Mythology Busted: Ashli Babbitt’s Death Ruled A Homicide By DC Med Examiner Of 5 Deaths On Jan. 6th At US Capitol, 4 Were Pro-Trump and 1 Unknown

Mythology Busted: Ashli Babbitt’s Death Ruled A Homicide By DC Med Examiner Of 5 Deaths On Jan. 6th At US Capitol, 4 Were Pro-Trump and 1 Unknown

The left and their allies in the media rushed to frame the events of January 6th at the US Capitol as a deadly insurrection, in which supporters of President Donald J. Trump’s went on a murderous rampage, “armed to the teeth” as one government worker claimed and killed innocent Democrats, except that is not at all what really happened, and now we have proof.

Ashli Babbitt’s death has been ruled a “homicide” by the DC Medical Examiner. Homicide is defined as “the deliberate and unlawful killing of one person by another; murder.”

DC chief medical examiner announces cause and manner of death of four people who died during January 6 riot at US Capitol. Autopsy of ⁦@CapitolPolice Brian Sicknick still pending,” Neal Augenstein, a reporter for WTOP posted on Twitter. 

Glenn Greenwald has covered the story numerous times, and posted about the breaking news, on Wednesday.

The death of Ashli Bobbitt has never been explained to the public, why she was shot down in close range, or who the shooter was.

Greenwald is a famous classic liberal journalist who has been exposing the propaganda by politicians and the media over the events at the US Capitol.

What took place at the Capitol on January 6 was undoubtedly a politically motivated riot. As such, it should not be controversial to regard it as a dangerous episode. Any time force or violence is introduced into what ought to be the peaceful resolution of political conflicts, it should be lamented and condemned.

But none of that justifies lying about what happened that day, especially by the news media. Condemning that riot does not allow, let alone require, echoing false claims in order to render the event more menacing and serious than it actually was. There is no circumstance or motive that justifies the dissemination of false claims by journalists. The more consequential the event, the less justified, and more harmful, serial journalistic falsehoods are,” Glennwood wrote in his article, The False and Exaggerated Claims Still Being Spread About the Capitol Riot. 

“So: 3 months after the NYT & national press corps drowned US discourse over a month with a harrowing but false story about a pro-Trump mob bashing Officer Sicknick’s skull in with a fire extinguisher, they still can’t say what caused his death on Jan 7,” Greenwald wrote on Wednesday in reaction to the announcement by the DC Medical Examiner.

“Also, not only have there been no investigations released or facts given about what the DC Medical Examiner is calling the “homicide” of Ashli Bobbitt — who was unarmed — they still have not even released the name of the officer who fatally shot her in the neck at close range,” he wrote.

Author Julie Kelly wrote about her investigation into the death of Officer Sicnick, which has been used for so much of the left’s mythology about the 6th.

According to Kelly:

“The United States Capitol Police department issued a statement on January 7, just hours after he died. “Officer Brian D. Sicknick passed away due to injuries sustained while on-duty,” the press release read. “Officer Sicknick was responding to the riots on Wednesday, January 6, 2021, at the U.S. Capitol and was injured while physically engaging with protesters.  He returned to his division office and collapsed. He was taken to a local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.”

Sicknick’s death is a central rallying cry to bolster the narrative that the events of January 6 amounted to a “deadly insurrection” and the perpetrators must be punished accordingly. To produce compelling optics, Sicknick’s remains lay in state in the Capitol rotunda—a somber memorial attended by Joe Biden and his wife as well as lawmakers from both political parties—the weekend before House Democrats launched their second impeachment trial of Donald Trump.”

Read more from Kelly

What Was In Ashli Babbitt’s Backpack When She Was Shot Dead by a Capitol Hill Police Officer Will Shock You

What Was In Ashli Babbitt’s Backpack When She Was Shot Dead by a Capitol Hill Police Officer Will Shock You

When questioned about why he shot Ashli Babbitt in the capitol Building considering she was unarmed, the Capitol cop said that the fact that she had a backpack played into his thinking even though she was not reaching inside of it.

If that was a good excuse for killing someone, who would not be justified in killing hundreds of people a day? How many people wore backpacks on January 6th?

The cop that shot Babbitt has never been identified. Had he shot someone Black his name, his address, and his phone numbers would be public within 24 hours.

