Fake News About the Death of Officer Sicknick, Used To Define Events Even Shakes Liberals

Fake News About the Death of Officer Sicknick, Used To Define Events Even Shakes Liberals

I was one of the first people to notice that CNN had corrected a story about officer Sicknick. I wrote about it here, thinking it should be one of the biggest stories in our country because the death of Sicknick, as tragic as it was, was being used to set a narrative that he would not have agreed with, that all supporters of President Donald J. Trump are racists violent infiltrators.

Paul Sperry wrote about CNN’s retraction on Feb. 4th, as did I.

It was a good week and a half before others caught up to me, and I still find that unsettling, for as fast as news moves nowadays. Still, not even the media on the right is prepared for the disgusting depths the left will go to lie, or how organized the left and their propaganda machine really are.

On Monday, Glenn Greenwald, a notable liberal with integrity, posted about the shocking oversite of the rest of the media, who have still shown no interest in the story that was totally wrong.

Here Greenwald, Editor of the Intercept, wrote in reaction to a post by Mark Hemingway, who was writing about the shoddy reporting over the 2020 election:

“The NYT claimed that a pro-Trump mob murdered Brian Sicknick by bashing his skull in with a fire extinguisher, and it caused the media to unite and affirm and melodramatically disseminate this story for more than five weeks. Until a small and quiet correction was issued.”

Greenwald points in the post above that as long as the outlet attacks its opponents, the left doesn’t care if the information is correct or made up.

“An overarching media rule in many sectors of US journalism is if you recklessly publish a story that maligns people hated by the outlet & its readers/viewers, and the story turns out to be false, the audience doesn’t mind, so the outlet also doesn’t,” Greenwald wrote.

Greenwald is a classic liberal who believes in journalistic integrity.  As with everything else, the left see the media as a tool for political dominance for their political party, and that is all they care about.

Consider these posts as proof:

Here, a dedicated opponent of Conservatives and a public tax burden/career public “servant” who lied under oath to cause President Donald J. Trump to be impeached is talking about using the judicial system to cause pain to people for “lying in the media”, except that would be him and places like CNN.

This is what we are all up against in America currently.  Any liberal, real liberal will be outraged and join us in trying to preserve these ideals for our shared country.  We have very little time remaining before the left has destroyed every norm we once held dear as free people.


Vindman lied under oath and the media reported, truthfully about it. CNN lied about SIcknick and then hid the evidence.

When radical far-leftist can attack the President of the United States and then talk about dragging journalists through the courts, when it is they and their own media who lies, we are in the final stages of the left’s power grab.

Tucker Carlson Points Out Fake News Media Are the Masters At Spreading Misinformation

Tucker Carlson Points Out Fake News Media Are the Masters At Spreading Misinformation

On Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Tuesday, the host, Tucker Carlson, made an interesting observation about disinformation and misinformation.

“‘Disinformation is the real threat,’ says the guy who thinks his union has the contract on bringing you the news. It’s ridiculous,” Tucker started off.

“However, before you judge these people, take a moment and feel some compassion. Imagine if you had spent 30 years making a good living as a car mechanic, and all of a sudden GM invents an engine that anyone can fix at home with a screwdriver. You’d be upset. That’s how CNN feels about the internet. It’s exposing their scam, so naturally, they’re a little irrational about it.

“The thing about disinformation, they’re telling us, is not that it’s simply harmful to you personally. It’s not like eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s or sneaking a smoke while the kids are at school. Disinformation isn’t a sin, it’s a crime. Disinformation is an offense against this country, an attack on America and, more critically, on something called our ‘norms.'”

Tucker is onto something.  I’ve been thinking for some time now that the whole disinformation-misinformation thing is the cudgel that the tech tyrants on social media and the cable Fake News networks use to dismiss any information that doesn’t fit in with their narrative.  And even if they hear speech that does fit into their narrative but just a tiny part of it does not the entire statement is considered misinformation.  That designation is being used as a weapon to silence conservatives, but worse, to silence the truth.  The Left tells us that misinformation hurts people, and impairs their ability to make good decisions.  And they’re right, it does.  And the labels of misinformation handed out like water from a fountain is actually misinformation in itself nine out of ten times.

