Brexit Party Leader Backs Trump: “single most resilient and bravest person I have ever met”

Brexit Party Leader Backs Trump: “single most resilient and bravest person I have ever met”

Have you ever heard of a Brit actively endorsing and campaigning on behalf of a U.S. President?

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage, hailing from the same United Kingdom we once took up arms against (twice), accompanied President Trump on his campaign stops this past week.

Trump invited Farage onstage during a rally in Phoenix, Arizona last week.

Farage heaped praise on the President, calling him “the single most resilient and bravest person I have ever met in my life.”

The British politician told the audience that they aren’t just voting for the President of one country, but for the leader of the free world:

“You are voting for the only current leader in the free world who has got the guts to stand up and fight for the nation state, to fight for patriotism, to fight against globalism. You’ll be voting for the only leader in the western world with the real courage to stand up to the Chinese Communist Party. You’ll be voting for decency, plain-speaking, and a man who in four years hasn’t just cut your taxes, hasn’t just improved the economy, but a man who right now, is bringing Israel together with Arab nations in a way that nobody ever believed was possible, and that’s what he’s done, and I wish you Godspeed. I really do.”

President Trump was evidently moved by Farage’s praise, saying as he exited the stage, “Thank you, Nigel. That’s something. Wow. I’m glad I called him up.”

“He’s responsible for a lot of things that have happened over in Europe,” Trump told the audience. “Very positive things, too.”

Farage then followed Trump to Michigan on Friday:

And then to Scranton, Pennsylvania today:

Farage was a key figure in Britain’s vote to leave the EU in 2016 and founded the Brexit Party in 2019 as the nation floundered in its efforts to implement their exit from the EU.

In 2016, he was criticized in the UK for his hesitant support of Trump ahead of the election in light of inappropriate comments Trump had made about women.

Farage has a £10,000 bet on Trump winning tomorrow’s election.

Brexit blunt warning: China will rule the world if Trump, alone, confronts it.

Brexit blunt warning: China will rule the world if Trump, alone, confronts it.

Brexit blunt warning: China will rule the world if Trump, alone, confronts it.


Many Americans already know that President Trump has kept his promise to Make America Great Again. A big part of that is to rely less on China for products and make them a little more reliable on us. At the end of 2019 Trump signed the first $200 billion export deal with China. But China’s real goal is to become the world leader in everything from products to technology to medical advances. Which when we look at the world today we can say it is all a product of China. Let’s hope that this message from Nigel Farage reaches the ends of the world. Because we don’t need countries to depend on a  dictatorship like the Chinese regime.

World Tribune | 4/21/20


Nigel Farage: ‘The great publics around the West are waking up to the fact that China is no longer an opportunity for us to buy cheap goods, but that China is a threat.’ / YouTube

“Ultimately, it isn’t governments or trade deals that decide how much business gets done between nations. It is consumers that make that decision, and I am hoping tens of millions of consumers across the West will follow my lead” in turning away from communist China’s cheap goods, Farage said on the April 20 broadcast of Breitbart News Daily on Sirius XM Patriot.

“And if that’s right, we will diminish the power of China. And if it’s not right, then in 10-15 years time, they will rule the world,” Farage said.

Farage touted the “very good, and very brave” Trump for being the only global leader who dared to stand up to vested interests and Chinese power.

Now, the world needs to reassess China’s authoritarian regime after its dishonesty caused the Wuhan coronavirus to spread worldwide, Farage said.

“I think what’s happening, is the great publics around the West are waking up to the fact that China is no longer an opportunity for us to buy cheap goods, but that China is a threat,” Farage said. “And I hope we’re going to see two things — firstly, governments being demanded by their electorates that they are at least self-sufficient of things we need in times of national emergency. And secondly, my attitude, Alex, is going to be in years to come if I go into a shop in years to come and see a label that says ‘made in China’, I’m not going to buy that product while that barbarous regime is in charge.”

