Derek Chauvin On Trial For the Death of George Floyd May Not Be Convicted On Any Of The Charges

Derek Chauvin On Trial For the Death of George Floyd May Not Be Convicted On Any Of The Charges

I hate to be the one to lay this on you, but unless the jury in Minneapolis is Woke to the nth degree, Derek Chauvin, the Minneapolis police officer who held his knee on the neck of George Floyd until his death will more than likely not be convicted of Second-Degree Murder, Manslaughter, or Third-Degree murder.

I also do not believe the other three officers who were there will be convicted of anything.  For example, the Asian cop, Tou Thao, was assigned to crowd control during the incident where police officers were arresting Floyd.  Tending to Floyd was not his assignment.  He could not do his job of keeping the spectators back and at the same time keep an eye on what was going on with Chauvin and Mr. Floyd.  The other two officers were rookies with one being on the job for just days.  One of the rookies rendered aid in the ambulance. For these reasons, I do not think any of the three other officers on the scene can be convicted for just being there.  

Let’s go over it.  The first charge we’ll look at is Second Degree Murder. In some states there doesn’t have to be an intent for Second Degree Murder, but in Minnesota there does.  This is crucial to the charge against Chauvin.

Here is the statute straight from Minnesota’s website.

The prosecutors are not charging Chauvin with Intentional Murder under Second Degree, because they would never ever get a conviction for that because the whole incident was on film and the whole world saw it.

The prosecution is charging Chauvin under subdivision 2, Unintentional Murder under Second Degree Murder.

Under this section, it says “Whoever does either of the following is guilty of unintentional murder in the second degree and may be sentenced to imprisonment for not more than 40 years:”  So if Chauvin is convicted of this he will serve prison time for 40 years.

The important thing we’re going to do here that the Fake News networks like CNN and MSNBC, the Washington Post, and the New York Times et. al. are not going to do is read the statutes because in the real world it matters.  The real world has absolutely nothing to do with what you want it to be, how you think it should be even if you really, really, really, REALLY want it to be.

Under Clause 1 it says the following:

(1) causes the death of a human being, without intent to effect the death of any person, while committing or attempting to commit a felony offense other than criminal sexual conduct in the first or second degree with force or violence or a drive-by shooting; or

When you read that statute, knowing what you know about the case from the perspective of what you saw in the video, it will be very difficult for the prosecution to prove that Chauvin was committing a felony offense during the arrest of George Floyd.

BUT he had his knee on Floyd’s neck!

If we had an honest news media you would know by now that an officer holding his knee on the neck of a suspect who is down on the ground with officers trying to get the suspect to comply with the arrest is how Minneapolis police officers are trained.  There is a training video that shows a photo slide with the instructor using his knee on the neck of the helper lying down acting as the suspect.

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

You didn’t know any of that because Fake News outlets have an agenda that is anything but producing the truth.  Officer Chauvin was using his knee as a technique of a trained use of force policy.

With that said, an argument can be made that Chauvin used that trained technique use of force a little too long, and that could be true, however, according to the “science” already established by the coroner’s office, Floyd had over the lethal dose of fentanyl in his bloodstream and he had methamphetamine in his blood as well.   The defense will argue that George Floyd killed George Floyd when he ingested that many drugs at one time.  Let’s be real here.  As much fentanyl that Floyd had in his system, and it doesn’t take much at all, which you’ll see in a minute, will kill you.  This is indisputable and you will never hear the CNNs of the world point it out.

Clause 2 of Subdivision 1 doesn’t apply here.

“(2) causes the death of a human being without intent to effect the death of any person, while intentionally inflicting or attempting to inflict bodily harm upon the victim, when the perpetrator is restrained under an order for protection and the victim is a person designated to receive protection under the order. As used in this clause, “order for protection” includes an order for protection issued under chapter 518B; a harassment restraining order issued under section 609.748; a court order setting conditions of pretrial release or conditions of a criminal sentence or juvenile court disposition; a restraining order issued in a marriage dissolution action; and any order issued by a court of another state or of the United States that is similar to any of these orders.”

I set in bold the important part of this statute to point out that the statute has to do with an order of protection otherwise known as a restraining order.

Let’s move on to Manslaughter.  The Minnesota statute for Manslaughter in the Second Degree is as follows:

Manslaughter, as defined in Minnesota statutes will be easier for the prosecution to prove and if Chauvin is convicted I believe it will be for this over the other charges.

“A person who causes the death of another by any of the following means is guilty of manslaughter in the second degree and may be sentenced to imprisonment for not more than ten years or to payment of a fine of not more than $20,000, or both:”

So, instead of 40 years, Chauvin would spend 10 years behind bars if convicted in Minnesota for manslaughter.  The prosecution will try to use a Manslaughter conviction to beef up the chances for a Second Degree Murder conviction.  If he is solely convicted of Manslaughter and only has to do ten years, the people in Minneapolis will go crazy.  Folks, no matter what happens there will be more riots.  I don’t know if this time around the Democrats will encourage them as much as they did willfully or stupidly over the summer, but they are coming so be prepared.

