Secretly Recorded Video Shows Migrants of All Ages Held Under Bridge in Makeshift CBP Processing Center Enduring Inhumane Conditions at US-Mexico Border

Secretly Recorded Video Shows Migrants of All Ages Held Under Bridge in Makeshift CBP Processing Center Enduring Inhumane Conditions at US-Mexico Border

On Thursday, Project Veritas released a video showing illegal aliens forced to live under a bridge by the Biden administration.

The bridge is used as a  makeshift Customs and Border Protection processing center enduring inhumane conditions at the southern border.

This could be even worse than the cages. At least they have walls and a real ceiling. It is subject to wind and rain and cannot be considered sanitary in any way.

A Brave Insider felt compelled to record and send never-before-seen footage to Project Veritas. It shows the inhumane treatment illegal aliens get under Joe Biden who caused this crisis by continually inviting the illegals into this country with a promise of no deportations.

The rush to the border has been unprecedented over the past few years after President Trump worked so hard to get things he inherited from the Obama/Biden administration under control.

The illegals can be seen sleeping in the dirt where there is no running water for showers and where food has to be brought in because there are no kitchen facilities. It is basically a homeless camp for illegals.

Biden has been ineffectual in protecting our border and I don’t believe that is an accident, especially when you consider he is sending them to red states where they can vote illegally and dilute the legal votes of Americans. Illegal aliens, under a bridge, unsanitary, sleeping in the dirt.

From Project Veritas

Joe Biden invited the migrants by telling them to surge the US border.

A reported 17,000 unaccompanied child migrants are in U.S. custody, including 5,000 being kept in overcrowded Border Patrol stations not meant for children.

Several migrant children have drowned trying to cross the Rio Grande in response to Biden’s invitation to surge the border.

Former Acting Director of the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Tom Homan this week accused the Biden Administration of hiding the truth about crisis and said Joe Biden “knew what he was doing” when he “sold out our southern border security and our national security to win an election.”

Border Patrol Exposes Slavery: 180 Undocumented Aliens Being Held Against Their Will In Texas

Border Patrol Exposes Slavery: 180 Undocumented Aliens Being Held Against Their Will In Texas

Democrat Joe Biden is experiencing a massive crisis on the southern border, with uncontrollable numbers of people viewing his open borders policies with selfishness and greed, impacting the United States with an increase in human trafficking.  Biden is also facing an unmitigated PR disaster for his administration who is being viewed as feckless, reckless, and lazy. Reposts show the issues are mounting.

“Within hours of each other on Tuesday, Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents and law enforcement partners shut down three stash houses and apprehended over 180 undocumented individuals throughout the City of Laredo,” wrote the US Custom and Border Patrol posted on their Twitter account on Thursday.

“All of the people rescued from these Stash Houses were being held against their will. Human Smuggling/Trafficking are dangerous situations.  Please help others by reporting suspicious situations you see; you just might save a life,” said Deputy Chief Patrol Agent Carl E. Landrum.

According to the Washington Post, a “Stash House” is a vital part of immigrant and drug smuggling networks on the U.S.-Mexico border.

In 2017 the Washington Posted published a shocking report on what amounts to slavery in the United States. See their expose below.

Biden has disallowed the media from reporting on most of the border issues; independent media has exposed that the open border, the influx of humans crossing, and the conditions at the border are overwhelming law enforcement and that the crimes associated with human and drug traffickings, like robbery, rape and murder are increasing quickly creating a massive humanitarian crisis, one that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are ignoring.

From the Border Patrol’s press release:

Within hours of each other on May 4, Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents and law enforcement partners shut down three stash houses and apprehended over 180 undocumented individuals throughout the City of Laredo.

The first incident occurred when agents assigned to the Laredo South Station, Laredo Sector Special Operations Detachment, Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), and Webb County Constable’s Office Precinct 2 (WCCP2) investigated a possible stash house in central Laredo.  Officers contacted the occupants and discovered 68 individuals who were in the country illegally.

The second incident occurred later that evening when agents assigned to Laredo South Station acted on the information of a possible stash house in south Laredo.  Agents along with HSI and WCCP2 Deputies apprehended 50 undocumented individuals.

The final stash house was closed late that evening after receiving information about a possible stash house in north Laredo. Agents, with the assistance of HSI, SOD, and WCCP2 responded, and a search of the property resulted in the apprehension of 65 individuals who were in the United States illegally.