Tucker made a statement that sums it up on why the media spreads so much misinformation:

“No, it takes a sophisticated operator to take the central problem of American life, the agonizing death of our middle class, and cover it up with a smokescreen of manufactured race hatred. You’d really need to be, as CNN would put it, a “disinformation network” to pull that off. “

But it’s not just misinformation about race. They do it for everything where they have an agenda, which is everything.

I believe it is the Left that pushes misinformation and they’ve been doing it for a very long time.  Think about it.  Until it was exposed nationally during the second Trump Senate impeachment trial farce that Donald Trump never referred to neo-Nazis and white nationalists at Charlottesville as “very fine people” how many people across the world thought that he did, simply because the media edited out the part of Trump’s speech where he condemned the hate groups?  Had the news media done their job, that lie would never have permeated our society.  CNN spread misinformation about Trump’s Charlottesville speech and yet even if I showed them the video of Trump condemning the hate groups, they would today label the video as misinformation.


Tucker brought up the belief that police are hunting black people so that they can shoot them.  The evidence?  Democrat politicians and cable news anchors have lied about it.  Carlson mentioned a research paper called “How Informed are Americans about Race and Policing?”  It was published by the Skeptic Research Center.

The researchers looked into the number of unarmed black Americans who were killed by police in 2019.  The results are astounding with 44 percent of Americans who claim to be liberal believing that at least 1,000 and probably more unarmed black Americans were shot and killed by police in 2019 when the real number was 27.  Don’t me wrong, 27 people shot and killed is a tragedy regardless of the circumstances, but that’s a heck of a wide gap between what the real number is and what the perception is among American liberals.  So, why is that?  Probably because liberal politicians and Fake News outlets keep preaching that there’s some kind of genocide going on in America among law enforcement against black people.

About 25 percent of people asked in the study believed a large majority of people shot and killed by police in 2019 were black when the actual number falls closer to 25 percent.

These are not small miscalculations.  Many Americans are totally misinformed about these issues and they have real-world consequences.  Remember the white mall Macy’s department store manager who was suddenly attacked by a black guy and beaten while his friend captured it on his cell phone?  That happened because the thug believed that white people are systemically racist and that’s because he was completely misinformed by a lying news media with an agenda.

Government public policies are created and/or changed based on many things that are not true but are believed to be true, so this is a serious problem.

With the way things are now if you even deny the narrative that large numbers of black Americans are being murdered by cops each and every year the Woke Supremacy will make you out to be actually participating in the murders.  And it’s so simple to debunk a story like that because all you need do is ask where are all the supposed victims of racial violence against blacks by cops.

To make the argument, Tucker talked about the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  MSNBC claimed that the police who shot him tried to execute Blake and he was unarmed. The Woke Supremacy media continually reported that Kenosha police shot Blake and that he was unarmed.  They threw his race into the story every time as well, “an unarmed black man.”  That’s all you heard was police shot Jacob Blake an unarmed black man.  The notion that cops shot an unarmed black man, while the George Floyd riots were still raging, was probably enough to start the riots in Kenosha.  All because Fake News like MSNBC and CNN and others kept reporting that police shot an unarmed black man.

But Jacob Blake was not unarmed.  How do we know this?  Because Jacob Blake himself said so.  He had a knife, and police on the scene knew he did.  Why didn’t MSNBC or CNN do their jobs and investigate to find out if Blake was unarmed or not?  That’s a pretty important piece of information you would think.  But no one on cable news did think. They never think when they push misleading information.

For over two and a half years the cable Fake News networks like CNN and MSNBC continually reported every day that Donald Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election.  There was absolutely no evidence whatsoever that proved the allegations but that never stopped them from spreading that misinformation daily.   In fact, after the Mueller witch hunt investigation ended with Special Counsel Robert Muller admitting that there was no evidence of Russian collusion we have yet to hear a single cable news network anchor, reporter, or pundit apologize to the American people for lying to them every single day for close to three years with misinformation.

