Twitter’s Stock Drops First Day of Trading Since Banning the President of the United States

Twitter’s Stock Drops First Day of Trading Since Banning the President of the United States

On Monday, the soviet-style tech giant Twitter’s stock price dropped more than 12% on the first day of trading since the social media tyrant kicked President Donald Trump off of its platform Friday night.  The stock price decline wiped out $5 billion from Twitter’s market capitalization.

Last Friday, Twitter’s honchos announced they were permanently suspending Trump’s account “due to the risk of further incitement of violence” after supporters of the president stormed the US Capitol in protest of the 2020 election results. In the months preceding, Trump had frequently taken to Twitter to argue that the election was fraudulent.

“After close review of recent Tweets from the @realDonaldTrump account and the context around them we have permanently suspended the account due to the risk of further incitement of violence,” Twitter said.

The fact of the matter is the president did not incite violence at all.  On the contrary, Trump said at end of the rally that took place on January 6, “and now you will march peacefully to the Capitol and let your voices be heard.”  There was no incitement rhetoric.  He didn’t tell people to attack anything.

Twitter’s move was the first time that the social media company had ever banned a head of state.

Conservatives argued that the ban was an unprecedented attack on free speech; leftists celebrated it as “the most important moment in the history of social media.” However, on Monday, investors expressed their own concerns, putting the social media company’s ticker price under pressure.

Twitter’s stock, according to Yahoo! Finance opened down about 10% before spiraling down to as low as $45.17 per share, or 12.3 percent down.  Twitter stock came back over several hours to end the day down 6.4 percent.

That early drop wiped out over $5 billion from the company’s market capitalization, according to Business Insider.

Trump’s account showed more than 88 million followers, which made it one of the most popular accounts on the site, and his activity on the account over the years generated a lot of traffic for the platform.  People either loved Trump or hated him on Twitter, and either way, many people were drawn to go onto the platform just to see what he was saying and how others were reacting to what he was saying.

Twitter was a useful tool for the president because he could speak directly to the people without having his message filtered by the lying leftists in the Fake News media. That’s why the Left hated him on Twitter.  Up until social media, the mainstream news media was how you heard what the president was saying, outside of a direct speech he gave.  Either way, the mainstream media always filtered what a president said, especially Republican presidents.  Social media allowed Trump to speak to the people without the news media twisting his words.  They would twist his words anyway but at least the people were able to go back to his Twitter account and read what he really said.

That drop in the stock price represents investors who are concerned that Twitter may be less competitive, especially if supporters of the president decided to leave the platform.  So far Dan Bongino, Rush Limbaugh, and others have dropped their accounts in solidarity with the president, and they collectively had millions of followers.  Many of those millions of followers will also drop their accounts, or they will stop visiting the site as often.  Fewer people on the site generate fewer sales leads for advertisers.  Fewer sales for advertisers mean less ad space purchased and that means less profits for the company.

Conservatives have felt that Big Tech companies like Twitter unfairly censor conservative voices and ideas for a long time.  And they are not wrong.  Leftist-run social media companies like Facebook and Twitter have been censoring conservative speech for some time now, but in 2020 they took it to new levels.  They blatantly censored critical information that people needed to make informed decisions for the 2020 elections.

A lot of conservatives started moving over to Parler, which is a free speech alternative to the likes of Twitter.  And it seems that the leftist tech giants aren’t complacent with getting rid of conservatives from their own platforms, they are now attacking conservative platforms to silence them in their own environments.  Apple and Google removed Parler’s app from their sites, and Amazon shut down Parler’s hosting services claiming they lacked content moderation.  Bongino revealed that Parler has policies for content moderation and they do moderate posts made there that violate their community standards, but the tech tyrants just want them gone.

We reported that Parler sued Amazon over antitrust violations on Monday.

Facebook and Google stock also took a hit on Monday, not as hard as Twitter, but still enough to send a message.  The problem with tech tyrants is that they now have so much money they no longer care about making profits over forcing their political ideology on their platforms. They care more about pushing their ideology than earning money.  The stockholders have already sent a message and that message will get stronger if they continue with the same practice.  Twitter’s management team could become its own demise if they don’t wise up.

Video of Woman in Store Who Says She Will No Longer Wear a Mask Goes Viral [VIDEO]

Video of Woman in Store Who Says She Will No Longer Wear a Mask Goes Viral [VIDEO]

A video of a woman who is refusing to wear a face mask in a CVS pharmacy store is going viral on social media, with many suggesting the rebellious woman is articulating an increasingly common sentiment among the public.

