Democrats Already Attacking Texas To Push For Green New Deal Socialism Hoping to Exploit the Winter Storm Crisis

Democrats Already Attacking Texas To Push For Green New Deal Socialism Hoping to Exploit the Winter Storm Crisis

Democrats in DC are using the recent winter storm in Texas to attack Republicans by calling for investigations into how they handled the crisis and it’s all just to be able to push for their uber socialist climate change policies like the disastrous Green New Deal.

“Governor Abbott thought Texas could run an electrical grid that ignored the climate crisis,” Democratic Senate Leader Chuck Schumer tweeted. “It was not resilient.”

It is insufferable to listen to these watermelons go on about climate change, which in reality has zero evidence that mankind is causing the climate to change, lying to the American people by trying to convince them that had the state of Texas written up a socialist policy to combat climate change then the freezing winter storm would never have struck the Lone Star state.  Are these people for real?

Schumer then called for a federal investigation to look into how the Republican governor’s policies “have failed and exacerbated the winter storm crisis.”

By what authority does the federal government have to interfere in the state of Texas’ internal affairs?  I think what’s really going on is that the Democrats don’t want the public to learn that green technologies like their wind turbines are just not ready for the real world yet.  They’re trying to blame natural gas as the cause for the power failures but it was the wind turbans that froze and stopped producing electricity.  Also, it has been reported that natural gas was being consumed at an over 400% increased rate at the time during the winter storm.  Never so quickly have I seen so many so-called “news” outlets spread the lie that it wasn’t wind turbines but fossil fuel natural gas that was the sole cause of the recent problems in Texas.  Leave it to the Democrats to politicize this in order to keep their socialist agenda alive.  Like COVID, the Democrats have wanted to use climate change as a cudgel to control people’s lives.

Texas was rocked by a winter storm of historic proportions that left millions of residents without power due to large power outages. The AP reported that the winter storm and the aftermath of power outages led to the deaths of at least 80 people.

President Biden recently declared Texas a disaster, which automates the process for federal aid to pour into the state. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) delivered over 1 million meals to Texas and the Defense Department has delivered more than 4 million liters of water.

Former failed Senate and failed presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke placed blame on Republicans, saying “those in power have failed us.”

“As with Covid, a natural disaster has become far deadlier due to the inaction & ineptitude of Abbott and Texas’ Republican leadership,” he tweeted. “This didn’t have to happen and doesn’t have to continue.”

These Democrats have no soul.  How many thousands of people have died of COVID-19 since Biden took office?  Should be we blame Biden for all of them since that’s what they did to Trump?  To blame a winter storm on the lack of socialism is the definition of stupid.

You have to hand it to Democrats.   They turn their own disasters into someone else’s and they do it with a straight face.  They are now claiming that the power outages in Texas could have been avoided if the state had a greater reliance on renewable sources.  I guess these pinheads missed all the images of the wind turbines frozen and not able to turn.

Sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) put down her drink long enough to say that the House Energy and Commerce Committee is going to investigate with a special emphasis on looking “into it to see how things could have turned out better and will turn out better in the future.”

Committee Chairman Frank Pallone (D-NJ) said the committee would “investigate the Texas crisis further and we’ll see what other action we have to take.”

Do I detect revenge is coming to Texas for filing an election fraud lawsuit against three states that had more irregularities than the dying fart of a Gummy Bear?

“Ultimately, this episode underscores the importance of prioritizing clean and resilient energy infrastructure,” he said, according to The Hill.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott got the jump on Democrats exploiting the deaths of many Texans to push for socialist policies when he told Fox News that renewable sources failed in the state as well.   The governor told Fox’s Sean Hannity that “this shows how the Green New Deal would be a deadly deal for the United States of America.”

“Texas is blessed with multiple sources of energy, such as natural gas and oil and nuclear – as well as solar and wind,” he said. “But you saw … our wind and our solar got shut down, and they were collectively more than 10% of our power grid.”

Abbott argued that fossil fuels are necessary “for the state of Texas as well as other states to make sure we are able to heat our homes in the wintertime and cool our homes in the summertime.”

This is what it’s going to be like for at least the next two years, that is if the Democrats don’t use voting machines in 2022 that will ensure they win no matter how totalitarian they become.  They are going to exploit anything they can to push their socialist agenda while attacking Republicans for things like the weather.  These people are sick.

“That boy needs a whippin'” says Democrat Incumbent of Young Republican Opponent

“That boy needs a whippin'” says Democrat Incumbent of Young Republican Opponent

Perhaps the comment felt harmless in the moment – after all, the 53-year-old Democrat incumbent is nearly old enough to be her 33-year-old Republican opponent’s mother.