Farage continued: “What you’re now seeing across the world is the growing realization that this is a Communist dictatorship that has imprisoned hundreds of thousands of people just because of their religion, and tried to indoctrinate them. That through state executions gets rid of huge numbers of people every year — many of them, frankly for what they’ve believed, not what they’ve done wrong — and have completely hushed up this outbreak from the very beginning.”

On China using coronavirus as an opportunity to exert political power, Farage said: “To see China now exploiting a crisis that they have caused to spread their influence further and deeper into Europe should send a chill down our spines… I have pointed out before that many members of our big business class, of the civil service, and indeed of our political class are increasingly in the pay of China.

“They ought to take their noses out of the trough and have a think. Their financial well-being is not above the good of our nation.”

Read the entire article here: Brexit champ’s blunt warning: China will rule world if Trump, alone, confronts it

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Biden and UK’s Boris Johnson to Plan the ‘Destiny of the World’ Says Biden Source

Biden and UK’s Boris Johnson to Plan the ‘Destiny of the World’ Says Biden Source

It’s being reported that Joe Biden will travel to the United Kingdom as his first trip outside the country after being inaugurated after he stole the 2020 election, to meet with Prime Minister Boris Johnson and plot the “destiny of the world” together, according to claims made by a source close to the cognitive-declining Democrat.

Those in the know say that the G7 meeting in June is likely the time for this plotting as it’s being hosted this year in the UK in Cornwall.

An alleged close friend of Biden told The Daily Telegraph that the Thief-in-Chief will put aside his differences over Brexit, something an American president has no business interfering with even though Biden has conveyed his opposition to the Brits doing what they want for the future of their country and their society.

“Boris is a conservative, Joe’s a moderate [Democrat] so I think they can get over it. I think they’ll end up getting along,” the source said.

What is this nonsense that Joe Biden is a moderate?  A moderate what?  Joe Biden is saying that on day one he’s going to ask Congress to give amnesty that leads to citizenship for 30 million illegal aliens who broke our immigration laws and have been living here illegally costing us jobs and tax dollars to owe these people a living.  A moderate would never do that to the American people.  Only a radical progressive would.

“Joe’s view will be that they’ll have the destiny of the world on their shoulders so he’ll want to overcome any political differences.

“I think there’ll be more empathy than there was between Boris and Donald Trump. Boris seemed to get along with Trump, but I don’t know if he really did,” the close friend of Biden claimed.  I think so, because in England there are only degrees in socialism.

God save us all because many people have said that Biden is not the brightest bulb in the box when it comes to foreign policy, including Barack Obama’s former secretary of defense Robert Gates who said that Joe Biden has been wrong on every foreign policy decision he ever made.  He later doubled down on it in 2019.

Even though Johnson was sometimes compared to being like often President Trump, the British PM’s policies have been much closer to those shoved down American throats by Democrats than the America First agenda promoted by Trump.  This is probably one of the reasons why the British economy hasn’t done as well as Trump’s.

Let’s get something out of the way.  Donald Trump was not a conservative.  He was a populist-nationalist.  He governed very conservatively because conservatism is based on common sense and knowing to do things that have proven to work in the past by adjusting past policies that worked to fit the current political and economic climate.

Johnson is closer to Biden’s ideology on things like climate change, immigration migrations, and the government’s authority during the Chinese virus pandemic.

Biden and Johnson have been spewing the great reset mantra “Build Back Better,” which the United Nations used while working disaster relief efforts in Japan after the tsunami in 2015.

Before Trump’s epic victory over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, Johnson as Mayor of London was critical of Trump the candidate.

“When Donald Trump says that there are parts of London that are no-go areas, I think he’s betraying a quite stupefying ignorance that makes him, frankly, unfit to hold the office of President of the United States,” he said in a 2015 interview.  Of course, Trump was right because police have said there are Islamic no-go zones in London where you should not go in wearing the uniform.

Communist Chinese Party Media Tweets Possible Veiled Death Threat to Nigel Farage Over New Year’s Optimism

Communist Chinese Party Media Tweets Possible Veiled Death Threat to Nigel Farage Over New Year’s Optimism

Nigel Farge, just days after celebrating “Brexit,” a massive victory for liberty lovers in Great Britain by separating his country’s economic sucess from the European Union (EU), has received what appears to be a veiled death threat from an account on Twitter that is owned by a top-ranking member of the Chinese Communist Party and  a Washington DC-based, State-owned Media and Propaganda Mogul, Chen Weihua.

