‘Defund the Police & ‘Abolish Police’ Movements Causing Problematic Police Shortages in Cities Across the Country

‘Defund the Police & ‘Abolish Police’ Movements Causing Problematic Police Shortages in Cities Across the Country

There is a police shortage across the country, mainly in Democrat-run cities, and I don’t think anyone is sitting around scratching their head wondering why.

After radical leftist movements like Abolish the Police and Defund the Police along with non-stop anti-police reporting by the mainstream news media and Democrat politicians throwing police under the bus and watching city councils making rules that block police from being able to do their jobs safely, it’s no wonder cops are reacting by leaving the job and recruitment drives fizzling out.

You have to be a special kind of citizen in the first place to want to become a police officer and serve communities. But the war on cops across the country has taken its toll enough to override the calling for many of those potential recruits.

In Los Angeles, after the city council cut $150 million from the LAPD’s budget, crime skyrocketed. Crime got so bad that City Council voted to increase police funding by $36 million, even though the department asked for $111 million to do their jobs effectively.

The Philadelphia Police Department is short nearly 270 officers, and that number is expected to increase in the near future.

“From Jan. 1 through Thursday, 79 Philadelphia officers have been accepted into the city’s Deferred Retirement Option Program, meaning they intend to retire within four years, according to Mayor Jim Kenney’s office,” (the People’s Republic of) Philadelphia Inquirer reported. “During the same time period last year, just 13 officers had been accepted into the program, the office said.”

“It’s the perfect storm. We are anticipating that the department is going to be understaffed by several hundred members because hundreds of guys are either retiring or taking other jobs and leaving the department,” Mike Neilon, spokesperson for the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police, told the outlet.

New Jersey just across the river is facing a “recruiting crisis,” says Pat Colligan, president of the New Jersey State Policemen’s Benevolent Association.

Colligan pointed out that recent high-profile police-related deaths such as George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tamir Rice, and others have had a negative impact on police recruitment.

“Every action has a reaction. When you vilify every police officer for every bad police officer’s decision, [people] don’t want to take this job anymore,”  Colligan said. “It’s been a very trying and difficult time to put on the badge every day.”

Colligan also noted that the “quality has really diminished in the last few years,” meaning the police department no longer has the luxury of weeding through recruits to pick the best ones, and that could spell more tragic police encounters in the future.

There is also the fact that many suspects today resist arrest and cause their own fatality as officers are trying to protect themselves or others from a violent response when the cops are attempting to make an arrest, but the angry Woke mob today along with a Fake News media and their obligatory trash reporting of cops even when police acted accordingly makes it appear that all cops are bad. That false perception of police keeps good men and women away from the job.

Colonel Patrick Callahan, Acting Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police, said they received a “historically low” number of applications this year. In the past, they usually took in between 15,000 to 20,000 applications, while this year they only got 2,023 qualified applicants as of Thursday, NJ.com reported.

“The atmosphere with police work right now is people just don’t want to apply,” according to the New Jersey State Fraternal Order of Police Robert Fox.

Can anyone blame them? And what about the people in neighborhoods that need police protection? I have convinced many of those folks of the lie that cops are hunting down black men. So they hate the cops until they need one. That’s not a great recipe for police-community relations.

Baltimore, the city where mayors and district attorneys throw their cops under the bus, is also suffering from “recruitment and retention issues,” according to the Baltimore City Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 3, so much so that they’re talking about closing police districts. And this is going on while crime is skyrocketing thanks to stupid decisions by Democrat politicians who passed asinine legislation to defund police just because they had no way to answer why their communities are nothing but rot. It appears that Democrats have been trashing police just to score political points with the progressive Woke Supremacy and that’s despicable.

“Our Patrol numbers are now below 700 officers which is about 300-400 below what is needed,” the Baltimore FOP as reported by WBFF-TV. “This creates huge safety issues for our officers and for the citizens of Baltimore.”

