Actor Bryan Cranston Comes Out Against Cancel Culture [VIDEO]

Actor Bryan Cranston Comes Out Against Cancel Culture [VIDEO]

Actor Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad fame, came out against Cancel Culture where he said that the left-wing action has made people less understanding of each other and has turned people to be harder on others which in turn has made society a lot less tolerant.

In a recent interview, Cranston told the Associated Press that Cancel Culture is a negative force.

It is a negative force, and that’s exactly what progressives strive for when they target someone.

“We live in this ‘cancel culture’ of people erring and doing wrong, either on purpose or by accident. And there’s less forgiveness in our world,” he said. “I think we’re unfortunately in a coarser environment. I think our societies have become harder and less understanding, less tolerant, less forgiving.”

Cancel Culture forgives leftists if they make a strong enough effort to ask for forgiveness, but they will never forgive anyone to the right of Stalin.

Cancel culture is a predominantly progressive leftist tactic where a campaign is created, normally on social media, and they usually try to get the mainstream media on board, and the campaign’s goal is to destroy a person’s reputation and their livelihood for the sin of embracing ideas that are not within their own echo chamber or for committing some transgressions in the past that were totally innocent at the time and remained that way until the progressives deemed such behavior as punishable.  Context means nothing to the Cancel Culture crowd.


“Where does forgiveness live in our society?” Cranston asked. “Where can we accept someone’s behavior if they are contrite, if they are apologetic, and take responsibility?”

Mr. Heisenberg offered a thought that people should be “welcomed back in, as opposed to creating more fences. Creating more ‘you’re out, you’re in.’”

People are finding out that the tolerant Left aren’t so tolerant after all.

Cranston added, “I think we need to take a second look at that, and exhale, and realize that asking forgiveness and receiving forgiveness are not weaknesses but are human strengths.”

I wonder how long after he made the video it took for the progressive to create a campaign to cancel him?

Cranston campaigned against Donald Trump in 2016 and in 2020.   He was also one of those Hollywood leftists who said he would move to Canada if Trump won.

Nonetheless, the Hollywood star castigated his fellow liberals in 2017, saying that it was wrong to wish America to fail under the president.

“President Trump is not the person who I wanted to be in that office,” he told the Hollywood Reporter. “And I’ve been very open about that. That being said, he is the president. If he fails, the country is in jeopardy. It would be egotistical for anyone to say, ‘I hope he fails.’”

“To that person I would say, f— you. Why would you want that? So you can be right?”

Hollywood leftists can be leftists, but when they use their fame to try to subvert elections they go too far.  They can campaign for the candidate of their choice, but to try to change the process during or after an election just to rig it for their candidate, that’s too much.

Cranston added, “We’ve got to get away from this idea that our country is political football, and someone with a different opinion is the enemy. Assume they love this country as much as you do, and there’s always room for improvement. How can we make it better?”

Cranston is all over the place.  It was only nine months ago that he joined the cacophony of leftists in Hollywood who were questioning the sanity of President Trump.

“I’ve stopped worrying about the president’s sanity,” Cranston said. “He’s not sane. And the realization of his illness doesn’t fill me with anger, but with profound sadness. What I now worry about is the sanity of anyone who can still support this deeply troubled man to lead our country.”  If you’re a Trump supporter, he was talking about you.

It seems that Cranston is a leftist most of the time, but when he has some project that’s going to be hitting the public scene in a matter of time he goes against the leftist grain probably to piss fewer people off so that they support whatever project he’s in with their hard-earned dollars.

He’s a great actor, no doubt, but should conservatives continue to support great actors if they insult them publicly the way Cranston did?  I’m not saying he should be canceled, but you should start to think about how you spend your money on entertainment to watch people who say nasty things about you.