For example, here is CNN’s Very Jake Tapper allowing the mentally ill lunatic Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) drone on and on with what we now know was lie after lie.


Throughout 2020 the cable news freaks and leftist print news spread misinformation about COVID-19 while deeming any new information about treatments that they didn’t personally approve of as misinformation.  For example, President Trump talked about doctors who were getting great results with COVID-19 patients using a regimen that included Hydroxychloroquine, the drug that’s been on the market for a gazillion years that was used to fight Malaria, and that was the beginning of the entire Fake News industry refusing to allow any positive information about the drug to be heard or seen.

The Left did not want to hear any good news about combatting the virus because they were using the virus as a weapon against the president.  They blamed Trump for every COVID-19 death.  They said Trump didn’t act fast enough to contain the virus, and that was misinformation because within hours of the first American case of the virus Trump created a travel ban on China, where the virus originated.  The Trump administration then went into action.  President Trump handled the COVID-19 pandemic better than any past president has ever handled anything like it before, and yet the leftist news media spread misinformation the entire year just to make Trump look bad.

You can take an interest in just about any news cycle, look at how the Fake News reported on it, then go back sometime in the near future and see how much misinformation they spread.  It’s almost guaranteed the press slanted the story either against Trump, against conservatives, or against America.  And these people have a Constitutional protection inside the First Amendment that they abuse on a minute-by-minute basis.

The news media worked closely with the social media tech tyrants who censored anyone that didn’t fall into the Left’s chosen narratives including blocking a live video streamed summit held by medical doctors and other medical professionals, you know, the science people, from around the world talking about how well Hydroxychloroquine was saving their patients.

It’s alternate universe time when the very people who are spreading dangerous misinformation hold all the power to be able to get away with censoring and labeling others as the spreaders of misinformation. The media are the original masters at spreading misinformation.



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Trump Tells Americans Again, New York Times is Fake News, Statement About Pence

Trump Tells Americans Again, New York Times is Fake News, Statement About Pence

President Donald J. Trump released a statement on Tuesday about the false news story from the New York Times, which was apparently placed to cause friction for Pence and give the established media a chance to harass the President and Vice President, ahead of a historic day in the Nationa’s Capitol where both men will be highly elevated.

“The New York Times report regarding comments Vice President Pence supposedly made to me today is fake news. He never said that. The Vice President and I are in total agreement that the Vice President has the power to act.

“The November 3rd election was corrupt in contested states. In particular, it was not following the Constitution in that they made large scale changes to election rules and regulations as dictated by local judges and politicians, not by state legislators. This means that it was illegal.

“Our Vice President has several options under the U.S. Constitution. He can decertify the results or send them back to the states for change and certification. He can also decertify the illegal and corrupt results and send them to the House of Representatives for the one vote for one state tabulation.“

Fox News reported on the statement and said:

“The president’s comments came after The New York Times on Tuesday reported that Pence, during a conversation with Trump, told him that he had no power to block the certification of the election results during the joint session of Congress on Wednesday.”

The New York Times has been in a constant battle with Trump and Pence since the 2016 campaign, often spreading rumor and gossip and discrediting their work.  The New York Times also marginalizes the American people’s concerns as the media outlet has refused to cover the investigations or data that point to voter fraud by their favored candidate, Democrat Joe Biden.

It is unclear who reads the New York Times any longer in American, who is open to information and data, and not out looking to have their own narrative validated or who is, themselves, looking for a narrative to drive on their own media.

Obviously, the New York Times is not the hub of information for the American people, who overwhelmingly reject their strong-arm tactics to assist the Democrats in winning office and controlling the country.

Monday night, at an election-eve rally in Georgia for the two GOP senators running in the state’s twin U.S. Senate runoff contests, Trump told the large crowd of supporters, “I hope Mike Pence comes through for us, I have to tell you.”

