SF Teacher Adds Abraham Lincoln HS to Renaming Committee List, Because Freeing Slaves Wasn’t Woke Enough

SF Teacher Adds Abraham Lincoln HS to Renaming Committee List, Because Freeing Slaves Wasn’t Woke Enough

The San Francisco school district is soon removing the names of historical figures off of school buildings, people who had connections to oppression, genocide, and slavery.  One person on the list that’s a real head scratcher is Abraham Lincoln.

The deadline to get all the names submitted for consideration is Friday.  But a deadline doesn’t really matter, because we learned during the 2020 election that deadlines mean nothing to Democrats.  Oh yes, mark my words that 100% of the people involved in removing historical figures from buildings are Democrats, or some other leftist wokety woke woke political organization.

Can we get one thing straight? There is no pro oppression, genocide, or slavery group out there.  Even the worst of the worst of any legitimate group, I don’t believe, are for these things.  And these atrocities committed against black Americans, were committed almost 100% by Democrats throughout our history.  Yes, there were some bad people as Republicans in our history, but not enough for a statistic. The Democrats pretty much owned it. It is my contention that had it not been for the Democratic Party America would have never needed a single Civil Rights bill.  Democrats supported slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, and the welfare state that kept poor black families poor.  The racist Dixiecrats were Democrats.  The Ku Klux Klan was the terrorist wing of the Democratic Party with many elected officials leading groups of them.  For goodness’ sake the Democrats made Senator Robert KKK Byrd the Senate Majority Leader twice!  Byrd was a Kleagle in the Klan, whatever the hell that is, and he rose to the level of Exalted Cyclops, which when you think about it sounds as silly as the Flintstone’s “Grand Poobah.”

The man in charge of the effort was asked by the San Francisco Chronicle why Lincoln was on the list while some others are not.

“Uprooting the problematic names and symbols that currently clutter buildings, streets, throughout the city is a worthy endeavor,” Jeremiah Jeffries, chairman of the committee to rename everything, told the paper. “Only good can come from the public being reflective and intentional about the power of our words, names, and rhetoric within our public institutions.”  He is also a first-grade teacher in San Francisco. I can only imagine the garbage that this man teaches those poor little kids in his classroom.

In other words, he didn’t really want to answer the question.

More from the Chronicle:

To many, Lincoln was one of the country’s greatest presidents, the Great Emancipator, a beloved historic figure as well as political mentor to his successors, including Barack Obama, who used the Lincoln Bible for his inauguration.

Yet the renaming of Lincoln High School was a slam dunk for the committee, which didn’t even discuss it, according to video of the meetings. The members of the committee, appointed by the school board, deemed whether a person’s actions or beliefs met the criteria for renaming, and moved on. The committee’s spreadsheet with notes on their research listed the federal treatment of Native Americans during his administration as the reason.

“The discussion for Lincoln centered around his treatment of First Nation peoples, because that was offered first,” Jeffries told the paper. “Once he met criteria in that way, we did not belabor the point.”

What’s really going on here is that these people are true Marxists.  The Marxists throughout history have tried to completely fundamentally change a society by removing all historical figures and mentions of historical references of that country, because any historical references leftover will be a reminder to the people they’re trying to subjugate into Marxism of what used to be.  Even the Marxists know that their subjugation into their system is horrible for most people of society.  They don’t care, because they want to be in charge.  Marxism is all about control of the state, run by those political elites, over everyone.

He added that Lincoln’s historical legacy is much overblown, and that even the Civil War wasn’t fought over slavery.  I guess he missed that part of History class that teaches about the Emancipation Proclamation or that the Republican Party was the Abolition party.

“The history of Lincoln and Native Americans is complicated, not nearly as well known as that of the Civil War and slavery,” Jeffries told the Chronicle. “Lincoln, like the presidents before him and most after, did not show through policy or rhetoric that Black lives ever mattered to them outside of human capital and as casualties of wealth building.”

The problem with these types of radical Marxist nitwits is that unless you specifically come out and say, “This policy is for black people only,” they declare the policy as for white people only.   You see, it’s not a good thing to include black Americans with everybody else these days to the woker crowd [wokest?].  You have to go out of your way to kiss their a** or you’re deemed a racist.  Who wants to live in a society like that where the rules of societal decency are changed at the whim of radical lunatics?

Lincoln scholar and director of the Hunter College’s Roosevelt House Public Policy Institute, Harold Holzer, said, “He saved the country from dividing and ruin.”   He added, “He should be honored for it.”