It appears that the prosecution is attempting to prosecute Chauvin on the first clause:

“(1) by the person’s culpable negligence whereby the person creates an unreasonable risk, and consciously takes chances of causing death or great bodily harm to another; or”

That is the only one the prosecution can really work with under the statute.  When you go down the other four it’s patently obvious

“(2) by shooting another with a firearm or other dangerous weapon as a result of negligently believing the other to be a deer or other animal; or (3) by setting a spring gun, pit fall, deadfall, snare, or other like dangerous weapon or device; or (4) by negligently or intentionally permitting any animal, known by the person to have vicious propensities or to have caused great or substantial bodily harm in the past, to run uncontrolled off the owner’s premises, or negligently failing to keep it properly confined; or (5) by committing or attempting to commit a violation of section 609.378 (neglect or endangerment of a child), and murder in the first, second, or third degree is not committed thereby.”

The part in the first clause they will try to prove is that Officer Chauvin went on to “create an unreasonable risk” that led to the death of George Floyd.  However, it should be easy for the defense to show that it was not unreasonable since we have video of the arrest that shows George Floyd was resisting arrest, he was kicking, crying, and screaming, and overall refusing to get into the back of the police vehicle while he was hyped up on drugs and acting crazy.  I think the defense can prove that it is not unreasonable when Chauvin used a trained police policy use of force to subdue Floyd with the experience the officers just went through trying to arrest him.

The state added Third Degree Murder back into the list of charges.

If the prosecution is going to push for Third Degree Murder I believe they will try to prove the first clause.

“(a) Whoever, without intent to effect the death of any person, causes the death of another by perpetrating an act eminently dangerous to others and evincing a depraved mind, without regard for human life, is guilty of murder in the third degree and may be sentenced to imprisonment for not more than 25 years.”

The problem here is that the prosecutors will have a difficult time arguing Officer Chauvin was revealing a “depraved mind” by using a trained police policy use of force to subdue Floyd.  There was noting depraved about using a policy that the Minneapolis police department trains officers to use under the exact circumstances that George Floyd himself created.

There you have it.  I’ve said since the beginning that the fact that George Floyd died is a tragedy that should never have happened, but according to Floyd’s toxicology report, he took enough drugs that had he never gotten arrested he would have died at the same time only somewhere else.  Did Floyd see the police approaching his vehicle and feared they were going to question him about passing off a counterfeit bill at the store across the street from where he was when police approached and fearing getting arrested if the cops found the drugs he just quickly ingested them to get rid of the evidence?  Either way, it doesn’t appear that Chauvin was the cause of his death.  I saw doesn’t appear because I don’t have all of the information so I don’t know if there are some other facts that the prosecution will bring up at trial that will change the evidence we do already have.

Derek Chauvin Murder Trial Over George Floyd’s Death Begins

Derek Chauvin Murder Trial Over George Floyd’s Death Begins

Jury selection is scheduled to begin on Monday in the highly anticipated murder trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin for George Floyd’s death.

Officials in Minnesota are in a state of high security alert for this trial, which ignited riots throughout the summer in Democrat-run cities across America and initiated worldwide protests for racial equality and fighting against police brutality.


Jury selection starts Monday morning in Hennepin County District Court in Minnesota.  Opening arguments are scheduled to begin not before March 29, however, they could be delayed because of a Court of Appeals decision last week that ruled the Hennepin District Judge Peter Cahill made an error when he dismissed an additional charge of third-degree murder against Chauvin and that could result in additional legal challenges and delays.

However, a judge ruled on Monday that jury selection can continue even while the legal issue over the third-degree murder charge makes its way up the ladder to the higher courts.


CourtTV will stream the trial live and you can watch it by clicking here.

HYou can also watch here:

Though potential jurors will not be shown on camera, CourtTV will provide live coverage of just selection where it is expected that they will be asked if they ever joined in the George Floyd protests.

The trial is expected to last anywhere between two and four weeks according to court officials.

Chauvin, the former Minnesota police officer, 44, is accused of pressing his knee to the back of Floyd’s neck for 9 minutes while Floyd was handcuffed, until such time that he died while in police custody.  Video of the incident went viral in minutes and let to global protests.

Officer Chauvin, who was fired after the incident that led to Floyd’s death, has been charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter. Depending on how Judge Cahill rules or even as the result of a possible appeal, the third-degree murder charge could be added back into the mix of charges for the jurors to consider.