Cancel Culture Again: Left Celebrating Hotel Closure and Loss of Business Because ‘Proud Boys’ Might Stay There

Cancel Culture Again: Left Celebrating Hotel Closure and Loss of Business Because ‘Proud Boys’ Might Stay There

The left is celebrating that a group of President Donald J. Trump’s supporters was shut out of their reserved rooms during the week of Jan 4-7, when people are planning to show up to support Trump. They had their reservations canceled according to a memo from the Hotel Harrington and would be refunded.

The left feels entitled to harass the Proud Boys because the left says they are White Supremacists and who doesn’t hate White Supremacists?

First of all the Proud Boys call themselves a “Drinking Group with a Patriot problem”, and the head organizer is a man who describes himself as Afro-Cuban. His name is Enrique Torrio, yet the left demands that he is a White Supremit so it is ok to harass and stalk the group and deny them their civil liberties.

The Proud Boys are Trump supporters. They are bold Trump supporters and that scares the heck out of the left because they are growing in numbers.

At the last Rally for Trump in December, over 500 Proud Boys from around the country were welcomed by tens of thousands of Trump supporters.

The targeted harassment of Trump supporters has been going on for four years and continues while opponents of Trump’s Trump’s cheer the harassment. Will Sommer from the Daily Beast, whose job is to dox and harass American supporters of Trump’s was celebrated on Twitter that people had lost their rooms:

Kristen Clarke, a “civil rights” leader cheer the denial of service for Americans:

One leftist who stayed there but doesn’t want her political opponents to stay there posted, “Replying to @KristenClarkeJD and @RedStateBlues_We stayed at @HotelHarrington during the March for Our Lives by the kids from Parkland…it was an AMAZING experience and hanging out in that bar was part of it. I was very surprised to see it as a “Proud Boy” hang out because that was NOT the experience we had there. THANK YOU!”

The pressure to cancel the rooms appears to have come from the media coordinating the effort to harass the business owners. From previous experience with far-left radical Mayor Muriel Bowser, who has fined the establishments for “Covid Restrictions,” there was likely a great deal of pressure brought down on the property owners.

An example of the harassment that the property owners faced:

Racism… someone should ask the white leftists if it is ok to deny service to a brown skinned man? That is what they are cheering.

Some people would call this “Stalking”:

The Washington Post had written an article, meant no doubt, to harass the property owners and then updated the article with the Hotel’s Statement that they were canceling the room reservations for everyone except for people who live in the building.

The cancel culture tactics are not just aimed at “Proud Boys” as everyone already knows, they have their focus on other hotels as well.

Since the Mayor has a habit of allowing Antifa to attack people and cause a disturbance where Trump supporters gather, and fine properties for groups of people in the street like she has done around the Hotel, it worrisome that other people’s accommodations will be canceled due to threats by Trump’s opponents.

Why is this a story for the Boston Globe, and The Independent if not to apply political pressure?

Why is this a national story like this?

REVENGE: Democrat Wants Matt Gaetz Disbarred for Seeking Election Integrity-Cancel Culture Crazy

REVENGE: Democrat Wants Matt Gaetz Disbarred for Seeking Election Integrity-Cancel Culture Crazy

Failed candidate Democrat Pam Keith has designed the ultimate act of political revenge in the form of a public temper tantrum over the actions of Matt Gaetz, who has called for transparency in the 2020 Presidential election.

A total party brat, Keith wrote, “I am deeply committed to seeing Dems win. Period!”

Recently Keith applauded the Maoist tactics of public humiliation, for people she disagreed with while encouraging others to harm US Citizens over facemask usage:

And now she has her cites set on people who are concerned about election integrity, namely US Rep. Matt Gaetz.

Keith posted on Tuesday that she has filed a petition to disbar Gaetz and solicits others to sign her petition to discipline him, as a long term punishment for disagreeing with her and her political party.

Keith, a Navy JAG, according to her Twitter Bio disgraces the US Navy with hyper-partisan, nasty and vile comments about Trump and his supporters and other Americans for expressing their freedom of speech.

