Democrats Vote to Give MS-13 Gang Members Government Benefits and Amnesty

Democrats Vote to Give MS-13 Gang Members Government Benefits and Amnesty

Nancy Pelosi will do anything to protect MS-13 gang members whom she says has a spark of divinity inside of them. Maybe so. They seem to kill religiously.

Now. she and her henchmen and henchwomen have made sure that all gang members are given citizenship and placed above the law-abiding citizens of this country.

MS-13 is especially vicious as they love to torture their victims before killing them.

MS-13 gangs commit murders, deal drugs and take part in sex trafficking. Perhaps the Democrats want to keep them in the country so they can help train antifa and BLM. Can you think of any other reason why we would want to give them citizenship? I certainly can’t.

Rep. Pete Stauber (R-MN), a former Duluth, Minnesota, police officer offered a motion to recommit. What that means is the bill would be sent back to the committee and would get another vote on whether MS-13 could receive amnesty through the DACA Act. And not just MS-13,

but anybody belonging to any gang. The Democrats are determined to bring in millions of illegals and then allow them to stay no matter what.

For a party that has lost its mind over a three-hour riot in Washington D.C., the Democrats sure embrace violence when it is caused by antifa, BLM, and MS-13.

It’s really hard to take them seriously when they have set every world record for hypocrisy. Every single Democrat in the House voted to give them citizenship.

If you are currently residing in a district held by a Democrat, will you show your approval of their vote and help them get reelected?

Stauber said on the House floor Thursday:

I hear from these same families is there concern and fear for providing green cards and pass to citizenship to gang members and criminals. The text of this bill only compounds those fears. Preventing the United States government from using readily available information to remove gang members who are national security threats and other public safety threats.

This motion to recommit ensures that those individuals that applications would be denied on the basis of criminal grounds, national security grounds, public safety risks, or as gang members are considered by the Department of Homeland Security for removal from the United States.

Under H.R. 6, information provided in an application for a green card may not be used for the purpose of immigration enforcement – even if DHS denies the application or it’s withdrawn.

This means that if an applicant has a murder conviction, a rape conviction, or if the applicant is a gang member, and DHS knows about it because of the application, DHS can’t refer that person for removal.

According to New Study Biden Amnesty Will Import Foreign Population the Size of California

According to New Study Biden Amnesty Will Import Foreign Population the Size of California

It boggles the mind why an American president would create an amnesty program when the problems of illegal immigration were fixed by the last administration.  Why would an American president do this to the country?  Obtaining votes is the only explanation that makes any sense.  When you think about the harm that comes to American citizens and many of the migrants who travel here because they have been told by Woke Democrats that we owe them a living, it should be criminal.  How do you decide to create a border crisis in the first month of your administration?  We are unquestionably in the middle of a crisis right now and it’s all been unnecessarily self-inflicted by the Biden administration.

After four years of Herculean efforts, the Trump administration handed over an immigration system to the new administration where illegal migrants were safely returned back to their countries of origin thanks to agreements made with Central American governments, the surge of children migrants and families traveling thousands of miles, many of them raped and assaulted along the way, had effectively stopped.  Catch and Release was ended, because it was a stupid policy where we released illegal border crossers into the American population only to have zero percent ever show up for their hearings and zero percent chance that the Obama administration would give a damn about finding them and deporting them.  In four weeks’ time, the Biden administration ended all of that.  Now, tens of thousands of people are getting hurt every single day with thousands coming across our border, and the federal government is not equipped to test them for COVID-19.  American citizens are being locked down in Democrat-controlled states, Biden asks for a mask mandate, yet they are not testing thousands of foreign migrants for COVID.  Wonderful!  Supporting illegal immigration is cruel and evil because it kills people.

A new analysis shows President Joe Biden’s amnesty program will bring in enough foreigners that the numbers will compare to the size of California’s population.

Last month, House and Senate Democrats introduced the HR 1177 & S. 348, the Biden plan, that will give amnesty to the roughly 11 to 22 million illegal aliens living in the United States -I believe the number is closer to 30 million – while at the same time they will double the annual legal immigration numbers to the country, flooding the labor market with more foreign competition for the nation’s more than 17 million jobless Americans, many of them jobless thanks to other disastrous decisions made by the Biden administration since January 20.

NumbersUSA, an organization that fights for American workers to decrease the foreign competition in our labor market, did an analysis that finds that by 2031, Biden’s amnesty program will have brought in a foreign-born population almost the size of California.