Holzer added to the paper that looking at Lincoln’s treatment of Native Americans, he “was more progressive than most people. There was pretty rampant hostility, and I think Lincoln rose above it. Nobody is going to pass 21st century mores if you’re looking at the 18th and 19th centuries.”

More from the Chronicle:

Lincoln’s administration supported the Homestead Act of 1862 and transcontinental railroad, which led to the loss of Indigenous peoples’ land. Lincoln himself largely delegated the sometimes bloody response to Native American conflicts while focusing on the Civil War, according to historians.

But Lincoln, whose grandfather was killed by a Native American, oversaw the hanging of 38 indigenous warriors after a Santee Sioux uprising in Minnesota, but only after he personally reviewed the legal cases against the 303 men sentenced to death. He saved the lives of 265 Indigenous men.

Lincoln, historians say, was focused on the Civil War and therefore did little to change policies related to Native Americans, but had planned to.

“If we get through the war and I live, this Indian system will be reformed,” he said. He never got the chance.

Even though it was Lincoln who ultimately freed the slaves by ending slavery in America, he wasn’t woke enough for the clowns on the renaming committee.  They added him to the list because of his treatment of Native Americans, people who used to be called Indians in the BW era (Before Woke).  Apparently Lincoln’s treatment of Native Americans weighed as more negative than positive, so on the list he went.

But for the renaming committee, Lincoln’s treatment of Native Americans was more bad than good — and that’s why he made the renaming list, the paper said.

“We asked ourselves, ‘Did the name under consideration meet one or more of our criteria?’ If that name met criteria, they were put on the list,” Jeffries told the Chronicle.

These know nothings have no idea what it was like to live in those times.  They have no understanding of context.  Horrible things were done, because it was a cruel world back then.  You can’t judge all historical figures by today’s standards.  In the end, the Marxists are not judging people out of context.  Rather, they are systematically removing all of America’s history, because you can’t move forward with a Marxist society if people remember their past.

The paper noted that this was the reason why Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein’s (D-CA) name wound up on the renaming list.  You have to laugh, because liberal Democrats played into all the woke crap for a long time now, and they’re turning on them as well.

I would love to ask these nitwits simple question period are you the same person you were twenty years ago? Should you be held liable to things you thought, believed, or said twenty years ago?  Look what these idiots did, they forced me to defend the likes of Diane Feinstein.

After all, Jeffries told the Chronicle, she “chose to fly a flag that is the iconography of domestic terrorism, racism, white avarice, and inhumanity towards black and indigenous people at the City Hall. She is one of the few living examples on our list, so she still has time to dedicate the rest of her life to the upliftment of Black, First Nations and other people of color. She hasn’t thus far, so her apology simply wasn’t convincing.”

The problem is that even Snopes, a left-wing fact-checking site, says that the allegation is unproven.  It sounds like he woke crowd is just looking for any excuse to remove any historical icons from America while at the same time referring to anyone they disagree with as racist.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK) would certainly not approve of this.  This attitude of Jeffries and those like him turn MLK’s dream into a nightmare for our society.

Protesters vow to tear down Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation memorial Thursday night.

Protesters vow to tear down Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation memorial Thursday night.

Protestors gathered at Emancipation park earlier this week to announce they plan on taking down the statue of Abraham Lincoln Thursday night.

From Daily Wire

Protesters calling for it to be taken down say that the former slaves who paid for the statue had no say in how it would be built and that even in its unveiling, abolitionist Fredrick Douglas said it ‘perpetuated negative stereotypes about African Americans’. 

The crowd chanted ‘No Justice, No Peace’ as the woman was told to stop speaking. 

‘He freed the slaves for political advancement,’ one speaker said, according to WUSA9 journalist Tom Dempsey. 

‘Not because he cared, not because he wanted to. 

‘And the thing is that when we freed ourselves, we had seven years of progress, the best seven years for black people in the entire American history’. 

Police in riot gear were pictured standing in a group on the outskirts of the protest but no run-ins were reported.  

‘We’re kicking off the revolution with a series of shutting down the Capitol events and bringing attention to the injustices in the black community starting with Lincoln Park, a statue that embodies the racial undertones of black people being inferior to white people,’ The Freedom Neighborhood said in a social media post. 


 The group added that they would not be working with police to enact the change ‘nor will we seek any relationship with them’. 

‘In order to create change, we will do so by any means necessary. If you want a revolution, it won’t happen by being peaceful,’ the group wrote. 

Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton has also said she wants the statue removed and will introduce legislation to do so. 