Babbitt was killed almost 10 weeks ago and still nothing. Her family has even been kept in the dark and they have been forced to hire a law firm to go after the alleged killer.

I would be willing to bet they won’t pay her family $27 million but then again she wasn’t high as a kite on drugs.

From The Gateway Pundit

On January 6th, 2021, Ashli Babbitt, a 14 year Air Force Veteran, was shot and killed by a Capitol Police Officer.

The Capitol Police continue to hide details of her shooting death from the American public.

In the same statement, he directly contradicts himself by saying he could not see the three uniformed officers, only a hallway full of people. He also couldn’t see how far the hallway extended. If he could see Ashli Babbitt was wearing a backpack, he could see the three uniformed officers within the direct vicinity of her.

The Officer clearly states Ashli’s backpack compounded his fears and led to his decision to shoot and kill Ashli Babbitt. Due to the slight chance that there might be a bomb or a weapon of some sort, he chose to be the judge, jury, and executioner based upon a what-if scenario. So, what was in her backpack that put the officer in so much danger? A sweater and a scarf.

Ashli Babbitt’s Legal Team Releases First Official Press Release

Ashli Babbitt’s Legal Team Releases First Official Press Release

BLM and Democrats in Washington made the claim that if it were Blacks that rioted, the police would have shot them. But of the riots in Washington by BLM exactly no Blacks were shot but one three hour riot that did not include the assault of police officers like you get from antifa or BLM and a young white girl was murdered b a Capitol cop. The Capitol police are still keeping the officer’s name from the public.

Now, for the first time, the family through their lawyer has made a statement and it’s pretty obvious they plan on suing once the name is revealed. They are also requesting that anyone with evidence or the video of the unprovoked attack to notify them to hand it over. What’s worse is that the government has not released any information on the shooting. How many nights in how many cities would the killing of a Black girl would it have caused. No riots for Ashli Babbitt.

Here is the statement in part:

The shooting of Ashli Babbitt on January 6, 2021 by an unidentified U.S. Capitol Police Officer was an unjustified use of deadly force which violated her constitutional rights. It is clear from video footage that Ashli did not pose a danger to the officer, or any other person, when she was shot. Ashli was unarmed. She did not assault anyone. She did not threaten to harm anyone. There was no excuse for taking her life.

It is a universal law enforcement standard that a police officer should use no more force than necessary to accomplish a lawful purpose.  At 5′ 2″ tall and 110 pounds, an arrest of Ashli could have been accomplished by a single trained officer with a set of handcuffs. At the time of the shooting, there were over a half-dozen police officers in close proximity to the Speaker’s door where Ashli was standing. Some of those officers had just allowed protesters access to the door by stepping aside.

Other officers, dressed in full tactical gear, stood among the protesters just a few feet behind the door. Still others stood casually at the opposite end of the Speaker’s Lobby, unconcerned with the activities of Ashli and the protesters around her. All of these officers were in a position to have aided in the apprehension of Ashli if it was necessary. Given her background as a 14-year veteran of the Air Force, it is likely that Ashli would have complied with simple verbal commands, thereby making the use of any force unnecessary.

However, the officer who shot Ashli never attempted to arrest her. Nor did he call on his fellow officers to arrest her. Instead, he fired a shot into her chest. Witnesses confirm that the officer did not give Ashli a single verbal warning prior to firing. In fact, Ashli was not even aware that the officer was present, as he was located in the doorway of a room off to the side of her field of vision.

To date, the officer who shot Ashli has not been identified. Neither the Capitol Police nor any other governmental authority has given an account of the facts surrounding the shooting. There has been no official explanation or justification for the use of lethal force in this matter.

This lack of transparency impedes the public scrutiny which is necessary to hold government officials accountable in a free society. It also interferes with the ability of Ashli’s family to obtain justice for their loss.

My law firm and I represent Ashli’s husband and family members. We will continue to investigate this matter.  We intend to take appropriate legal action when our investigation has been completed.  We call upon the Capitol Police as well as the United States Congress to make public the facts and circumstances of Ashli’s shooting.

If you have information regarding this matter, you may contact us and receive updates on Twitter at Justice for Ashli Babbitt @ForAshli.  Emails can also be to the address alone.