The comment came from Rhetta Bowers, a member of the Texas House of Representatives, during a virtual fundraiser last Thursday.

Bowers’ opponent is self-described “conservative small businessman” Will Douglas. His campaign website details his journey as a “self-made pharmacy owner”, now running for political office to preserve the political freedom and economic prosperity that makes families and small businesses flourish.

“He’s said some things,” Bowers said of Douglas, “and he continues to say some things, and he’s young enough, I don’t know if he’s young enough for me to be his mama but I felt like he needed a whoopin’ the other night, when he said some things.”

Video obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation captures Bowers continuing: “And I awakened the next day feeling like, that boy needs a whippin’. And so I’m ready to do that. And I know I can’t do that without you all.”

Douglas took to Twitter in his response:

“It’s 2020. I was not expecting to be called ‘Boy’ or told I need ‘a whipping’ by anyone, much less my Democrat opponent.”

It’s reported that former presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke was attending the virtual fundraiser as well.

Bowers was the first African-American to represent her district in the Texas House when she won the 2018 election. Now, in her re-election campaign, she faces the younger Republican, Will Douglas.

Douglas moved to Texas after strict business regulations in New York curbed his plans to expand a pharmacy business he began when at the age of 28. According to The Dallas Morning News, Douglas voted for Barack Obama in both the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections, but his experience in New York inspired him toward Republican principles of business.

“I moved here with some goals and fire in my belly and this state has given me so much,” Douglas said. “It would be incredibly selfish not to give back and to not try for Texas to stay a free market for others to realize their dreams as well.”

Democrats In a Bind – Joe Biden Must Get Out of the Basement But Joe Biden Can’t Leave the Basement

Democrats In a Bind – Joe Biden Must Get Out of the Basement But Joe Biden Can’t Leave the Basement

The Democratic Party is in a real bind. They are wanting to keep Joe Biden in his basement but they see that is a problem. He seldom appears in person, and when he does, he refuses to take questions. But voters like to see the candidates in person and that increases the chances for a gaffe.

At first, it was a good strategy, but now it is becoming a liability.

Hillary lost in 2016 mostly because she did not campaign enough. And she would cancel campaign events for Hollywood fundraisers.

She never visited Michigan and seldom visited Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. The Democrats are experiencing deja vu.

Biden’s numbers are falling faster than a lead balloon. So, what should the Democrats do? The only other viable candidate is Bernie Sanders and the DNC worked overtime to defeat him. They had been hoping someone like Mayor Pete or Beto O’Rourke would catch fire but it didn’t happen.

They need to put Biden on the road but his ability to gaffe makes that very risky. Right now, all he has is the mainstream media propping up his candidacy, but that can’t last long. The media just doesn’t have the credibility that they used to have. President Trump packs them in and has an enthusiastic base. That does not bode well for Biden.

For Republicans, Biden is the gift that keeps on giving, If he goes out, he delivers a gaffe. and if he doesn’t go out he looks like he’s hiding. (Either way, it’s a win for the Republicans. To top it off, Biden and the rest of the Democrats refuse to even acknowledge the riots. People are growing tired of them quickly. If they get worse, the Democrats will have to explain why they stayed silent so long.

From The Gateway Pundit

The Democrats pushed their candidate on a strategy of shutdowns due to the coronavirus which helped justify Sleepy Joe hiding in his basement. They claimed the economic destruction of the China coronavirus is Trump’s fault blaming him for the virus deaths.  And finally, they said they can fix these things and President Trump can’t.

But then came their convention and the Hollywood elites put on a horrible show.  The Democrats paraded celebrities and all who came on stage hated the President and they let people know it.  There was no strategy – hate is not a strategy.

Then next move I am expecting from the Biden campaign is the cancellation of the debates. If the debates go on Biden will get his clock cleaned and destroy his chances in the election. He needs to make a move but any move he makes is fraught with danger. He has managed to screw up one sentence that is written in a piece of paper. That’s just sad.

Imagine you were Joe Biden’s keeper, what would you do? No matter what you decide, your candidate is in trouble. I know what I would do but I doubt anyone in the Biden campaign will follow me. I would resign. No one wants to hire you if your campaign is a disaster. Just ask Steve Schmidt. He totally destroyed John McCain’s chances.

It will be interesting to see what direction Joe Biden’s campaign makes. But we do know that whatever they do will be wrong. Personally, I believe he needs to come out into the open. I also believe if he does, he will be toast. Joe Biden should have never have announced that he was running for president. He just is not up to the task. Wherever he is, President Donald Trump must be laughing.