The individuals from all the stash houses were identified as nationals of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Mexico.  None of the individuals were wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) when found.  The individuals were provided PPE and were medically screened then processed accordingly.

Stash houses continue to be a threat to national security and to the citizens of our nation not only because of their use by criminal organizations but they are also a danger to the people they exploit by concealing them in dilapidated close quarters such as these.

The cooperation between our local law enforcement partners in our communities continue to have a great impact to the criminal element, making our communities safer.  Help us to take a stand against these criminal organizations and potentially dangerous acts by reporting suspicious activity in our neighborhoods.

To report suspicious activity such as alien and/or drug smuggling, download the “USBP Laredo Sector” App or contact the Laredo Sector Border Patrol toll free at 1-800-343-1994.  If you see something, say something.

Biden Asserts Border Crisis Now ‘Under Control,’ Continues Blaming Trump For Problems At Border [VIDEO]

Biden Asserts Border Crisis Now ‘Under Control,’ Continues Blaming Trump For Problems At Border [VIDEO]

While President Joe Biden and his administration continue to blame former President Donald Trump for the crisis at the southern border, a crisis it took the administration over a month to acknowledge even existed, Biden said during an interview on NBC’s “Today” that the circumstances at the border are now under control. Poof! And it’s fixed. It’s like magic.

I don’t know if Joe Biden and his administration either don’t know what the term “crisis” means or what their definition of “problems” with the immigration system is because Trump and his administration fixed our illegal immigration problem. The crisis going on at our border is because of Joe Biden. Donald Trump had nothing to do with it. He solved the problems with our immigration system. Biden brought them back and on steroids.

It is insufferable to listen to the lies this man tells when blaming his screw-ups on Trump.

Since the day Biden was inaugurated, the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency has experienced an all-time high of illegal immigrants crossing our border into the United States. When Biden surrendered our border to future Democrat voters from South and Central America by signing executive orders that he didn’t have the authority to do, and his rhetoric on top of that which went out to the world about how he would allow anyone in, it motivated tens of thousands of paupers from third world countries to stampede for our border, regardless of how dangerous the trip is, knowing they will get free money, free food, free healthcare, and free housing all at taxpayer expense. And all they have to do is vote for Democrats for the rest of their lives.

Trust me, if it was a known fact that these people from Central America overwhelmingly voted Republican, the Democrats would be catapulting them across the Rio Grande 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year period

“It is getting urgent action. Now, for example, a month ago, we had thousands of young kids in custody in places they shouldn’t be, controlled by the Border Patrol. We have now cut that down dramatically…The failure to have a real transition. The two departments that didn’t give us access to virtually anything were the immigration and the Defense Department,” Biden said. “So we didn’t find out they fired a whole lot of people and were understaffed considerably.”

They were in detention because of Biden’s policies. Trump had them waiting in Mexico for their hearings for the most part and those that were housed on our side of the border had it pretty good. Biden took all of that away by the sheer number of illegals he incentivized to come here. The way the Biden administration cut down the number of illegal alien children sitting around detention facilities is not by deporting them back home – nay nay – rather, they just released them into the interior of the United States by putting them on buses and shipping them off to God knows which cities.

NBC’s Craig Melvin pointed out CBP had apprehended 170,000 illegal border crossers, which is a twenty-year record in April alone.

“Well, look, it’s way down now. We’ve now gotten control. For example, we have — they didn’t plan for, which it comes every year, this flow, whether it is 22,000 or 10,000, they didn’t have the beds that were available,” Biden said. “They didn’t plan for the overflow. They didn’t plan for the Department of Health and Human Services to have places to take the kids from the Border Patrol and put them in beds where there were security and people who could take care of them. So there is a significant change right now, significant change in the circumstance for children coming to and at the border.”


I can almost guarantee some months from now we’re going to find out that the Oval Office told the bean counters at the southern border to fake the numbers or to get the illegals out of the detention facilities within 24 to 48 hours as opposed to the 72-hour schedule that this administration placed on the CPB to gets them out and into the country. What’s horrible is that a lot of these people aren’t being tested for COVID and they’re shipping them off to be among American citizens.

Immigration officials are calling bullschtein on the Biden administration who keeps blaming them for when they worked under the Trump administration, saying that the poor conditions in the detention facilities seen now were because of a lack of planning.