That is intolerable to her.

Pamela Keith, an attorney who in November lost her race to unseat incumbent Republican Congressman Brian Mast, tweeted on Tuesday morning:

This petition to disbar Matt Gaetz has been filed. But you can still sign. I will update the Bar w/additional signatures after the holidays. Whether or not they choose to discipline him (they have censured him in the past), the record of his tenure will have this stain forever.

Known for bombastic and overly emotional tirades about President Donald J. Trump, a duly elected President, Keith abuses her power in the form of lawfare, attempting to punish her political opponents out of revenge for not being elected.

Gaetz responded on Twitter:

She frequently calls Trump and his supporters “monsters”,

Newsweek reported on the sour grapes of

Florida attorney and former congressional candidate Pam Keith filed a petition in December seeking to disbar Florida Representative Matt Gaetz.

Gaetz is an outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump, who has baselessly claimed that the 2020 election was rife with voter fraud. President Joe Biden won both the popular vote and the Electoral College, an outcome Trump has yet to formally acknowledge. Gaetz indicated on Saturday that he would challenge the results of the Electoral College during the expected congressional count of electoral votes in January. Gaetz was also one of 126 House Republicans that signed an amicus brief in support of a lawsuit filed by the state of Texas against 4 other states seeking to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Prior to Gaetz’s political career, he earned a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from the College of William & Mary Law School in 2007. After graduating, he worked for a law firm in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, according to Mother Jones.”

Supporters of Gaetz chimed in and one posted, “Dems pushed “Russia Collusion” hoax on Americans for 4 years w/ no consequences. @RepMattGaetz is following overwhelming evidence on voter fraud in 2020 & Dems move to disbar him over “Support of Trump’s Election Lawsuits.” We support you @mattgaetz!”

‘Cancel Culture’ Gone Insane, Basketball Players Want to Cancel their Employer over Trump

‘Cancel Culture’ Gone Insane, Basketball Players Want to Cancel their Employer over Trump

Just when you think the vindictiveness and viciousness of the American left have gone as far as it will go with attacking people in the streets for wearing MAGA hats and with pushing children around at rallies, a story comes out that proves the mindset of the American left has just not devolved far enough to hit rock bottom yet.

A man who makes millions of dollars to play ball has gone out of his way to insult and degrade his own employer, threatening to get “stompy foot” and walk off the team because the owner supports President Donald J. Trump.

The New York Post covered the story and reported:

“The Houston Rockets are having one of the more tumultuous offseasons in the NBA. Both of their superstars, Russell Westbrook and James Harden, have already requested trades. One NBA insider said he believes it has to do less with basketball and more with owner Tilman Fertitta’s political views.

Longtime NBA reporter Ric Bucher went on “The Odd Couple” podcast with Chris Broussard and Rob Parker and shared an interesting tidbit about the discord in Houston. According to Bucher, there is a “revolt” going on, and it’s directly related to Fertitta supporting President Trump.”

In a podcast a reporter said recently:

“But what I heard is — and we know how much politics and political position had to do with the boycott and protests during the (NBA) bubble — I’m hearing that Tilman Fertitta’s strong Republican support and donations is one of the things that is contributing to this dissatisfaction, and those two [Westbrook and Harden] are not the only ones to want out of Houston. Lesser players are of the same mind. There is a revolt here because they look at Fertitta as a guy who supports the current president.”

Because to the left no one is allowed to support the wildly popular President of the United States. Let’s say that Math is not a strong suit with people on the left.

Basketball viewership has dropped, meaning less cash is being spent. Is that difficult for ball players to figure out?

