Report: White House Planning to Refer Brad Raffensperger to Secret Service for Investigation Under the Espionage Act

Report: White House Planning to Refer Brad Raffensperger to Secret Service for Investigation Under the Espionage Act

Georgia S of S Brad Raffensperger could soon be charged under the Espionage Act after he or one of his staff leaked the contents of the phone call to the far, far left Washington Post.

The WaPo then made things look far worse than they actually were by massively editing the transcript of the call. Their claim is that Trump demanded that S of S Raffensperger find enough votes for him to win.

What they left out was the context. President Trump listed off the entire litany of suspicious voting activity. What he asked Raffensperger to do was to weed out the illegal votes not to manufacture ones for himself. There is a vast difference between the two narratives.

The phone call was attended by attorneys along with a notice that as a “confidential settlement discussion”  on a matter still waiting to be heard, the call was confidential.

That is a violation of both state and federal law. Yet Raffensperger wants Trump investigated for asking him to actually look into the voter fraud.

Raffensperger, who has effectively ended his career as a Republican elected official will have to switch parties to have any chance of winning again. Ditto Gov Brian Kemp. Raffensperger has asked the FBI to investigate Trump for making the legal telephone call. At the same time, authorities have been asked by Trump and his team that Raffensperger be investigated for his illegal recording and release of the phone call.

From The Gateway Pundit

Georgia Republican chairman David Shafer later announced that President Trump and his team filed two lawsuits against Secretary of State Raffensperger.

David Shafer: President Donald Trump has filed two lawsuits – federal and state – against Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. This was after Raffensperger secretly recorded the “confidential settlement discussion” of that litigation that is still pending. The audio published by the Washington Post is heavily edited and omits the stipulation that all discussions were for the purpose of settling litigation and confidential under federal and state law.

In the one-hour phone call on Saturday, President Trump insisted he won the state and threatened vague legal consequences. Trump attorneys and Georgia attorneys were on the call.

Raffensperger’s team later leaked the call to the far-left Washington Post.
It took 24 hours for the Washington Post to publish a hit piece, using edited audio clips, on the president’s phone call.

Georgia’s Raffensperger Did It Too – Accepted $5 Million of ‘Zuckerbucks’ Says It Was Used for “Issuing Public Service Announcements”

Georgia’s Raffensperger Did It Too – Accepted $5 Million of ‘Zuckerbucks’ Says It Was Used for “Issuing Public Service Announcements”

In the 2020 election cycle, Mark Zuckerberg doled out money in swing states in an apparent appempt to influence the election, including $5 million that went to Brad Raffensperger.

Is it any wonder why Raffensperger acted as though he was working for the Democrats? Maybe it’s because he was. That seems to be an indisputable fact when you look at the nonprofit funding them.

Zuckerberg and his wife said they just wanted to help. With the country pounded by coronavirus and congressional talks at a standstill, the Facebook titan offered to chip in his own money to help keep the elections on track. Using a nonprofit, the Center for Technology and Civic Life, as a screen, the power couple started funneling hundreds of millions of dollars to local elections offices to help “[deal] with the difficulties of adapting to new voting behavior” during the pandemic.

In February Breitbart reported on this subject:

A report released by the Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society at a press conference on Wednesday alleged Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife made $419.5 million in contributions to non-profit organizations during the 2020 election cycle–$350 million to the “Safe Elections” Project of the Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL) and another $69.5 million to the Center for Election Innovation and Research–that, “improperly influence[d] the 2020 presidential election on behalf of one particular candidate and party.”

$5.6 million dollars was given to Raffensperger’s office and allegedly it was spent mostly on two items. Making it easier to vote by mail and to fight misinformation.

In liberal speak, misinformation is facts that disagree with liberal ideology. And of course, voting by mail without signature verification is the easiest way to cheat. Georgia law says signatures must be verified but the law was illegally overridden by Raffensperger.