“I hope that our great vice president – our great vice president, comes through for us. He’s a great guy. Of course, if he doesn’t come through, I won’t like him as much,” Trump emphasized.

Wednesday will be an interesting day.

Trump Calls John Bolton ‘to the Mat’ Over his Fake News on CNN About Martial Law

Trump Calls John Bolton ‘to the Mat’ Over his Fake News on CNN About Martial Law

Sunday started with a tweet from President Donald J. Trump about his point of view regarding a fierce opponent of his, John Bolton, who is Trump’s former National Security Advisor. Bolton had appeared on CNN on Saturday, a news organization that supports Bolton’s pro-revenge tactics, giving Bolton a platform to attack the President by attributing a fake news story to his recent actions.

Bolton, who can’t seem to act like a professional, hates Trump and is often heard discrediting the President’s actions without any sources or critical analysis. Bolton and his media allies rely, rather, on Bolton’s feelings and demands for revenge and retaliation are wise public policy.

Trump called Bolton out:

And added that it was “Fake News”:

According to recent polling, most voters do not trust the media to cover election details, and Martial Law is a topic that is on the minds of Americans who are concerned about Fake News and the results of the 2020 Presidential Election.

I covered the story of that polling here:

It appears that Bolton is using those same media outlets for his personal revenge.

on Saturday Bolton said Trump was talking about Martial Law on CNN, and according to one reporter who covered Bolton’s CNN appearance, “John Bolton did a CNN interview earlier today where he called the Oval Office discussion of martial law “appalling” and said Trump is “unfit for the job.”

Leftist Journalist for VOX news helps us sort out Trump’s tweet:

So Trump tweeted about Bolton’s comments, that is the context.

Disgraced Bolton is assigning to Trump something that he has no source for and no inside information on, while he appears to be having a temper tantrum and using CNN as a way to get revenge on Trump who fired him, earlier in the year. That is the foundation to Fake News, in general.

On Thursday Bolton was attacking Trump demanding retaliation for something he has no information about, yet he gets support from another far left “new source” to push his propaganda:

Whatever conversations Trump is having with General Mike Flynn about Martial Law, Bolton is surely not privy to them. The topic of Martial Law or partial Martial Law is something Flynn has addressed on numerous news programs as one of the many Presidential authorities Trump has to solve a growing civil divide over news and politics that must be addressed for national peace.

There is much discussion over how Trump will handle a growing crisis, with numerous paths being discussed, and one thing is for sure, John Bolton is not a part of any of them from the inside. He is, however, a part of the rumor mills like CNN and MSNBC with attacks against Trump, and thereby all of Trump’s supporters in the US and around the world.

Bill Barr Never Said Federal Investigation On Voter Fraud Allegations Was Over, It Was Fake News

Bill Barr Never Said Federal Investigation On Voter Fraud Allegations Was Over, It Was Fake News

The media lies so much they should lose their First Amendment protections.  The Freedom of the Press clause in the First Amendment was put there so that the press could keep the government honest.  But the majority of news outlets today lie so much they should not be allowed to hide behind the protections.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) hit back at media organizations who reported on Tuesday that the DOJ had concluded its investigation into allegations of voter fraud and had found no evidence, saying that claim was false.  In other words, the media outlets lied.

CBS’s Catherine Herridge, one of the few good journalists left, took to social media to spread the news that the press once again lied about the Trump administration, over an AP story that reported Attorney General William Barr said that the DOJ concluded its investigation into allegations of voter fraud and that they did not find enough evidence to overturn an election.  Well, Barr never said that.  It was Fake News, a lie.

#Election2020results From a DOJ spokesperson: “Some media outlets have incorrectly reported that the Department has concluded its investigation of election fraud and announced an affirmative finding of no fraud in the election. That is not what the Associated Press reported nor what the Attorney General stated. The Department will continue to receive and vigorously pursue all specific and credible allegations of fraud as expeditiously as possible.”