According to , “The 2020 NBA Finals were watched by an average of 7.5 million viewers in the United States. The championship series was contested between Miami Heat, champions of the Eastern Conference, and the Los Angeles Lakers, winners of the Western Conference. The Lakers emerged victorious in the best-of-seven playoff, marking the franchise’s record-equalling 17th championship. The 2015 NBA Finals between The Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers achieved the highest TV ratings in recent years. The Finals in that year had an average TV rating on 11.6, in comparison to the rating of 4.0 achieved by the 2020 Finals.”

People who play sports for a living are not the brightest bunch of people in the country, having sided with the minority of Americans in a Communist-style of cancel culture, attempting to force their fans to adopt their political ideology with a long list of political theater disasters, driving the viewership of these games down tremendously.

Unless they are getting paid to destroy sports, the very industry that took people with a shortlist of skills and wisdom and made them extremely wealthy and powerful for playing a children’s game while getting treated like heroes.

Imagine being so conceited that you want to cancel your own employer, who is paying you very well to bounce a ball around, because your boss supported someone that many hundreds of millions of people supported all over the world.

That is what we are faced with in American culture currently. The childish temper tantrums and backward thinking of lazy celebrities who are completely out of touch with the American people has reached peak nonsense.

Certainly, the Basketball team owners can find some other players to fund, ones who do not carry with them an entitlement to annoy and tick off Americans in their own living rooms.

Then again, drive down to the local Community Center and sure enough, you will find a group of kids playing ball who will be a lot more entertaining than what the NBA is giving us, it might be time to cancel the entitled brats in the NBA.

There is no shortage of people who want to make money playing children’s games:

Million MAGA March Has Started, Big Tech on War Path to Stop it with Cancel Culture

Million MAGA March Has Started, Big Tech on War Path to Stop it with Cancel Culture

After the Presidential Election of 2020 has been winding around the courts, supporter of President Donald J. Trump are eager to show their continued support of his candidacy and of him personally. With that goal in mind a march has been organized in Washington DC for Saturday.

Attempting to prevent the showing of Trump supporters, numerous obstacles have been set out to prevent the March from happening, yet Trump’s supporter are undeterred, and have even started early.

MSNBC guy says Biden camp is terrified that a Biden inauguration would turn into a Million MAGA march ….

But supporters of President Donald J. Trump aren’t waiting for January. An event has been scheduled for Saturday, on Nov. 14 in Washington DC, and the support for Trump in the streets has already started, according to numerous reports.

WUSA reported, “Protesters were in downtown DC near the White House on Wednesday in support of President Donald Trump’s claims of voter fraud in the 2020 Election.

The line of cars had Trump campaign flags, American flags and a variety of signs in support of the President and his agenda.

Protesters in DC on Thursday come a few days before the Million Maga March and other pro-Trump rallies this coming Saturday, which are being held in Washington and other parts of the country.”



Shortly after announcing the event, an announcement that Democrat Muriel Bowser, DC’s Mayor, “has imposed new #COVID19 restrictions for anyone coming to Washington, DC from 42 of the 50 states. Visitors coming to DC from a state classified as high-risk will be required to take a virus test & receive a negative result within 72 hrs before traveling.”

The left’s use of Cancel Culture, or using corporations to punish political opponents has been deployed by Airbnb, and spread around on the media, as a shaming tactic:

According to the event organizer, Amy Kremer, eventbrite canceled the event and contacted the participants, a strange breach of privacy. Kremer posted about it on her Twitter timeline.

Even though lawmakers plan to be in attendance,

And the Trump campaign is predicting a large turnout,

According to The Hill:

“White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said on Thursday that she expects the turnout at Saturday’s “Million MAGA March” in support of President Trump to be “quite large.”

The event is set to take place in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, one week after news networks projected that Trump had lost the presidential election to Democrat Joe Biden. Trump has refused to concede the race and the Saturday events seem intended to bolster him. 

“I think it’s going to be quite large, um, from what I’m hearing, don’t have an estimate for you,” McEnany said on Fox News when asked about the event.