According to the Georgia Star, Raffensperger issued a press release on this but we don’t know when because it wasn’t dated:

Raffensperger announced the partnership with CEIR in a press release. The press release is undated. Members of Raffensperger’s staff presumably published it last year. In that press release, Raffensperger praised the CEIR staff as “the greatest minds that the country has to offer” and, because of that, he said Georgia could have a secure and reliable paper-ballot system.

What’s He Hiding? Georgia’s Secretary of State Raffensperger Petitions Court – Prefers State Not be Forced to Hand Over Ballots for Audit

What’s He Hiding? Georgia’s Secretary of State Raffensperger Petitions Court – Prefers State Not be Forced to Hand Over Ballots for Audit

One has to wonder why Georgia Secretary of State opposes auditors to review the ballots as they investigate the 2020 election in Fulton County.

He only wants them to review the images and not the actual ballots.

He has notified the judge of his desire and asked him to prevent the auditors from seeing the actual ballots.  It has been my experience that someone who is innocent does not worry about the facts being looked at.

Raffensperger changed the rules of counting ballots because of an agreement he made with Hillary and DNC attorney Marc Elias. That in itself does not pass the smell test. He is up for reelection and voters are not happy with him and with Gov Brian Kemp.

Should the auditors find massive fraud, he is finished and that might be why he is trying to hide the ballots.

The judge will decide on the request later in the month.

Per a report from creative destruction media from yesterday:

GA Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger seems like he has a secret. The man in charge of ensuring fair elections in the Peach State really doesn’t want anyone looking at the actual ballots from the Nov 3rd U.S. general election.

Fair election activists from have worked hard and succeeded in gaining access to ballots from Fulton County, GA for a forensic audit. A judge will rule on the procedures later this month.

This is scaring the pants off those who enabled the massive election fraud in November’s general election and the GA Senate run-off in January.

We have seen the same obstruction of justice in Maricopa County, AZ and other swing-states which were hit by fraud.

The GA Secretary of State’s office filed an amicus brief yesterday in support of corrupt Fulton County election officials.

Raffensperger op0ened an investigation into Trump’s phone call even though he knew the news reports lied about what Trump said. He later deleted the recording but a copy of that video was found on a laptop computer.

It was later revealed that Raffensperger and his office lied.

The people of Georgia really need to dump this guy.

The audit will be done with the help of Jovian Pulitzer, the inventor of the bar code and many other technical aids.

Official From Georgia’s Secretary of State Office Was Sole Source For Story on Trump Phone Call With Raffensperger

Official From Georgia’s Secretary of State Office Was Sole Source For Story on Trump Phone Call With Raffensperger

There were two false claims reported about President Donald Trump’s phone call with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

A lone official in the Georgia Secretary of State’s office was the sole source for at least one lie that falsely alleged that former President Donald Trump told an investigator with the office to “find the fraud.”

Jordan Fuchs, the Deputy Secretary of State gave details of the phone conversation to The Washington Post, according to The Epoch Times.

Fuchs wasn’t on the call so everything she said to the media was second-hand knowledge.  The investigator, Frances Watson, told Fuchs about the conversation between Trump and Raffensperger, but what Fuchs told the press apparently wasn’t the same thing.

A recording of the call recently materialized from a state records request, revealing that the Washington Post and a number of other news outlets had falsely reported Trump uttering several phrases.

If Fuchs was not on the call then who recorded it?

Raffensperger’s office said Fuchs did not present details of the conversation as verbatim.  In other words, she embellished a bit.  What a professional.

“The Secretary of State’s Office’s first reports of its investigator’s phone conversation with President Trump relied on the investigator’s recollection. Information about the content of the call was never presented as a word-for-word transcript,” an office spokesperson told The Epoch Times in an email.

The Post said that they “misquoted” President Trump, “based on information provided by a source.”  Then they outed Fuchs as the source.  In the story, they originally described her as an individual familiar with the call.

