Riots in American Cities Commemorated One-Year Anniversary of the Shooting Death of Breonna Taylor

Riots in American Cities Commemorated One-Year Anniversary of the Shooting Death of Breonna Taylor

On Saturday, several “protests” took place in American cities since it was the one-year anniversary of the death of Breonna Taylor.  And then there was the typical violence and civil unrest that has become the nomenclature of peaceful protests.

Why is there still violence over Taylor’s death?  Because our news media which has given up reporting the news truthfully lied about every aspect of the Breonna Taylor shooting and they have still never been held accountable.

Crowds appeared in Louisville as people made calls for justice for Taylor who was shot and killed by a Louisville Metro cop when a raid on her drug dealer boyfriend Kenneth Walker’s home went south as Walker opened fire on police during the raid on March 13, 2020.  Walker used his girlfriend as a human shield.

The Louisville Metro PD declared an unlawful assembly after protesters started “blocking the roadway and forcing vehicles, while armed, to turn around.”


While protests in Louisville remained peaceful (much respect for that), that’s not what happened in Seattle, Portland, and Los Angeles.

In Seattle, for example, video footage from Blair Nelson, a Campus Reform senior correspondent shows ANTIFA-looking rioters clashing with police officers.


Photojournalist Brendan Gutenschwager tweeted out a video of protesters chanting “jump jump jump” to police officers who were overhead on a skyway over a road in Seattle, where there were reportedly 100 agitators dressed in the ANTIFA uniform of black clothing, ski masks, scarves, sunglasses, motorcycle helmets with padding and whatnot.

The animals spray-painted graffiti n a Starbucks and the herd smashed the windows as well.

The Seattle Police Department said they made 13 arrests, including one for assault on an officer.

And this was righteous street justice because we all know just how much a Starbucks in Seattle was the cause of Taylor’s death, am I right?  #EyeRoll

In the never-ending unrest in Portland, Oregon, there were multiple instances of violence Saturday night as protesters marched to the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse, the same courthouse where rioters set fires to just two days prior.  The animals spray-painted

In Portland, where unrest has happened regularly for months, there were several acts of violence on Saturday night. Protesters marched towards the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse, which is where rioters set fires on Thursday. Vandals spray-painted “police are murderers” on the federal courthouse.

Jennifer Dowling, a KOIN-TV reporter said someone was talking on a bullhorn telling Taylor protesters that there were people there among them who were not there to protest the shooting death of Breonna but rather were there to agitate and destroy property and that they should be quiet and go home.

Dowling also reported how rioters were trying to tear down plywood boards that were protecting the courthouse.

And you can’t have national riots without some input from the animals in Los Angeles, where several storefronts were damaged by violent rioters.

Andy Ngô, citizen journalist turned editor-at-large at the Post Millennial, shared a video of the damage to stores that had nothing to do with Bronna Taylor’s death.

“Antifa smashed out windows and vandalized businesses in Los Angeles overnight in a riot organized for Breonna Taylor.”

Many of the protesters in Los Angeles were seen carrying black shields with white fists painted on them, and some were waving ANTIFA flags.

Ngô tweeted out that the ANTIFA flag was carried down the street during the LA riot and he pushed the “legacy media” to report on it because as we all know the Fake News and legacy media are in on the whole thing, calling riots with buildings on fire behind them “mostly peaceful” as they did during the 2020 summer riots.

Imagine how Taylor’s family must feel about this, knowing that a lot of the destruction and mayhem was done in her name.  It’s chilling that the media doesn’t report that the property damage has nothing to do with Breonna’s death as much as what it means to these goons for anarchy and political violence.

Someone using President Joe Biden’s Twitter account tweeted out about the Breonna Taylor death on Saturday.

“Breonna Taylor’s death was a tragedy, a blow to her family, her community, and America,” Biden wrote. “As we continue to mourn her, we must press ahead to pass meaningful police reform in Congress. I remain committed to signing a landmark reform bill into law.”

