David Hogg Takes a Dive In Pillow Fight, Resigns From His MyPillow ‘Rival’ Pillow Manufacturing Company

David Hogg Takes a Dive In Pillow Fight, Resigns From His MyPillow ‘Rival’ Pillow Manufacturing Company

His dream went out like a light.

Parkland shooting survivor (who wasn’t actually at the school when the shooting started but rode his bicycle to the school as fast as he could when he heard about it and started filming coverage of it as if he was there all along) David Hogg, who must have slept on it, now says he will be giving up his role in the new pillow company he launched to compete with conservative MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell so that he can go back to his activism. Hogg learned a valuable lesson that anyone can be an activist, but it takes business acumen, brains, and a drive to help your fellow man to build a successful pillow company.

On Saturday, the twenty-year-old Hogg took to social media to announce he has “resigned and released all shares, any ownership and any control of Good Pillow LLC” effective immediately.

A company that was started based on hatred for another man wasn’t a real business venture. We call it Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Showing that Hogg has no real business sense at all, he announced that he and his co-founder William LeGate came up with the name “Good Pillow” without checking first to make sure it wasn’t trademarked or patented. That’s when a Trump-supporting firearms patent and trademark attorney Ben Langlotz saw the tweet and scooped the snot-nosed attention-grabbing Hogg and filed for a trademark on the name Good Pillow. Langlotz later said the name was “a good brand to put on pillows with a pro-gun civil rights message.” That was probably the most valuable business lesson Hogg will ever get because it was given in the real world.

“1: A couple weeks ago, a very spontaneous interaction over Twitter between me and William LeGate led to us trying to start a progressive pillow company.”

“2: The goal was and still is to create a great pillow that is sustainably produced in domestic unionized factories and have a percentage of those profits benefit progressive social causes.”

“3: We were met with immediate and overwhelming support. But I soon realized that given my activism, schoolwork, and family commitments, I could not give 100% to being a full time co-founder at Good Pillow”

The Harvard University student said he realized he couldn’t devote 100% to his time to his pillow company because of other commitments, including school, family, and his activism.

“8: The reasons for my departure rest entirely with me and my own personal commitments and I truly wish Will nothing but the best.”

“9: Over the next several months, I will be taking some time to focus on my studies in college and advance the gun violence prevention movement with March For Our Lives and personally.”

In other words, creating a real company is hard.

Hogg, a former Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student during the 2018 shooting massacre that took place there, said back in early February that he was going to start a new pillow company with LeGate, a tech entrepreneur, and his purpose was to rival MyPillow.

He claimed the “progressive competition” could put Lindell, who sells patented foam pillows on TV commercials, out of business.

Once Lindell stopped laughing and was able to get control of himself, he said of Hogg’s pillow fight that there is “nothing wrong with competition that does not infringe on someone’s patent.”

A week later Hogg made an announcement that he was taking some off from his position as a board member for March For Our Lives.

Hogg said he will leave it up to LeGate to fulfill their vision of building “an ethical company that produces products that people need while creating good union paying jobs and supporting social causes at the same time.” See? Hogg knows activism and not much else.

Anti Gun Hack David Hogg Laughed At By Twitter After Announcing New Board Member For Pillow Company

Anti Gun Hack David Hogg Laughed At By Twitter After Announcing New Board Member For Pillow Company

And there I was, inventing the pillow while cowering in a linen closet.

Gun control nut David Hogg made an introduction for a new member of the advisory board for his pillow company that he created to compete with Mike Lindell’s MyPillow bedding empire, and many critics jumped in with mockery, ridicule, and a lot of laughs on the social media scene.

On Thursday, Hogg, 20, said that he was going to start a pillow company to give those in the Woke Supremacy of the Left an alternative to Lindell’s MyPillow.  Why?  Because Lindell is a strong supporter of Donald Trump and has spent a lot of money to prove Trump had the 2020 election stolen from him.  Lendell went against the Woke Supremacy and so now idiots like David Hogg feel that it is their obligation to destroy him.  Apparently, the Supremacy tried to cancel the MyPillow CEO but his company is still thriving.  Sometimes with certain people that are being canceled a boycott becomes a buycott.

Please support Mike Lindell and his company MyPillow.com and use the code TRUMP2020 for up to 66% off when you do.

Hogg announced his first employee for his pillow company on Monday, LGBTQ (I hope I got all the letters) activist Brandon Wolfe.

“I’m thrilled to announce the addition of Brandon Wolf ( @bjoewolf ) to the Pillow Company’s activist advisory board. Brandon has years of experience in organizing for gun violence prevention, LGBTQ rights and he’s also just an awesome person,” tweeted Hogg.