The Associated Press was another outlet that reported on Fuch’s false statements and in their correction, they used similar wording claiming that they “erroneously reported” that Trump pressured Watson to “find the fraud,” and that she’d be a national hero if she did.

The problem is, Trump never said it.  Fuchs did not pass on the truth.  She probably thought she could cast a magic spell and make the lie go away.  Not in the real world.  This is not the makings of a professional, but the sign of a political hack.  She should have known that the recording of the phone call would somehow be made public, or at least she should have counted on that before running her mouth to a press outlet.  Allegedly it was her boss Raffensperber who leaked the recording because he thought it would help him.  Remember, at that time Raffensperger was under a hail of fire by Georgia Republicans for entering into a consent decree with Stacey Abrams that very well may have cost Trump Georgia to Democrats allegedly cheating on ballot signature verifications.

Folks, Jordan Fuchs was appointed to the Electronic Registration Information Center board of directors for the 2019-2020 term.

Here’s the announcement:

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger today appointed Deputy Secretary Jordan Fuchs to serve on the Board of Directors for the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC). Fuchs will serve as Georgia’s national representative within the organization’s governing body.

“Our office has led the charge to reform Georgia’s elections with common-sense solutions that prioritize efficiency and promote integrity – and our immediate action to join ERIC was a major victory for all of Georgia’s voters,” said Fuchs. “I am honored to represent our state at the national level as we continue to aggressively pursue solutions that ensure a better experience at the polls for our voters and election officials alike.”

ERIC is a multistate partnership that uses a sophisticated and secure data-matching tool to improve the accuracy and efficiency of state voter registration systems. Through ERIC, states share voter registration information to improve the integrity of voter lists. The national non-profit uses cross-state data matches to flag voters who may have registered in multiple states, moved out of state, or passed away – alerting election officials so that they can update voter rolls accordingly, consistent with federal and state law.

What a joke.  She was put on the board that was to reform Georgia’s elections “with common-sense solutions that prioritize efficiency and promote integrity…”  Some believe Fuchs is the one who allegedly came up with the consent decree with Stacey Abrams.

CNN did an editor’s notation saying that in the story’s initial writing they “presented paraphrasing of the President’s comments to the Georgia elections investigator as direct quotes.”

The Washington Post and the AP didn’t respond to questions if they would commit to never again use Fuchs as a source.  Neither did CNN, ABC News, NBC News, nor Reuters respond.  All of the outlets who reported the Fake News except for Reuters updated their stories.

This is what’s wrong with journalism today.  Every outlet that reported the conversation between Trump and Raffensperger used a single source: Fuchs.  None of them followed up with anyone else for corroboration before going to print.  This was probably because these outlets spent the last four years relentlessly attacking Donald Trump and anything that trashed the former president was golden in their eyes.  Not that long ago a journalist needed at least two sources to run with a story.  The competition to be first to report a story and in this case to trash Donald Trump in any way they can is why you can no longer trust journalists to do their job.

Then again, didn’t they all report lies daily for over two years straight about Trump-Russia collusion?  Journalism is dead.

RAFFENSPERGER’S SEDITION: The Left’s Shocking “Gotcha” Tape, Final Humiliation Exposing Their Collusion

RAFFENSPERGER’S SEDITION: The Left’s Shocking “Gotcha” Tape, Final Humiliation Exposing Their Collusion

CNN’s Jake Tapper retweeted a story by the Washington Post of an apparently illegally obtained conversation between President Donald J. Trump, Georgia’s Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, and Raffensperger’s lawyer.

In the taped conversation were apparently negotiations for a final opportunity for Trump’s legal team to audit election results in Georgia, since, due to a set of bizarre misdirections by Brad Raffensperger in November, where Republican observers were forcibly shut out of the ballot counting process before and after the electoral votes were tallied, there has been no transparency for the American people.