Meanwhile, during a presidential debate against then-President Donald Trump Joe Biden said the very animals who were destroying property carrying the ANTIFA flag said that ANTIFA was not a real thing, that it was just an idea.

Breonna Taylor’s Mother Demands New Prosecutor Look Into Police Who Shot and Killer Her Daughter

Breonna Taylor’s Mother Demands New Prosecutor Look Into Police Who Shot and Killer Her Daughter

The mother of Breonna Taylor mother, who was shot and killed by police during a drug raid, is accusing the Kentucky attorney general of abusing the grand jury system and she wants a new prosecutor who is “committed to properly investigating the case.”

“Grand jurors did not believe officers were justified in killing my daughter, yet A.G. Cameron denied them of their right to render a decision reflecting the same,” Tamika Palmer said in a letter written to the Kentucky Prosecutors Advisory Council on Wednesday.

Mind you, a grand jury is secret, and they have the power to decide whatever they want.  There aren’t even lawyers in the room outside of the prosecutor.  That means there are no defense attorneys allowed in a grand jury hearing, which pretty much renders Mr.s Palmer’s statement moot.

Taylor, a 26-year-old Black woman, was killed in March when three police officers attempted to serve a narcotics warrant at her home.

The officers had what is referred to as a no knock warrant, a warrant which says that the police have it upon good faith information that the suspect will be armed and dangerous and therefore they should not give away the element of surprise.  But, the police entering the apartment that day did not use the no knock warrant, rather, they knocked on the door and identified themselves as police.  Witnesses attest to that.

After knocking and identifying themselves, police then forcibly entered the dwelling, which was 100 percent legal.

After the officers knocked down her door, Breonna’s boyfriend started shooting at them, claiming fear of an intruder.  Police returned fire to protect themselves hitting Taylor five times.  She died.  It was reported that the boyfriend used Breonna as a human shield in the hallway where the shooting occurred.  No drugs were found.

A lot of speculation, some say lies, went around after the incident, some that Breonna and boyfriend were in bed when she was shot, and that was false.  It was also said that the police didn’t knock and identify themselves, and that was false.  In fact, if you want someone to blame for Breonna’s death take a look at the boyfriend, and Breonna herself.  I know that sounds harsh, but she was with a known drug dealer who claims he thought the person coming through the door was Breonna’s ex-boyfriend who was also a drug dealer.  It was known that Breonna would hold money, and/or drugs at her place for the boyfriend’s, because nobody was going to suspect the young woman would ever do such a thing.

Last month, Attorney General Daniel Cameron announced that the grand jury indicted one officer, Brett Hankison, on three counts of wanton endangerment because he fired negligently into a neighboring home.  Cameron said that the “grand jury agreed” that the police officers were justified in firing the shots that killed Taylor because her boyfriend shot at them first.

Two of the grand jurors publicly denied Cameron’s appraisal this week.  The anonymous jurors told CBS that they thought the officers’ actions were “negligent” and “criminal,” but Cameron never allowed them to consider manslaughter or murder charges.

“They never gave us the opportunity to deliberate on anything but the charges for Hankison. That was it,” one of them told Gayle King. “As a matter of fact, when they announced that those were the only charges, there was an uproar in that room. There were several more charges that could have gone forward on all of those officers.”

That’s called prosecutor discretion, and it works both ways.  You know how the Soros-funded progressive prosecutors who do things bass ackwards, like Kim Gardner, the Circuit Attorney who charged the McCloskeys in Missouri for defending their home by brandishing weapons after a mob of rioters broke through a locked gate in their community and were threatening the couple.  Or how about Kim Foxx in Chicago who suddenly dropped all charges against actor/singer Jussie Smollett, who also dropped over 25,000 cases at the beginning of her term?  Well, Cameron decided that after witnesses said the police knocked and identified themselves, and after the boyfriend shot at police, they had the right to defend themselves, and if anyone should be charged with Ms. Taylor’s death it should be the boyfriend.

Palmer said that Cameron’s characterization of the decision made by the grand jury “flat out lies” in her letter.  Of course she did, because she’s a grieving mother.  No one expects a grieving mother to see things clearly.