“We didn’t need [Health and Human Services’] beds because we had the border secure. So we’re not going to have, you know, 10,000 beds available for people that aren’t coming across the border because of Trump’s policies. And for the administration not to call it a crisis is disrespectful to every man and woman that wears green there,” Thomas Homan, former acting director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said.

President Of El Salvador Refuses To Entertain Biden’s Envoy, Wants Democrats To Stop Using Him As A Scapegoat

President Of El Salvador Refuses To Entertain Biden’s Envoy, Wants Democrats To Stop Using Him As A Scapegoat

El Salvador’s president is battling US Democrats. He has Twitter spat and snubs visiting Biden envoy Aides to El Salvador, saying he refuses to meet with a visiting senior U.S. diplomat over what he sees as a pattern of slights from Democrats and the Biden administration.

“El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele refused to meet with a visiting senior U.S. diplomat this week over what he sees as a pattern of slights from Democrats and the Biden administration, according to two aides of the Central American leader,” Joshua Goodman wrote.

The Democrats have a disaster on their hands with their open border policies that are causing a firestorm of controversy in the United States and for the entire North American continent, leaving a trail of destroying lives over laziness and greed on the part of the Democrats.

“Bukele’s decision not to meet with Ricardo Zuniga, the Biden administration’s envoy to the so-called Northern Triangle countries of Central America, follows a similar snub he allegedly received from U.S. officials during an unannounced trip to Washington in February,” according to ABC News.

It also comes just days after Bukele’s government awarded $1.2 million lobbying contract to the State Department’s former top career diplomat in a bid to improve ties with the new American president.

Specifically, the two said Bukele was angered by State Department spokesman Ned Price’s comments Monday that the U.S. looks forward to Bukele restoring a “strong separation of powers where they’ve been eroded and demonstrate his government’s commitment to transparency and accountability.”

But Bukele has told aides that he won’t meet with any Biden officials until the U.S. softens criticism raising doubts about his commitment to democracy and the rule of law, according to the two people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity given the diplomatic sensitivities.


From NPR:

El Salvador’s president is urging voters in a California congressional district to vote out its U.S. representative in the latest back-and-forth spat between the Central American head of state and one of Congress’ most vocal critics of the region’s leaders.

President Nayib Bukele and Democratic Rep. Norma Torres have been exchanging very undiplomatic barbs on Twitter this week.

Torres, who was born in Guatemala, fired the first salvo Wednesday when she retweeted a disturbing video released by U.S. Customs and Border Protection showing two toddler sisters being dropped into the United States by smugglers straddling a 14-foot-tall border wall. The two were picked up by U.S. agents and given medical attention.

Along with a link to the video, Torres tweeted — in Spanish — that the incident is “a great shame for the governments of #Guatemala #Honduras #ElSalvador their compatriots deserve governments that are truly committed to fighting corruption and narco[trafficking]!”

The two girls, ages 3 and 5, are from Ecuador, not any of the three countries Torres mentioned. The majority of the unaccompanied minors currently coming across the U.S. border are from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, collectively known as the Northern Triangle of Central America, according to CBP.

El Salvador’s Bukele, an avid Twitter user, hit back fast with his own Spanish-language tweet. “Look ma’am, did you read that the children are from ECUADOR and not from EL SALVADOR? Also, this happened on the border of Mexico with the United States. What does El Salvador have to do with this?”

The Salvadoran president then told Torres that she should buy some glasses with a portion of her “financier’s checks.”

Most Americans would side with the President of El Salvador.

President of Latinos For America First Invites President Trump to ‘Border Patrol Appreciation Day’- VIDEO

President of Latinos For America First Invites President Trump to ‘Border Patrol Appreciation Day’- VIDEO

Bianca Gracia, the President of Latinos for America First and President for Latinos For Trump, made a video invitation to President Donald J. Trump to invite him to an event they frequently host supporting the Border Patrol Officers Southern Border, many of whom are Veterans and/or Latinos.

“Over 1/3 of U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents are Veterans,” read a press release from Latinos for Trump. 


“U.S. Customs and Border Protection is the unified border agency within the Department of Homeland Security charged with the management, control, and protection of our nation’s borders at and between the official ports of entry. CBP is charged with keeping terrorists and terrorist weapons out of the country while enforcing hundreds of U.S. laws. According to United States Customs and Border Protection (‘CBP’), in 2021, approximately 35% of CBP’s current workforce has served in the military and has an average 85% new hire annual retention rate for veterans. 