The Associated Press reported on Tuesday:

“Barr told the AP that U.S. attorneys and FBI agents have been working to follow up specific complaints and information they’ve received, but ‘to date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election.’

The comments, which drew immediate criticism from Trump attorneys, were especially notable coming from Barr, who has been one of the president’s most ardent allies. Before the election, he had repeatedly raised the notion that mail-in voting could be especially vulnerable to fraud during the coronavirus pandemic as Americans feared going to polls and instead chose to vote by mail.”

“There’s been one assertion that would be systemic fraud and that would be the claim that machines were programmed essentially to skew the election results,” Barr added. “And the DHS and DOJ have looked into that, and so far, we haven’t seen anything to substantiate that.”

The article starts out:

“Disputing President Donald Trump’s persistent, baseless claims, Attorney General William Barr declared Tuesday the U.S. Justice Department has uncovered no evidence of widespread voter fraud that could change the outcome of the 2020 election.”

The obnoxiousness of that statement, which is the first paragraph of the story, goes to show how biased the media is against Trump.  There have been hearings with state legislators in multiple states where whistleblowers are coming forward and testifying about rampant and massive voter fraud they witnessed on Election Day and after.  How can the Associated Press call Trump’s allegations “baseless claims” when the evidence is being presented all over the place?  Baseless means none.  There’s no base, which means nothing can grow from nothing.  It’s a lie!

That got my blood boiling so much I had to reach out to the AP.

The AP mentioned that Barr also said that some people were incorrectly looking to the federal criminal justice system for a fix-all solution over election issues, adding that the proper remedy for many of these issues is often found in civil lawsuits.  Those are the civil lawsuits we have seen that the AP has turned a blind eye on.

“Most claims of fraud are very particularized to a particular set of circumstances or actors or conduct. … And those have been run down; they are being run down,” Barr added. “Some have been broad and potentially cover a few thousand votes. They have been followed up on.”

The Trump legal team responded to Barr’s remarks by stating that “there hasn’t been any semblance of a Department of Justice investigation” and that the evidence they compiled has not been examined by the DOJ. The legal team added, “Again, with the greatest respect to the Attorney General, his opinion appears to be without any knowledge or investigation of the substantial irregularities and evidence of systemic fraud.”

Trump Says Pardongate Story is ‘Fake News’ – Who Is Toying With The MSM?

Trump Says Pardongate Story is ‘Fake News’ – Who Is Toying With The MSM?

A story quickly went viral on Tuesday, about the Department of Justice and the FBI investigating President Donald J. Trump allegedly receiving cash for a presidential pardon. It seemed very suspicious because of the timing of the story and because of the nonlinear timeline behind it.

In fact when I heard about it, I laughed at the obvious desperation of the left msm to create such a story:

Trump tweeted on Tuesday, after the story really got some great traffic, that the “Pardon Investigation is Fake News”.

On Tuesday,

Twitter heavily promoted the “Pardon for cash” story and got it trending after many outlets ran with it. For maximum effect, scandal-ridden CNN covered the story early in the news cycle and they continued to promote it all day and into the night:

From Trending news on Twitter:

“Justice Department investigating alleged presidential pardon bribery scheme Unsealed DC District Court documents revealed on Tuesday that the DOJ is investigating an alleged crime related to funneling money to the White House “in exchange for a presidential pardon or reprieve of the sentence.” While the redacted documents do not reveal who is seeking the pardon, they do show that search warrants have been executed and 50 digital devices seized.”

Conveniently, the story of the “pardon for cash” came out slightly before the AP story claiming Bill Barr had said that there was no voter fraud and they were moving on. Another story was heavily promoted by Twitter and the MSM outlets, except that it doesn’t accurately reflect the truth.

From trending news on Twitter:

“Barr says Justice Department found no evidence of voter fraud that would change the election outcome, according to the Attorney General William Barr told the AP that the Justice Department and FBI had not found evidence of widespread voter fraud that would change the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. Barr has been a strong ally to the president and repeatedly said the election would be vulnerable to mail-in voter fraud.”


