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Like the big one that just wouldn’t flush, Chris ‘Fredo’ Cuomo is back to haunt your televisions. Cuomo joined a “fresh new news service”...

General News

Most people have enough common sense to appreciate when their behavior has been disgraceful. However, that apparently doesn’t apply to egotistical narcissists like former...

General News

What is wrong with this dude?

General News

On Thursday, Chris Cuomo did it. He came through with his $125 million lawsuit against the left-wing, lying, biased joke of a news network,...


More information has come out about the firing of Chris Cuomo by CNN. It seems that a young woman is accusing Cuomo of sexually...


The Cuomo brothers have so much in common. Both have been willing to go on tv and lie their arses off. Now we find...


CNN announced late Saturday afternoon the cable network has fired host Chris Cuomo immediately, costing the outlet dozens of viewers. This follows an investigation...


Chris Cuomo, brother of serial groper Andrew Cuomo has been suspended by CNN indefinitely. The suspension came not because he used his position at...

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