Latinos For America First has specifically partnered with Veterans For Trump because of the same shared system of conservative values and beliefs. Both of the featured organizations fully support a legal merit-based immigration system coupled with consistent border enforcement from CPB Border Patrol Agents by actively following through with an America-First Agenda in both policy and in practice, to date.

 Peace in America can only be obtained through teamwork and unparalleled strength in military service- which continues on post-separation in sister-organizations, highlighted by the joint partnerships of Latinos For America First/Latinos For Trump and Veterans For Trump/Veterans Keeping America Great.


“This is a callout to our President, Donald J Trump. We would like to cordially invite you out to attend our border patrol appreciation Next Wednesday, April 14th down in the Rio Grande Vally here in Texas. We will be honoring and showing some support to our border patrol agents out there who have been overworked and are underpaid with the current administration right now; they have lost resources and are overworked with the influx and the crisis at the border that Democrats refuse to acknowledge.

Unlike the groups of the left, we are not going to go down there to do something for the illegals; we will honor our border patrol agents.

We ask you, Mr. President Donald J. Trump, to join us and show your support of our border patrol agents with us. Thank you,” she said.


According to a press release from the group, Latinos For America First Celebrates ‘Border Patrol Appreciation Day’ in Rio Grande Valley.

(Rio Grande Valley, TX) – ‘Latinos For America First’ invites you to join us in celebrating our bi-annual
‘Border Patrol Appreciation Day’ on April 14, 2021, from 11:00am-1:00pm in Rio Grande Valley, Texas.
Please be advised that more information on this free, exclusive event can be found at .

Latinos For America First is hosting this special event for Border Patrol Agents who have been
continuously working long hours, seemingly tirelessly and overburdened with the increasingly
overwhelming responsibility of processing the influx of illegals crossing our Southern Border. Whilst
some charitable groups and non-profit organizations have relentlessly hyper-focused their efforts solely
on welcoming illegals being transported in-State (and also nationwide), instead, Latinos For America
First is ‘doing something’ specifically aimed to extend our gratitude towards the brave members of the
Texas Border Patrol during ‘Border Patrol Appreciation Day’- and we need your help!

On April 14, 2021from 11:00am-1:00pm, Latinos For America First will be hosting this exclusive event honoring the sacrifice and commitment of the Border Patrol by providing complete lunch meals to the agents working throughout the entire Rio Grande Valley, Texas- completely free of charge. Local restaurateurs are partnering with our dedicated team of volunteers to prepare and deliver these lunches to the Border Patrol Agents at specifically designated sub-stations and throughout the various check-points- to publicly display our attitude of gratitude to the Border Patrol.

Latinos For America First is excited to ‘give back’ to the community through service- i.e. our general ethos is that by handing agents a freshly-prepared, hot meal with a smile of gratitude can really help boost their morale during this serious humanitarian crisis occurring at our Southern Border.

We invite you to help our mission on ‘Border Patrol Appreciation Day’! Please visit the official Latinos
For America First website at to learn more about our ground-breaking
organization and to donate or volunteer at the ‘Border Patrol Appreciation Day’ special event. For up-to-
date event information, please go online to Upcoming Events | Latinos for Trump

Military Base May House Illegals Under Biden, Feds Approved Plan To Care For Massive Numbers Of Children

Military Base May House Illegals Under Biden, Feds Approved Plan To Care For Massive Numbers Of Children

Starting with “unaccompanied minors,” the Federal Government has approved a plan to use Military Bases to house illegal immigrants, and the numbers of those children are ballooning out of control, according to recent reports.

“The federal government may house unaccompanied migrant children on a California Army National Guard base in Monterey and San Luis Obispo counties,” KSWB reported last week.

“The Pentagon on Friday approved the use of Camp Roberts to temporarily house migrant children traveling alone, according to a defense official, they reported.

It was not immediately clear if or how many children could be placed at the camp, located along the Salinas River in Monterey and San Luis Obispo counties.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services said Saturday that the camp is “under active consideration.” The department has not yet finalized its decision.

“When HHS decides to activate an Emergency Influx Site for unaccompanied migrant children we will notify state and local authorities as well as members of Congress,” the department said in a statement.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services had requested the use of the base, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby confirmed Thursday.