Terrell N. Roberts, III

Roberts and Wood

Riverdale, Maryland

MSM Paid Insurgence Founder, An Antifa Agent, 70g For Film of Shooting Death At US Capitol

MSM Paid Insurgence Founder, An Antifa Agent, 70g For Film of Shooting Death At US Capitol

After a full month of media coverage assigning blame for events at the US Capitol on Jan 6th to supporters of President Donald J. Trump, the evidence is slowly being exposed that the principal actors behind the events were left-wing activists, and now we find out that at least one of them was paid by the mainstream media to get a good film.

“John Sullivan incited the crowd all the way until the death of Babbit. He actually convinced Capitol Police to stop blocking doors to the Speaker’s Lobby. He incited people “let’s go get this sh!t” right before Babbit was shot & CNN rewarded him for it,” one poster on Twitter wrote with accompanying footage.


“A left-wing activist facing criminal charges for his involvement in the Capitol riots received $35,000 from both CNN and NBC for the footage he recorded of a Trump supporter being fatally shot inside the Capitol building, according to records he filed in federal court on Tuesday.

Lawyers for John Sullivan, a 26-year-old Utah native, disclosed the payments as part of the activist’s argument that he was acting as a journalist in the Capitol rather than a rioter,” the Daily Caller reported on Tuesday.

The natural questions from the evidence would lead to who is behind the payments, the purpose for and the orchestration of events, and Community Organizing of the left.

The left redirected evidence and information from the events of Jan. 6th to frame the supporters of Trump as violent extremists, and they used that information to frame Trump, himself, for a second impeachment.

Getting to the bottom of who causes the violence and orchestrated the theatrics is of grave importance since the Democrats plan to use the idea that it was Trump supporters as the foundation for stealing what remains of our civil liberties.


Sullivan has been identified as a Community Organizer and a member of the Black Lives Matter and Antifa group.

“Defendant is legitimately self-employed as a documentarian, and it is oppressive to require that he not be allowed to continue his primary area of employment for an extended period of time,” Steven R. Kiersh, the Sullivan lawyer, wrote in a court filing in which he argued for Sullivan to be allowed to continue using Facebook and Twitter,” Daily Caller reported.

Sullivan, who founded the social justice group Insurgence USA, was charged on Jan. 13 with illegally entering the Capitol, civil disorder, and violent or disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.

“The Black Lives Matter activist who was seen storming the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 was charged, the Department of Justice said Thursday.

A new court filing says John Earle Sullivan, 26, told FBI agents last week that he was at the Capitol when the breach happened. He said he entered through a window that had been broken out. He also said he was present when Ashli Babbitt, an Air Force veteran, was shot dead by a U.S. Capitol Police officer as she tried to climb into the House Speaker’s Lobby through a window.”

According to OANN Correspondent Jack Psobeic, “On Jan 6, an anarchist got Ashley Babbitt killed, and then CNN brought him on as a guest. According to the FBI, anarchist John Sullivan told police officers to stand down in the Speaker’s Lobby, then agitated the crowd to attack the doors and windows while he filmed. Moments later, Ashley Babbitt was shot and killed.”


BOOM! Trump Impeachment Attorney Drops a Bomb on Democrats, Reminds Americans – “One of the First People Arrested was a Leader of Antifa” (VIDEO

BOOM! Trump Impeachment Attorney Drops a Bomb on Democrats, Reminds Americans – “One of the First People Arrested was a Leader of Antifa” (VIDEO

The impeachment trial took an embarrassing turn for the Democrats as it is pointed out that one of the first people arrested for breaking into the Capitol and committing vandalism is a member of antifa , John Sullivan.

Sullivan has posted videos of himself training people to riot and who sold riot gear on his website.

On January 6th, just before the riots started, Sullivan held a rally of the group he founded, Insurgence USA.

From The Gateway Pundit

Moments after Sullivan captured Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt getting shot and killed in the Capitol, a blonde woman accompanying Sullivan who appears to be his accomplice, Jade Sacker, gleefully exclaims, “We did it!”

“You were right! We did it,” she boasts.

While the FBI and the mainstream media insist there is no evidence Antifa or BLM played any role in the deadly mob that stormed the Capitol last Wednesday, Sullivan admits in the footage that he strategically wore a Trump hat and carried a “big ass camera” at the rally to guise himself as a journalist and mislead law enforcement and the media about his true motives.