COVID-19 social distancing guidelines will be adhered to during jury selection, and there will be other precautions applied due to the high profile of this tense trial.  Because of those restrictions, potential jurors will be individually interviewed with eight potentials being asked questions by lawyers for the prosecution and the defense each day.  According to the Star Tribune, the people being interviewed for jury duty will be called by a number instead of their name to protect their identities.

There will be 12 jurors impaneled with four alternates, which is two more than usual.

With respect to social distancing requirements, space will be limited.


Besides the judge and other court personnel necessary to the proceedings, Chauvin and his attornies will be present in the courtroom, as well as prosecutors from the state Attorney General’s office along with special attorneys who have been assigned to the case.

As for family members, just one family member from Floyd’s family and from Chauvin’s family will be allowed to be physically inside the courtroom at a time.  There will also be two seats reserved for members of the news media who will rotate among a pool of reporters.

There will be a very large show of law enforcement inside and outside of the courthouse to provide an unparalleled set of security measures.  Law enforcement personnel will comprise of members from Minneapolis police, Minnesota state troopers, Hennepin County sheriff’s deputies, and National Guard troops.  There are also concrete barriers surrounding the courthouse along with barbed wiring and security fencing outside all five of Minneapolis’s police precincts.

The other three former Minneapolis police officers,  J. Alexander Kueng, Thomas Lane and Tou Thao, who were at the scene of Floyd’s death will be tried separately after Chauvin’s trial has concluded.  They are charged with aiding and aiding and abetting unintentional second-degree murder.

Black Lives Matter Prominent Activist: ‘Don’t be surprised when buildings are on fire’ if Chauvin Not Convicted [VIDEO]

Black Lives Matter Prominent Activist: ‘Don’t be surprised when buildings are on fire’ if Chauvin Not Convicted [VIDEO]

This is just unbelievable. A prominent Black Lives Matter activist, Maya Echols, literally threatened that cities will be “on fire” if former officer Derek Chauvin who is on trial for killing George Floyd as a Minneapolis police officer is not convicted.

Forget any evidence, forget the fact that Floyd had triple the lethal dose of fentanyl and his blood plus meth plus he had COVID, and forget the fact that the knee on the neck didn’t block his airway at all in fact it is in the training video for police officers. She doesn’t give a damn. She wants riots to happen if he doesn’t get convicted.

The autopsy found a mixture of methamphetamine and fentanyl in Floyd’s bloodstream. On top of that, he had heart problems, and he was suffering from COVID.

So how bad is fentanyl?

Dr. Paul Christo of Johns Hopkins University says he uses fentanyl as a really powerful anesthetic during surgeries and sometimes to manage a patient’s chronic pain. However, he underscores the point that it must be used very carefully.

“It’s about 80 to 100 times more potent than morphine,” Christo said. “So, a little bit of that can lead to an inability to breathe and then death.”

Chauvin is now on trial for being an idiot during the arrest by having his knee on Floyd’s neck for over 8 minutes. That’s not what killed him according to the autopsy report, and Chauvin was using an approved technique to subdue a suspect who is resisting arrest, something Floyd did from the moment the police approached him. Why I say Chauvin acted like an idiot is because of bad optics. He knew he was being filmed by bystanders. He knew people were yelling to him to get his knee off Floyd’s neck and that they too were being filmed. I don’t think there was a reason to keep his knee on the neck for that long, but then again, I wasn’t there and neither was Maya Echols who just threatened the civil society with more riots if the Woke Supremacy doesn’t get what they want. No matter how much of the video we can see, and there were a lot of videos convincing me that George Floyd was acting irrationally and the police went out of their way to calm him down and not get violent with him as he resisted getting into a police vehicle.

“If George Floyd’s murderer is not sentenced, just know that all hell is gonna break loose. Don’t be surprised when buildings are on fire. Just saying,” Echols threatened in a video. The video has since been deleted, but we have it here.


Don’t be surprised when buildings are on fire? I don’t think anyone with a triple-digit IQ would be surprised by that. Black Lives Matter wants to do a repeat of the riots over the summer. I bet she is hoping that Chauvin gets off just so that BLM and others can riot again. It’s what Marxists do.

Her threats are dangerous and authorities really need to take her words seriously because we all remember what happened throughout the summer of last year when BLM and ANTIFA acted like domestic terrorists toppling statues, burning down buildings, beating on people, setting churches and police precincts on fire, killing about 25 innocent Americans, attacking police and all kinds of other crimes.

We also remember that the Democrats in those cities did absolutely nothing to quell the riots throughout the summer. In fact, some of them encouraged them by ignoring the rioters and only beefing up the protesters. I remember when leaders in some of those cities acted as if then-President Donald Trump was the enemy after he offered to bring federal agents in to end the riots in their cities. Remember when Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler (D) refused to let Trump send federal agents in to quell the riots, saying that troops would just escalate the situation? What a dope.