The surprising impact that Californians flooding Texas may have on 2020 election

The surprising impact that Californians flooding Texas may have on 2020 election

The most recent Census Bureau data showed that more than 86,000 California residents moved to Texas in 2018 alone and that’s raising the question of whether or not they are bringing their politics with them ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

I don’t understand the mentality of liberals. Democrats are leaving California because the Democrat policies have ruined the state, yet they will vote for the same Democrats in another state. It’s the definition of insanity.  

The latest Census Bureau data shows that more than 86,000 California residents moved to Texas in 2018 alone and that’s raising the question of whether or not they are bringing their politics with them ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

“While Texas might not typically be thought of as a swing state, fresh polling shows the 2020 race getting potentially close,” said Fox News contributor and pollster Kristen Soltis Anderson on her new Fox Nation show “What Are The Odds?”

Fox Nation is an entertaining streaming service featuring your favorite Fox News personalities, with original shows and documentaries that celebrate America.

CNN poll of Texans, conducted in early December, showed President Trump statistically tied with former Vice President Joe Biden in a hypothetical 2020 matchup.

“In 2018, there were 86,164 Californians who moved to the state of Texas,” said Soltis Anderson, noting that many new residents are being enticed by a booming economy in the Lone Star state.

“On the one hand, the economy being good — you would think would benefit Republicans. On the other hand, if Texas, in particular, is really good and folks are coming from blue states to red, does that make Texas potentially more of a pickup target for Democrats in 2020?” she asked her guest Chris Wilson, a former Ted Cruz campaign pollster and CEO of WPA Intelligence.

Wilson said that is a phenomenon that he is watching very closely in his role as a pollster for Texas Governor Gregg Abbott.

“We’ve done some pretty in-depth look at people who are moving into the state,” he revealed. “I’ll give an example — Ted Cruz won by more [in the 2018 midterm election against former Rep. Beto O’Rourke, D-Texas] with new voters into Texas than he did with voters who had been in Texas for their entire lives.”

“What we find is that in that first election, they cast a vote in, yes, they tend to be a little more Democratic than they do Republican,” he continued. “But the next election, and as they vote more and more, they become more Republican… we do find that after three to four elections, as people move in the state, they are highly more likely to be Republican than they are Democrat.”

Wilson said he attributed some of that apparent effect to the increased standard of living that the new Texas residents may experience.

“You can imagine you could sell you’re a little bitty small home that’s jammed in the city in San Francisco and go buy a mega-mansion in Plano, Texas… and have lots of lands and go to good schools and not have homeless people leaving hypodermic needles on your front porch. So all these things got to factor into creating a new cultural experience for people as they moved to Texas,” Wilson argued.

Read the entire article here: The surprising impact that Californians flooding Texas may have on 2020 election

Trump cuts aid to Central American countries as migrant crisis deepens

Trump cuts aid to Central American countries as migrant crisis deepens

A surge of asylum seekers from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras are bombarding the southern border.

On Friday, Trump accused the nations of having “set up” migrant caravans and sent them north.

Trump said there was a “very good likelihood” he would close the border this week if Mexico did not stop immigrants from reaching the United States. 

These three countries are known as the Northern Triangle. The United States gives $700 million dollars in aid to these three countries. That is a lot of money that should be helping the economic crisis happening there. A State Department spokesperson said they are carrying out Trump’s directive and engaging Congress in the process. Apparently, approval from Congress is needed to end the funding.

Some Democrats have come out against ending aid and shutting down the border.

New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez, the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, called Trump’s order a “reckless announcement” and urged Democrats and Republicans alike to reject it.

At a rally on the border in El Paso, Texas, Democratic presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke denounced Trump’s immigration policies as the politics of “fear and division.”

Gavin Newsom, the governor of California tweeted this:

In contrast to Newsom’s claim, the people crossing the border are not seeking asylum from “violence and corruption”, they are seeking work. This is economic migration, not an asylum.

Mario Garcia, a 45-year-old bricklayer in El Salvador, said he was setting off for the United States regardless of the president’s threat to close the frontier.

“There is no work here and we want to improve (our lives), to get ahead for our families, for our children. I don’t give a damn (what Trump says), I’m determined,” Garcia said.

With the U.S. unemployment dropping Americans should be concerned about what jobs these workers will take. Many of our big cities are seeing a huge surge in homelessness. In fact, some can argue cities like Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco, and Chicago are having an economic, or humanitarian, crisis of there own.

Source: Trump cuts aid to Central American countries as migrant crisis deepens