After being processed by the Border Patrol, minors are transferred to Health and Human Services. Eventually, they will be released to a sponsor. Usually, a parent or close relative think of chain migration, but before all of that can happen, the United States will house and care for many, many foreign children.

“Unlike adults in many situations, all unaccompanied minors are allowed to stay in the U.S. That dynamic has prompted many parents to either send kids on the journey to America alone or get to the border and let them go the rest of the way. Most end up at least temporarily in shelters that are currently way beyond capacity,” Stars and Stripes reported on the matter.


The number of children being sent over the border will be astounding, according to Fox News.

“Customs and Border Protections (CBP) expects to have encountered over 171,000 migrants in the month of March alone, including 18,800 unaccompanied children. In March 2020, under the strong leadership of President Trump, the CBP saw only 34,000 migrants.

When in September 2019, Biden told illegal immigrants ”you should come” to America, they clearly listened. This is Joe Biden’s problem.  “

Although the link to the identifying document explains that the number has been taken down, there are numerous overcrowding reports at migrant centers with children.

Yahoo News reported Tuesday:

“The number of unaccompanied children crossing the border in March reached more than 18,500, according to preliminary Customs and Border Protection data obtained by NBC News, smashing the previous record as the Biden administration scrambles to set up new shelters to accommodate them.

The March total was at least 60 percent higher than the previous record of 11,494 in May 2019. The data is still preliminary and may change slightly before its official release.

The figures go back to 2010 when the border patrol began keeping track of how many migrants arrived at the U.S. as unaccompanied minors.”

The word is out. We are going to be overrun with children.

Tickle Kamala’s Funny Bone: Are American Children Being Replaced In American Public Schools?

Tickle Kamala’s Funny Bone: Are American Children Being Replaced In American Public Schools?

Massive amounts of children from foreign countries are coming across the American border illegally. The Democrats have demanded that the children are the responsibility of the American taxpayer now. At the same time, there is a transformation in the American public schools to make space for these new dependents to exclude teaching American children.

“U.S. Border Patrol apprehended more than 150,000 illegal border-crossers during the month of March—50,000 more than February—according to former Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner Mark Morgan,” The Epoch Times reported.

From their article:

A further 30,000 evaded capture, according to Morgan, who has received the provisional CBP numbers from internal sources.

The March total edges out the highest month in 2019, during the most recent border crisis. In May 2019, Border Patrol apprehended 144,000 people between ports of entry.

“The border is wide open. … It’s not secure. Drugs are pouring in, and criminal aliens are pouring in right now,” Morgan said during a press conference along the Rio Grande on March 30.

And Americans are being conditioned that we must make their new homeland very comfortable for them.

In what sounds like a page out of a teacher’s training in a public school Equity program to elevate foreign cultures and people, Americans are being conditioned to accept that children of illegal immigrants and children who have ended up here alone will be hosted in American public schools to the exclusions of American students.

Remember this is funny to Democrat Kamala Harris, the most popular Vice President in the history of the United States:

From  Harris’s state of California, Fox News reported,

“We have 130,000 kids who haven’t been allowed in a classroom for over a year in the San Diego Unified School District. It’s great that there’s in-person learning for those unaccompanied minors from Central America, but I wish every child in San Diego County were allowed the same opportunity for in-person teaching,” San Diego County Supervisor Jim Desmond told Fox News.

“The system is broken when San Diego teachers are teaching migrant children in person, but the 100k students of taxpaying families at San Diego Unified School District are stuck learning in Zoom school,” Emily Diaz, an SDUSD parent, told Fox News in an email.

A story from the New York Post is incredible information about illegal children who are now the responsibility of the American taxpayer, who are COVID positive, and who will be attending American public schools, even when American children can not.

“The hundreds of illegal child migrants at the San Diego Convention Center have a coronavirus infection rate far higher than allowed for California schools to reopen — yet teachers will still give them in-person instruction before local kids, according to a report.

The San Diego County Office of Education confirmed to Fox News Tuesday it was “providing the education program for the unaccompanied migrant children” at the convention center, sparking outrage from parents, education officials, and lawmakers alike. Local students will take online-only classes until April 12 at the earliest.