Wolf is also a survivor of the 2016 attack on the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida by the gay Muslim shooter who went nuts.  Since Hogg brought him on board we do have to ask the question; was he really at the nightclub when the shooting started or was he at home, heard about it,  then he grabbed his camera and ran to the nightclub to jump into the scene?

Since David Hogg is a social media joke of sorts, many of his critics who believe in the Second Amendment took to Twitter to make fun of him for hiring yet another activist for a new venture that is supposed to be built to make a profit and to provide a product to the Woke Supremists all across the country.

Pradheep Shanker a contributor at National Review Online summed it up nicely.

“I honestly believe that if I gave my 10 year old a little seed money, he would be far more competent at making and selling pillows (or anything else) than Hogg and his band of merry men.”


Writer, blogger, and speaker Matt Walsh asks a good business question.

“Will your pillow business involve, at any point, the sale and manufacture of actual pillows?”

Responding a leftist complaining that conservatives are now mocking people who are trying to start an honest business venture a conservative user replies…

Social media commentator Karlyn Borysenko said, “He doesn’t even have production facility yet….not to mention an actual name other than “pillow company”…..but he has an activist advisory board….. It’s like they really believe they can run a business based entirely on a virtue signal. Let’s see if that works out.”

One user tweeted some unfortunate past tweets by Brandon Wolf that are a bit homophobic if you ask, well, anyone.

“I may not be an industry expert with empirical working knowledge in sleeping products, but I am beginning to wonder about the intense lack of interest in Hogg hiring anyone who knows a damned thing about pillows,” said another user.

Carturd, one of my favorite influencers on Twitter hit Hogg with his usual wit:

“This pretend twitter company is amazing.”

David Hogg became the center of attention after the Stoneman Douglas High School massacre shooting in 2018 when he did his own little video news clip of the events taking place.  It was after that that people started thrusting him to the forefront of every news network as an anti-gun activist who was there during the shooting at the school, only to later find out that he wasn’t at the school when the shooting started.  In his own words, after the fact, he was at home when he heard about the shooting at the school and he then got on his bicycle and rode to the school.  He has been an arrogant little mess ever since and a young man who has no idea what the Second Amendment means yet he wants to take guns away from law-abiding people and doesn’t understand that what he is pushing for will make it so that only criminals have guns.  That’s why people make fun of him constantly.  He was in over his head from the very beginning.  He’s cocky and has memorized all the leftist talking points, but he never argues substance.

Gangsta Capitalism: Lindell Victor, Already Won The Pillow Wars, Humiliated Hogg See His ‘Company’ In The Dirt

Gangsta Capitalism: Lindell Victor, Already Won The Pillow Wars, Humiliated Hogg See His ‘Company’ In The Dirt

Progressive talk has already been exposed as nonsense about “Good Pillow”.  Remember when David Hogg, whose rise to political celebrity is very strange, when just weeks ago he decided to take on very successful Mike Lindell, the CEO of My Pillow out of revenge for Lindell’s political stand?

“Watching Hogg try to launch his pillow company, called Good Pillow, was like being forced to watch a train wreck, as his public pleas for ideas and suggestions felt more like desperate cries for help than legitimate crowdsourcing.” Matt Margolis wrote for Daily Caller.

Note the bravado…

Update from Daily Caller in their article, from March 14:

David Hogg’s Pillow Company Seems to Have Already Failed

” As PJM’s Megan Fox reported last month, Hogg’s pillow company, despite being in the embryonic stage of development (they didn’t even have a logo yet), was getting free publicity from the Washington Post. 

In fact, Hogg’s partner made a public appeal for a “top tier” graphic designer to design the company’s logo for a mere $200 and in less than two hours for WaPo’s forthcoming feature story, which was published February 9.”

I covered the “Gansta Capitalism”  on Feb 10, linked below, as well.   What I noticed was that there was no product- and the teeny boppers appeared to think that rolling out a new company was like playing a video game.


And it appears that since then, media have discovered that Hogg and his buddies did not even attempt to develop a product for their company. This should be humiliating for everyone involved, and as I pointed out earlier, Gen Z seems to believe they can just speak products into existence.

Or perhaps the whole thing was only a PR attack, and they never were planning on doing the hard work that Lindell had already done and dedicated his life to doing.

“A search of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office database does not reveal any new company being registered under the name Good Pillow or a variant.”