‘Because Lincoln Park is National Park Service (NPS) land, I will work with the NPS to see whether NPS has the authority to remove the statue without an act of Congress, and if so, we will seek its removal without a bill,’ said Norton in a statement . 

‘This statue has been controversial from the start. It is time it was placed in a museum.’ 

The protestors said they will not just take up space in Emancipation Square but that they will go to the rich people’s homes and take what is theirs. It’s ‪not clear what they meant by that. Part of the plan seems to divide their efforts and make as much damage as they can.

Trump on Wednesday characterized attempts to remove racist or problematic monuments as going to an extreme.
“I think many of the people that are knocking down the statues don’t even have any idea what the statue is, what it means, who it is when they knocked down,” Trump said, citing the toppling of a bust of Union general and former President Ulysses S. Grant as an example.
“Now they are looking at Jesus Christ, they are looking at George Washington, they’re looking at Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson. Not going to happen, not going to happen while I’m here,” Trump said.
“The District of Columbia National Guard is responding to a request to support law enforcement officials and has dispatched unarmed personnel, with others on stand-by,” National Guard spokesman Major Robert Perino said in a statement to CNN. “Activated Guardsmen are expected to provide security for local monuments and critical infrastructure.”
A defense official said Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy signed the memo Tuesday authorizing the activation of the DC National Guard forces, after the National Park Police made a request for the assistance.


Source: Protesters vow to tear down Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation memorial

Video: Black Historians Call for rioters to leave Lincoln ‘Emancipation’ Statue alone. Explains it’s the meaning.

Video: Black Historians Call for rioters to leave Lincoln ‘Emancipation’ Statue alone. Explains it’s the meaning.

This week a group of agitators called for the Emancipation Proclamation Statue to be taken down. They claimed the statue was extremely offensive because it shows a slave chained to Abraham Lincoln and the slave is bowing down to him.

“I’m here to speak on behalf of the legacy of Charlotte Scott,” Marcia Cole, a member of the Female RE-Enactors of Distinction, told the news station.

“I understand there’s a big campaign trying to raise money to either take it down or mend it, and I say ‘no’ on behalf of Ms. Charlotte,” she said.

“People tend to think of that figure as being servile but on second look you will see something different, perhaps,” Cole noted. “That man is not kneeling on two knees with his head bowed. He is in the act of getting up. And his head is up, not bowed, because he’s looking forward to a future of freedom.”

FREED is a part of the African American Civil War Museum.

These agitators calling to bring statues down need to educate themselves on the history of the statues.

Why would you want our ancestors to miss out on the true meaning of this statue?

Ignorance, liberal media, and the Democratic party demonizing these statues and poisoning the minds of these young people.

Even Rep. Democrat Eleanor Holmes Norton has also said she wants the statue removed and will introduce legislation to do so. 

You can bet that Norton has never understood the true meaning of the statue either. The Democratic party needs to stop pandering. They need to be leaders and stop tearing down our history and destroying our constitution.

Source: Black Historians Call for Preservation of Lincoln ‘Emancipation’ Statue Funded by Freed Slaves

Biden Aide Says Administration Will ‘Start Acting Now’ on Reparations Not Waiting For Congressional Study

Biden Aide Says Administration Will ‘Start Acting Now’ on Reparations Not Waiting For Congressional Study

The Biden administration has already done enough to endear itself to history’s greatest 20th-century dictators would they be around in the modern age.  Joe Biden has reversed many Trump-era policies that made America great again, the reversals certain to harm many Americans in all kinds of ways.  It’s as if the Democratic elites in Washington are imposing a great get-evenism campaign against the great unwashed which is you and me.  From opening the border to not only rewarding illegal aliens who have lived here illegally for years with no threat of deportations but giving them citizenship to offering welfare benefits to any migrant who happens to stumble across our border – open borders and a welfare state cannot be done simultaneously without calamity – to extending lockdowns on Americans when they are no longer needed and a whole host of other things that are going to make the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans miserable.  So this next thing shouldn’t come as a surprise.

White House senior adviser Cedric Richmond has said that the Biden administration will “start acting now” to work on giving reparations for black Americans in the form of government-funded (meaning your tax dollars) college tuition and other things, saying there’s no need to wait for Congress to study the prospect of direct payments to Americans based on race.