Of the 700-plus unaccompanied girls transferred to the center, at least 82 tested positive for the virus Tuesday afternoon, Fox News reported, citing US Department of Health and Services figures.”

So California Public education is now focused on immigrant children. Are Americans yet uncomfortable about that?  If they are, don’t fear. Equity departments are prepared to train people that their discomfort is good because racism is bad.

This is all happening simultaneously, and it sounds a lot like the transformation of America that Obama promised.

Get ready because America is about to see another consequence of Culturally Responsive Teaching models put out by Eric Schmidt’s “New America,” which is implemented through the public school “Equity” department and is a real insurrection of the American system.

That is the hope of the third world, to change our country forever.

Chris Wallace Hits Jen Psaki with Facts On Media Blackout For Migrant Detention Facilities: ‘Less Transparent Than the Trump Administration’

Chris Wallace Hits Jen Psaki with Facts On Media Blackout For Migrant Detention Facilities: ‘Less Transparent Than the Trump Administration’

Fox News host Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday grilled White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki concerning the Biden administration’s handling of the border crisis, asking her about allegations that the administration is blocking media from being allowed to see inside the facilities that are holding illegal migrants and the conditions of the detention facilities in which they are being held.

Reporters are accusing the Biden administration of blocking media access so that they can’t report on the border crisis, which the Biden administration says is anything but a crisis. One day it’s a challenge and the next a circumstance, but never a crisis. Award-winning photojournalist John Moore and a Getty Images Special Correspondent said he had to photograph the border crisis from the Mexican side of the US-Mexico border.

“I have photographed CBP under Bush, Obama and Trump but now – zero access is granted to media. These long lens images taken from the Mexican side,” Moore said earlier this month. ” Until now, US photojournalists haven’t needed to stand in another country to photograph what’s happening — in the United States.”

The Biden administration created an unofficial gag order on Customer and Border Protection (CBP) agents actively limiting what kinds of information they shared with journalists and keeping media people away from migrant facilities according to NBC News. What does the Biden administration have to hide? This is such bullschtein, and we are expected to not complain about it. Alejandro Mayorkas, the disastrous Homeland Security Secretary, denied such an order exists. What he means is there is nothing written on paper that orders the CBP agents to withhold information from journalists, but they were given the order, regardless. Don’t underestimate Democrats, they’re crafty.

Psaki lied during the interview with Wallace who told her that the Biden administration is being “less transparent than the Trump administration.” Anyone with a three-digit IQ knows that the Trump administration was the most transparent in our lifetime. President Trump made himself readily available to the press all the time. In his first year in office, he didn’t do a lot of formal press conferences, but he answered reporters’ questions as often as possible. He gave the press a lot of access to himself and his administration.

The segment started with Wallace pointing out that the only way Americans know what’s going on at the migrant detention centers is because members of Congress have toured some facilities and have released pictures of intentional centers. You just know they weren’t allowed to see the worst or the worst.

“These kids are living in these conditions now. They’re not living in these conditions some indeterminate time from now when the president says everything will be fixed,” Wallace said. “So why not allow reporters and camera crews in on a pool basis safely to take pictures and show the American people what’s happening in those Border Patrol facilities right now?”

Psaki responded to Wallace by lying that Biden, Mayorkas, and the administration are “absolutely committed” to providing media access. That’s just not true. The administration is blocking media access apparently because they don’t want the country to see what’s really going on in these migrant facilities until such time as they finally get a handle on it and then they will open up access to the media while claiming there was never anything wrong going on at all. That’s how stupid this administration thinks we are.

“When?” Wallace fired back.

Psaki told Wallace that the Biden administration had given Fox News access to a facility last week, adding the Biden administration is not blocking media from the facilities, but rather is limiting access because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ah, yes, the COVID excuse, good for most cover-ups. Psaki is being childish. Under previous administrations, media outlets were allowed to cover most facilities with minor temporary exceptions for conditions at the moment. But the press secretary wants you to believe that because the administration allowed Fox into one “approved” facility that it’s not blocking media access to migrant facilities.

Wallace hit back, citing that Fox News in fact wasn’t given access to a migrant detention facility, but to a different facility that was being run by the Department of Health and Human Services.

“Just to clarify, Jen, you allowed a camera crew in to see the HHS facilities. What we’re talking about here are the Border Patrol facilities, the detention cells,” Wallace said while Psaki tried to interrupt. “There is a law, let me just finish, that they are not allowed to be there for more than 72 hours, many of them are there for 10 days.”