According to the analysis, by 2031, almost 12 million illegal aliens will have been processed through the amnesty policies that would let them remain in the United States indefinitely and then reward them with American citizenship.  Did anyone really vote for this?

Did you vote to have the current number of 1.2 million green card holders doubled to more than 2.4 million?  This horrible legislation will bring in more than 37 million foreigners into the US in just ten years.  Contrary to what Biden thinks, no society can bring in that many people in that timespan and not have serious negative effects on society.

It’s a vicious cycle.  The huge wave of immigration will have consequences on American citizens, but those who Biden is appeasing with his amnesty plans don’t care.  The wave of immigration brought in by the Biden plan will be a windfall for corporations who want cheap labor and more consumers.  The differences between the Trump administration that this group of anti-American schemers cannot be more clear.  Whereas the Trump administration implemented an America First agenda where American working families were employed and were thriving, the Biden administration, by their own policies, has made America last.

Democrats Are Back With Another Amnesty Bill For Millions of Illegal Alien Criminals

Democrats Are Back With Another Amnesty Bill For Millions of Illegal Alien Criminals

On Thursday, House and Senate Democrats announced immigration “reform” legislation that grants amnesty to tens of millions of illegal aliens and gives them a pathway to citizenship.  It’s all about the votes, folks.  This bill probably won’t pass in the Senate, because there may be one of possibly two Democrats who haven’t completely lost their marbles and would vote against it, but you never know.  The Biden White House understands this.

The bill is loaded with political wishlist items – or should I say hitlist items – of radical leftists who have no inkling whatsoever to help America first and just want the votes.

The Democrats have been telling us that there are 11 million illegal aliens in the United States for about 25 to 30 years.  Do they really expect us to believe that no more came in since then?   Or do they think something silly is going on like for every illegal that covers over the border they slap hands with another who’s leaving?   Why do liberals never raise the number from 11 million?   A better question is how come not a single member of the mainstream news media has ever asked a Democrat why they keep giving the number as 11 million. Again because it’s all about the votes.  They don’t want the American people to know that it’s more like 25 to 30 million illegal aliens that are living inside the country illegally.

If they do this and they succeed, then Republicans will never win another election. Everything the Democrats are doing is to give themselves more power. They haven’t done a damn thing to help America in decades, it’s always all about power.

The bill is 353 pages long.  It would create an 8-year plan to get up to 30 million illegal aliens citizenship, people have broken the law by crossing our borders illegally.  The Democrats want to reward the lawbreakers with American citizenship.

Some of the goodies the Democrats threw into the bill are sending foreign aid to countries south of the border, relaxing rules for claiming asylum down to “this one’s breathing,” spending money at the border to help process all the unregistered Democrats coming in instead of building a wall to keep them out until they come in legally.  They’re giving illegals Social Security numbers and health insurance under Obamacare for illegals given the status of “lawful prospective immigrant” and they’re probably going to charge us for it.

“We have an economic and moral imperative to pass big, bold and inclusive immigration reform that leaves no one behind, not our Dreamers and [Temporary Protective Status] holders, not our farm workers and meat packers, not our essential workers and not our parents, friends and neighbors,” Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) who sponsored the bill told Politico on Thursday.

Actually, the dopey Senator from New Jersey should know that we have no moral imperative whatsoever to take in millions of people who cannot take care of themselves and make American citizens pay for it all because they will one day vote for Democrats.  This is some serious bullschtein. The Democrats are using our money to help build a system where they will never lose another election again. Talk about immorality.

The bill has nothing in it to increase border security or help immigration law enforcement.  Democrats know Republicans always demand those specific things before negotiations can even begin, but the Dems are very candid about their unwillingness to compromise.

“We have compromised too much and capitulated too quickly to fringe voices who have refused to accept the humanity and contributions of immigrants to our country,” Menendez said.

Don’t you love how lowlifes like Menendez conflate legal immigrants with illegal immigrants?  They are not the same by any stretch.

It’s already known that this legislation isn’t seen as any kind of reform, because it isn’t on the face of it.  Rather, it’s being pushed now as a warning to Americans that the progressives are now in control and they better get used to having things like this shoved down their throats.

I honestly believe that Democrats hire psychologists to study the behavior of people who are being controlled to help them manipulate the people.  I believe they put this bill up knowing that it won’t pass so that the next time they do a bill this crazy the American people will think we’ve been down this road before so it must not be that bad because we survived it, forgetting from the back of their mind that the original didn’t pass because it was ludicrous. This is all psychological mumbo jumbo that the Democrats play all the time.   It’s called incrementalism, a plan of action where instead of asking for everything they want all at once because they know it’ll be shut down by the majority of people, they push little bits at a time, incrementally, and they do head fakes with bills like this knowing that they’re not going to pass but the next time they propose something similar it just might.