Disparate groups are reportedly preparing for the event, with one gathering scheduled to take place at the Freedom Plaza in downtown Washington, D.C., at 12 p.m. with a march to the Supreme Court at 2 p.m.

A counterprotest called “F— MAGA” has also been planned by All Out DC to happen nearby.”

The troops are their way…

This story is developing…

Cancel Culture Gets Turned Around on Professional Activist, “Kroger Andy” Gets Big Payout, BLM Activist Gets Nothing

Cancel Culture Gets Turned Around on Professional Activist, “Kroger Andy” Gets Big Payout, BLM Activist Gets Nothing

A Black Lives Matter activist posted on Twitter that she had been threatened by someone and after demanding to speak to a store manager about another Kroger patron who was not wearing a face covering, apparently expecting to get an apology or force compliance on someone, and left feeling threatened instead.

According to her Patreon site, “My name is Danielle Muscato, and I’m a professional civil-rights activist, transgender woman, writer, debater, and musicianACTIVISM IS MY FULL-TIME AND ONLY JOB, and I depend on income from writing, public speaking, and my supporters to survive!

With your support, I can continue to do activism to make our world a better place for atheists, queer folks, PoC, and many more. (P.S. I would LOVE to come speak for your university, conference, or event! I also do debates – Contact me and let’s talk).”

Perhaps she was looking for a story?

Muscato was surprised when the store manager, whose nametag said “Andy” did not act upon her demands, so she posted a photo of him on her social media in an attempt to harass and shame him, which is the tactic of grassroots “cancel culture” activism.

“His name is Andy and he doesn’t want Twitter to know that” *heres a picture of him,”Danielle Muscato,  a Civil Rights broadcaster who has been supported by the NYT, Time, CNN, NPR, Rolling Stone, posted. 

Original post:

Instead of getting instant social media fame from an outraged mob, Muscato became the butt of jokes.

A woman who was herself the victim of such shaming tactics responded with an act of kindness and started a go fund me account for him.

“Andy is a manager at Kroger. Like myself, he has been publicly shamed at his work. The gofundme that I received after my ordeal changed my life and afforded me an epic (and needed) vaca. Let’s do the same for Andy!” posted “Target Tori”

According to Tori’s website, she is “the retail worker who’s story went viral after being publicly shamed online for not selling a customer a toothbrush for a penny. The customer’s attempt to shame her backfired when people from all over the globe came to her defense.”

Target Tori released a video statement and said,”there is something really horrible about publically shaming someone and cancel culture is just horrible.  We need to separate the person from the policy. We have to stop going after people for doing their jobs. We can not fault him for doing what he is supposed to do.  We have 18,000 and that should make up for his shaming.  I am happy that we did this.  I am going to hand over control of the account when I talk to him.  We have to remember that customers take things for granted.  We have to remember to appreciate others when they are at work.”


Muscato continued to post that she demanded answers from Kroger about why they were not enforcing their mask rule. She seemed to surprise and pouting that her power over Kroger is not working or outraging large groups of her peers.


She demanded answers from Kroger, and none came.

Most of the responses to Muscato were telling her to stop being a “Karen”.

Finally – The Counter Cancel Culture Strikes Back! AOC’s Goya Boycott Backfires Big Time!

Finally – The Counter Cancel Culture Strikes Back! AOC’s Goya Boycott Backfires Big Time!

It only seems like yesterday, 1980. Ronald Reagan was elected, the USA hockey team beat the USSR on their way to a gold medal in the Winter Olympic Games, and The Empire Strikes Back hit the big screens.

This past week, we saw another Strikes Back story, but this time it was the good guys. I am coining a new phrase for my frequent use – The Counter Cancel Culture – “Strikes Back”. As a matter of fact, look for a website I am setting up in late July – CounterCancelCulture.US. It will provide a list of businesses and groups targeted by the Cancel Culture and provide information on how you can support them.