And there still won’t be according to the leaked conversation. Raffensperger refuses to allow Trump access to the data or the machines used to count the ballots.

There is a hearing scheduled for Monday in Georgia to count the ballots that appeared mysteriously from under a table, and that hearing is expected to allow a forensic audit of absentee ballots, which Raffensperger has oddly been fighting tooth and nail.

There were media reports over the weekend that the Dominion machines were witnessed being moved out of the area they were in, and also that ballots were being shredded after the announcement was made on Friday that they would be examined.

Twitter made sure the Washington Post story was trending and got lots of promotion, in the hopes of discrediting the President of the United States even further.

The left and their grassroots marketing platforms and paid distributors sprang quickly into action to move the public’s story.

“The Washington Post has obtained a recording of President Trump pressuring Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to overturn the state’s presidential election results,” Twitter posted, setting the narrative for the left to copy to their audiences. “In the recorded hour-long phone call, Trump tells Raffensperger that he wanted to “find 11,780 votes” in his favor to overturn Biden’s win in the state. He also appeared to threaten the Secretary of State, saying that his refusal to comply with Trump’s demands would be “a big risk,” The Washington Post reports.” WHAT IS GOING ON?

Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, has been at war with Trump, Republicans and Trump’s legal team to protect the illegally counted tally of votes favoring Democrat Joe Biden.

Monday begins a series of audits, starting in Georgia to access the voting machines and determine the vote.  Trump needs only to find less than 12,000 votes to win the Georgia election, something he is confident of doing.

In the taped discussion between Trump, Raffensperger, and Raffensperger’s lawyer, the lawyer and the Raffensperger obviously know they are recording Trump and attempting to frame him to discredit Trump’s point of view and say he was bullying them. They then were assisted by the Washington Post, who edited the tape and produced it, and then Twitter published it for them.

In a tweet by Tapper is the heavily edited tape that was taken from an hour-long conversation, where Trump tells Raffensburg that as Secretary of State, he is using bad data and that he is assisting in stealing an election and Raffensburg and his lawyer push back on him and defend their process.

The Washington Post wrote the story up, and CNN retweeted it. You can hear their heavily edited tape in the story.

Earlier in the day, Trump had tweeted:

I spoke to Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger yesterday about Fulton County and voter fraud in Georgia. He was unwilling or unable to answer questions such as the “ballots under table” scam, ballot destruction, out of state “voters,” dead voters, and more. He has no clue!

Then Raffensperger responded, and then WAPO posted their story:

“Respectfully, President Trump: What you’re saying is not true. The truth will come out.”

Some people are saying that in the taped conversation, Trump sounds calm and logical and that he is obviously giving Raffensperger and his lawyer a final chance to allow Trump to audit the results of the election by encouraging that they do not have the full story of the depth of election fraud that took place.

Trump pushes them on whether or not the Dominion machines had been altered or moved, and both Raffensperger and his lawyer insist the machines were not tampered with and refuse to allow Trump to inspect them.


Immediately a trending hashtag popped up, with approx 80,000 people tweeting at the same time, using the same talking points against Trump.  What had started earlier as #TrumpsTantrum became #TrumpTapes.

Supporters of Trump were not impacted.

It is almost shocking to watch the American established media go to these lengths to discredit the United States president. It is unclear whether NPR has permission to publish the conversation, but when did the left respect our duly elected President and his authorities?

The left seems determined to not “normalize” our President, our votes, our elections, or our Civil Rights, and in some places, that is called “Collusion,” “Conspiracy,” and “Sedition.”

For Further Reading:

Shocking: Emergency Hearing in GA Compels Secretary Raffensperger to Testify, he and Personal Lawyer Deflect Responsibility-VIDEO

Shocking: Emergency Hearing in GA Compels Secretary Raffensperger to Testify, he and Personal Lawyer Deflect Responsibility-VIDEO

Brad Raffensperger Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State called the 2020 Presidential Election “the most secure election in Georgia history” however President Donald J. Trump pointed out that the Georgia state Republicans, including Governor Brian Kemp were preventing election transparency.