A “source” told Politico, “This bill was not designed to get to 60.  There’s no pathway to 60.”

The main purpose of the bill was to give amnesty to millions of illegal aliens and make them full-blooded US citizens with voting rights.  Illegals qualified must have been physically on US soil on or before January 1, 2021, unless they were granted a waiver from the secretary of Homeland Security for humanitarian purposes.  That last part about the waiver is what they’re going to exploit because you would think that it would be very few people who would be granted a waiver but Democrats will push through 10 million people by giving them waivers, and then they will think you’re the crazy one when you complain about it.

The bill has zero provisions to increase border security, probably because Republicans favor that since they tend to put American citizens before illegals. There’s no funding to finish building the wall and they will spend more money on technology to identify narcotics and contraband and it authorizes the secretary of Homeland Security to “develop and implement a strategy to manage and secure the southern border of the United States by deploying smart technology.”

Biden’s Amnesty Bill Props Up Migrants and Corporations Over American Citizens

Biden’s Amnesty Bill Props Up Migrants and Corporations Over American Citizens

Joe Biden’s amnesty plan pushed on day one includes a few things that are not good for the American people.  Biden said he would be a president of all Americans, but this immigration program denies that sentiment.

The amnesty plan pushed by President Joe Biden includes some trivial talk of American families while strongly pushing for the demands of migrants who want Americans to owe them a living, and employers who want cheap labor again.  The statement that introduced the plan originally had a link, but during the writing of this piece it was removed and you are now redirected to the White House website.

The plan says, “The U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021 establishes a new system to responsibly manage and secure our border, keep our [migrant] families and [border] communities safe, and better manage migration across the Hemisphere.”

The plan cites “families” fifteen times, almost all of which are talking about foreign families.

To keep families together, the bill is said to fix family-based immigration by clearing backlogs (how much you want to bet they just approve everyone in the backlog?), speeding up wait times, increasing per-country visa caps.   It gets rid of the “3 and 10-year bars,” which is a provision that bars illegals from re-entry who have lived here illegally for more than six months.  Illegal aliens with 6 to 12 months of unlawful presence are barred for three years.  You have to ask yourself, why would a president do this to the American people?  These people cost the American taxpayer real money.

The bill claims to give protections for orphans, widows, children, and Filipino veterans who fought alongside the United States in World War II.  Last but not least, this part of the bill allows immigrants with approved family-sponsorship petitions to join their family in the United States on a temporary basis while they wait for green cards to become available.  So, how much fraud do you think that one will create?  This is chain migration and the sole purpose is to build the voter base for the Democratic Party.  If someone tells you any different they are lying to you.

The plan cites “work and workers” sixteen times, almost all of which refer to foreign workers.

To protect workers from “employer exploitation” and to fix the employment verification system, the bill makes it mandatory that the Department of Homeland Security and the Labor department create a commission concerning labor, employer, and civil rights organizations to come up with guidance for improving the employment verification process.

Workers who have serious labor violations but cooperate with worker protection agencies shall be given greater access to U visa relief.  The bill seeks to end workplace retaliation from deportation in order to allow labor agencies to interview the workers while increasing penalties against employers who break labor laws.

The U visa is a nonimmigrant visa that is a set-aside program for crime victims who have had substantial physical or mental abuse in the US and they’re willing to help law enforcement with investigations of the criminal activity.  With that, illegals get lawful status for up to four years, a work authorization so they can take an American’s job, and the ability to gain permanent lawful status after three years, or just in time for a reelection campaign for the Biden administration.

The bill continually celebrates economic migrants who took jobs and wages from millions of Americans including American mothers of young children, disabled Americans, black workers, unskilled American workers, and more.

The bill gives people who have illegally lived here for years, in some cases for decades, the chance to earn citizenship.  It sees them as hardworking people who enrich American communities every day.  Really?  How do they do that when they are living here illegally, which means if they are working they’re doing that illegally as well?

Why would an American president cheapen citizenship this way by handing it out to people who have been here illegally for years?