Remember when our current vice president Kamala Harris went on TV and said that she encouraged the rioters and that they weren’t going to stop and that they shouldn’t stop? Of course, Harris will say now that she was talking about protesters, but she was really talking about rioters. How do we know? She also supported an organization that took donations to bail out rioters so that they could get back on the streets as soon as possible to create more mayhem.

Make no mistake about it, this video was made to send a threatening message to the jurors that they better vote to convict or else. Isn’t jury tampering a crime? Hello, FBI? If you were one of the jurors, would you vote to acquit? I don’t think any of them will out of fear of thugs like her and Black Lives Matter radicals.

My take on all of this? You reap what you sow. It is no coincidence that excessive force, racism, hate, and anger happens in Democrat-run cities.

In every major city run by Democrats, we see the same thing: Chicago, Philadelphia, Camden, Minneapolis, Newark, Baltimore, Ferguson, Cleveland, Compton, St. Louis, you name it, they all have the same exact problems: high unemployment, high drug and alcohol abuse, high government dependency, high property crime rates, large high school drop-out rates, high gun violence, and it’s all because of progressive Democrats who have run these cities for decades, some a hundred years. Progressive Democrat policies breed environments of poverty and crime. They are anti-business, anti-capitalist, and anti-people.

It’s high time that we call it what it is. Democrat cities are a lost cause, they are unsalvageable in their current state. Democrats have run these cities into the ground so badly they are insufferable to live in. Democrat politicians are so evil that they have convinced whole communities for generations that “racism” is the reason why they live in such poverty with no chance of things getting better. Well, I got news for you. There are too many black people and people of color who do not live in Democrat-run cities who are doing very well for themselves, they are successful because they have not been taught and raised to believe that racism is a reason they will never amount to anything in life.

When politicians throw police under the bus for doing a very difficult job just to placate angry voters, it breeds resentment, anger, and paranoia against cops, and it is the cops who have to bear the brunt of what the filthy politicians started.

It is about time that people who live in these cities woke the hell up and started to realize that their lives do not have to be this way. They need to learn that they don’t have to feel oppressed because they have the power to make it all stop, and when they use their power, they can turn it all around very quickly. If the people who live in these armpit cities could learn one lesson, it would be this; you can’t keep calling it oppression when you keep voting for it, and you keep voting for it. Stop it!

CNN’s Van Jones Says America Will Be in a ‘Dangrous Position’ if Chauvin ‘Not’ Found Guilty of Killing George Floyd

CNN’s Van Jones Says America Will Be in a ‘Dangrous Position’ if Chauvin ‘Not’ Found Guilty of Killing George Floyd

A political commentator for CNN and avowed communist, Van Jones said Monday on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time” that if Derek Chauvin, former Minneapolis police officer, isn’t found guilty of killing George Floyd, America will find itself in a “dangerous position as a country.” Let’s be honest. There will be riots regardless of the outcome of the trial and the Democrats who run Minneapolis will let it happen again.

That’s pretty much because of people like Van Jones and Chris Cuomo. They are supposed to be news people, and yet the overwhelming majority of Americans heard the arguments made by the Defense Counsel during yesterday’s opening of the Floyd trial for the first time. That is an indictment of the news industry of America. Instead, they are together sending out threats to the jurors and dog whistles to rioters. CNN is extremely irresponsible in this regard.

The news media, including Fake News like CNN, are supposed to give both sides of a story and let the viewers decide for themselves. But CNN, and most of the mainstream news media today, do not believe there is another side of most stories they report. Instead of being real journalists, the people today who sit at news desks drinking from their coffee mugs with corporate logos emblazoned on them are left-wing activists who only see one side of an issue and it always leans Left.

There are rarely any journalists left who know how to be a journalist, and that is what a dangerous position our country is in today. Our news media has failed us miserably and now, even with evidence that shows it’s not the case, most of America believes that the former Minneapolis cops murdered George Floyd.

Jones said, “Everybody I’m talking to are frustrated, re-triggered, re-traumatized. Seeing that video, seeing the complete contempt for life. You have a generation of African-Americans and their allies, I’m talking this entire young generation that is watching this to see if America, listen, the system is on trial here. The system is on trial. And I can’t tell you, people have tried to push away from this, move on from this. Today brought it all back home for tens of millions of people. And if this is considered legal conduct from a police officer, if you can do this in broad daylight and not go to jail, it will be perceived as open season, telling police officers from coast to coast you can literally get away with murder in broad daylight. So, this was, I think. Today was a brutal day for the people who were able to watch. A lot of people weren’t even able to watch. They said, I just can’t even put myself through it again.”

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about why I think Chauvin will not be found guilty of the charges, possibly one of the lesser. It’s because what he did at the scene of Floyd’s death does not match the actual statutes, and unless the jury is Woke, he should be found not guilty. I know it sucks that he died, but George Floyd killed George Floyd and you would know that if our news media hadn’t died years ago.