Meryl Kornfield of the Washington Post went into a state of high gush on February 10 as she excitedly announced that “Parkland survivor David Hogg launches his own company in a ‘pillow fight’ against Mike Lindell.” There is a GoodPillow handle on Twitter but it has been as silent as Hogg himself since the day you gushed over both.

he is attempting to create a pillow company to compete against MyPillow, which is led by staunch Trump supporter Mike Lindell. The idea for the company, first tweeted as a joke by Hogg’s partner, software developer William LeGate, is becoming increasingly firm: The pair announced the name of their company, Good Pillow, on Tuesday night. Yet many aspects of the company are not fully formed and critics have thrown a wet blanket on the plan.


The entire episode should be spanking to Hogg because he defamed and slandered Lindell, and he defrauded the public and social media.  Unless everyone just understood their role in the game of a  progressive leftist cyber fantasy company- that was never meant to me real.


Hogg and his buddies bragged all over social media, even aided by Twitter with an expensive PR push, including trending topics and sidebar promotion as breaking news and trending news.

So in the end, the “good pillow” is nowhere near going to be real.  Hogg still doesn’t have any trademark, but someone a man in North Carolina, picked up the trademark and now Hogg may be the new focus of gansta capitalism tactics.

Whatever happened, Hogg could learn a lot of things from Lindell.

“Woke” Capitalism: Gen Z Goes To War to Cancel Lindell’s My Pillow and Forms Company With No Plan For a Product

“Woke” Capitalism: Gen Z Goes To War to Cancel Lindell’s My Pillow and Forms Company With No Plan For a Product

A revenge-driven, abuse-driven product, “Good Pillow,” driven by leftist virtue-signaling against Mike Lindell, is going to hit the market at some point. Still, their marketing and PR already hit social media and public consciousness, with Big Tech and Social media’s assistance.
The company’s founder, activist David Hogg says they have a waiting list for their product already, claiming over 15,000 people have signed up to be alerted for a potential pre-order of their product.

This sounds like a long way of saying there is no product yet, and no plan for a product.

Here is a forthcoming problem for dynamic duo William LeGate and David Hogg:  How are people going to virtue signal that they have a Good Pillow? Virtue signaling only works when you can show it off.  Are you going to sell T-shirts and bumper stickers?  Hey- then you are not in the pillow business.

It is a total farce.

A total farce that is being heavily promoted and marketing on Twitter, we would guess for free:

So, the virtual company is being given a very high profile that has been thrown together in a few days by two Gen Z social media influencers/ Community Organizers. They are going to war to promote their idea of a socialist-green utopia by attacking a company with an American made product, My Pillow, who supports several high profile charities that help recovering drug addicts.

The focus of their revenge is the My Pillow company owner, who is a supporter of President Donald J. Trump, so he is being set up to be canceled by the “woke” supremacists of the left by taking over his product line.

Numerous questions were raised on social media about the wisdom of Good Pillow’s business plans.

As one person with manufacturing asked me, “Are they going to source the pillow in China? Pillows may be the last thing that is cost-effective to ship from China due to the bulkiness and cheapness of the product.  Did they consider the transportation costs for shipping Pillow materials?  Or outsource the sewing?  Time will tell.  They may not have considered all of the regulations materials have to pass through the Federal Government.”

Perhaps they were hoping for fast pass through the Government red tape?

On top of the fact  that there is no product, the dynamic Duo believes themselves to be Guerilla PR celebrities; they messed up the launch with sloppiness and spelling errors, which is a massive humiliation to the left who pride themselves on spelling well.

From their business Website, even a dyslexic like myself can see the numerous errors:

According to LeGate, they are true humanitarians because they are “missions based,” which apparently they believe is justified for breaking laws:

Their mission seems to be “money laundering” to various charities of friends and social justice non-profits.

An what would an American Pillow company be without a community organizing “Manifesto”?

A “Manifesto” recall is “a public declaration of policy and aims, especially one issued before an election by a political party or candidate.”

So there may be some other FEC guidelines for them to consider, but read their political plans for yourself:

good-pillow-manifesto (1)

To The Future,

Seven days ago, they said it could not be done. Seven days ago, we joked online about just how
powerful a pillow company could be. To the believers – those who dared to imagine a pillow
company could be about more than just pillows – thank you for turning our wildest dreams into
reality. Rest assured, Good Pillow is well underway :^)

From day one, we’ve set out to create a pillow company that is, simply put: Good. This
seemingly straightforward idea stems from the mindset that everyone deserves a Good night’s
sleep, coupled with the belief that we deserve to feel Good about the brands we choose to
support. Good Pillow’s commitment to being a quality, ethical, and sustainable company exists
at the forefront of all our business decisions large and small.