The scene took place, in a Los Angeles CVS pharmacy and kicked off when the woman was refused service for failing to comply with state Coronavirus regulations.  So, she’s already in the store, and the sheeple behind the counter think refusing her service is going to protect them?

BAAA!  Stay in the pen.  It’s safer in there.  BAAA!

Californians have been ordered that they must wear face coverings in public or high-risk settings, including while shopping, taking public transit or seeking medical care.

Think about this, about 90 percent of Americans across the fruited plains have been wearing masks every time they go outside and inside businesses.   Yet we’re told that the virus is getting worse, that more and more people are coming down with it.  So then, how come none of the numskulls in charge have ever asked the question “do masks really work?”

At one point a woman confronted the lady and said she was going to call the police, and the fed up lady said, “Go ahead, they can’t arrest me, because there is no law.” She is absolutely correct. The overwhelming majority of jurisdictions in the US have not had their legislatures create laws that force people to lock down, to socially distance, or to wear masks. We live in a Constitutional republic, which is guaranteed to all states by the US Constitution and that means that the draconian measure that governors and mayors have taken so far that do not have laws to back up their enforcement are unconstitutional.

On a side note, I went into a Best Buy last month to do some Christmas shopping, and they had reinstituted the policy that you have to stand in line six feet social distanced from each other just to get into the store, and you had wait until they would allow you to enter.   That line to get inside the store proper was about 25 feet long.  When I walked into the store there was an older man in front of me and there was one person in front of him who was at the front of that line, so there were only 3 of us in line.   I said immediately said, “Oh they’re doing this again?”  The man turned to me and said, “Yes they are and we’re supposed to be six feet away from each other and I would prefer that you move back 6 feet.   I turned around to look behind me and realized that six feet meant I would be standing outside in the cold.   So I turned back to the man and said, “I’m sorry, but I’m not going anywhere, and you should move up, because you’re about 18 feet away from the guy in front of you.”  The guy turned around and looked at the end of the line in front of him and realized I was right, so he started moving forward.  It was at that point that I asked him. “Do you really think that masks work?”  He said to me, “Yes, I do.”  So then I asked him if h8e was wearing a mask and I am wearing a mask why was he being such a crybaby about social distancing?   “You just said you believe masks work, and we’re both wearing masks, so what’s your reasoning?”  He turned away from me to face the front of the line, and we never spoke again.  Good riddance.

My point here is that the useful idiots of the government tyrants don’t have an answer when you confront them. They are just repeating what they hear like good little sheeple.  BAAA!  Stay in the pen.  It’s safer in there.  BAAA!

But I digress.

In the video the woman said, “I’m not saying COVID’s not real.” She added, “I’m just saying, I’m not sick. I’m not sick and asymptomatic spread has been shown to be a myth, so why am I going to be treated like a sick person?”

The woman is 100% correct.  For the first time in our known history the government is forcing healthy people into conditions, draconian conditions.  Normally, and throughout history, we only quarantined, locked down, forced masks, etc. on sick people.  The myth of asymptomatic spread, which the top epidemiologists in the world say is extremely rare, is what the tyrants are using to frighten people into compliance with their lock down rules.


“Do you know that there have been fewer deaths in 2020 than in 2019?  All they’ve done is recategorize all the deaths.  This is not what they’re telling us it is.  It’s a lie. This is a lie, I’m telling you.

“It’s a lie and everyone’s buying it. And it will go on, and on, and on as long as they feed us this lie and we comply with it, and I am done. Tonight, I’ve reached a breaking point, I’m done. I know I’m not reaching any of you in here, I don’t care.”

BAAA!  Stay in the pen.  It’s safer in there.  BAAA!

The woman went on to say: “I hope someone in here hears me and feels empowered.”


The thing I love about this woman is that she knows what she’s talking about and yet she doesn’t appear to come off like a political activist of any sort. She’s just an average American citizen who is tired of being treated like she’s going to kill our entire population unless she conforms to the restrictions that a bunch of lying politicians have foisted onto our society. And God Bless her for that!

Dan Bongino talks about something he calls “the dance theory.”  What this is about is if you’re at a wedding for example, and the dance floor is empty, it’s not the first guy who goes out on the dance floor that makes a difference.  It’s always the second guy who joins in.  The second person who starts dancing legitimizes the dance floor and then you start to see everyone else get up and enter the dance floor.  Let’s hope that this woman was the first one and that there are more brave people who are going to stand up to the tyranny and say screw this, we are Americans, we have rights!