He went on, “This is the system on trial for a generation. And, you know, listen, you can ask any of the people who have been marching out here in the middle of a pandemic, this is going to be there will be half a billion people watching when the verdict comes out.”


It sounds to me like Van Jones himself finally heard the defense’s arguments based on the facts, and he’s afraid his team is going to lose. It’s terrible that George Floyd died, as it is when anyone dies. But what happened to Floyd is because of what he did to himself. For example, Fake News outlets never told you that Mr. Floyd had enough Fentanyl in his system that he would have died later in his home. On top of that, you didn’t know that Floyd also had methamphetamine in his system; he had an underlying heart condition, and he had COVID.

I guarantee Fake News didn’t point out to you the glaring inaccuracies given by the prosecutor during his opening statement yesterday. Like when he said Chauvin had his arm around Floyd’s neck when Floyd was resisting arrest inside the police vehicle yet there is no video that I’ve seen of Chauvin doing that. The prosecutor kept making it out as if the coroner’s report said that Floyd died as a direct result of Chauvin’s knee on Floyd’s neck, even though we all know by now that the original coroner’s report said he died of a Fentanyl overdose and was later changed when the Woke politicians got involved. They had a country to destroy and they couldn’t let a good crisis go to waste.

The Fake News never told you that Minneapolis police officers all go through the same training program, and part of that training is how to place your knee on the neck of a suspect you have on the ground that is not cooperating. Officer cadets lie down on the ground while someone places their knee on their neck while other cadets hold down their legs. They do this so that the officers know what it’s like. It does not cut off a person’s airway, and it certainly didn’t kill George Floyd. A real news media would have informed the American people of that information.

Jones added, “You’re putting us in a very dangerous situation when you do that because what you’re now saying is it doesn’t matter if you follow the rules. We are still going to come and get you. Once you have 40 million people in the country who, no matter what we do, we break the law, we get in trouble. We follow the law. We get in trouble. No matter what we do, you are not going to accept us, then what do we have here? You’ve got a potential time bomb on both sides. And I think on the other side, what I’m seeing is we talk a lot about white rage, white anger, the angry white man. There’s some white grief that hasn’t been talked about. This country is changing in ways that a bunch of white folks did not sign up for, didn’t expect, and don’t know what to do with. So, a lot of this rage is unprocessed grief that we need to be able to talk about. No. We are not going to back off. It is true. It may be the fact that your grandkids may not look like your grandparents. This country is changing. But it can be a greater country as a result. We need these white voters who are supporting Republicans doing stuff that they know is wrong need to be called to a higher purpose. The Republican Party, which used to be the party of Lincoln, should not be the party of Steve Bannon and all these terrible ideas. There’s no reason for it. So, you got fear on one side, grief on the other side, and the clock is ticking. I’m going to tell you right now, these bills that are being passed to chop us off at the voting block and juries coming out saying it’s okay to kill us are putting us in a dangerous position as a country and as America.”

Chauvin Trial: Video Uncovers Potential Jury Intimidation By National Lawyers Guild

Chauvin Trial: Video Uncovers Potential Jury Intimidation By National Lawyers Guild

The unfortunate death and now the chaotic trial of George Floyd is being exploited by what the leftist media and their allies, calls “Rights Activists” as a way of blazing a path to transformative changes in our public policy where they can not get public support or garner a strong enough voting base to get what they want; which is mostly control over politics, financial and cultural institutions.

“Derek Chauvin may not receive a fair trial,” Tucker Carlson said Wednesday about the police officer who faces numerous charges for the death of Floyd.

Consider the following footage as what could be proof of Carlson’s claims:

“Quite a few NFGL people here,” the narrator is heard saying.  “The National Lawyers Guild. You have people out here dancing, ” he said, as a large group of people march through the streets drumming, chanting, and yelling.

The group, dressed in black bloc,  yells in unison, “F^%$  the Police” over and over. Raising their fists in signs of “solidarity with violence” the group screams, “If we don’t get it, shut it down”.

the mob is clearly working to intimidate the community; the exact community where jurors are being selected in what is sure to be the trial of a generation, due to its highly politicized content.

The fact that National Lawyers Guild members were identified, should be concerning to Americans who how due process rights.


“The National Lawyers Guild is dedicated to the need for basic and progressive change in the structure of our political and economic system. Through its members – lawyers, law students, jailhouse lawyers and legal workers united in chapters and committees – the Guild works locally, nationally and internationally as an effective political and social force in the service of the people. The UNC Law NLG supports efforts towards social justice and leftist change within the law school and around the community. Through the NLG, students serve as legal observers at demonstrations around the state, attend the national NLG conference and work with attorneys..,” according to their North Carolina chapter.