“It’s all fake,” he explains. “I learned that sh*t already – I am going to wear a Trump hat. I am going to wear a Trump hat. I bought one today. I was wearing a Trump hat at the f*cking last Trump – at that Trump rally during the daytime – because I was like, ‘nah, that sh*t ain’t happening, bro.”

Sullivan had originally told the police that he was inside recording the riot but was later rearrested after a video was released of him admitting breaking into the Capitol and committing vandalism.

He then was arrested again after he violated the conditions of his release.

From The Gateway Pundit

Footage obtained by the Gateway Pundit from militant Black Lives Matter and Antifa activist John Sullivan’s Discord server shows the so-called “civil rights activist” reveling inside the U.S. Capitol on Jan 6 as he damaged federal property.

Sullivan has maintained in multiple interviews that he regularly attends protests only to record what’s going on, but did not actively partake in the insurgence in Washington.  This is a lie.  He is a leader of the Utah Antifa-BLM movement and has been previously arrested.

“It’s just recording, solely, and not being active in it,” he told Fox News last week.

Bill Maher Says ‘Shouldn’t Hate 74 Million Trump Supporters’ Because ‘About 5,000 People’ Stormed The Capital

Bill Maher Says ‘Shouldn’t Hate 74 Million Trump Supporters’ Because ‘About 5,000 People’ Stormed The Capital

Left-wing comedian Bill Maher, who is wrong on so many things, but occasionally gets something so right you wonder why he’s so wrong on everything else.  For this, he is considered a voice of reason for liberals.  He has the rare privilege of being able to say things to liberals that they don’t want to hear and he’s not canceled for it.

On Friday, Maher told his audience of his HBO show “Real Time With Bill Maher” that they shouldn’t hate the 74 million people who voted for President Donald Trump because about 5,000 people who claimed to support him stormed the Capitol on January 6.

In his Friday night monologue, the liberal Joe Biden supporter Maher discussed the “tragedy” of Trump voters and talked about what he thinks are the underlying causes of people turning to violence when the system fails them.

“Let’s not confuse 5,000 people with 74 million,” Maher said. “Yes, even supporting the insurrection in spirit is, well, deplorable.  But there’s a difference between holding illiberal beliefs and acting violently on them. At least that’s what they always told me about Islamic terrorism.

“I keep wrestling on this show with the hard question of how do Americans, all of us, learn to share a country with aholes you can’t stand,” he continued. “I preach, and still do, you can hate Trump, but not all the people who like him. And as counterintuitive as it may seem, you can like something run by aholes without being one yourself.”

Many Trump supporters felt the same way about Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and that Democratic Party prank known as President Jimmy Carter.

Maher mentioned Ashli Babbitt, the 14-year Air Force veteran who was shot fatally by Capitol police even though she posed no threat at the moment she was killed.  Had she been a BLM or ANTIFA rioter the country would have erupted in violence in her name.  Babbitt had voted for Obama and was a very strong Trump supporter.  She owned a business in San Diego and was facing economic hardship after being forced to take a short-term loan to keep her business open thanks to the draconian COVID lockdowns enforced by the tyrant Governor Gavin Newsom.  The loan came with a 169 percent interest rate.  Bill Maher sympathized with Babbitt’s position and said he believes she was justifiably angry, but at the wrong people.

“She is the tragedy of the modern Republican voter personified: Pissed off at the greed and corruption that yes, has squeezed the middle class hard, but always coming up with the wrong answer to who is doing most of the squeezing,” Maher said.

Maher said that the Capitol rioters were “storming the wrong building.”

“The feet up shouldn’t have been on Pelosi’s desk, it should have been on Trump’s tanning bed,” he said. “You thought Trump was going to be your bull in the china shop? Yeah, he was, but you were the china.

“Should Ashli Babbitt have applied better logic in seeing that her real problem in life wasn’t pedophile Democrats or Antifa and that people like Elizabeth Warren were actually the ones who were at least trying to do something about predatory lending and economic exploitation? Yes. But not everyone can watch MSNBC all day. She had other priorities, like fighting overseas,” Maher continued.

You see, this is where Maher goes all toys-in-the-attic, bat-guano leftist crazy.  Donald Trump created the greatest economy America ever saw in her entire history.  By all accounts, all demographics were doing better.  In fact, economists have pointed out that under Trump’s economic policies the middle and lower-middle working-class families made out the most.  Sure the Left will come up with flowery ways to trash Trump’s economy, but the 74 million people who supported the president know better because they experienced it firsthand.