Back to my story, AOC, and many like her, from their Ivory Castles, try to punish those in our culture whom they deem to not be part of their “New Normal”. They identify those they want to boycott and blast away on Twitter and other media outlets. Well this time at least, they felt the wrath of the Counter Cancel Culture

From PJ Media

After Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue visited the White House for a Hispanic jobs initiative and said nice things about President Trump, the wise and tolerant left had a tantrum and threatened to destroy his company unless he bends the knee to them.

AOC, the job-killing congresswoman and Joe Biden climate adviser from New York, took to Twitter to support a boycott.

Julian Castro, whose political appeal becomes more selective the more his fringe positions become known, joined the fray.

Is it? Is the boycott “warranted” because the CEO said positive things about the president at the White House, at a forum about creating jobs for Hispanics? Is destroying an 85-year-old company and many jobs really the right and proper response to an opinion one that does not support? Is hurting innocent people because one man said something you didn’t like really the best approach here?

What’s happening beyond the swamp between Maryland and Virginia?

This guy raised $100 grand to buy Goya products and donate them to food banks. People are hungry (which AOC recently blamed for the murder and mayhem spike in her city) and Goya is good food to feed them.

People are reporting and posting photos of empty Goya grocery shelves in their area.

Here’s one from a Publix in New Jersey. I’ve covered the poster’s identity because, well, crazy people like to doxx other people.

Here’s one from a friend in Texas, used with their permission.

Thank you Counter Cancel Culture warriors, keep up the good fight. This and other actions if taken, if united, can turn back the hyper-emotional leftists who try to intimidate businesses, organizations, and individuals into conforming. For me, I demand Liberty; God, Liberty, Life, Happiness = America!

Cancel Cutlure: Students Get Vicious Toward Teacher For Not Agreeing With Their “Anti-Racist” Terms

Cancel Cutlure: Students Get Vicious Toward Teacher For Not Agreeing With Their “Anti-Racist” Terms

A bizarre petition emerged from students demanding the termination of a Theater teacher for allegedly “falling asleep on a zoom call” and being unconcerned with the LGBTQ agenda in her teaching.

The Students, supported by some parents demand that the teacher, Patricia Simon, be terminated.

According to the petition:

“This is a petition that is demanding the removal a faculty member who does not align with the anti-racist views and actions that were promised to be adopted by the department earlier this week at the Town Hall meetings.

It has been brought to the attention of the students that Patricia Simon was sleeping during the Town Hall Meeting that took place on June 29th. This action has only capitalized on a pattern of negligence and disrespect that Patricia Simon has exhibited over and over again in her time as an Associate Professor, and Coordinator of the BFA Musical Theater Program.

Professor Simon has a history of ignoring instances of racism in the form of racial profiling within the program, and enabling the racist and sizeist actions and words of the vocal coaches under her jurisdiction. She has also been known to use her power to intimidate and bully the students in her program who have made efforts to advocate for themselves or for their fellow peers. ”

A parent responds in support to the petition and wrote:

As a parent of a Marymount student, I find it unacceptable that the head of the Theater Dept., which by its very nature is supposed to be inclusive & collaborative, has been allowed to run this program as an exclusory endeavor … shutting down anyone who disagrees with her and playing favorites to the point where students are graduating with Musical Theater degrees never having been cast in one single Marymount production! An educator who is more concerned with maintaining power than inspiring learning & growth is never going to bring out the best in his/her students, which is a serious detriment when one considers how competitive the Musical Theater profession is!
When you compound this with Ms. Simon’s complete disinterest (apparently sleeping with absolutely nothing to contribute) in the issue of racial justice & LGBTQplus inclusion and safety at Marymount, on display in front of at least 150 students & other Musical Theater faculty, it is clear that the diverse student body of Marymount deserves better!

Another response, “She told me that I, being Asian, wouldn’t be successful as an actor if I didn’t have an ‘Asian song’ in my book,” Ethan Wong wrote. “She also bullies the students into not speaking up when they’re having issues.”