The Daily Caller reported on the Pardongate story:

“The heavily redacted documents say that prosecutors are investigating a “secret lobbying scheme” in which two individuals “acted as lobbyists to senior White House officials” to secure a pardon for an unidentified person.

The documents, first reported by CNN, do not identify the person seeking the pardon, or the person’s intermediaries.

Judge Beryl Howell, the chief justice of the Washington, D.C. district court, unsealed the documents along with a decision she issued on whether emails obtained by investigators are protected by attorney-client privilege,”


But what about what Barr said?

Kevin Corke, a White House Correspondent for Fox News posted:

“Dept of Justice spokesperson: “Some media outlets have incorrectly reported that the Department has concluded its investigation of #electionfraud and announced an affirmative finding of no fraud in the election. That is not what the AP reported nor what the AG states. The Department will continue to receive and vigorously pursue all specific and credible allegations of fraud as expeditiously as possible.”

The left’s grassroots marketing platforms, now having official news organizations publishing the story to give them cover for gossip and slander, wrote up the propaganda and moved it along to their social media readers for further dissemination, to flood the zone with comforting news to the left, so they never have to face the facts of their failing kingdoms.

We are supposed the FBI is a legit organization of law enforcement right now. Then again, while our country is facing massive testimony of election irregularities, our top investigators look at how a Billionaire sold his powers for pardons.

It is wise to remember these are the same people who probed a wild adventure of people peeing on each other in a “suite of rooms” in a foreign land that doesn’t even exist, and that story captured the MSM and their reader’s fantasies for years.

FAKE NEWS: NBC Posts Propaganda About Biden and Asks no Questions to Help Americans Get Real News

FAKE NEWS: NBC Posts Propaganda About Biden and Asks no Questions to Help Americans Get Real News

NBC News published a story on Monday and promoted their story on Tuesday that Democrat candidate for President, Joe Biden was going to have a meeting and NBC assigned importance to both Biden, and the meeting which does not exist, but sounds good and helps promote a narrative that Biden won will partake in a high profile and important meeting as an important person.

“President-elect Biden and VP-elect Harris are set to receive a national security briefing Tuesday, though it won’t be done by government officials because the Trump administration still hasn’t formally approved the transition,” NBC published and news card reader, Lester Holt, promoted on Twitter.

Except Biden has not been certified the winner of anything,e there is no “office of the President Elect” and there is no office of National Security by non-government officials that is meaningful to Americans.

This is going around the People’s power and authority and the President of the United States. It should be shocking to people if Americans were not beaten down with thousands of shock points, at this point, dealing with a rouge Democrat/Never Trump Party- Media machine.

The American Mainstream/Legacy/Old Media has almost gone out of their way to thumb their nose at Americans, and each day there are new assaults on the legality of our Republic, with propaganda agencies like NBC pushing nonsense.

From the article, Biden, Harris to receive national security briefing, but not from gov’t officials, we are told that “The incoming Democrats will meet with diplomatic, intelligence and defense experts.”

Perhaps like the career politicians in the “administrative state” who hate Trump and his policies to return power back to the American voter so much that they impeached him for something Biden actually did?

NBC doesn’t ask.

According to the article, which three people needed to write for NBC:

“President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris are set to receive a national security briefing Tuesday, though it won’t be done by government officials because the Trump administration still hasn’t formally approved the transition.

Biden and Harris will meet instead with diplomatic, intelligence and defense experts, a Biden transition team official told NBC News. No government officials will participate in the briefing, a source familiar with the matter said.”

“A Biden transition team official,” without a name said. That is not validation for Americans who deserve facts and the truth about what is unfolding at our government level. We need a name. NBC’s three journalists don’t ask about that.

When did a person who claimed to have won an election that has not been certified by America’s representatives deserve to sit in on National Security briefings? NBC’s group of journalists who wrote this article doesn’t ask.

NBC journalists wrote:

“In other transition news:

  • Biden announced several key senior West and East Wing staff appointments, including longtime aide Steve Ricchetti as counselor to the president, and former U.S. Ambassador to Uruguay Julissa Reynoso Pantaleon as Jill Biden’s chief of staff.”