Actually, there is a need to wait for Congress.  It’s called the Constitution.  Richmond, in his own words, doesn’t care to figure out if punishing one group of Americans to give reparations to another group of Americans is fair or not.  He cares more about getting the payments out.  He just wants to check that box off the list.  How much do you want to bet the Democrats in Congress and the Biden administration will have reparations done before a single American receives a COVID relief stimulus check?  Every time we allow politicians to disregard the Constitutional process we kill our republic a little bit more.  Death by a thousand cuts is how progressives have been killing our country for decades, only now they want to hack away large chunks of our freedoms at a time with no regard to the damage they will do.

That study Richmond doesn’t want to wait for is supposed to, among other things, weigh the harm that will be done to millions of innocent Americans, black and white, who had nothing to do with racism in America.  Do you think any of the Biden Woke Supremacy cares one iota about white people being accused and punished for past racism from 156 years ago?  Do you think they are considering whether or not a reparations package will create resentment by black and white Americans and further divide our country?  Not at all, because progressives are cold-blooded tyrants who will push through whatever they want.

Just to give you an idea who this man is, when Richmond served in Congress as a Democrat from Louisiana, during a Congressional hearing he once inferred that now-former Attorney General William Barr was racist, claiming that when Barr arrived at the hearing none of his staff were black and that that was a sign of systemic racism.  He acknowledged that Barr has sung high praises of the late Congressman John Conyers during his earlier questioning, and went on to tell Barr that because there were no black staffers with him that day to keep former Congressman John Lewsis’ name out of the DOJ’s mouth.  Richmond has no idea how many black staffers work for the AG.  He has no idea how staffers are picked to travel to Congress with the Attorney General.  Could it be that black staffers for the AG were working on something else?  Could it be that the expertise of black staffers who work for the AG was in another field of study other than the topics to be covered at that particular hearing?  The level is disrespect from this man toward the Attorney General of the United States was astounding.  That’s who is pushing the reparations agenda.


There are questions that arise about reparations.  If we do go forward with them how are they going to decide who receives reparations?  Will it be determined by skin color, which means even non-African Americans like Kamala Harris will be on the list?  Will black millionaires receive reparations for systemic racism that held them back from becoming successful?  Who will have to pay for reparations?  Again, will it be determined by the color of skin?  What about me?  My family didn’t come to America until the year 1900, so my ancestors couldn’t have had anything to do with American slavery.  Am I going to be added to the list of systemically racist Americans who have to pay?  When you think about it, isn’t the whole modern-day concept of reparations racist in its implementation by the Woke Supremacy?

Last month, the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties held a hearing on HR 40, a bill sponsored by crazy Representative Sheila (Shirley if you’re Joe Biden) Jackson Lee (D-TX) and co-sponsored by 161 other Democrats, all Woke Supremamcists, that would set up a federal commission to explore reparations for black Americans, The Hill reported.

Richmond, a Democratic former congressman from Louisiana, told “Axios on HBO” that he believes legislation to create such a commission will pass, but, “We don’t want to wait on a study. We’re going to start acting now.”

“We have to start breaking down systemic racism and barriers that have held people of color back and especially African Americans,” Richmond told the outlet, reiterating, “We have to do stuff now.”

This push to gaslight America into believing there is systemic racism in America is very harmful to the country.  If racism is systemic then Cedric Richmond is racist as well.  And even if America were systemically racist, which I completely condemn that notion, how would reparations for people who were never slaves being paid by people who never owned slaves, solve a systemically-racist society in the first place?   If you ask these idiots behind this scam they would respond by saying, “It’s a good start,” because they wouldn’t really have a good answer.

Richmond added, “If you start talking about free college tuition to [historically black colleges and universities] and you start talking about free community college in Title I and all of those things, I think you are well on your way.”

For accuracy purposes, nothing is free.  Someone is going to pay the bill, and it’s you who is getting stuck with it.

The truly sad part of this nightmare known as the Biden administration is that the previous administration had done more to help black Americans than any past president save Abraham Lincoln.  President Donald Trump targeted the black community with his economic policies and he successfully drove the black unemployment rate to the lowest in the history of the republic.  He gave more money to historically black colleges and universities (HBCU) and Trump removed the indignity imposed by past administrations by adding increases in HBCU yearly grants to the budget so that they didn’t have to grovel at the feet of government politicians each year.  Trump did the first major prison reform in decades that ironically reversed Joe Biden’s 1994 crime bill signed into law by President Bill Clinton that put many young black men in prison for long sentences over non-violent crimes.  Trump signed the First Step Act which gave prisoners a second chance at life by giving early release to prisoners who have shown they deserve it.  The First Step Act helped many black families reunite with loved ones who they never thought they would see free again.

The Biden Democrats act like none of that happened.