Under the globalist policies of the Obama administration, and to be fair past administrations as well, working-class men and women saw their jobs go overseas after Democrats and RINOs made backroom deals that benefitted foreign workers overseas and the result was a Forgotten Man syndrome.

Maher’s brain then shifted back to reality when he took a shot at California Democrats where he again went off on “woke” politics and described his state as being overwhelmed by regulations and leaders who are disinterested and out of touch with the hardships of working-class people.

“Maybe, since all politics is local, all she knew was she lives in a state that cares more about her toxic whiteness than her toxic brokeness,” Maher said. “And that the state that is run entirely by Democrats. Yeah. They didn’t stop anyone from charging her 169% interest on a loan either.

“It shouldn’t be that surprising that America is full of fed-up unhappy people who just want to break s**t,” he continued. “Trump sure didn’t drain any swamps but when it comes to graft and corruption and everybody wetting his beak, California, yeah, that’s a swamp too. We can’t put up a housing unit for the homeless for less than $500,000 or build a rail line connecting the state for less than $200 million a mile.”

Leftists make those kinds of charges of Trump graft, but they never give real-world examples.  That’s because there are none and they’re talking out of their elbows.  The man served four years as president and never took a salary.  He donated each paycheck for four years.  Trump fought hard to make American lives better and he came through.  The Chinese virus hit our shores and the Democrats almost immediately figured out how to exploit it politically for their own benefit.  Politicians make promises all the time to get elected and then forget about most of them and only focus on what will help them politically.  Trump supporters watched as the president fought hard to keep his promises, and that was as refreshing as sunlight.

Insufferable Democrats Condemn Capitol Riot This Week After Downplaying Daily Riots All Summer Long

Insufferable Democrats Condemn Capitol Riot This Week After Downplaying Daily Riots All Summer Long

Playing the very definition of hypocrisy, many of the same Democratic leaders who spent the entire summer rationalizing and downplaying the violence in Democrat-run cities across our country have come out to condemn the violence in the riot that took place outside the Capitol building on Wednesday.

The riot that took place this week at the US Capitol, which happened during a pro-Trump rally that turned into a march down the street to the Capitol building, saw numerous protesters storm the legislature building causing Democrat lawmakers to run like frightened children, and delayed the certification of the 2020 election fraud.

Protesters went into lawmakers’ offices and trashed them, moving into the Senate chamber, and then clashing with police.  At one point, an unarmed 34-year-old female 14-year Air Force veteran was shot and killed by a police officer for crouching in a window frame after the glass had been smashed out of it.  The woman was not a threat and there were a number of uniformed police officers standing right behind her.  Ashli Babbit was shot in the neck and was pronounced dead sometime later.

The mayhem that ensued was characterized by the mainstream media as a coup or an insurrection and was universally denounced by lawmakers from both parties.  No one said any of it was mostly peaceful the way they did throughout the summer as we all watched American cities burn, businesses looted and people murdered in the streets.

Many of the same Democrat hypocrites who condemned the violence this week downplayed the summer-long daily riots that destroyed people’s lives and burned down their businesses and they didn’t care at all, because they wanted to blame it all on President Donald Trump.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Representative Jerry Nadler (D-NY) said that ANTIFA was just a myth on right-wing TV.

Joe Biden, who just stole the presidential election said that ANTIFA was not a real group, but just an idea.

That “idea” harmed a hell of a lot of people over the summer and since.

Democrats supported the violent group Black Lives Matter and did everything they could to make it appear that the ugliness that the two groups and other leftists did to destroy a nation was fully justified.

Kamala Harris, who is set to be sworn in as our next vice president supported an organization that bailed out rioters so that they could get back on the streets to continue their destruction.

Harris said during an interview that the protests (read riots) are a movement and they’re not going to stop.  And they shouldn’t.

It was insufferable to listen to Democrats downplay the riots and the violence by continually calling them peaceful.  This woman is going to be dangerous for the next four years because she has a mean streak in her and a get-even attitude about radical ideas that America is systemically racist.