Albany, NY Police Chief Michael Persley said we should meet their shortage of cops with higher incentives to bring in new recruits. You could offer them a Mercedes and you won’t get people stupid enough to join the force today after the way the Democrat politicians are treating the men and women of law enforcement. It’s a very tough job, even without the constant scapegoating and trashing they take.

And where would we be without blaming COVID? Officials have blamed the pandemic for police shortages, as police academy classes were suspended.

“And you got to remember that once you go into the academy, it takes you about 10 months to finish. So, we’re not looking at putting any boots on the ground until maybe next Spring,” John McNesby, President of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #5 told WPVI-TV.

Let’s hope communities can hold out that long.

U of Minnesota Student Government Leader Urges Students To Make False Reports to Police to ‘annoy the s*** out of them’

U of Minnesota Student Government Leader Urges Students To Make False Reports to Police to ‘annoy the s*** out of them’

America had to endure the “defund the police” and “abolish the police” movements to the point where chowderhead Democrat politicians who sit on city councils actually voted to do so, only to be reminded later on with skyrocketing crime rates that police are the reason why there is a civil society at all and that it breaks down pretty quickly when you stand in the way of community policing. This is why what has been going on at a college in Minnesota should be labeled as reckless endangerment.

A member of the University of Minnesota’s student government body was nailed on video urging her fellow student government members to make the lives of police officers “hell” by placing phony phone calls for help. She was asking them to fabricate crime hoaxes.

Lauren Meyers serves as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the Minnesota Student Association (MSA) and serves as the co-chair of the Office for Student Affairs Mental Health committee. She is studying Finance and Arabic and her personal pronouns according to the university website are she/her/hers. My personal pronouns are this/is/dumb.

During a video conference call with other members of the MSA, Meyers urged them to come up with ways to “annoy the s*** out of” campus police. Because that’s a great way to run student government. Instead of co-chairing a student mental health committee, Ms. Meyers should be the subject of it. In the immortal words of CNN’s Very Jake Tapper, “What was she thinking?”

During the video call, another student government member asked Meyers, “When you say disrupt UMPD, what exactly do you mean by that?”

Meyers responded saying, “Make their lives hell. Annoy the s*** out of them. Like, use up their resources, make their officers show up to something.”


The city of Minneapolis has had enough problems with policing after the death of George Floyd so you would think that Myers, who is in a university position that has a responsibility to the entire student body, would understand that reporting hoax crimes for police to chase their tails around the wind, takes them away from real situations where fellow Minnesotans need the police’s help. If a neighborhood cop is responding to a phony phone call for help, he or she is not going to be available to help the little old lady whose purse just got snatched or to catch the guy who just robbed a liquor store.

A joint statement by the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association and Law Enforcement Labor Services was released on Tuesday with police unions calling for an investigation into the substance of what was said in the video, and they reminded people that making false 911 calls is a felony.

“Minnesota law prohibits using emergency calls to report a false emergency or crime, and claims that lead to serious injury or death is a felony publishable by 10 years imprisonment and/or a maximum fine of $20,000,” the letter reads.

Meyers should be expelled from the university for suggesting to put fellow students and residents in the surrounding communities in jeopardy. But nothing will happen because, you know.

Brian Peters, the Executive Director of the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association added, “Actively planning to thwart UMPD by generating false calls for help is insulting to the overwhelming majority of the campus community that rely on public safety services.”

“Last month the campus community had 13 incidents of aggravated assault, 52 burglaries, 22 car thefts, 4 sexual assaults, numerous thefts, and a murder on or near campus,” Peters continued. “We’re frustrated that elected student leaders would purposefully choose to stir further division to make the campus less safe.”

Jim Mortenson, Executive Director of the Law Enforcement Labor Services Executive Director said, “Everyone deserves to be safe, and advocating to impede police from assisting victims of crime is mindboggling.”