Biden’s senior adviser was ginning up the urgency asserted by White House Press Secretary Jen Circle Back Psaki, who was asked two weeks ago about the president’s views on the reparations bill.

The Associated Press reported that while Psaki didn’t say that Biden would sign the legislation if it reaches his desk – we all know he will do whatever his progressive masters tell him to do – Psaki said during a press conference that “he certainly would support a study of reparations.”  Who does she think she’s kidding?  Biden would sign it today if put on his desk.

“He understands we don’t need a study to take action right now on systemic racism,” Psaki said, adding, “so he wants to take actions within his own government in the meantime.”

There is no systemic racism in America.  There are too many black Americans who are living the American dream.   If America were systemically racist there would not be successful black people.  It wouldn’t be allowed.  The Woke Supremacists want you to believe that if you deny systemic racism exists you’re saying there is no racism at all, which is a completely different argument, but these people are not rational.  Racism exists in all its ugly forms, but to indict an entire country of people of being racist, which is exactly what they are doing when they claim America is systemically racist, is unfair and irrational, and forcing innocent people to pay for crimes they never committed most of whose ancestors also never committed is criminal.

Stone on Fire at Supreme Court: “Bowser is a Fish Faced Enemy of the People”

Stone on Fire at Supreme Court: “Bowser is a Fish Faced Enemy of the People”

Will Johnson of America United First was live with Political Icon Roger Stone, just a few short weeks after Stone received a full Presidential Pardon from President Donald J. Trump. Stone appeared at a Virginia Women for Trump rally on the US Supreme Court’s steps in Washington DC on Wednesday, with the theme of One Nation Under God; the organizer was Alice Butler Short, who founded Virginia Women for Trump in 2015.

Stone delivered a rousing speech to a crowd of thousands who had waited in the dreary cold to hear Stone and show their support of the man who is most likely responsible for talking Trump into running for political office after decades of considering the idea.

Stone, after being harassed in Soviet Style trials in the media, arrested and exploited by the FBI, and harassed by the far-left radical activist judge and placed under a lengthy gag order so he could not defend himself, showed his legendary triumphant side, on Wednesday to scores of enthusiastic supporters, on the occasion of the “Stop the Steal” week in DC.

And Johnson was there to capture it all:

“We must do one simple thing- Stop the Steal,” Stone said in support of Trump. I am here for three reasons. One, I love the United States of America Two, I love the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln, Donald J. Trump and three I love Alice Butler Short of Virginia Women for Trump,” Stone said.

“I am here to thank you for being in this fight because we are mad as hell, and we are not going to take it anymore. Where we come, there is something we say when people tell us that Joe Biden won….(watch the video). This is not a fight before Democrats and Republicans or a fight between liberals and Conservatives; this is a fight for the future of the United States of America and Western Civilization, between God and Godless, and we dare not fail, or we will step out into a thousand years of darkness.

To those who seek to takeover this country with their phony Ukrainian hoax and Russian Hoax, can not win an honest elections. Trump won the legal counts cast.

Who is advising Bill Barr who can’t find voter fraud? Stevie Wonder. We are committed to living for and fighting for the truth. The left is the violet ones. The media told you that 4 people were stabbed; they did not tell you that 4 Trump supporters were stabbed. They told you that 86 people were injured, but they didn’t tell you that 78 of them were Trump supporters. No, we are not here for violence or confrontation, Mayor. We are here to express our God Given First Amendment Rights.”

“And you Mayor are a Fish Faced Enemy of the people!” Stone said.


Bowser is note-able for her use of her powers to harass Trump supporters, especially the Proud Boys.

‘Dangerous’ US Senate Hearing on Voter Integrity Shakes Democrats to Anger

‘Dangerous’ US Senate Hearing on Voter Integrity Shakes Democrats to Anger

Senator Ron Johnson, Chairman of the Oversight Committee, held a Senate oversight hearing on Wednesday on election “irregularities,” saying there are “legitimate questions” about the way the election was administrated in Wisconsin and other states, and Democrats were furious.

Johnson opened up by saying, ” this hearing should not be controversial and everyone should want to get to the bottom of this because a large portion of the American people is skeptical, and that started with the hyper-partisan around the 2016 election,” Johnson said, claiming this was his last hearing. “We must instill confidence in our election system. That is what good oversight should do. The Democrats have instead decided to attack me personally,” Johnson said.