Farge posted a hopeful message to the world upon the economic liberation of many Britons:

Weihua, who appears to be acting as a foreign agent to promote China, identifies himself on Twitter: “China Daily EU Bureau Chief, columnist. Fmr DC, NY chief correspondent. Knight Fellow Stanford, WPI Fellow Macalester, Freedom Forum Fellow UH. VIEWS MY OWN!!!”

Farage, after days of celebrating BREXIT and celebrating Free Enterprise and Britain’s Economic Nationalism, tweeted about his next “big fight” in economic liberation, China:

“What a morning it is, Happy New Year. We are out! I can’t believe it. Someone just texted me and said, you were banging on about this back in 1987, so yes- it has been m lie’s work is to get us out of the European Union, and it has happened. I know it is not perfect and not great for Northern Ireland, and we will have to go on campaigning at those things. But overall it is for me personally a moment of great joy and our standing in the world will go up as a result of this and already we are seeing trade deals being signed all over the place, so Britans place in the world gives us something to be very optimistic about. And I am certin that in 5 years time, we will see how we have done compared to France, German and Italy and we will say to ourselves why didn’t we do it sooner?”
Watch the full video that triggered the Communist Party Media:

Weihua tweeted in response what can only be interpreted as a veiled death threat.
“This is like Mr. Farage standing in the middle of the railway trying to stop the incoming train. The result: He is crushed. BTW, Chinese bullet train runs much faster,” Weihua tweeted.

A bullet? Does that make sense? Why would a journalist, hosted in the United States of America for the Chinese Communist Party media, be so triggered by Farage’s comments supporting a free Britain economy?
BREXIT, also known as Britain is Existing the European Union, is a Nationalist movement to give Great Britain, a powerful, smart and hard-working country, equality and representation that many Britons felt were stolen from them the EU. Many Britons felt it was unfair to work hard and send the European Union funding for Marxist movements, which they simply did not feel represented them.

Isn’t that their right to want to keep what they earn, to want equal representation?

Consider that representation means to Britons, “an equal voice in the world”:

For Farage to set his sights on the CCP’s involvement in his country, receiving such a rebuke from a journalist in America is interesting. I will be following it.

Noteworthy is that Weihua also says mean things to US Senators:

No, Trudeau: We Want Freedom, Not a “Great Reset”

No, Trudeau: We Want Freedom, Not a “Great Reset”

World leaders from the political, business, and scientific fields are coming together to “improve society” and collectively lead us into a better, “re-imagined” world post-COVID. Though well-intentioned, such efforts are a fatal threat to freedom, and it will be up to brave individuals to stand against those efforts.

During a video conference in September with the United Nations, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that the COVID-19 pandemic “has provided an opportunity for a reset.”

“This is our chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to reimagine economic systems that could actually address global challenges like extreme poverty, inequality, and climate change,” Trudeau said.

Last week, Trudeau was questioned about his “reset” comments after conservative politicians in Canada raised alarms and pushed back against Trudeau’s globalist-sounding agenda.

He waved off the concerns as “conspiracy”.

“I think we’re seeing a lot of people fall prey to disinformation,” he said on Friday. “If Conservative MPs want to start talking about conspiracy theories, well that’s their choice. I’m going to stay focused on helping Canadians get through this…and making sure that the world we leave to our kids is even better than the world we inherited from our parents.”

Trudeau’s “reset” language, however, is taken straight from the World Economic Forum. It is not conspiracy to point to a real movement that is being advocated by our highest governmental leaders.

The World Economic Forum, established in 1971 with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, launched “The Great Reset” initiative this year, aiming to:

“…offer insights to help inform all those determining the future state of global relations, the direction of national economies, the priorities of societies, the nature of business models and the management of a global commons.”

WEF’s partners include financial elites such as Apple, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Walmart, Google, and Facebook.