A prominent voice among the band of hypocrites is Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) (AOC), a woman who is known for her inflexible socialist beliefs and nonstop criticism of the Republican Party.  She is also known to run her mouth about things she knows nothing about and usually gets it wrong, but her stupidity and ignorance in such things is not really the topic here.

Since the incident on Wednesday, AOC has been hard pushing for President Trump’s removal from office, blaming him for the mayhem that took place at the Capitol.  Of course, there is no evidence whatsoever that Trump told anyone to start rioting, but that never stops a good lie by a Democrat.

On Thursday, AOC took to social media and tweeted, “Our republic is in great danger,” and then called for Trump to be removed either via the 25th Amendment or by way of a second impeachment.

“Our republic is in great danger, and it is imperiled further without swift action to protect it.

The President incited an attack on Congress. He is deeply unstable. The Cabinet must invoke the 25th amendment.

Congress must also pursue impeachment and removal of the President.”

It seems that AOC approves of political violence when it serves her purposes politically.  She is on record for making ambiguous and vague opinions about the violence that took place all summer long after the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police.

AOC did a video where she accused people of being hypocritical if they called for the violence to end without giving in to the rioter’s demands.

“If you are calling for an end to this unrest, and if you are a calling for an end to all of this, but you are not calling for the end of the conditions that created the unrest, you are a hypocrite,” she said in the video.

“So if you’re out here calling for the end of unrest,” she continued, “then you better be calling for health care as a human right, you better be calling for accountability in our policing, you better be supporting community review boards, you better be supporting the end of housing discrimination … Because if you don’t call for those things and you’re asking for the end of unrest, all you’re asking for is the continuation of quiet oppression.”


A post shared by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@aoc)

When she made the video multiple people had already been killed because of the riots, and more came afterward.

And that was the most docile response to the violence that the Congresswoman has given.

At the end of summer in 2019, AOC said that marginalized groups “have no choice but to riot” when their living conditions are bad.

“Once you have a group that is marginalized,” she said while discussing conflicts happening in Israel.  “Once someone doesn’t have access to clean water, they have no choice but to riot.”

“I’m not even talking about Palestinians,” she added. “I’m talking about communities in poverty in the United States, I’m talking about Latin America, I’m talking about all over the world.”

She went on to say, “Social destabilization is what happens when people do not have a plan or feel like there’s no vision for their future.”

She justified political violence.

The Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said of public statues being toppled, “People will do what they do.”  She also said that “from a safety standpoint, it would be a good idea to have it taken down if the community doesn’t want it.”  This was from the Speaker of the House of Representatives!

Pelosi downplayed much of the violence over the summer while giving well-rehearsed lines about how violence is never a good thing and at the same time she condemned President Trump in solidarity-like speeches to support radical Democrat mayors who refused to stop riots in their cities and told the president to pound sand when he offered to send federal agents in to help quell the mayhem and burning of cities.

The dopey Democrat Senator from New Jersey Cory Booker also condemned Wednesday’s violence referring to it as a “nadir of shame.”

“It’s disgraceful that Trump and his allies have enabled this violence and attacks on our democracy,” Booker tweeted.

I guess he thought we would forget that on June 4 of last year he was far more careful in his wording over the deadly violence that took place for a week that went through multiple American cities netting over a dozen people murdered, rioters setting fire to a police station, looting, assaults, and arson all over the place.

“I think that there’s an overemphasis, for one, on rioters and looters,” the smiling jackass from New Jersey said, referring to the animals as “such a small fraction relative to peaceful protesters and activists.”

Michelle Obama Calls For Trump’s Social Media Accounts to be Banned Permanently

Michelle Obama Calls For Trump’s Social Media Accounts to be Banned Permanently

On Thursday, former first lady Michelle Obama called for social media companies, the tech giants, to “permanently ban” President Donald Trump from their services, suggesting he had used the platforms to “fuel insurrection.”

People with a working brain know that the president did no such thing.  They also know that Michelle’s husband spied on the Trump campaign, and then allowed his DOJ to start an investigation into a phony Russian collusion narrative that was started by Hillary Clinton to get her illegal private email server out of the media’s focus.

We know that her husband set race relations in America back 50 years by supporting criminal thugs, who happened to be black, over police officers who were doing their job.

We know that her husband tried to imprison Lt., General Michael Flynn because he was speaking out about the corruption in her husband’s administration.