NBC’s group of journalists who wrote this article never even asked for proof that there was going to be a transition for Biden.

This type of lazy nonsense is not what the American people deserve. The Press Media is a function of serving America. It is not to promote the fantasies of a would-be president.

Fake News Reports Lies About Pfizer’s Involvement With  Operation Warp Speed

Fake News Reports Lies About Pfizer’s Involvement With Operation Warp Speed

The Democrats have corrupted just about everything in our lives.

Monday morning’s news about Pfizer showing a 90 percent effectiveness rate in its soon-to-be-available vaccine ought to have been a moment of national unity and celebration.  Beyond that, it should have been treated as an incredible achievement of the Trump administration and its efforts through Operation Warp Speed to develop a vaccine. However, no sooner had the news come out than the usual suspects like the New York Slimes and Washington Post went out of their way to make sure Donald Trump got no credit for it.

Kathrin Jansen, the head of vaccine development at Pfizer was quoted by the Times saying, “We have never taken money from the US government or from anyone,” and then she went on to state that Pfizer was never a part of Operation Warp Speed.  That just not true.  In fact, it’s a bald-faced lie.

As NPR reported back in July, the government reached a deal for close to two billion dollars to help distribute the vaccine.  In July, Pfizer itself gave a press release where they announced that the US government put in an initial order for 100 million doses at about $1.95 billion.   Money didn’t go into the vaccine’s research and development, but Pfizer most certainly did take government money, and they was forced to walk Jansen’s statement back.

Even Wikipedia mentioned Pfizer is a part of Operation Warp Speed.  Go find it quickly, because the leftists at Wikipedia read this and have it taken down.

Look right here:

 Newsweek updated the story to give the following clarification:

“This page has been updated to clarify Jansen’s comments following further details from a Pfizer spokesperson. The spokesperson clarified that its vaccine is linked to Operation Warp Speed, though its research and development has not taken funding from the federal government. The headline was also updated for clarity.”

There’s a game that’s played by news media outlets, and it’s really despicable.  Instead of the news being that rather than having to wait the normal span of years to come out with a vaccine, the Trump administration’s efforts through Operation Warp Speed saw to it that a vaccine will be out before the end of the year, and according to those involved in the creation of the vaccine, Operation Warp Speed did not eliminate any safety precautions or steps in the manufacturing of the vaccine, but instead these lying bastards in media are going out of their way to try to take away any and all credit from Donald Trump.  Truth is not sacred to left-wing news outlets.  We’ve known that for at least four years as they got Pulitzer prizes for writing lies about Russian collusion, and they still haven’t apologized for it.  But you would think something as serious as a vaccine for what the Left has labeled the Armageddon of viruses, they would at least give some credit to the Trump administration, and apparently, that’s too much to ask.

Seriously, was it too difficult for the Times do a little bit of research to find out that Pfizer was in fact a part of Operation Warp Speed?  Would it have killed them to even care about it?  I’m sure they heard of Google.  Maybe they use Bing?  Pretty sure Bing would have told them too.  Out of all the people who work at the New York Times, including the writer who reported that Pfizer wasn’t a part of Operation Warp Speed to the editor to let it slide, not a single person believes in following up for facts when it means Donald Trump will be trashed?  What a disgrace.

This is what we have become accustomed to since Trump was first elected.  You just know darn right well if a Trump person had made that claim, the New York Times would have done the research and they would have pointed out the bullschtein.

What it really comes down to is the Paper of Record is not real journalism.  Journalism died in the 1990s and now we have a bunch of leftist activists who claim to be journalists, with a penchant to trash our president at any cost, including their own reputation.

No matter how many lies the Fake News media tell about Donald Trump and his administration, the vaccine(s) coming out, as well as the fantastic therapeutics of late, are a product of the hard work done by the men and woman who worked in Operation Warp Speed.  And you can take that to the bank.