“At a minimum, my daughter deserves, as do all aggrieved victims, a competent and capable prosecution team which is committed to properly investigating the case, evaluating the law from an unbiased lens, presenting the evidence and allowing the grand jurors to perform the functions guaranteed to them under the law,” she wrote.

In other words, a prosecutor is only competent if they go after the police for doing their job.

Cameron defended himself against the growing criticism, stating that he stands by the findings.  Once again, the facts make it difficult for a normal thinking person to believe the police murdered a young woman for no reason or that Breonna’s death occurred due to police negligence.  The facts of the case are the police knocked on the door and identified themselves.  Breonna’s boyfriend shot at police as they were entering the home, and police returned fire to protect themselves.  These are the facts.

“The tragedy, and I’ve said this from the beginning, was that Breonna Taylor was in that hallway next to Kenneth Walker when they returned fire and they hit her,” he told Fox News earlier this month. “No one disputes that this is a tragedy, but sometimes our criminal law is inadequate to respond to a tragedy.”

Taylor’s death became a movement and started a wave of national protests against police brutality, even though there was no police brutality according to the findings.  This is the topsy-turvy world we live in now where up is down, wrong is right, and right now wrong.

May Breonna rest in peace, but may her death be a lesson to all that being associated with drug dealers could end up getting you killed.

KY Lawmaker Who Proposed ‘Breonna’s Law’ to Stop ‘No-Knock’ Warrants Arrested!

KY Lawmaker Who Proposed ‘Breonna’s Law’ to Stop ‘No-Knock’ Warrants Arrested!

It was a busy night again in Louisville, thanks to BLM  for the second night in a row. Attica Scott was arrested alongside daughter Ashanti and at least 24 others were arrested in the parking lot of the First Unitarian Church.

Rioters took refuge there after the nightly curfew was reached. Scott is the politician who introduced “Breonna’s Law and legislation to do away with no-knock warrants.

Both Scott and his daughter were arre4sted and charged with are facing charges of first-degree rioting as well as failure to disperse and unlawful assembly.

The police were reacting after the rioters smashed the windows of a nearby library and a flare was thrown into the building. This is a common occurrence by Democratic rioters. If you can’t read a book, burn them just like the Nazis did.

Over 1,000 BLM members rioted after only one of three police officers was charged with anything. None were charged in her shooting because Taylor’s boyfriend started shooting and police were acting in self-defense.

The arrest of a single officer in the shooting sparked protests across the country including New York and St Louis. For some reason, BLM rioters think they should be allowed to vandalize and burn buildings but don’t you dare arrest them for it.

Rioters from BLM and antifa have done over $2 billion in damages during their riots. But Democrats do not consider that to be a crime but walking through the Capitol Building after police escort you into the building is an armed insurrection even though no one had guns. All this for a three-hour riot but nothing for a five-month riot.

From The Mail Online

Around 1,000 Black Lives Matter activists had taken to the streets of Louisville during the day Thursday to protest after only one of the three officers involved in Breonna Taylor’s killing while mistakenly raiding her home on a no-knock warrant was indicted over the shooting, though not for firing the shots that killed her.

The news reignited demonstrations across the country, many of which have been ongoing since the killing of George Floyd in May, including in LA where one protester was run down by a truck in an unprovoked attack.

In St. Louis, protesters blocked westbound lanes of Interstate 64, and in New York City, a large group of demonstrators marched into Manhattan from Brooklyn over the Williamsburg Bridge.
Charles Barkley: Politicians Want Money and Power So They ‘Make Us Not Like Each Other’ To Divide and Conquer

Charles Barkley: Politicians Want Money and Power So They ‘Make Us Not Like Each Other’ To Divide and Conquer

On Saturday, during the “Final Four Show”, former NBA star and “Inside the NBA” analyst Charles Barkley said that politicians intentionally fuel racial division in order to “keep their grasp on money and power,” and that the system is designed to cultivate hatred and to “scramble the middle class.”