So who does Michelle Obama think she is to join the bandwagon of carnival barkers who are trying to claim that President Trump incited the attacks on the Capitol building, something people with brains know is bullschtein?

In a two-page Twitter post, Obama tried to rip on Trump, never mentioning him by name, and condemned all of those who voted for him.  Well, I condemn all of those who voted for her husband, twice.  Her husband did nothing for the American people as he was in way over his head.  His economy never saw three percent growth in eight years.  Barack Obama corrupted every federal department.

“Now is the time for those who voted for this president to see the reality of what they’ve supported – and publicly and forcefully rebuke him and the actions of that mob,” she wrote. “Now is the time for Silicon Valley companies to stop enabling this monstrous behavior – and go even further than they have already by permanently banning this man from their platforms and putting in place policies to prevent their technology from being used by the nation’s leaders to fuel insurrection.”

What we get from Michelle Obama is straight-up fascism.  Silence those you politically disagree with.  First lie about Trump by claiming he called for the riot, then demand he be silenced so that he cannot defend himself publicly.  This from a woman whose husband told supporters about Republicans, “I want you to argue with them and get in their face,” who told a group of Latinos that Republicans were their enemy by saying, “If Latinos sit out the election instead of saying, ‘We’re gonna punish our enemies, and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us'” [emphasis added]

Michelle’s husband told a group of Americans that other Americans who disagree with them are their enemies.  And isn’t this exactly what she is doing now?

Several social media companies have already locked Trump’s account on Wednesday.  Let’s be honest.  They were just waiting to flip that switch.  Twitter had already announced that as soon as Trump was no longer president they were going to delete his account.  Now they’ll do it just to send a message about the power of their tyranny.  Like it or not, Trump is still the president.

Obama tried to contrast the Capitol building incident on Wednesday to what liberals refer to as “this summer’s peaceful protests,” where cities were set on fire, businesses burned and looted, all summer long.

Obama’s post contrasted Wednesday’s “riot” in Washington and the Capitol to “this summer’s peaceful protests.”

Obama of course played the race card claiming that police treated the Capitol building protesters differently from the Black Lives Matter (BLM) rioters during the summer because of the race of the people involved.

Are we not sick of this race-baiting by the Obama’s yet?  I don’t remember BLM rioters being shot to death by cops.  Four people died on Wednesday at the incitement, something Michelle never mentions.

“But there’s one question I just can’t shake: What if these rioters looked like the folks who go to Ebenezer Baptist Church every Sunday? What would have been different?” she wrote.

Studies are showing that police are less likely to shoot a black person today than any other race.  Police think twice before shooting a dangerous suspect, which puts their lives in danger, but it’s the nature of the beast.  A white female 35-year-old 14-year US Air Force veteran Ashli Babbit was shot and killed by police while she was unarmed and crouched in a window frame looking into the room where police were holding up.  She wasn’t threatening anyone, and there were multiple police in uniform standing right behind her.

Will someone please let Michelle Obama know that the police stood down through most of the rioting and looting throughout the summer.

The hypocrisy of the Democrats is unbearable at this point.  They stole the election from Trump, then told us to shut up about it, and now they want to blame Trump for violence that happened during the protests on Wednesday, even after the same social media companies she is now imploring to ban his accounts deleted his posts of calls for calm, for people to remain peaceful, and to respect the police and law and order, and asked them to please go home.

Posts like this and a video of Trump calling for peace were scrubbed by social media because they didn’t want America to know the president called for peace.  They wanted to blame him for the riot.

Kayleigh McEnany Sets the Record Straight About Trump Not Condoning Political Violence

Kayleigh McEnany Sets the Record Straight About Trump Not Condoning Political Violence

On Thursday, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said that “the entire White House” condemns the mob of President Donald Trump supporters that stormed the Capitol on Wednesday.

How do we know that they were all Trump supporters?

“What we saw yesterday was a group of violent rioters undermining the legitimate First Amendment rights of the many thousands who came to peacefully have their voices heard at our nation’s Capitol. Those who violently besieged our Capitol are the opposite of everything this administration stands for,” McEnany said.

From the White House briefing room, McEnany gave the press statement Thursday evening as calls were coming in for Trump to be removed or for him to resign.