They are “dedicated to the progressive change of our political and economic system”, which is interesting work for people who live in a Republic where representatives are elected by the people to represent their needs and concerns in debates, and legal methods to make these changes.


When mobs use tactics of harassment and intimidation to pressure people to do what they want, that is called “Democracy”.

In embracing Democracy as the transformation of our Republic, we accept that our individual power is gone.


The controversial death of Floyd triggered a highly organized and well-orchestrated  Democrat political movement to defund local police departments and ignited violent riots across the country.

Such hysterical propaganda has been created around the case that people do not feel safe thinking about the case in any other ways than how the left and their many media groups demand.

The National Lawyers Guild is dedicated to punishing the Police according to their own account.


“Challenging a multi-billion dollar industry and centuries of social conditioning, abolitionists work to debunk the propaganda that equates policing with safety. In reality, police are fundamentally dangerous; they were created and are maintained to protect racial capitalism. In order to achieve their foundational purpose, police destroy lives and communities—in particular, those of Black and Indigenous people.

The wealthy elite sustain their ability to profit off of everyone else because they have a mechanism to keep exploited people under control: policing. In order to manufacture our consent to this set-up, beneficiaries of this system instruct everyone who is concerned about police brutality to see law enforcement as a less than ideal, but still necessary feature of society.”

This is what a mess we are in for allowing these leftist non profits to run our government and make changes in public policy without the consent of the governed.

Three of the Minneapolis Former Cops Charged In Death of George Floyd Ask Judge To Dismiss their Case Alleging Prosecutors Leaked Plea Deals to the Press

Three of the Minneapolis Former Cops Charged In Death of George Floyd Ask Judge To Dismiss their Case Alleging Prosecutors Leaked Plea Deals to the Press

A series of motions were filed this week on behalf of three of the four former Minneapolis police officers who were charged in the death of George Floyd that set off a summer of rage, destruction, mayhem, and chaos via daily riots in Democrat-run cities across the country, asking to have their clients’ cases dismissed, arguing that the prosecutors leaked information about plea deals in the works to the press.

Now that Trump’s no longer in office I wonder if the Woke Supremacists will riot again.

The trial against Derek Chauvin, the cop who had his knee on Floyd’s neck in the video that went viral around the world, is set to begin on March 8. Chauvin was ultimately charged with second-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

Tou Thao, J. Alexander Kueng, and Thomas Lane, the three other former cops involved are charged with aiding and abetting second-degree murder and aiding and abetting second-degree manslaughter and their trial is scheduled for August 23.

On Monday, Thao’s lawyers, Natalie and Robert Paule filed a motion in Hennepin County District Court where they accused Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison of leaking the information about Chauvin’s plea deal negotiations.  They are asking the judge to dismiss the charges against their client.  I have no doubt that Ellison or one of his prosecutors did that because he’s not a good person and he used to allegedly beat his ex-girlfriend and because he’s a Democrat politician nothing happened to him.

Last week, the New York Times, once again using anonymous sources, reported that a plea deal was already in the works for Chauvin a mere days after Floyd’s death.  Under the plea agreement, Chauvin would avoid federal civil rights charges if he pleads guilty to third-degree murder and face up to 10 years in federal prison.  That agreement was rejected by then-Attorney General Bill Barr.

That leaked information will “irreversibly taint the jury pool and will deny Mr. Thao his constitutional right to a fair trial by impartial jurors,” and Ellison, as well as prosecutors Matthew Frank and Neal Katyal should face, “sanctions against the State for its role – directly or indirectly – in the leaking of highly prejudicial information related to potential plea agreements of codefendants,” the motion read, according to Twin Cities Pioneer Press, the outlet that obtained the motion after it was made public on Tuesday.

We need to have some serious reform on leaking laws.  Leftist Trump haters working in the federal government leaked data every day for at least the first two years.  In many cases, it is a felony to leak information to the press and no one ever gets charged.  In fact, I don’t even think there are investigations to find the leakers.

The motion requested a scheduled hearing to argue the matter within one week.  Judge Peter Cahill will render a decision on the motion soon.

Another motion filed in Hennepin County District Court on Tuesday by Kueng’s attorney, Thomas Plunkett, also argued that the leak that turned into the article in the Times could only have come from the prosecution team.  Plunkett said tghe leak “shows a complete disrespect for this Court and the fundamental notions of due process.”

“The history of this case shows purposeful actions to thwart justice for the officers. One discovery violation is an honest mistake, this wide river of flagrant discovery violations is a purposeful act designed to prevent Mr. Kueng and the Codefendant’s from receiving a fair trial,” the motion read. “Leaking prejudicial information mere days before trial is loathsome and underhanded. The State’s conduct has been pervasive, malicious and an affront to the dignity of the Office of the Attorney General.”  Talk about prosecutorial misconduct.