Why? To inspire a new generation of Americans to live the American Dream by giving back and
supporting causes you believe in, to create a true conscious consumer movement– all while
getting a Good night’s sleep.

Here’s what we mean when we say “Good”:
● Good Pillow pledges to support charitable organizations working to improve the lives of
everyday Americans & people across the world.
● Good Pillow pledges to have an active dialogue with its customers regarding which
causes it will allocate a percentage of profits to.
● Good Pillow pledges to be sustainably sourced and to be environmentally accountable.
● Good Pillow pledges to employ well-paid, unionized manufacturers.
● Good Pillow pledges to be Made in America.

● Good Pillow pledges to place a strong emphasis on hiring those who have traditionally
struggled with seeking employment, including: veterans, refugees, people with
disabilities, and people who were formerly incarcerated.
● Good Pillow pledges to fill our Board of Directors with people who actually represent
America. We’ve seen companies and leaders rely on symbolic gestures as a substitute for
real change. We commit to ensuring our actions demonstrate the depth of our
● Good Pillow pledges to appoint a Chief Progressive Officer to its executive team, whose
sole purpose is to ensure we stay true to our vision.

We’ll be honest – this isn’t going to happen overnight, and that’s because we’re committed to
doing this the right way. Though we’ve spent 1⁄3 of our lives on pillows, we can’t say we know
everything about pillow manufacturing. That’s why we’re not sacrificing quality for time. We
must invest in our foundation to make Good on our promises.

At present, Good Pillow is in the midst of negotiating and solidifying key details with our Board
of Directors, manufacturing partners, employees, advisors, and an exciting influencer network
with a combined reach of over 250 million people and counting. Before we launch, though, we
must take some time to put our heads down, out of respect for the three year anniversary of the
shooting in Parkland, Florida on February 14th. While we step back to honor those we lost on
that horrific day, we remain fully committed to delivering on what we’ve promised. We couldn’t
be more thrilled to share more important updates immediately following our blackout period.

Thank you for embarking on this journey with us to prove that we can turn Good dreams into
reality 🙂

~ David & Willam

In other words, they know how to write a well thought out drama, but can the kids make a pillow and get the darn thing to market?  We will find out if Gen Z learns a little something about Free Markets and Business from Woke Capitalism’s adventures.

Greta Thunberg Accidentally Posts Doc with Talking Points on India Protests, Faces Criminal Probe

Greta Thunberg Accidentally Posts Doc with Talking Points on India Protests, Faces Criminal Probe

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg is facing a criminal probe in India for posting a document that tells people how to protest and other advice for the farmer’s protest.

She must have released the document but immediately realized her error and she deleted the post. But not before it caught the attention of Indian authorities.

They have now opened an investigation to see if she violated the law.

Some people say the post proves that she is being told what positions to take. But she is the one with a target on her back. Thunberg was once the leading voice for global warming.

But in the end, she used up her usefulness, so she has been cast aside by the elite just like they did with Stormy Daniels and David Hogg.

Now she is fighting to remain relevant. It is not going to be an easy task.

The farmers are clashing with police around New Delhi. They are protesting new laws that will severely limit their ability to earn a living. Over 10,000 tractors have participated in the riots. One man has died.

The government says he overturned his tractor but protesters claim he was shot. So, it is a major problem when someone releases a statement like Thunberg. It will come down. to what is best to do. Prosecute her or drop it because of her high profile.

From Breitbart News

For her part, Rihanna tweeted to her more than 101 million followers: “Why aren’t we talking about this?!” She linked to a CNN news report about India blocking internet services at the protest sites, a tactic of the government to thwart protests.

Senior government ministers, Indian celebrities and even the foreign ministry are now urging people to come together and denounce “outsiders” like Thunberg and Rihanna who try to “break the country.”

“It is unfortunate to see vested interest groups trying to enforce their agenda on these protests, and derail them,” India’s foreign ministry said Wednesday in a rare statement criticizing “foreign individuals” posting on social media. It did not name Rihanna and others who followed suit.

Biden Supporters Show Ignorance On Human Trafficking Crisis On US-Mexico Border…Mocks Trump For Saying “Coyotes” Bring Kids Across Border

Biden Supporters Show Ignorance On Human Trafficking Crisis On US-Mexico Border…Mocks Trump For Saying “Coyotes” Bring Kids Across Border

The unaccountable social media mobs troll around inserting their uneducated thoughts, via Tweets, etc, saying things they make the rest of question their motives.

The US Southern border has until recently, been an 2,000 mile easy access entry point into our supposedly sovereign nation.