“We need to evolve our economic model,” announced the Prince of Wales in one WEF video, “putting people and planet at the heart of global value creation.”

This is exactly the kind of governance that voters rejected when, in 2016, the United Kingdom approved Brexit and America handed the presidency to Donald Trump.

It is globalism we despise and fear – the idea of bureaucrats at the highest levels of society deciding how we should live our lives.

“It’s for the greater good,” they reassure us.

But C.S. Lewis had it right when he wrote,

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies.”

C.S. Lewis, “God In The Dock”

What our current world leaders don’t understand is this: They were elected and appointed to their offices for the sole purpose of protecting our God-given freedoms.

Societal improvement is up to us, working at the smallest, most local levels to improve the lives of our families, our neighbors, and our communities. That is our duty and our right.

Doorways to great injustices are opened when freedoms are trampled by political and financial elites who claim they know what is best not only for us, but for the entire world.

That is a clear and present danger that we must stand against, in whatever small ways we can.

Big News – African American VP of Flint, MI City Council Endorses Trump: “Mr. Trump would be the best thing for poor folks”

Big News – African American VP of Flint, MI City Council Endorses Trump: “Mr. Trump would be the best thing for poor folks”

President Trump made a long list of campaign promises during his 2016 presidential campaign. Tax cuts, build the southern border wall, reducing regulations, investments in urban areas, fix trade deals, etc.

In spite of massive attacks from the fake news networks, a hostile US House of Representatives, and uncooperative intelligence agencies and liberal courts, Trump has kept all of his promises, plus some.

The Wall is nearing completion, US Embassy moved to Jerusalem, the economy, prior to the COVID shutdown, hit record highs, record low unemployment numbers for black, Hispanic and Asian Americans and women, criminal justice reform and urban enterprise zones etc.

As a result of actually working to improve the lives of all Americans, President Trump just received a huge endorsement from the Vice President of Flint, MI City City Council, Maurice Davis, who appeared in an interview on Newsmax to explain why he’s voting for President Trump.

100 Percent Fed Up – The Newsmax host, Greg Kelly, asked Mr. Davis, “When did you first notice Donald Trump as a guy to be admired and someone who could help out your community?” He responded, “When he first got elected. I was really happy when he came to Flint in the midst of our water crisis,” Davis responded, adding, “And he came to our side of town. I was very impressed with President Trump—when he was running.”

Kelly asked Davis if he remembers when President Trump spoke directly to the Black community, when he asked them, “What the hell do you have to lose?” Davis told Kelly, he remembered, and that he thought President Trump was speaking directly to his constituency. “We are an impoverished community,” he explained, adding, “

Nobody cares about the Blacks in Flint, but Mr. Trump gave us a lot of hope,” Davis told explained how he’s actually seen the results of the Trump administration trying to help them. “Since President Trump was elected, Sec. of State Ben Carson brought over $30 million to the city of Flint,” adding, “Obama been here— he said our water is fine, you know—ain’t nothing wrong with drinking lead! And Mr. Trump tried to do something about that!”

“He’s outstanding. He don’t care what nobody say, he stays focused on what needs to be done—I admire that!” Davis pushed back on the false narrative that Trump is a racist, telling the Newsmax host, “I wish other black folks would get on board because the man ain’t racist no kind of way—I never met him personally, but I go by your actions—and I don’t play!”

“Flint, MI needs a Trump! This side of the United States—Michigan, we are hurting for somebody like Trump that does what they say they gonna do!” Davis exclaimed.

David told Kelly that the city of Flint still has a problem with lead in their water, but that he believes President Trump and his administration will continue their efforts to help them fix their broken city. “Mr. Trump, he really tried to help poor folks. I don’t know where this new narrative come from with the racism and all this other mess.”

He continued, “I’m tired of people speaking for poor folks that don’t have poor folks at heart,” adding, “Mr. Trump would be the best thing for poor folks—and I’m mad about it, because if he don’t do it, what do we have to lose?”

Davis said a lot of “black folks” feel just like him, adding, “but they’re scared because of the ridicule they’ll get” for openly supporting Trump, warning, “You’re gonna find out on election day” that Trump is going to turn out the Black vote.