It goes on to say that federal agencies can create policies that raise wages for foreign workers to prevent unfair competition with American workers.  The socialists do not like the concept of competition, because there are winners and losers, and they support the losers over everyone else.  How is being an American citizen who played by the rules their whole life considered unfair competition to people who broke the law the minute they got here and took jobs away from working Americans?  When all the Woke Supremamcists who voted for Biden lose their jobs over this, I don’t want to hear word one from them, because this provision is solely for illegals over Americans who have been here for years.  It’s a provision that fights American workers out of jobs and rising wages.  I ask again, how can an American president do this to his own people?

The result of this will be to screw over American workers because their wages will go down again by the Biden administration increasing foreign work competition.

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) said that Americans should get higher priority than these changes in immigration provide to illegal aliens that the Democrats want for future votes.

“Before we deal with immigration, we need to deal with COVID, make sure everyone has the chance to find a good job, and confront the threat from China,” Rubio said in his statement.

But the amnesty ghouls are insisting to us that Americans will feel good about themselves as they watch their jobs and wages get diverted to migrants, foreign graduates, and of course Wall Street.  Are you kidding me?

The overwhelming majority of Americans have told pollsters that the government should make sure that Americans have decent jobs before they allow companies to bring in foreign workers.  But the Woke Supremacists of the Democratic Party care less about American workers than the new votes they will get from the dregs of Central America who will be handed American citizenship like it’s a coupon for Bed Bath and Beyond.

The American people elected Donald Trump mostly for his stance on making migrants go through the proper immigration channels before they get to steal American jobs and lower American wages by offering to do the work for less.  Building the wall was one of the tools to keep these paupers out until they could come in legally.  Again, the Democrats don’t give a damn about American workers.  It’s all about the votes.

A lot of Americans are going to be harmed by this.  The policies are designed to politically benefit the Democratic Party while hurting American workers who have already been harmed by COVID restrictions in Democratic-run cities and states.  The Biden administration is going to reinvent the Forgotten men and women of the American working class and it’s a damn shame.

In just one day we went from America First to America dead last.

Republican Senators Could Be Raising Flag of Surrender on Illegal Aliens…. Amnesty for All?

Republican Senators Could Be Raising Flag of Surrender on Illegal Aliens…. Amnesty for All?

Two GOP Senators, Chuck Grassley, and John Cornyn are signaling that they are open to passing an immigration bill that could grant amnesty to between 11 and 22 million illegals, making them all eligible for government giveaways.

It would also assure Democratic presidents for as far as the eye can see.

The Hill reports:

“I think that would be a good thing to do,” Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) said about the potential to do immigration next year. [Emphasis added]

“The challenge is you’ve got to get the votes, but that to me is one of my biggest disappointments in my time in the Senate, our inability to get that done,” Cornyn said, adding that he would “try to be part of that effort” if the topic comes back up. [Emphasis added]

Grassley said an agreement would have to lie in the middle of the Democrat’s open border policy and Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigration.

What middle ground? Either you grant amnesty or you don’t.

The Democrats want to legalize all illegal aliens and to make up for it they would be willing to deport the 71 million who voted for Trump.

Grassley said:

“It’s kind of a case of the extreme points of view — like people who think we can load up 12 million people and get them out of the country; if they want to do that, they can’t be a part of it. And for the people who want people to be citizens yesterday, they can’t be a part of it.”

So, do we start allowing bank robbers to keep the money they steal? When did we start rewarding people for breaking our laws? And once we start, where does it end? Are you aware that Social Security considers not speaking English to be a disability? Our SWS fund could be depleted in just a couple of years.

From Breitbart News

Days after the November 3 presidential election, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was met with sharp criticism from immigration reform organizations and grassroots conservatives for suggesting that the GOP could reach a “common ground” with Biden on some form of amnesty.

Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson called out Graham in a segment, saying that the newly reelected senator “would be happy to sell out his voters with an amnesty deal, like within hours of the election.”

Currently, there about 24.5 million Americans are either jobless or underemployed but all want full-time jobs. Those unemployed are forced to compete in the labor market by an endless stream of foreign workers who secure visas and green cards which rack up to more than 2.5 million admissions every year.

Exit polling that took place during the November 3rd election found that 75% of voters favored less immigration. Republicans are standing in line to oppose their base.

Billionaires Back Claim That Only Amnesty and Illegals Can Save America

Billionaires Back Claim That Only Amnesty and Illegals Can Save America

It should come as no surprise that the liberal billionaires that financed Joe Biden’s campaign and covered for him and his lack of acuity, is now coming for their kickback of amnesty for all illegal aliens and a steady pipeline of cheap labor to replace Americans with. The rich were born to get richer. Of course, it is middle class Americans who pay the price.