Millions of cartel, “coyotes” running drugs and/or people over the border, terrorists, low-wage workers looking to take Americans jobs, and others since our nation’s founding.

Last night, during his response to the immigration crisis, President Trump used the opportunity to point out that the “cages” that hold children on the US-Mexico border were actually built during the Barack Obama-Joe Biden administration.

Several Trump supporters, including Melissa Tate, shared tweets supporting Trump’s comments.

President Trump asked Joe Biden several times, “Who built the cages Joe”?

The reality is Obama-Biden administration built the cages for kids. Tate’s tweet included a photo of former President Barack Obama’s DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson walking through a detention center built by the administration where kids were sitting in cages,

He also explained the danger posed to kids who are smuggled across the border by “coyotes.”

President Trump explained, “These children are brought here by coyotes and lots of bad people, cartels, and they used to use them to get into our country.”

Via 100 Percent Fed Up

According to a 2012 study by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, a majority of migrants report using the services of a smuggler. In the case of child migrants, Elizabeth Kennedy, a Fulbright scholar and researcher on child migration in El Salvador estimates that more than half the children are smuggled using coyotes.

U.S. authorities began cracking down on smugglers in response to the surge in unaccompanied minors. ICE launched ‘Operation Coyote’ in June, capturing 363 smugglers and seizing over $800,000 in smuggling profits. U.S. law enforcement agencies have cooperated with Central American authorities, making high profile busts.

Showing the level of ignorance in the Biden support base, the follow verified users mocked the President’s use of a stand term for smugglers even tryin to attach racism for doing it?

Dar’shun Kendrick, a Joe Biden supporter, and Chief Deputy Whip of the GA House Democrats, tweeted: “Did Donald Trump just say 545 kids they can’t find their parents for came over through “cartels and coyotes?” She asked her 12K followers, “How the hell does a coyote bring a whole human across the border?! She ended her tweet by telling President Trump, “Lord—stop talking!”

High-profile, anti-gun advocate David Hogg totally missed Trump’s comments and thus tweeted this: “Imagine calling the immigrant parents that bring their children to the United States for a better life “Coyotes,” adding, “The level of xenophobia is sickening.”

You can’t make this stuff up!!!

What is he talking about? Its not the parents that are the coyotes, they hire them!

We don’t want to miss this Twitter “Blue checkmark” recipient, actress, and producer, Denyce Lawton. She mocked President Trump’s comment, saying: “to my Hispanic people…by a raise of hands…how many were carried over here by a coyote or Drug Warlord? F*** RACIST IDIOT!! WHAT IN THE HELL??

Of course the leftist mob is now trying to back peddle on their comments, accusing those who called them out for making light of human trafficking, as having not sense of humor!

Jason Whitlock On LeBron James: ‘He’s Promoting Racism … His Bigotry Is No Surprise’

Jason Whitlock On LeBron James: ‘He’s Promoting Racism … His Bigotry Is No Surprise’

Jason Whitlock of Outkick The Coverage slammed James in an article in an article he wrote called “LeBron James Is A Bigot.”

From listening to Mr. Whitlock it is obvious that he is not a James fan, but then again neither am I. James is trying to scare his fellow Blacks so the activists controlling him will be able to control them as well.

Many dictators use fear to control the masses. The Democrats are their allies at least for as long as they need them, then they will dump them on the wayside.

Just ask Code Pink, Greta Thunberg and David Hogg. The Democrats, I believe are willing to sacrifice a lot of lives in their quest for power. Not their lives but yours are certainly expendable.

Whitlock quoted James tweeting:

“And y’all wonder why we say what we say about the police! Someone, please tell me WTF is this?! Exactly another black man being targeted. This shit is so wrong and so sad! Feel so sorry for him, his family and our people! We want justice.”

He then alluded to something James said on Monday:

“I know people get tired of hearing me say it, but we are scared as black people in America. Black men, black women, black kids, we are terrified.”

“If you’re sitting here and telling me that there was no way to ‘saydue’ (subdue) that gentleman or detain him or just before firing guns, then you’re sitting here lying to not only me, but you’re lying to every African American, every black person in the community.”

Whitlock then countered,

“I’m black. I’m not scared. I’m not terrified. Neither is LeBron James. He’s lying. He and the political activists controlling him want black people to immerse themselves in fear. Fear is a tool used to control people. If you comply with police instructions, there is virtually no chance of an American citizen being harmed by police.”

Whitlock continued to rip James apart over his stand on the riots. Remember, LeBron is not the one who will be inhaling tear gas or getting arrested. That is nothing the elite are willing to do.