On Wednesday, Lane’s attorney, Earl Gray, filed the third motion asking to join the motions filed by the first two defendants; lawyers, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

“It’s sad that the defense would stoop to peddling baseless conspiracy theories rather than prepare a serious defense of their client to address the grave crimes with which he is charged,” Ellison said in a written statement where he responded to the motions filed this week. “Unlike the defense, we are confident in our case and look forward to presenting it to a jury.”

See what I mean about Ellison?  There’s no way anyone but the prosecutors could have leaked that information, a felony I believe, and Ellison uses the favorite tactic of the Democrats these days by calling the motions conspiracy theories.  How else was the New York Times able to write the article without someone leaking the information to the liner for a dirty birdcage newspaper?  A conspiracy theory would be if there was no article published and the lawyers said there was.  Ellison is either stupid or arrogant as all get out.

Minneapolis and state police are working on security plans to prepare for the animals to create more havoc, looting and burning down businesses as Chauvin’s trial gets closer.

On Wednesday, the utterly useless Mayor Jacob Frey, who did next to nothing during the daily summer riots in his city, said that the trial will in all likelihood increase trauma for a lot of people, particularly as the day of the verdict gets closer and that safety will be on of the top priorities “during this very difficult time in our city.”  Does anyone believe him?  Do they have enough cops left on the force to do that kind of security?

Do I sound like a cynic?  Well, when you wake up every day of your life and you see that the sun comes up, after a while, you just come to expect it.

This Video Might Be Enough for Reasonable Doubt In the George Floyd Case

This Video Might Be Enough for Reasonable Doubt In the George Floyd Case

The video below might be enough to prove reasonable doubt in the mind of potential jurors in the George Floyd case, which is anticipated to be very emotional and trying for the American people.

Recently one of the attorneys in the case who represents one of the former police officers involved said that the evidence that Floyd died from an overdose and not a knee on the neck, was so strong that the case against the officers involved should be dropped altogether. reported:

“A lawyer for one of the former Minneapolis police officers charged in George Floyd’s death said he planned to argue in court that Floyd “killed himself” by dying of a fentanyl overdose and an underlying heart condition.

After a judge last month lifted a gag order on the case against the four officers, Earl Gray, an attorney for Thomas Lane, spoke with the Los Angeles Times about his defense plans.

“None of these guys — even Chauvin — actually killed him,” Gray said, referring to Derek Chauvin, the officer who knelt on Floyd’s neck for nine minutes on May 25. “He killed himself.”

A broadcaster slowed the film of Floyd down, to show a white spot on his tongue, which he said proves that Floyd had taken something right before he died, and that the footage could provide a “reasonable doubt” in what is likely to be one of the highest-profile cases in American history.


Is this Reasonable Doubt

Take a look at this video and let me know if you think this is reasonable doubt… see you at 8pm!

Posted by Vinnie Politan Court TV on Thursday, August 20, 2020

Floyd died in May, while in the custody of the police, one who was seen kneeling on Floyd’s neck, presumably killing Floyd.

Violent uprisings happened after the video of Floyd’s death was played over and over, agitating people.

Vinnie Politan narrated the video for his Facebook page, Court TV:

“This video is when George Floyd is initially stopped and it is in slow motion, look at the tongue- a little white spot.  The defense says that this is the most important in the case.

One of the attorneys for former officer says that spot is Fentanyl and it was ingested at the time of the video.

The Defense is saying this is an overdose case, this is not a man with a knee on his neck, or who can not breathe.  This is 2MG  of Fentanyl, the defense just has to prove that this is a reasonable explanation for the death of George Floyd.

The defense just has to raise a reasonable explanation, prosecutors have to prove that it happened.  So if what the defense shows is reasonable that is enough for reasonable doubt.  Look at the white dot on the tongue.

This is going to happen at the trial and each one of the defendants will hire someone to come in and talk about the white dot on the tongue, and the fen t in his system.”

Democrats are leading the charge to defund the police despite Americans’  concerns. 

Democrats are leading the charge to defund the police despite Americans’  concerns. 

The Democratic-led House of Representatives on Monday is expected to unveil new legislation aimed at defunding police departments across the country.

If you are wondering if the Democrats are doing this with the blessing of the American people a poll shows they are not. A recent poll conducted by YouGov found “despite calls by activists and protesters to defund police departments, most Americans do not support reducing law enforcement budgets.” Just 16 percent of Democrats and 15 percent of Republicans said they were in favor of the idea.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey on Sunday went against the city council, reiterating that he does not support abolishing the city’s police force after Floyd died in custody May 25 after white officer Derek Chauvin was filmed kneeling on his neck for nearly nine minutes.

Frey, instead, vowed to work relentlessly with Chief Medaria Arradondo and the community “toward deep, structural reform and addressing systemic racism in police culture.” He also said he would put the city’s powerful police union “in its place,” but fell short of promising to dismantle the force.