One angry exchange between Johnson and Sen. Peters, well after the witnesses opening statements, by the ranking chairman of the oversight committee Sen. Peters, who hates the hearing, heated up the media’s interest in the hearing with the following exchange:

Johnson was on fire:

Sen. Peters was first to speak after Johnson’s opening, and reaction to Peter’s behavior was interesting:

“I don’t see anything dangerous with information,” Johnson said when Peters was done with his tirade, who spoke from behind his thick mouth covering in muffled and angry tones, and asked to have his conspiracy theories added to the public record.


DC Establishment spent the days and hours in the runup to the hearing discrediting Johnson and throwing temper tantrums that Johnson would be so bold as to investigate the concerns of over 70 million Americans, who personally felt there was something amiss in the 2020 Presidential Election.

CNN Led the charge to detract from Johnson’s mission to serve the country:

According the Schedule the list of Witnesses are:

  • The Honorable Kenneth W. StarrTestifying in Personal Capacity
  • The Honorable Donald PalmerCommissionerU.S. Election Assistance Commission
  • James R. TroupisAttorney Troupis Law Firm
  • The Honorable Francis X. RyanState RepresentativeCommonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • Jesse R. BinnallPartnerHarvey & Binnall, PLLC
  • The Honorable Christopher C. KrebsFormer Director (2018-2020) Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security AgencyU.S. Department of Homeland Security


Ken Starr spoke in his personal capacity about the problem with dishonesty and distrust upon the electoral process and the American people. “We had the expansion of Mail-in Ballots, and there was an attempt to deny the presidency to Abraham Lincoln, and that was done with mail-in ballots, so we should look at this seriously, Starr said.

Commissioner Donald Palmer, a former Virginia election official appointed in 2018 by President Trump, to the federal Election Assistance Commission, certified and set the guidelines for voting machines. Palmer spoke about “Comprehensive Oversight of voting systems” and said he wanted to “bolster confidence in the American people,” Palmer said.

Attorney James Troupis talked about absentee voting in Wisconsin “In Wisconsin, we must be vigilant over absentee and mail-in ballots, so it is very starting forward that the state of Wisconsin Carter and uniquely we can examine the envelopes where the ballots came from, with the real names we found altered and incomplete certificates that have to be done under our law, we found more than 3,000 that were clearly invalid under the law but were counted. We found that 2,000 ballots had no initials by cleaned by where counted. We do not allow advanced voting, and the city of Madison 5 weeks before the election, and boxes on corners with ballots just thrown in, and our laws are clear. Yet, 17,000 and tens of thousands more due to comingling, so we couldn’t identify ballots. 28,000 people who said they couldn’t get to the polls, and without any application, and we have 200,000 votes that got counted and should not have,”Troupis said.

Rep. Francis Ryan of Pennsylvania talked about the mail-in ballots for the election in PA, “the controls were undermined to protect the vote by expanding on laws around mail-in ballots, treating safeguards to fraud as double standards to in-person voting. Watchers were not allowed for the mail-in ballot process, there were so many issues with the mail-in ballot process that we can not rely upon those votes as legitimate. Recently a new data shows that over 75,000 ballots were just added to the totals without any confirmation of where they came from. We need to review the transition log of number ballots including over 1,000 of people whose age is over 105 years old,” Ryan said.

Attorney Jesse Binnall attorney for Trump in Nevada, said “Voters had their voices blocked out by fraudulent votes, AB4 provided for universal mail-in voting that undermines security, because of ab 4 from 70,000 to 690,000 and the election was riddled with fraud. Our team chased down every led and what we found. Over 42,000 voted more than once. 1,500 dead people voted. 19,000 out of state people. 8,000 people voted from non-existent addresses. 15,000 votes from commercial or vacant addresses. 4,000 noncitizens voted. We id 130,000 unique instances of fraud but it is higher than that. We have two eyewitnesses who separately told us that vote change numbers changed, and we are not allowed to investigate. Gift cards, televisions from the campaign’s pressure on marginalized communities,” Binnall said.

Christopher Krebs director of CISA testified, “Many federal partners gave us the safest election. We had an agreement to not let 2016 to happen again. We phased out machines without paper ballots to prevent attacks on our democracy. We had an analysis center, scanning for vulnerabilities and employing censors. We had to stop hacks and stop persistent rumor hacks. I have no doubt this was a secure election,” Krebs said.


Johnson pointed out that in Arizona Biden led by 20,000 votes, yet there was a question of 200,000 fraudulent votes. That in Wisconsin, where there has been “high transparency” and in the 2020 election that the Biden campaign didn’t say that concerns were wrong about the fraud, but that they “should not be heard”. The same techniques were discussed as told by leaders in Nevada. “We were not fully considered, they just refused to look and said we didn’t have the right to be heard.”