This happens at a time when the country is under siege from Community Organizers and well funded political groups protesting our mutual history and our well funded public Institutions in opposition to traditional American values and codes of public behavior.

Democrat groups, heady with the sense of victory for destroying private groups like the Boy Scouts of America have applied similar “scorched earth” tactics that bankrupted the BSA,  by demanding a transformation to public education, sports and entertainment, and cancel and boycott culture with businesses.

Steve Forbes Assures There Will Be No Blacklisting

Steve Forbes Assures There Will Be No Blacklisting

On Wednesday, Steve Forbes the Chairman and CEO of Forbes Media insisted that Forbes Magazine is not going to participate in what he called “blacklists” after his magazine’s Chief Content Officer went off the deep end and threatened companies to not hire people who were key figures in the Trump administration.

“This is reminiscent of what we had in the 1950s during the McCarthy era,” Forbes said on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.” “We’re not going to have blacklists and the like. People can express opinions. Unlike other organizations, we do have diverse opinions at Forbes and we value those diverse opinions and I think that shows strength, not weakness.”

What exactly was on the mind of the former editor-at-large for The Daily Beast want?

“Simple,” he said. “Don’t let the chronic liars cash in on their dishonesty.”  As I said when I reported on this Bolshevik Lane, I am certain he will never give examples of the dishonesty he speaks of.

His feedback came after Randall Lane, Forbes’ Chief Content material Officer, wrote in an opinion piece that companies contemplating hiring individuals like Kayleigh McEnany, Kellyanne Conway, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Sean Spicer, and others will likely be blacklisted by the magazine.

Forget the Bolsheviks, this is the Mao revolution all over again.

“Let it be known to the business world: Hire any of Trump’s fellow fabulists above, and Forbes will assume that everything your company or firm talks about is a lie,” Lane wrote in the article, published last week.  Can you believe someone at Forbes wrote that and then published it to the world?

Forbes, though, defended Lane’s threatening piece claiming it an example of diverse views in his company.  I think Mr. Forbes had to defend his company, but I also think he was forced to not go all Apprentice on the knucklehead who wrote such a damaging piece for the company because Forbes Media was sold 6 years ago to Integrated Whale Media Investments, a company that is based in Hong Kong a country which is now a territory of Communist China, ruled by the Communist Chinese Party, of which hates Donald Trump.

Forbes’ comments come after he told Newsmax TV over the weekend that at Forbes, “Unlike Twitter, media giants, and Big Tech companies, we believe in diversity of opinion and he [Bolshevik Lane] says he’s against Cancel Culture.  I’m against Cancel Culture. And I think we have to keep in mind, in terms of blacklisting, which happened in the ’50s during the McCarthy era, harm the culture, harm the politics. We don’t want that again.”

Forbes was alluding to the decision made last week by Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other media platforms to remove President Trump from their services in the wake of the riot that took place at the Capitol building on January 6.  The entire world of the Left is blaming Trump for inciting the riot even though they have no evidence of him doing so.  The president said to his supporters, “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”  According to the legal definition of incitement that doesn’t even come close.

I remember when Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), who will soon become the Senate Majority Leader threatened two Supreme Court justices publicly, and his words actually sounded like incitement.


But this notion from Forbes doesn’t pass the smell test. What Lane wrote is Cancel Culture.  He said that he wanted to cancel former Trump administration officials.  And he didn’t stop there. He went on to say that Forbes Magazine will cancel any business that considers hiring a former Trump administration official.  When you say that Forbes will call you out if you hire one of those people, that’s canceling them.  There’s no other way to understand it.  So for Lane to say that he is against Cancel Culture is a Bolshevik lie.

Forbes also said he hopes the Biden inauguration on Jan. 20 will bring in an era of “calm debate.”  If Steve Forbes really believes that then I have some wonderful miracle supplements I would love to sell him.