“At this point, in terms of allowing access to Border Patrol facilities for reporters, you are being less transparent than the Trump administration,” Wallace added.

Biden was asked last week by a reporter about when journalists will be allowed access to cover migrant conditions and Bide replied with, “I don’t know.”

Surge In Illegal Border Crossers Force Biden Administration to Convert Third Convention Center to House Them

Surge In Illegal Border Crossers Force Biden Administration to Convert Third Convention Center to House Them

The Biden administration is going to use a third convention center to house illegal migrant children, but don’t worry, because it’s not a crisis, it’s a circumstance. Or is it a challenge? I’ve lost track at this point.

San Antonio’s Freeman Expo Center is now being turned into an Emergency Intake Center for illegal migrant children who come across the border without their lousy parents, who sent them on a thousand-mile-plus journey to our southern border by themselves. The off-the-books plan is to bring their parents up and give them citizenship so that they can vote for Democrats.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and its Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) the facility will be able to house up to 2,400 children. Think about that. This is the third facility and it will hold 2,400 people and the Biden administration says it’s not a crisis. They won’t even allow reporters inside facilities at the border to see what’s really going on.

“The Emergency Intake Site will provide ORR with the needed capacity to accept children from Customs and Border Protection (CBP) into its care where they can be safely processed, cared for and either released to a sponsor or transferred to an appropriate ORR shelter for longer-term care. The Emergency Intake Site is intended for use as a temporary measure,” the agency said in a statement.

The other two facilities that have already been converted are the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas that will hold up to 2,300 children and the San Diego Convention Center that will hold up to 1,400.

There are at least five other spots that have been opened to take in the future registered Democrats, and even the Pentagon is accepting requests to keep thousands of kids at Fort Bliss. Joint Base San Antonio Lackland is taking in several hundred as well. In 22 states ORR is now running over 200 facilities.  Biden recently approved $86 million of taxpayer dollars to send illegal migrant families to stay in hotels. HOTELS!

On Tuesday, Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff asked about facilities there being used to house illegals and told reporters that there hasn’t yet been an agreement.

“We do have facilities there. They’re climate control. They’re large. But we are talking about, how will we handle security? Who would be the food provider, who will actually be managing the place? It’d be pretty much our job to, if we do it, to coordinate with them and to make the space available, but no agreements been reached yet. We’re just now talking about a possible contract,” he said.

The US experienced a spike in illegal border crossings in February on top of an increase of more than 3,600 children without parents from January.  Border Patrol officials are trying to handle the surge and the Biden administration has blocked any photos being taken, though some have been leaked.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) tweeted out some photos that were leaked of the facilities holding illegal migrant children.  He said the facility he and 18 other senators visited was built to house about 250 people and that there are now over 4,000.  In the photos you can see children in foil blankets lying right next to each other, with no social distancing space at all.

Cruz also pointed out that there are illegal migrant children who have tested positive for coronavirus and they are being houses with other children. The senator said that the Donna facility they visited has a rate of 10 percent COVID positive, which is higher than average population rates.

You can watch a video posted on Facebook where Senator Cruz tells all about what’s really going on at our southern border.

Biden told reporters in Washington that under the previous administration, unaccompanied children would “starve to death” after being expelled from the country. It was a total lie.

“No previous administration did that either, except Trump. I’m not going to do it. I’m not going to do it,” he added.

Stephen Miller, a top former immigration adviser to President Donald Trump, said that Biden’s statement was “spectacularly false” and “a grave smear on our border agents.”

Biden’s words mean that our border agents would drive children out into the desert and leave them there to die of dehydration and/or starvation. It was an incredible insult to the men and women in the Border Patrol. In fact, I believe it would be criminal to do so. Not one Fake News outlet questioned Biden’s lies.

Miller noted that people who crossed our border illegally were returned to Mexico and that children without parents were taken back to their countries of origin and reunited with their families.  It’s one thing when politicians throw spin on a political issue, but it’s quite another when you have the president of the United States telling a bald-faced lie about the previous administration.

“This humane policy from President Trump brought unaccompanied minor numbers to record lows. Biden’s disastrous decision to exempt minors from Title 42, and to stop the at-home reunification process in favor of domestic resettlement, single-handedly created this crisis,” he wrote.