Johnson talked about how the voting machines being connected to the internet with Krebs. “It doesn’t matter if they are connected when you have the paper receipts,” Krebs said. “Talk to the possibility of the fraud if they were connected, can people change the controls. speak to the computer allegations,” Johnson said.

Krebs said “Yes there are machines online, as a best practice the vote tabulators should not be online,” Krebs said. Security is in place, and you can not hack paper.”

Sen. Peters continued on in his assault on the hearing itself and upon Johnson, Trump and the American people and blamed everything on Russia.

Johnson slammed Peters for his hysteria, leading to the most heated moment yet.

Watch the hearing here:

National Petition for ‘Partial Martial Law and Re-vote’ Encouraged by Gen. Flynn and Lin Wood

National Petition for ‘Partial Martial Law and Re-vote’ Encouraged by Gen. Flynn and Lin Wood

On Tuesday, General Mike Flynn retweeted a petition, directed to President Donald J. Trump, for a national federal revote of the 2020 Presidential election, that had been addressed earlier in the day by Attorney Lin Wood, and which started discussions among different groups over the Presidential authority used 68 other times in US History, to declare military law or “martial law.” 

“I knew that the left would start using fearful images of tanks in the street with the use of the words Martial Law,” the author told me saying that he felt it would show their mindset on the topic.  “I am not talking about making the United States a military zone, or about President Trump installing himself, I am talking about a re-vote under the control of the US military, and that is actually their job,” Tom Zawistowski, President We the People Convention, told me.

Flynn’s retweet of the petition, according to Zawistowski, can be seen as an encouragement, “I spoke with General Flynn since he has been pardoned to check some facts with him about what the military can do,” Zawistowski said.

The full petition is linked in Flynn’s following tweet:

In his press release, WTPC Calls for President to Invoke Limited Martial Law to Hold New Election and Protect our Vote, in Full Page Washington Times Ad, if Legislators, Courts and Congress Do Not Follow the Constitution, Zawistowski talks in detail about his motivation to examine the use of martial law during the Civil War period, when Americans were deeply divided over National Issues.

“In the months following the start of the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln struggled to preserve the Union. Many objected to Lincoln’s extraordinary use of Presidential authority, in particular, his suspension of the right of “Habeas Corpus”.  Zawistowski wrote.

“That is key,” he told me. “I want President Trump to say that we are handing this over to the military to oversee and that at the end of it all, we will all live with what they determine. I believe that is the only way to solve this mess. I say that if Joe Biden won, the left needs to prove it. There are too many questions over fraud, and lawsuits are not going to fix it. In fact, it feeds the left’s attacks to solve this election mess in the courts. They will say that the election was overturned and used as an excuse for more civil unrest. I think we have to do it by having a revote, and I am getting a lot of support,” Zawistowski said.

“President Trump is not installing himself. I called it out in the petition, and it is important to really understand what we want,” he said.

From the press release, the group calls on President Trump to “exercise the Extraordinary Powers of his office and declare limited Martial Law to temporarily suspend the Constitution and civilian control of these federal elections to have the military implement a national re-vote that reflects the true will of the people. Federal candidates only. Paper ballots. No computers. Hand-counted with both parties watching every vote. Only registered voters. Photo ID to prove residence. Conducted safely with everyone wearing masks and six feet apart, just like we did in Ohio.”

To read and sign the petition please visit: We The People Conention

Protestors Topple Statues of Major Historical Figures Across the Country

Protestors Topple Statues of Major Historical Figures Across the Country

Groups of radical protestors tore down several statues of major figures in American history on Thanksgiving.

In Washington, the Spokane Police Department reported that a statue of Abraham Lincoln had been torn down, while a statue of George Washington met a similar fate in Minneapolis. Protestors in the Midwestern hub of Chicago attempted to destroy a statue of William McKinley but ultimately were not able to achieve their goal.

Fox News reported that, “The words “land back” were painted in multiple cities, referring to the LANDBACK campaign. The indigenous movement aims to develop communities in a sustainable manner, defend American land and fight against White supremacy.” 

Tearing down statues is nothing new, America witnessed numerous acts of vandalism against hundreds of statues and historical landmarks over the summer after the death of George Floyd. However, these acts show that many Americans have a sinister plot to undo our nation’s history by erasing it from memory.

But what the protestors forget in their illogical and emotion-driven demonstrations is that while our forefathers made mistakes, they also left a rich legacy for their posterity.

