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You just have to see this: CNN’s recently demoted host, Don Lemon, built his career race baiting toping and pushing for reparation. While speaking...

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Raynard Jackson, a consultant for great conservatives like Republican Florida Gov. Ron Desantis, is a good friend of mine and I thought his most...


A lawyer for CNN’s Don Lemon sent a letter to Megyn Kelly because she had the gall to invite the man who has claimed...


On Thursday, CNN loudmouth Don Lemon during the handoff between his freak show and Chris Cuomo’s said that it’s time to blame the “selfish”...

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If you want to know who stands an excellent chance of winning their 2022 Congressional seat against one of the 10 Republicans who voted...


CNN host Don Lemon is not accepting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s salon story, and he’s not hiding it. Pelosi came under fire this week...


CNN broadcast reporter [Abilio] Jim Acosta quipped that he still has “marks” on his back from standing up to former President Donald Trump. That...

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Independent journalist Glenn Greenwald says that Democrats, not Republicans, are setting Joe Biden up for failure.

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The fundamental thing, Steve, is liberals measure success by how many programs they fund to help Black Folk.

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