Nine city council members, including Jeremiah Ellison, the son of state Attorney General Keith Ellison, who declared his support for Antifa, spoke at a protest in Minneapolis’ Powderhorn Park earlier Sunday to commit “to end policing as we know it and recreate systems that actually keep us safe.”

“Our commitment is to end our city’s toxic relationship with the Minneapolis Police Department,” Council President Lisa Bender said. “It is clear that our system of policing is not keeping our communities safe. Our efforts at incremental reform have failed, period.”

Demonstrators march toward Seattle City Hall Wednesday, June 3, 2020, in Seattle, following protests over the death of George Floyd, a black man who died in police custody in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)


House and Senate Democrats on Monday are expected to unveil the new “Justice in Policing Act of 2020,” which includes major overhauls for how police officers around the country will do their jobs.

It includes prohibiting the use of chokeholds, lowering legal standards to pursue criminal and civil penalties for police misconduct, and banning certain no-knock warrants, NPR reported, citing a Democratic congressional aide.

“These are commonsense changes that, frankly, will create a far greater level of accountability for those police officers who violate the law, who violate our rights and who violate our common community standards,” Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J. told NPR on Sunday.

The plan was developed by Booker, Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., and members of the Congressional Black Caucus and the House Judiciary Committee.

“Persistent, unchecked bias in policing and history of lack of accountability is wreaking havoc on the black community. Cities are literally on fire with the pain and anguish wrought by the violence visited upon black and brown bodies,” the bill’s sponsors wrote in a letter to colleagues Saturday. “While there is no single policy prescription that will erase the decades of systemic racism and excessive policing – it’s time we create structural change with meaningful reforms.”

Though Republicans, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., have recognized “egregious wrongs,” in police brutality cases, GOP lawmakers were not included in the drafting of the bill and, therefore, are expected to initially oppose the measure.

“I think we can easily find common ground on both sides and we can do it swiftly, but it’s more difficult if you’re away,” House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., said Thursday. “Members of Congress should not be called back for one week and say, ‘Here are all the bills.'”

New York City:

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Sunday he would accede to protesters’ demands by moving to shift funds away from the NYPD toward youth and social services.

“We’re committed to seeing a shift of funding to youth services, to social services, that will happen literally in the course of the next three weeks, but I’m not going to go into detail because it is subject to negotiation and we want to figure out what makes sense,” the mayor said Sunday.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said Wednesday that he tasked the city to “identify $250 million in cuts” to invest more money into the black community, communities of color, women and “people who have been left behind.”

The Los Angeles Times reported the city will try and cut between $100 million to $150 million from its police budget alone.

“While our work for racial justice begins in L.A., it must echo throughout our state and across our nation. I will keep working with leaders in Sacramento and D.C. to advance legislation that protects black lives and communities of color long denied equity in our laws,” Garcetti tweeted on Friday.

The mayor also announced he would launch the city’s new Civil and Human Rights Department and Civil and Human Rights Commission this summer to “protect anyone who lives, works in or visits L.A. from discrimination or denial of equal treatment in private employment, housing, education or commerce.”

Garcetti said he supported the work done by members of the California black caucus to “restore voting rights to those serving parole, improve emergency response services for historically neglected communities, and seek reparations for the impact of slavery.”

He also said he was working with Sens. Harris and Booker, and Rep. Karen Bass, whose congressional district includes Los Angeles, to “pursue a national standard on the use of force, independent federal investigations of police brutality, and consent decrees on departments with a pattern of brutality and discrimination.”

Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar, whose congressional district includes Minneapolis, has voiced her support for the council members’ plan.

“No one is advocating for lawlessness. No one is advocating for our community to be in danger or crime to happen in Minneapolis without there being accountability,” Omar said. “This is an opportunity for us to get rid of a system that was built not to provide safety and serve and to start to put into place a system that does provide that safety.”

Democrats are all about control. The American people need to pay attention to what this legislation Congress is rolling out will include.


Source: These cities have begun defunding police in the wake of George Floyd protests

Breaking: Minneapolis officer’s murder charge expected to be upgraded in George Floyd death, 3 others charged

Breaking: Minneapolis officer’s murder charge expected to be upgraded in George Floyd death, 3 others charged

Minnesota’s Attorney General Office is expected to announce new charges in the Floyd case. According to The Star Tribune Derek Chauvin, the man that is accused of killing Floyd will have his charges upgraded to 3nd-degree murder, and the other three officers will be each will be charged with aiding and abetting and 2nd-degree murder.

If convicted on both counts, the officers face a maximum of sentence of 50 years in prison and a fine of up to $20,000.

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison is expected to hold a news conference Wednesday afternoon to announce further details.

Read the entire article here: Minneapolis officer’s murder charge expected to be upgraded in George Floyd death, 3 others charged