’s estimated that about 270,000 undocumented people have lost work since the outbreak.

Some 112,000 undocumented workers are estimated to live in the central San Joaquin Valley. The state has roughly 2 million undocumented residents, according to researchers.


Source: California Offers $500 in Covid-19 Aid to Undocumented Immigrants

China to donate $30M to WHO, Gavin Newsom does $1B Deal with China

China to donate $30M to WHO, Gavin Newsom does $1B Deal with China

China to donate $30M to WHO, Gavin Newsom does $1B Deal with China

China announced today that they are donating another $30 million to WHO to help fight against the CCP Virus. On March 11 they donating $20 million. China wants to be viewed as the country leading the global fight against the virus and standing in solidarity with the world. But is it enough? These payments should be considered a down payment on the damage they caused by not being upfront about the virus and helping WHO stop the virus before it left China and spread across the world. Apparently China is also trying to corner the market on PPE products. 

Read about that here:

While some states like Mississippi and Missouri are suing China for their irresponsibility in allowing the CCP VIrus to spread, Governor Gavin Newsom (CA) is cutting a deal with them in the amount of $1 billion dollar deal with them. And he isn’t forthcoming about the details.

Read about that here:

But Newsom who falsely claims to be a nation-state may also be trying to cash out on this pandemic. Earlier he said he may consider “exporting” some to other states. It just makes you wonder who is on the side of America and who is in bed with China?

Read about that here:

The Hill | BY LAURA KELLY – 

China on Thursday announced it was planning to donate $30 million in additional funding for the World Health Organization (WHO) in the fight against COVID-19, shortly after the Trump administration suspended its own contributions over criticisms of the global health body.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying wrote on Twitter that the new funding brings Beijing’s total contributions to $50 million for the global response against coronavirus.

“China has decided to donate an additional $30 million in cash to WHO to support its global fight against #COVID19, in particular strengthening developing countries’ health systems,” Hua wrote. “China already donated $20 million in cash to the WHO on March 11.”

“At this crucial moment, supporting WHO is supporting Multilateralism and Global Solidarity,” she added.

China has sought to shape the narrative that it is a leader in the global response to coronavirus and play down accusations it covered up the initial threat the viral outbreak posed to the world.

The new Chinese contributions to the WHO come as the Trump administration has criticized the global health body for failing to hold Beijing accountable for the worldwide spread of the novel coronavirus.

Source: China to donate additional $30M to WHO following US halt in funding

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Gavin Newsom proposes to impose “Data Dividend” to share tech wealth.

Gavin Newsom proposes to impose “Data Dividend” to share tech wealth.

Governor Gavin Newsom has the most significant number of tech companies in the USA. Including Facebook, Google, Amazon, and YouTube. These companies already carry a burden of taxes in the state. However, now, Newsom has proposed a new burden on the companies. In this report in Bloomberg, they reported his idea of this “data divided.”

In his “State of the State” speech on Tuesday, Newsom said California is proud to be home to tech firms. But he said companies that make billions of dollars “collecting, curating and monetizing our data have a duty to protect it. Consumers have a right to know and control how their data is being used.”

“California’s consumers should also be able to share in the wealth that is created from their data,” Newsom said. “And so I’ve asked my team to develop a proposal for a new data dividend for Californians because we recognize that data has value and it belongs to you.”

Newsom didn’t describe what form the dividend might take, although he said: “we can do something bold in this space.” He also praised a strict California data-privacy law that will kick in next year.

This seems to be a step towards socialism. I looked up a quick summary of what socialism is and found this. Socialism is an economic system where the ways of making a living (factories, offices, etc.) are owned by society as a whole, meaning the value made belongs to everyone in that society, instead of a group of private owners. People who agree with this type of system are called socialists.

I am curious if this is what these liberal companies envisioned when they supported these liberal Democrats. Sure they are making millions and billions. Sure they have wealth beyond measure. However, what company wants a government to tell them what they have to do with their money and profits? Will this make these companies flee the state? Will this deter other tech companies from moving here or growing their company here? How will this affect unemployment? Also, then the housing market etc.?

These liberal representatives don’t sit down and look at the consequences of their actions. I am sure that many citizens are saying, heck yeah I’ll share in those profits. But what happens when the company leaves the state? What happens when hundreds of thousands lose their jobs?

UAF Contributor: Marie Penetranti

Activists arrested for scaling Immoral Wall at Gavin Newsom’s Mansion

Activists arrested for scaling Immoral Wall at Gavin Newsom’s Mansion

Looks like Gavin Newsom has been hit by activist Laura Loomer and Ben Bergquam of On Wednesday, January 30 Laura and Ben could be seen on social media scaling the “immoral wall” in front of the Governors Mansion. Democrats continue to call the border wall immoral and racist. So Laura and Ben wanted to see if they would be as welcoming to them at their residence as they are with welcoming illegals into California.  While Gavin Newsom has chosen not to reside in the residence, the activists still wanted to show America the hypocrisy of the left. If walls are immoral, then why would they be arrested for trespassing. A few weeks ago the team also hit Nancy Pelosi’s house scaling her fence with actual illegals. Last week those illegals were not arrested but set free. But this week, Laura and Ben were arrested and charged with trespassing. Will Johnson

Gov. Gavin Newsom promises a ‘progressive, principled’ California

Gov. Gavin Newsom promises a ‘progressive, principled’ California

SACRAMENTO – Gavin Newsom took the oath as California’s 40th governor Monday and instantly challenged President Trump, promising a “progressive, principled” administration that will counter “corruption and incompetence” in the White House. “It is up to us to renew the California dream for a new generation. And now more than ever, it is up to us to defend it,” Newsom said. “But there is an administration in Washington clearly hostile to California’s values and California’s interests.” The former San Francisco mayor painted a picture of California as a virtual “nation-state,” one that will push beyond the strictures proposed by the GOP leaders in Washington toward a more progressive future.

SACRAMENTO — Gavin Newsom took the oath as California’s 40th governor Monday and instantly challenged President Trump, promising a “progressive, principled” administration that will counter “corruption and incompetence” in the White House.

“It is up to us to renew the California dream for a new generation. And now more than ever, it is up to us to defend it,” Newsom said. “But there is an administration in Washington clearly hostile to California’s values and California’s interests.”


Source: Gov. Gavin Newsom promises a ‘progressive, principled’ California