It started with Democrat tyrants exploiting the virus to defeat Donald Trump in the 2020 election.  Mark my words, that’s why they were making Americans as miserable as possible.   The first step was they wanted to make people miserable enough to hate Donald Trump, because you just knew that they were going to blame everything on him.   And they did.  And there are a lot of knuckleheads out there who believed them.   The second thing they did what’s to defund the Republican Party for the election.   What do I mean by that?  The Democrats in charge of states and cities shut down small businesses, which are the backbone of support for the Republican Party.  They shut down those small business and that removed all the contributions in donations to Republicans and Republican causes that come from small business owners, because Republicans traditionally support small business enterprises being the backbone of our economy.   Yet, at the same time they helped their rich billionaire liberal friends.  For example, Jeff Bezos, the owner of and the Washington Post, claimed that he made an additional $70 Billion from the COVID lockdowns.  That’s because when your local stores were locked down by the conniving Democrat tyrants, people got their stuff from websites like Amazon.

Now that the election is over and they believe that Joe Biden has one, the dictators on the left are morphing their COVID hyperbolic scare messages to push for what they call a “Global Reset,” which is nothing more than the chance to never let a good crisis going to waste by forcing socialist mandates on the people of the world.  If nothing else it is exposing how darkly evil these Democrats really are.

If enough people start to stand up like this brave woman, what are they going to do?  Are the tyrants going to arrest and incarcerate over a hundred million or so Americans who have said I’ve had enough, I’m fed up, and I’m not taking it anymore?

Obama Insider: ‘Obama’s Crew Thinks Biden Is a Damn Fool’

Obama Insider: ‘Obama’s Crew Thinks Biden Is a Damn Fool’

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino was discussing Joe Biden this past week and he decided to let his listeners in on some inside information on the relationship between Joe Biden and Barack Obama.

Bongino still has friends inside the Secret Service who tell him that Obama can’t stand Joe Biden.

Even though he supports him just so that President Trump does not have four more years in which to erase the Obama legacy (Some say travesty) from the history books. (Plus if Joe Becomes president, consensus would say that Obama is no longer the worst president of all time.)

Bongino says that Obama thinks that Biden is a joke. Not that he thinks that Biden is a bad guy, he just thinks Biden is a joke.

It’s nothing personal, it’s just that Obama thinks that Biden is a moron, an opinion shared by many millions of Americans. He definitely has chutzpah, having Hunter, a Chinese businessman attest to Joe’s honesty at the DNC convention.

Bongino says that is also an opinion that Obama’s crew also have of the former vice president. Joe would put the vice back in the presidency. Obama’s crew thinks that Biden is an utter moron.

Bongino says:

I keep a large network of friends.  Some of them I remember from a prior line of work.  I’m not talking about law enforcement people either.  I’m talking about some people I know who are marginally involved in politics.  Who are basically involved for the money, not so much the ideology, so they’re happy to talk. The Obama team thinks Biden is an idiot.  Hence in his (Obama’s) speech last night, why Obama in 15 minutes barely mentioned Biden.

Far left wing site Politico has been able to confirm what Bongino says using their own independent sources.Alex Thompson, the Politico article author was a guest oin the the Tucker Carlson Show.

He told Tucker that he has heard the very same stories about the rift between Obama and Biden.

He said that over eight years, the Obama camp looked down at the Biden camp and that they still do right up until today.

Joseph Misfud’s Link University Raided: 14 People Now Under Investigation

Joseph Misfud’s Link University Raided: 14 People Now Under Investigation

For some time now, the idea that Italian intelligence played some kind of part in the Russian Collusion Hoax, possibly in aiding John Brennan, the head of the CIA at the time. Four top officials were already forced to resign without any reason being given.

Josef Mifsud was attached to Link University in Rome. That is where George Papadopoulos met him. The university has been raided and it is being reported that 14 people are currently under investigation. Papadopoulos says that it has to do with Mifsud, but there is nothing concrete at this point.

Papadopoulos in an interview with former Secret Service Agent, Dan Bongino explained the circumstances under which he met Maltese professor, Josef Mifsud.  He had been working with a group in London when he announced he was leaving to work on the Trump campaign.

But, the group convinced him to travel to Rome with them to meet some people. He agreed, considering it a three-day vacation before returning to the United States. It was there at Link University that he met Mifsud. Papadopoulos later found out that the university was a training center for Western spies.