During CBS’s coverage of Saturday’s March Madness games, Barkey said, “Man, I think most white people and black people are great people.” He added, “I really believe that in my heart.”

Amen to that! How weird is it in 2021 to hear a former basketball great say something like that?

Barkley didn’t stop there as he continued to argue that our political system is set up to protect the power and wealth of the people we elect in government.

“But I think our system is set up where our politicians, whether they’re Republicans or Democrats, make us not like each other, so they can keep their grasp [on] money and power,” Barkley said.

“They divide and conquer,” Barkley said, adding that people are “stupid” to follow politicians who create issues in communities they “don’t live in.”

Barkley is spot on with his analysis. In today’s day and age, instead of politicians saying “Hey vote for me because I’m gonna do this in that” they say “Don’t vote for that guy because he’s evil and he hates you.” Democrats do this all the time because they can run on things they believe in so they want to make their voters angry at their opponent. That’s on Page 1 of the Big Book of Democrat Lies. In all fairness, some RINOs do the same thing but usually against Republicans who are trying to unseat them in a primary.

“I truly believe in my heart most white people and black people are awesome people,” he said. “But we are so stupid following our politicians, whether they are Republicans or Democrats, and their only job is, ‘Hey, let’s make these people not like each other. We don’t live in their neighborhoods. [We’ve] all got money. Let’s make the whites and blacks not like each other; let’s make rich people and poor people not like each other; let’s scramble the middle class.’”

“I truly believe that in my heart,” Barkley concluded.


True story. I was once out with friends at the River Deck Cafe, a club in Manayunk, Philadelphia, where Philly sports figures were known to frequent. I was standing talking to a friend in a crowded room in front of one of the bars when I got knocked into from behind and my beer spilled on the floor. I quickly turned around and there was a look of shock on the face of Charles Barkley. He said, “I’m really sorry about that. I was shoved myself.” I shook his hand because who wouldn’t, right? He smiled as he walked toward the bar and asked, “What were you drinking.” I said, “Coors Light.” He made a face and said, “Thanks for going easy on my wallet,” and then we both laughed. Charles caught a lot of crap by the Philly media, but he was a really decent, good man in person.

This isn’t the first time Barkley has made comments that are the antithesis of the political agenda of Woke sports leagues like the NBA. In September last year, Barkley did not speak the same divisive racial nonsense over the death of Breonna Taylor that many others did at the time, saying that even though the case was tragic, it didn’t belong in the same category as the death of George Floyd.

“It’s just bad the young lady lost her life, but we do have to take into account that her boyfriend did shoot at the cops and shot a cop,” Barkley said. “So, like I said, even though I’m really sorry she lost her life, I don’t think we can just put this in the same situation as George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery,” Barkley said.

Barkley also ripped the “fools on TV” who were fighting for the “defund the police” movement, saying that black people need police “when we have crime in our neighborhoods.”

I hope he doesn’t get canceled, because we need the voice of reason if we’re ever going to stop the Marxist onslaught of Cancel Culture.

Florida Man Arrested In Connection With Attack On Rand Paul Outside RNC

Florida Man Arrested In Connection With Attack On Rand Paul Outside RNC

Where are these domestic terrorists getting all of their money from? You would think that people with no jobs would have no money but you would be wrong. These terrorists seem to have plenty of money to move all around the country.

They have caught one of the men who assaulted Rand Paul and his wife and he is from Florida. He got to Washington D.C. but where did his traveling money come from? 27-year-old Brennen Sermon was arrested and charged in the attack on Rand Paul. In that attack, one of Paul’s police escorts suffered a severe injury to his face. An assault on a member of Congress is a federal offense but since Paul is a Republican all punishment could be waived.

Sermon, who is from Orlando, Florida attacked Paul and his wife as they came out after Trump’s acceptance speech. He will face separate charges for the injury to the policeman.  He is already looking at 10 years each in his assault on Paul and his wife. But could be just five years each.  Since it is a federal crime to attack a sitting member of congress. And also the wife of the same, no Soros based DA can drop the charges.