The narrative that these people try to create is that America was founded with oppression, racism and tyranny at its core. They claim that our founding fathers were the catalysts for these ideas, and because of that their memory and legacy must be eliminated. They demand that their past behavior meet today’s standards of what they think is acceptable, and if it does not, they are deemed unworthy of honor.

They claim that their mistakes make them irredeemable people, and the country that they founded is not worth saving. However, every country has flawed founders and flawed ideals. So the idea that a country must be perfect to exist means that no country that has ever existed is worth upholding.

But America is worth fighting for and preserving. We are a country that strives to the best of our abilities to ensure that any individual who comes to our borders is guaranteed the right to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Furthermore, out forefathers made extensive sacrifices to ensure that their vision of a free land became a reality.

Washington led a rag-tag force of farmers against the greatest military power in the world, and won after six grueling years. Lincoln saved the United States from falling apart after a bloody Civil War and abolished slavery. Countless other rich legacies left by men like these have shaped and built the greatest country in the world.

That seems like a memory worth preserving for generations to come. Hopefully, these protestors will see that one day and stop their petty vandalism.

FREE SPEECH: DOJ Announces Interest in Lawsuit Challenging Philly’s Moratorium that Cancelled the Veterans Day Parade

FREE SPEECH: DOJ Announces Interest in Lawsuit Challenging Philly’s Moratorium that Cancelled the Veterans Day Parade

The Justice Department Announces Statement of Interest Filed in Lawsuit Challenging Philadelphia’s Moratorium that Cancelled the Veterans Day Parade
City of Philadelphia’s COVID-19 Restrictions Prohibit Large Gatherings Such as the Veterans Day Parade But Allow Large-Scale Public Protests

The Justice Department announced that a Statement of Interest (SOI) was filed today in a case pending in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania that challenges the City of Philadelphia’s “Event Moratorium” that prohibits issuing permits for gatherings of 150 or more people on public property.

The lawsuit claims that the Moratorium violates the rights of freedom of speech and freedom of assembly guaranteed by the First Amendment. The City of Philadelphia imposed a ban on permits for public gatherings, which led to the cancellation of its Veterans Day parade while at the same time allowing groups of any size to take to the streets without a permit to protest.

“The First Amendment to U.S. Constitution makes illegal any attempt by government to abridge the rights of the people to speak and assemble peacefully,” said Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband for the Civil Rights Division. “Our Founders established these rights to enshrine in our law a very simple ideal:  tyranny has no place in this free country. At a small town west of Philadelphia, at Gettysburg in 1863, President Abraham Lincoln observed that this United States of America was ‘conceived in liberty,’ and he challenged all of us ‘to be dedicated’ to a ‘new birth of freedom.’ We must and do accept President Lincoln’s challenge. The Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial Society honors those brave patriots, living and dead, who fought, suffered, and died for our freedom and for the freedom of all humanity. The U.S. Department of Justice stands with them, and we will continue to fight for their liberty and the liberty of all people.”

“This is a case about more speech, not less,” said U.S. Attorney William M. McSwain of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. “The city’s double standard – whereby is treats protests one way and any other First Amendment gathering a completely different way – is illogical, favors particular speakers and issues, does not serve public health purposes, and is unconstitutional. The solution is not to limit protests. Rather, the solution is to eliminate the Event Moratorium and allow all speakers to express themselves in accordance with their constitutional rights.”

The SOI was filed in support of the plaintiff, the Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial Society (Vietnam Veterans), an organization that seeks to promote, honor, and dignify the memory of military veterans who served in Vietnam. Vietnam Veterans does so by sponsoring honor guards and rifle teams to attend veteran burial details and by participating in parades and other public events. Vietnam Veterans contends that it and other groups are adversely impacted by the city’s blanket ban on issuing permits for public gatherings.

On July 14, 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Philadelphia instituted the Event Moratorium, which it revised on Sept. 21. In its current form, it bans the issuing of permits for any public gathering of 150 or more people through February 2021, thus cancelling all festivals, parades, and public gatherings on city property involving 150 or more people.

At the same time, the mayor has praised those protesting social justice issues without permits and the city has waived code violations for protesters. As set forth in the SOI, this disparate treatment (and double standard) may be “viewpoint discrimination” triggering strict scrutiny under the First Amendment. In any event, the SOI concludes, under First Amendment rules on restrictions on the time, place, and manner of speech, the moratorium on permits is an improper speech restriction, since it is not narrowly tailored and does not leave open ample alternative avenues for speech.