Wednesday, Georgia State Legislators called for an emergency hearing based on the concerns of Georgia citizens over what they see is the lack of transparency over the entire election process.

Raffensperger at the hearing said, “People want to know what is going to be différent if there were issues that we can have more assurance of for the upcoming elections,” he said deflecting, and then when asked a question how he would answer his own question, Raffensperger refused to answer what he is planning on doing, deferring to his lawyer who refused to answer.


Reactions to the hearing were not encouraging.

Trump tweeted during the hearing:

Trump was not alone. “Republican cowardice on display,” John Preston wrote in reaction to the hearing.

One viewer wrote, “They stand behind the fraud calling everyone who claims fraud crazy -Excuse after excuse Very Disappointing! Waste of Time.”

Another reaction from a Georgia voter was, ” Raffensperger is diverting election integrity hearing to claims about the machines. We only want an honest audit of signatures with watchers.” Echoing the claims of many voter activists that they are angry that there Republican poll watchers were taken out of the process of ballot counting in Georgia, in a corrupt power grab and is highly suspicious.

Chairman of GA Republican Party, David Shafer wrote prior to the Wednesday hearing:

The State Executive Committee of @GaRepublicans tonight passed an emergency resolution demanding that @GaSecofState begin the absentee ballot signature verification audit in Fulton County, which is already under a consent order for “bad management” of absentee balloting.”

Gabriel Sterling who is the Voting System Implementation Manager for Georgia posted about his challenge in Fulton County Georgia:

Tricia Flanagan reported that Raffensperger would not answer any questions.

The Epoch Times reported that Raffensberger was making excuses that people were just too busy to take care of the elections.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s office said election officials in the state are “overwhelmed” by three “parallel elections.”

“Asking county elections officials to hold no-excuse absentee ballot voting in addition to three weeks of early, in-person voting, and election day voting is too much to manage,” said Raffensperger in a news release on Wednesday. “The way Georgia’s election system is set up under law, county elections officials are essentially required to run three elections simultaneously, one each for a population that wants to vote a different way. “

Raffensberger said that in light of the CCP virus pandemic, “we need to reform our absentee ballot system.”

Georgia Democrat Vernon Jones reacted to the hearing saying Raffensberger needs to be replaced:

BREAKING: Governor Kemp Calls on Secretary of State Raffensperger to Call for a “Signature Audit” in the State

BREAKING: Governor Kemp Calls on Secretary of State Raffensperger to Call for a “Signature Audit” in the State

Georgia Gov Brian Kemp has come around after watching Democratic poll workers send Republicans home before breaking out suitcases full of ballots. He has now decided that he wants a new recount and one that includes matching signatures. But that will only be effective if they are allowed to be close enough to see for themselves.

But the decision is not up to Gov Kemp. That decision belongs to the Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and I trust him as far as I can throw Trump Tower. He has been defending those who cheated every step of the way. He is either Deep State or he doesn’t want to look like a horse’s bottom for selecting Dominion Voting Systems.

Raffensperger said during a news conference:

“Working as an engineer throughout my life, I live by that numbers don’t lie. As secretary of state, I believe that the numbers that we have presented today are correct. The numbers reflect the verdict of the people, not a decision by the secretary of state’s office or our courts, or of either campaigns.”

Kemp was willing to allow Democrats to steal the votes until he saw the video of the Democrats unpacking the suitcases. Plus, he has to be feeling the pressure being applied by Trump voters in the state. He is up for reelection in two years. That has to be in the back of his mind.

From The Daily Wire

Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp called for a signature audit of the state’s election results on Thursday night during an interview on Fox News, saying that some of what was alleged today during a Georgia Senate Government Oversight Committee hearing was “concerning.”