It is not yet known if Sermon was in town over the RNC convention. But that is what the police are looking at now. It could be determined to be a premeditated crime if he did. The only way to prevent attacks like this in the future is long prison sentences. Domestic terrorists don’t mind being arrested, knowing the Democratic DA will drop all charges, it’s another thing to lose your freedom for years.

BLM attacking @RandPaul & his wife. Every elected Democrat must condemn this thuggery. These are their radical supporters. — Rita Panahi (@RitaPanahi) August 28, 2020

Rand Paul just got chased by a crowd back to his hotel, after leaving the White House from Trump’s Republican Party Nomination #DC #DCProtests — Brendan Gutenschwager (@BGOnTheScene) August 28, 2020

Rand Paul said:

“The were yelling threats. They were trying to push the police over to get to me. The mob  were grabbing at us, and it got worse and worse and worse, and then finally, we decided to make a move. I said we’ve got to move. If there’s not gonna be reinforcements, we have to try to get to the hotel, which was another block, and they were shouting threats to us, to kill us, to hurt us, but they were also saying, shouting, ‘Say her name, Breonna Taylor,’ and it’s like, you couldn’t reason with this mob, but I’m actually the author of the Breonna Taylor law to end no-knock raids.”

Brendan Gutenschwager, a journalist known on social media as @BGOnTheScene, captured the attack on Paul and his wife. The video appears above. They needed reinforcements but none were available until they could reach the hotel. That was a block away. You think it’s bad now but wait until Trump gets reelected. The riots will get worse ana attacks on conservatives will increase exponentially.

The biggest problem with all of this is that it is becoming the norm but we could put an end to it with just a little cooperation with Democratic mayors. Maybe after the election when it is too late to damage Trump and his reelection chances, but don’t count on it.

Look for Washington D.C. to be a war zone during trump’s next inauguration. There will be crying and gnashing of teeth on that day. Look fr antifa to go crazy with violence. This time, we need to have federal agents all throughout the city. Mayor Bowser won’t let the police keep conservatives safe.

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Black Lives Matter Militants Harass Young Girls for Their ‘White Privilege’ as They Walk into Cheerleading Competition

Black Lives Matter Militants Harass Young Girls for Their ‘White Privilege’ as They Walk into Cheerleading Competition

BLM harassed very young girls on their way to a cheerleading competition.  But in fairness, they had to. They couldn’t find any 90-year-old double amputee women in wheelchairs and they didn’t have a target outnumbered 20 to 1. It’s much easier to be brave when you pick on them.

A group of the cheerleaders were making their way to the building where the competition was to be held when a woman with a megaphone started taunting them with:

“The reason why you get to be here in these pretty little gorgeous outfits and your gorgeous hair and your gorgeous bows is because of your white privilege. Breonna [Taylor] is dead. Black mothers are burying their babies while white mothers send their daughters to cheer competitions.”

What Carmen M. Jones didn’t say was that none of the cheerleaders’ boyfriends started a gun battle with police officers. Even her boyfriend admitted that he shot first.

Another popular lie was that Taylor was shot while she slept in bed but she was actually wide awake and in the hallway. When you are being shot at, it is expected that you would fire back.

Jones also told the young girls to do something Black with their white privilege but I am pretty sure their mothers don’t allow them to loot business and burn them to the ground. However, that is just a guess.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Do blacks ever get killed by police unjustly? Of course, they do. And the police officer gets tried for murder

But BLM riots even if the police are not at fault. And let’s face it, when you are trying to win people over to your side, assaulting them on the streets, looting and burning buildings, and attacking police is a really bad way to go about it.

From The Blaze

Another video shows what appears to be a protester holding a rifle as the group faces down a group of police officers in front of the convention center:

In the second video Jones can be heard on the megaphone hollering — apparently to cops — “We are not afraid of you! We are not intimidated by you!”

Then as another group of young girls headed into the cheerleading competition, Jones could be heard saying “they don’t give a f*** about y’all!” One of the protester’s signs read, “F*** the police.”