President Trump was able to raise the wages of all Americans, especially Black and Hispanic workers by cutting off that pipeline. Now, with close to 20 million unemployed, they went to bring back their cheap labor so they can watch their billions grow. They claim that we need cheap labor taking our jobs or this country will not survive.

In reality, prosperity for ordinary Americans rose rapidly in Trump’s lower-migration economy, without any amnesty. Bloomberg reported October 30:

In 2016, real median household income was $62,898, just $257 above its level in 1999. Over the next three years it grew almost $6,000, to $68,703. That’s perhaps why, despite the pandemic, 56% of U.S. voters polled last month said their families were better off today than they were four years ago.

The pro-amnesty article said:

Our economic recovery from the pandemic is entirely reliant on providing a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented people currently living in the US. There’s no way forward without doing right by the undocumented individuals who are keeping all Americans alive as our country continues to combat the coronavirus crisis.

Our lives and deaths are dependent on illegal aliens? Are you freaking kidding me? Here’s the kicker. They will probably get amnesty this time because even if the Republicans win both Georgia Senate seats, it would only take two defectors to get it passed. Romney and who else? Susan Collins or Lisa Murkowski.

How much do you want to bet that you would hear gnashing of the teeth by many voters who checked off Biden? If he wins this election, it will be on them, although they will all deny voting for him. And who will benefit from Biden cancelling the Trump tax cuts? The rich. They will be able to deduct all state and local taxes on their income taxes.

From Breitbart News

In reality, prosperity for ordinary Americans rose rapidly in Trump’s lower-migration economy, without any amnesty. Bloomberg reported October 30:

In 2016, real median household income was $62,898, just $257 above its level in 1999. Over the next three years it grew almost $6,000, to $68,703. That’s perhaps why, despite the pandemic, 56% of U.S. voters polled last month said their families were better off today than they were four years ago.

Democrats’ Top Priority After Victory: Amnesty

Democrats’ Top Priority After Victory: Amnesty

Leading Democrats in congress say the first order of business is giving amnesty to between eleven and twenty-two million illegal aliens. In fact, Chuck Schumer is looking at a massive immigrant reform bill. I can assure that what they mean is they will flood the country with illegal aliens whom they will make citizens.

The border wall construction will be ended and they might even take down what has already been built. Newly minted Americans will be able to send for all of their relatives and bring them here. There will no longer be a limit on how many migrants we can bring in.

Democrats plan on doing away with the filibuster rule so that they can pass anything they want., You see, the Democrats think they will win back the Senate and White House while retaining the House. If the thought of a complete Democratic-controlled government doesn’t scare you, then you don’t understand what is going on.

Once the Democrats grant amnesty to all of the illegals, Democrats will own the White House for life and the Republican party will be left with nothing but faded memories. So remember these words come November, vote as if America’s life depended on it because it does.

You will see the passage of at least parts of the Green New Deal, all mail-in balloting, open borders, higher taxes, an end to fracking and many more programs that you will hate. If you don’t vote Republican, you will help usher in socialism.

From Breitbart News

In passing amnesty, Democrats would be picking up where they left off in an ambitious “progressive” agenda first articulated in 2007 by party strategist and convicted felon Robert Creamer.

Breitbart News revealed in 2009 that Creamer had written a political manualListen to Your Mother: Stand Up Straight! How Progressives Can Win (Seven Locks Press, 2007), while serving federal time for a check-kiting scheme.

Creamer, well-connected in Chicago politics, joined the Obama campaign upon his release. His work provided the “blueprint” for the Obama agenda.

Dems’CCP Virus package includes ‘amnesty’ for some illegal immigrants & other surprises.

Dems’CCP Virus package includes ‘amnesty’ for some illegal immigrants & other surprises.


Short term amnesty for illegals in what is deemed an essential worker job. The bill gives temporary protections for illegals and the employers that illegally hired them. Why is it that Democrats feel that it is ok to break laws during a pandemic. Unless you are a citizen walking on the beach, playing with your kids at the park, or trying to go to church.

Mandatory masks on Amtrak. This would continue during the duration of the national emergency. Apparently many legislative representatives were amazed at how many people were not wearing masks on trains and planes while traveling to the capitol. If that’s the case, why didn’t they expand this requirement to airplanes?

Provisions for pot businesses. Most of these businesses have been open and deemed an essential business during the national emergency. These provisions would allow businesses to obtain assistance from federally-backed banks and insurers.