“You know, I’ve called early on for a signature audit, obviously the secretary of state, per the laws and the Constitution would have to order that; he has not done that,” Kemp said. “I think it should be done. I think, especially with what we saw today, it raises more questions.

There needs to be transparency on that. I would again call for that, and I think in the next 24 hours hopefully we’ll see a lot more from the hearings that the legislature had today and we’ll be able to look and see what the next steps are.”

Let’s see what happens next.

Kansas Legislature Rallies Around Election Integrity Reforms, Overrides Democrat Governor’s Veto

Kansas Legislature Rallies Around Election Integrity Reforms, Overrides Democrat Governor’s Veto

The Kansas legislature has once again defended fair elections in Kansas by foiling the Democratic governor’s veto of the voter integrity legislation. The Kansas legislature passed two voter integrity bills that Arizona  Democrat Governor Laura Kelly quickly vetoed in an effort to avoid voter integrity but the Kansas Legislature easily overrode the vetoes. One bill sets the ground rules for voter ID and other election-related issues.

The second bill which I call the Brad Raffensperger bill would prevent the SOS from entering a consent decree without an ok by the Kansas legislature.

The legislation makes it a jailable offense to change the dates on mail-in ballots. And no one can turn in more than 10 completed ballots.  The bill does have some voter suppression clauses in them making it harder for people like Elmer Fudd, Batman, and Buggs Bunny from voting.

A report by local media Kansas City Star said:

“Changes to Kansas election laws that limit the power of the executive and judicial branch and tighten rules around advance voting are now law despite Gov. Laura Kelly’s objections.”

“The bills follow a trend in GOP-controlled state houses nationwide to limit ballot access,” it added, after claims of widespread voter fraud emerged during the 2020 election, while it said that “legislation in Washington to expand mail-in voting nationwide has stalled in the Senate.”

“Inspired by controversies from the 2020 election, the bills aimed to prevent similar fights from taking place in future elections.” 

Republican state Senator Caryn Tyson, said :

“Every single vote matters and the accuracy matters. This bill is not about voter suppression it is about voter accuracy and making sure every legal vote counts.” 

From The Gateway Pundit

Meanwhile, The Star  described House Bill 2332 as a measure to “prohibit the executive and judicial branches of government from altering election laws. It also prevents the Secretary of State from entering into consent decrees with a court without legislative approval.”

“House Bill 2183 focuses largely on mail-in voting. It limits who is permitted to return a mail-in ballot for another person and makes it a misdemeanor for one person to return more than 10 mail-in ballots. The measure also requires the signature on a mail ballot to match the signature election officials have on file, creating a potential for votes to be discarded, and bans the Secretary of State from extending mail-in vote deadlines.”

The measure also “makes it illegal” to backdate a postmark on a ballot and bars election offices from accepting money from any entity other than the state for administering elections.



Stacey Abrams Tells Ted Cruz She Still Believes 2018 Governor’s Race Was Stolen Due to Voter Suppression and Cruz Schools Her [VIDEO]

Stacey Abrams Tells Ted Cruz She Still Believes 2018 Governor’s Race Was Stolen Due to Voter Suppression and Cruz Schools Her [VIDEO]

On Tuesday, failed gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams repeated her false claims that the 2018 Georgia governor’s election was “stolen” from her while testifying at a US Senate hearing on voting rights. Her main theme is to cry “voter suppression” when there is none. Voter suppression is a term Democrats use when they lose elections. They sow fear, anger, and resentment, specifically in the black community, by making it appear that “other” black people, not they themselves or anyone they know, that an abstract “other” black people were somehow blocked from being allowed to vote and that’s just not true.