Link University has links to the CIA. At the time, John Brennan was the CIA chief and had supposedly enlisted the aid of Italian intelligence to allegedly plant false information on presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

We do know that AG Bill Barr and his hand-picked investigator traveled to Rome several times, gathering information on the origins of the spying effort against Donald Trump.Some say that Rome and London are the main locations for the Spygate scandal in Europe.




Atlanta DA Howard charged Officer Rolfe before Georgia’s Bureau Investigation complete

Atlanta DA Howard charged Officer Rolfe before Georgia’s Bureau Investigation complete

The Fulton County, Ga. district attorney’s decision to bring a murder charge against one of the police officers involved in the shooting of 27-year-old Rayshard Brooks is being highly criticized by many including Secret Service agent Dan Bongino.

In an interview on the “Brian Kilmeade Show”  with host Brian Kilmeade, Bongino accused District Attorney Paul Howard Jr. of having “significant problems of his own.”

“You know, ethics investigations, serious allegations there. Now, that’s entirely relevant to what happened in this case. This was a man who had to be elected who couldn’t even win his own election in a run-off. He got 41 percent of the vote,” Bongino stated. “[This] obviously begs the question: was this politically motivated? I mean, Brian, is this not fair game?”

After the press conference the Georgia Bureau of Investigations tweeted that they were never consulted on the charges that DA Howard was charging the police officer with. In fact, the GBI revealed that they have not concluded their investigation. But they will complete their mission and submit the file to the DA then.

“Despite today’s occurrence, the GBI will complete its mission of completing an impartial and thorough investigation of this incident and we will submit the file, once completed, to the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office.”


Bongino continued:

“They’ve drawn absolutely no investigative conclusions whatsoever about this incident. Again, albeit tragic with Mr. Brooks. But, no conclusions whatsoever,” Bongino said. “Do you understand how unprecedented that is?

“So, now you’re telling me if you’re a police officer and you’re engaged in a use of force incident in the course of your job…that results in the death of a subject that before an investigation’s even concluded and, might I add has barely started, that you are subject to imprisonment without bail and charges that could result in the death penalty?” he asked.

“I mean, even to the most radical leftist listening to your show right now, they’re quietly acknowledging and shaking their heads…that what I’m saying on your show right now is absolutely accurate,” Bongino told Kilmeade.

On Fox & Friends Judge Napolitano stated that the felony murder charge, which could potentially lead to the death penalty — are “grossly inflated.”

“Look, if there’s a jury trial, here’s what the judge is going to say to the jurors before they start deliberating. If that police officer reasonably believed that Mr. Brooks was using or was about to use deadly force on him, the police officer, then the police officer is permitted to use deadly force to protect himself,” he explained. “Secondly, the determination of what was in the police officer’s mind is not what a reasonable civilian would do, but what a reasonable police officer would do.”

District Attorney Howard is in an election year where he is under a lot of scrutiny. Three past and present females have sued him for harassment or discrimination. The state ethics commission has accused him of 12 different violations. And he is under investigation for using $140,000 of non profit funds to line his pockets.

Many are now accusing Howard of using this incident to win votes. 

Source: Bongino blasts DA over murder charge in Rayshard Brooks shooting: ‘What they did was outrageous’

Trump Responds to NY Times Correction: ‘The One Who Is Actually Being Assaulted Is Justice Kavanaugh’

Trump Responds to NY Times Correction: ‘The One Who Is Actually Being Assaulted Is Justice Kavanaugh’

Trump indicated he was watching Fox & Friends, a morning show on Fox News, when hosts brought up how the paper walked back a report alleging there was a new sexual assault claim against Kavanaugh.

“The one who is actually being assaulted is Justice Kavanaugh – Assaulted by lies and Fake News! This is all about the LameStream Media working with their partner, the Dems,” Trump, who nominated Kavanaugh after the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy, wrote on Twitter.

Trump then quotes former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino before quoting “Fox & Friends,” which noted that the New York Times wrote in its correction that friends of the woman who was allegedly assaulted told reporters with the paper that she does not recall the alleged incident.

“DO YOU BELIEVE WHAT THESE HORRIBLE PEOPLE WILL DO OR SAY. They are looking to destroy, and influence his opinions – but played the game badly. They should be sued!” Trump said.


Read the entire article here: Trump Responds to NY Times Correction: ‘The One Who Is Actually Being Assaulted Is Justice Kavanaugh’