They act as if Trump told the people to riot.   Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, President Trump called out the National Guard after he tweeted that he wanted calm and peace and he reminded everyone that Republicans are the party of law and order.  The president asked them to go home peacefully.   But Twitter and Facebook deleted those tweets and those posts because they didn’t want America to know that the president called for peace.   They wanted to use the crisis (never let a good crisis go to waste) in order to blame Trump. Why, because it politically helps the Democrats.   Trump was blocked from Twitter on Wednesday and his Facebook account was suspended indefinitely.

McEnany said directly that the White House and everyone in it fully condemn the riot.

“I am here to deliver this message on behalf of the entire White House.  Let me be clear, the violence we saw yesterday at our nation’s Capitol was appalling, reprehensible, and antithetical to the American way,” McEnany said.

“We condemn it, the president and this administration, in the strongest possible terms.  It is unacceptable and those that broke the law should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

McEnany likened the political unrest to anti-police-brutality riots that went on outside the White House in May and again in June.   Where were the news media types who are now condemning Donald Trump for what happened at the Capitol building on Wednesday when riots were happening right outside the White House? They insulted Trump by reporting that he was a coward when the Secret Service whisked him off to a secure location.  The president had no choice, the Secret Service followed protocol and got him the hell out of there because the animals outside the gates we’re trying to get in to harm him.  The press said nothing whatsoever against those rioters. They encouraged it and called it peaceful protesting.

“We grieve for the loss of life, and those injured. And we hold them in our prayers and close to our hearts at this time,” she said.

“We thank our valiant law enforcement officers who are true American heroes.”

McEnany said “the core value of our administration is the idea that all citizens have the right to live in safety peace and freedom. Those who are working in this building are working to ensure an orderly transition of power. Now it is time for America to unite to come together to reject the violence that we have seen. We are one American people, under God.”

McEnany ended the press briefing without taking any questions.

The havoc and chaos followed a speech near the White House where Trump told supporters that the election was stolen from him and from them and that they should march on the Capitol.  Well, the election was in fact stolen from him and he has a right to say it.   He wanted people to march to let Congress know that they were irritated about not taking the election theft seriously.  The president never told anyone to conduct violence of any kind. He didn’t send out a “dog-whistle” which is what CNN and MSNBC types always like to accuse him of doing, but are really just the fruits of their sick and twisted imaginations.

A Trump supporter, a 14-year female Air Force veteran, Ashli Babbitt, was shot to death by a police officer for crouching inside a window frame where the window was already broken out, looking inside the room.  She had no weapon.  She wasn’t threatening anyone, and there were multiple cops standing right behind her.

Police announced that three other people died during medical emergencies during the mayhem.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) and Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), who will be the new Senate Majority Leader, demanded that the Cabinet and Vice President Mike Pence invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office before the official January 20 transition to Joe Biden.  Now, why are they saying that?  Trump didn’t order violence on the Capitol.  On the contrary, he called for peace.

In fact, he called for peace, and Twitter and Facebook deleted his posts.

Trump supporters who had nothing to do with violence yesterday are now having to listen to the fake news in mainstream media pundits and anchors and Democrat politicians lecturing us about political violence. Are you kidding me? The left owns political violence. I had one person today ask me when did the Democrats ever attack the Capitol building?

Well, I have some questions of my own from these people.

  1. Show me where Republicans forcefully took over a portion of a city.
  2.  Show me where Republicans attacked a federal courthouse and set it on fire.
  3. Show me where Republicans burned down police stations.
  4. Show me where a Republican Congressman told his/her supporters to attack a president’s cabinet members.
  5. Show me where Republicans attacked a Senator’s home when only his wife and newborn baby were home.
  6. Show me where Republicans attacked Democrat politicians or the White House press secretary and her family in restaurants.
  7. Show me where Republicans attacked Democrats coming out of a campaign rally. Show me where Republicans attacked Democrat politicians and their spouses leaving a national convention.
  8. Show me where Trump supporters descend on Democrat rallies and throw cement milkshakes at their heads.

The Democrats own political violence.  And this is nothing recent.   The Democrats have normalized political violence, so forgive us if we don’t want to be lectured by the teachers in this case.

Remember during the Freddie Gray riots in Baltimore when the mayor of Baltimore said on television that she instructed her police to give rioters “space to destroy” thing?

So, liberals, please keep your comments and your virtue signaling to yourselves about political violence, because you’re the masters of it, and you have been for decades.