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Maybe he thought there was another French Laundry there?

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Gun control laws only stop good people from being able to defend themselves.

General News

Anaheim Mayor Harry Sidhu, resigned on Monday afternoon after he was accused of seeking $1 million in a campaign contribution from the Anaheim Angels...

General News

Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA), the disgusting man who slept with an Asian woman he didn’t know was a Chinese spy, was slammed with backlash...

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Californians will feel the sting of the choices they have made on election days over the last couple of decades. The Republican party is...

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After a summer of riots to bring to completion the left’s utopian dreams of defunding and transforming law enforcement in the United States, by...

California Politics

California is trying some new approaches to fighting mental illness and homelessness, including sending out trained crisis teams, also called intervention teams, from 911,...


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