Wow, if this any indicator of how President Trump is perceived by the back community, 2020 will be a blowout. With the election so close any support President Trump receives in swing states like Michigan can decide the final outcome.

President Trump only received 8 percent of the African American vote in 2016, yes eight percent and he still won.

With the support of influential black social media personalities such Kanye, Terrence Williams, The Hodge Twins and Candice Owen’s Brexit movement, to name a few, polling show large increases in support.

Two months ago, black likely voter approval for President Trump in the Rasmussen Reports daily tracking poll was at 40 percent.

BUSTED: Project Veritas Video, Google Part 2,  Ad Salesman talks about Censorship that Matches Barr’s Antitrust Comments

BUSTED: Project Veritas Video, Google Part 2, Ad Salesman talks about Censorship that Matches Barr’s Antitrust Comments

James O’ Keefe is the founder of Project Veritas, a group of journalists who do undercover work to expose government and media corruption, released a video Tuesday showing an ad salesman for Google talking about how his company could potentially censor out content that they considered “right wing” by reducing expose of news aps, videos and content.

From Project Veritas Press Release:

Project Veritas released a second video today exposing Google’s censorship of free speech and political views that the company doesn’t like.

This time, a Veritas journalist recorded a Google Advertising Manager, Adriano Amaduzzi, in Europe talking about how Google censors ‘right-wing’ political parties on a global scale.

Here are some of the highlights from today’s video:

  • Google Marketing technical account manager Adriano Amaduzzi: Google can “censor out news from your search engine” … “or actually stopping right-wing parties from advertising”
  • Amaduzzi reveals how he chose to ignore request for pro-Brexit ads on search engine: “You’re telling an Italian that lives in London that you want to advertise Brexit. It’s like, seriously?”
  • Amaduzzi: Google’s Trust and Safety team suppresses political speech 

“We could offer free advertising credits to Democrat parties, or censor out news that comes from Trust and Safety,” Amaduzzi said. “They block videos, up to 80% of uploaded videos have been censored by trust and safety,” he said.

“BREAKING: @Google Ad Exec on possible 2020 Election Interference “Trust & Safety is extremely left” “STOPPING right-wing parties from advertising…or REDUCING exposure” “Offer FREE advertising credits to Democratic Parties” “CENSOR out news from your search,” O’Keefe posted on Twitter.


O’Keefe’s expose of Google happens on the same day that the Trump administration moved to bring charges against Google in a massive antitrust case.

Press Release from Attorney General William Barr, on Tuesday, follows:

Statement of the Attorney General on the Announcement Of Civil Antitrust Lawsuit Filed Against Google

Attorney General William P. Barr released the following statement:

“This morning the Department of Justice, along with eleven states, filed a civil lawsuit against Google for unlawfully maintaining a monopoly in general search services and search advertising in violation of the U.S. antitrust laws.  This is a monumental case for the Department of Justice and, more importantly, for the American consumer.

Today, millions of Americans rely on the Internet and online platforms for their daily lives.  For years, there have been broad, bipartisan concerns about business practices leading to massive concentrations of economic power in our digital economy.  Hearing those concerns, I have made it a primary commitment of my tenure as Attorney General for the Department of Justice to examine whether technology markets have been deprived of free, fair, and open competition.

To that end, the Department of Justice formally opened a review of online market-leading platforms in July 2019.  One part of this review is the Antitrust Division’s investigation of Google.  Over the course of the last 16 months, the Antitrust Division collected convincing evidence that Google no longer competes only on the merits but instead uses its monopoly power – and billions in monopoly profits – to lock up key pathways to search on mobile phones, browsers, and next generation devices, depriving rivals of distribution and scale.  The end result is that no one can feasibly challenge Google’s dominance in search and search advertising.

This lack of competition harms users, advertisers, and small businesses in the form of fewer choices, reduced quality (including on metrics like privacy), higher advertising prices, and less innovation.