Utility shut-offs. “Under the legislation, states and utility companies receiving federal help would be required to maintain water and electricity services through the duration of the pandemic, even for those unable to pay their bills. Separately, the package allocates up to $3 billion to help low-income families pay their power and water bills.”

EPA study on pollution and health. According to legislation, there has been a well known that African Americans that live in more polluted regions are suffering more from the CCP Virus. They are allocating a whopping $50 million to the “Environmental Protection Agency to fund environment justice grants, part of which would go to examine the prevalence of coronavirus in high-pollution districts.” This doesn’t seem like an immediate “relief” item, but it’s tucked in the package. 

Nursing home ‘strike teams’. During this pandemic, nursing homes have been one of the hardest hit by deaths.  “A provision in the House bill would set aside $150 million for the Department of Health and Human Services to create groups that would be deployed to help nursing facilities contain and manage outbreaks. “

Another $25 million for funding for the arts and humanities. The arts have already received $75 million in the CARES Act Trump signed in March. 

Aid for meat and dairy industries. The meat and dairy industry will receive an emergency to help relieve the need to euthanize livestock due to CCP Virus interruptions. ” It would also create a federal dairy donation program to prevent dairy producers from needing to dump their milk as millions of families go hungry.”

Fox News By Adam Shaw | Fox News

The $3 trillion coronavirus relief package released by House Democrats this week includes protections for illegal immigrants who work in jobs declared “essential” — a move that Republicans are blasting as an attempt at “amnesty.”

The mammoth bill includes a section on page 1,737 on “temporary protections for essential critical infrastructure workers.”

That section of the bill allows some illegal immigrants — who are “engaged in essential critical infrastructure labor or services in the United States” —  to be placed into “a period of deferred action” and authorized to work if they meet certain conditions.

It also grants protections to those employers who hire illegal immigrants, stating that “the hiring, employment or continued employment” of the defined group of illegal immigrants is not in violation of the Immigration and Nationality Act.

The move was flagged by Deputy Homeland Security Secretary Ken Cuccinelli as a push by Democrats to grant “amnesty” to illegal immigrants and protection to those who employ them.

“Is it really a good idea to not only grant an amnesty to illegal aliens but to absolve employers who have been breaking the law in the last few months?” he tweeted. “I don’t think so!”

Sources: House Democrats’ coronavirus package includes ‘amnesty’ for some illegal immigrants, critics say

Poll: Lisa Murkowski Losing to GOP’s Kelly Tshibaka by Double Digits

Poll: Lisa Murkowski Losing to GOP’s Kelly Tshibaka by Double Digits

The Trump Effect is still going strong. Those who voted for his impeachment could all be gone from congress next year except for Senators who are not up for reelection yet.

In Alaska, Lisa Murkowski is already 15 points behind her opponent Kelly Tshibaka.  But, if I know Murkowski she will flip flop on her vote in order to save her worthless hide. She could blame on a change of medication or the heartbreak of psoriasis, but she will flip.

Tshibaka, a former Alaska Department of Administration commissioner, leads Murkowski by roughly 15 points, or 33.6 points, to Murkowski’s 18.8 percent. Democrat Al Gross is at 17.6% and  Alaska Independence Party John Howe clocks in at 5,7%, The other 21 plus % are undecided.

Murkowski should consider becoming an ice road trucker if she wishes to remain in the spotlight. I would consider this a pick-up for Republicans as well as the other seats occupied by the traitors.

The survey, conducted by Cygnal, found that Murkowski has been in a death spiral ever since she voted to impeach President Trump. I won’t miss her or any of the other squishy Republicans who lose their seats over their vote. But, we need to replace them with real conservatives. It seems likely that in the 2022 midterm elections President Trump0 will be a king and queen maker. It sets him up nicely for 2024.

The truth is Alaskans have always hated votes that Murkowski has made that is against their principals including amnesty.

Brock McCleary, the vice president of Cygnal, wrote:

“Lisa Murkowski is in as weak of a position as an incumbent could possibly find themselves in. A strong Republican candidate is poised to defeat Murkowski. Kelly Tshibaka is that candidate.”

Tshibaka said:

“She’s been voting with them, hurting our way of life, and she’s not standing up to the radical Biden administration while they kill our oil and gas jobs. She’s voted to allow illegal immigrants to come into our country. Even if they commit crime, they can stay here.”

“She was the deciding vote to keep Obamacare, and that means higher health care costs and fewer healthcare choices for us in Alaska. We have some of the highest health care costs in the country.”