This is the same woman who got Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s office to enter into an illegal consent decree to change Georgia election law, something only the state legislature can do according to Article I, Section 4 of the US Constitution, by changing how ballot signature verifications were done. Instead of matching a ballot signature up to the signature of the voter on a driver’s license or the voter’s original voter registration form, Abrams somehow convinced the utterly worthless Raffensberger to allow the ballot signature to be matched up to the voter’s application for a mail-in or absentee ballot. This allowed dead people and people who moved out of state to vote by matching up the forger’s signature. That is the real voter suppression because for every phony ballot that got through thanks to the consent decree agreement, a real person’s vote was canceled out.

Abrams was brought in to testify by Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats as a star witness for their hearing, “Jim Crow 2021: The Latest Assault on the Right to Vote,” which examined the new election integrity law signed into office by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp last month. Democrats, including Abrams and President Joe Biden, have lied from day one about the law accusing Georgia Republicans of reintroducing “Jim Crow,” claiming the Georgia law makes it harder for blacks and other people of color to vote, which when you actually read the bill you find out is a complete fabrication on the part of the Democrats.

During the hearing, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) questioned the lunatic Abrams on whether she still thinks the 2018 governor’s race was stolen from her, something she said to everyone in the universe who was within hearing distance, noting that Abrams still has not conceded the race to Governor Brian Kemp (R).

“It’s been over two years, and you still refuse to concede that you lost the race for governor in Georgia in 2018,” Cruz said. “Yes or no, today, do you still maintain that the 2018 Georgia election was stolen?”

“As I have always said, I acknowledged at the very beginning that Brian Kemp won under the rules in place. What I object to are rules that permitted thousands of Georgia voters to be denied their participation in this election, to have their votes cast out. And so I will continue to disagree with the system until it is fixed,” Abrams said.

But the senator from Texas pressed Abrams to answer his “yes or no” question on whether she still maintains the 2018 election was stolen.

“My full language was that it was stolen from the voters of Georgia. We do not know what they would have done because not every eligible Georgian was able to participate fully in the election,” she argued.

It is insufferable to have to listen to this quack go on about voter suppression as an abstract because she never provides actual evidence to back up her claims. Dead people, people who don’t live in Georgia, and illegal aliens being blocked from voting is not considered voter suppression, only in the mind of a raving lunatic.

Cruz then reminded Abrams that in the past she told the New York Times that her loss “was fully attributable to voter suppression.”

“Ms. Abrams, do you know in Georgia whether the percentage of African American Georgians who are registered to vote and who turned out to vote is it higher or lower than the national average?” he asked.

Abrams granted, “it is higher than the national average because Georgia’s one of the largest states with an African American population.”

Cruz then deflated her nonsense practiced response noting that the percentage of black people registered to vote in Georgia in 2018 was 64.7%, higher than the national average of 60.2%. He said that the percentage of Georgians who voted in 2018 was 56.3%, higher than the national average of 48%.

“Let me ask you this, Ms. Abrams,” Cruz went on. “In 2018, do you know which demographic group in Georgia had the highest registration percentage and the highest turnout percentage?”

“I have a guess but I will defer to you for the answer,” Abrams said.

“The answer is African Americans had the highest registration and the highest turnout, despite your claiming that the election was stolen and that there was somehow voter suppression,” Cruz schooled her.

There was a valid reason for Cruz taking this line of questioning with Stacey Abrams. Abrams is a loud-mouthed rabble-rouser troublemaker who likes to throw out accusations of racism and voter suppression whenever Democrat tactics to cheat in elections are being thwarted. If anyone cheated in the 2020 election, it was the Democrats with the help of Stacey Abrams talking SOS Raffensberger into a consent decree that essentially legalized voter fraud. People who throw out accusations of racism without sufficient evidence are a piece of garbage.

We have learned over the years that if you allow progressive Democrats to spread falsehoods, misinformation, and disinformation after a while it becomes a problem, especially when it doesn’t look like Republicans are fighting back against such baseless accusations. You have to nip the lies in the bud to get the truth out, and it is always difficult because Democrats tell many, many lies and they have an army of mainstream media types who aren’t really journalists such much as activists with a microphone.