The complaint filed today against Google is based on violations of the U.S. antitrust laws and is separate and distinct from concerns raised about content moderation and political censorship by online platforms.  As part of the Department’s broader review of market-leading online platforms, we listened to myriad public concerns about how online platforms fail their users.  While many of the concerns we heard were competition-related, others were not – like online child exploitation, public safety, and censorship.  Outside the Antitrust Division, the Department has considered these issues separately, including by advocating for Section 230 legislative reforms.  Our antitrust investigation of Google, by contrast, is based solely on traditional antitrust principles and is aimed at promoting consumer welfare through robust competition.  

Twenty-five years ago, the Department of Justice sued Microsoft, paving the way for a new wave of innovative tech companies – including Google.  The increased competition following the Microsoft case enabled Google to grow from a small start-up to an Internet behemoth.  Unfortunately, once Google itself gained dominance, it resorted to the same anticompetitive playbook.  If we let Google continue its anticompetitive ways, we will lose the next wave of innovators and Americans may never get to benefit from the “next Google.”  The time has come to restore competition to this vital industry.

Today’s challenge against Google – the monopoly gatekeeper of the Internet – shows the tremendous efforts of the Department, in particular the hardworking men and women of the Antitrust Division, and our state partners to restore competition in markets beholden to an unlawful monopolist.  This is an important milestone, but not the end of our review of market-leading online platforms.  The Department will continue to vigorously investigate and enforce the antitrust laws where appropriate to protect and promote competition in the digital economy for the benefit of the American consumer.”

Case Open Date: Friday, August 30, 2019Case Name: United States, State of Arkansas, State of Florida, State of Georgia, State of Indiana, Commonwealth of Kentucky, State of Louisiana, State of Mississippi, State of Missouri, State of Montana, State of South Carolina and State of Texas v. Google LLCCase

Type: Civil Non-MergerCase Violation: MonopolizationAttempt to MonopolizeMarket: Online search, mobile search, image search and related search advertising industry Code: Internet Publishing and BroadcastingWeb Search PortalsComponent: Antitrust DivisionCase Documents: Complaint

“People are Like Sheep”,Tavern Owner Uses Electric Shock to Enforce Social Distancing in UK

“People are Like Sheep”,Tavern Owner Uses Electric Shock to Enforce Social Distancing in UK

A Tavern owner in the UK has designed what he believes is a brilliant idea, to give his patrons an electric shock, like an animal to keep them reminded of the Pandemic demands to keep their distance from his bar, his employees, himself and each other.

He does want them to purchase beer and drink many of them, however.

Jonny McFadden is the owner of The Star Inn in St Just, Cornwall and he is proud of his invention and behavior control methods.

“I’ve put an electric fence in. I’ve installed an electric fence to keep the customers back from the bar. Social distancing,”McFadden said.

“As long as there’s a warning sign on an electric fence and you are warned about it, it’s totally legal. And there’s the fear factor – it works. People are like sheep. Sheep keep away, people keep away,” he said.

“Before the fence, people were not following social-distancing and were doing as they pleased, but now people take heed to the guidance around social distancing,”McFadden said.

Cornwall Live a local news source, reported that the drastic social distancing methods were a result of the Tavern staff complaining that people were too close to them and to the bar.

According to their reporting, “Star Inn landlord Johnny McFadden confirmed to CornwallLive that the fence had been placed there to, ahem, shock locals into behaving.”

England’s pubs, a mainstay in many communities and neighborhoods as gathering points were given permission to reopen on July 4, after being closed during the UK Pandemic lockdown for 103 days.

Not all Brits were excited about the idea of being treated like an animal.

A handful of Americans chimed in on social media that they loved the idea and hoped to bring it to the United States, to demand social distancing requirements be observed by Americans at beaches, airports and medical offices.

At the front of the line to get back to the Pub and enjoy his independence, BREXIT leader Nigel Farage posted on “opening day”, July 4th his own trip to a quaint watering hole, and showed the world an intimate look at the coziness and freedom of a typical English Tavern.


Taverns have a long history of being the place of revolutionary acts.

Perhaps there is a different reason than germs, to keep the people believing they are nothing more than “sheep”.