But it is understandable. When you have morons like Representative Ilham Omar (D-MN) making public statements after the George Floyd riots when the city council threw police under the bus and they stopped showing up for work that the Minneapolis police were unwilling to work and she spread lies that the city council did not make any changes to the police department. At that time, the city council had already voted to get rid of the police department. On June 12 the city council voted unanimously to support their prior pledge to abolish the police causing a massive exodus of cops.

The police unions called for an outside agency to “conduct a criminal investigation into this incident to determine if charges are warranted.”

Does anyone think the Democrats who run that city are going to lift a finger to help understand something that would hurt cops?

Meyers made her comments as the MSA were discussing a letter the student government body sent to Joan Gabel, the University of Minnesota president demanding University of Minnesota Police Department Chief Matt Clark resign.

This is where it gets crazy. The letter accuses Clark of failing to increase campus safety and wellness for students of color and allowed “utilization of UMPD as a physical arm of the oppressive state to subjugate and silence community members.”

This is our world today. Woke progressives want you to believe that police came up with a program to increase campus safety only for white students or that they intentionally ignored reasons for having to increase campus safety for black students. Did you ever hear the story of the boy who cried wolf?

In the letter, these little contemptible students threatened “direct actions” if “our demands are not met.”

Thankfully, there is a glimmer of sanity left at MSA as two members of the student government denounced Meyer’s remarks.

“We are two members of the Minnesota Student Association (MSA) Executive Board and we wholeheartedly denounce the comments that were made during the April 14, 2021 Executive Board meeting regarding police interference on campus,” said students Andrew Knuppel and Morgan McElroy. “We call upon our fellow student leaders who have stayed silent over the last 72 hours to denounce the comments made in the clip that’s been widely circulating in the media.”

Good for them, but don’t be surprised if those two are kicked off the MSA for being too rational.

“To achieve any progress on critical campus issues such as police reform and campus safety, elected student leaders should strive to engage with administrators and campus law enforcement collaboratively,” the two members added. “The public comments made by our colleague, unintended or otherwise, have cast a dark shadow on what should be a constructive dialogue among elected student government leaders, the student body, administration, and other stakeholders.”

“The University respects the autonomy of the Minnesota Student Association as an independent governance organization for undergraduate students, including the autonomy of its membership to speak freely,” a school spokesperson told Alpha News. “However, in this instance, the University unequivocally disagrees with the ideas expressed about disrupting UMPD’s daily work. These ideas are illegal and would directly conflict with ongoing efforts to keep our campus community safe.”

So far, there is no word about disciplinary actions taken against Meyers. She needs to go.

LA County to Increase Police Budget By $36 Million After  Crime Soars Due To Democrats Defunding Police

LA County to Increase Police Budget By $36 Million After Crime Soars Due To Democrats Defunding Police

After the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers, the riots began. And though those riots remained about George Floyd in principle in spirit they quickly turned into Marxist events that Marxist groups like Black Lives Matter and anarchist groups like ANTIFA took full advantage of for their causes. The Democrats took advantage of it for their own causes as well. Remember, never let a good crisis go to waste. Throughout the summer of 2020, Democrat governors and especially mayors turned a blind eye to the riots that were ravaging many of their cities. Many of them pushed to defund the police and in some insane decisions to abolish the entire police department and replace it with ridiculous notions like public social workers. They did this mostly out of fear of the Woke Supremacy mob that was ravaging their cities. They didn’t want to get lumped in with police or even with what became known as the systemic white power structure of America. So they bowed down to the demands of the violent mobs, and some cities actually started voting to defund their police departments.

So, progressive politicians followed through with defunding police either in whole or in part. We saw the ramifications of such actions taken by Democrats who cared more about appeasing the mob than protecting the very constituents they were charged with protecting. For example, in New York City they got rid of the NYPD’s Anti-Crime Unit.  That blunder by Mayor Bill de Blasio caused a 205 percent spike in crime in the Big Apple.

Besides New York City and Minneapolis and others, Los Angeles was hit by the cowardice of Democrat leadership that also caved to the violent mobs, and the result was also devastating.

In January and February 2021, Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officers have responded to 88 percent more reports of shots being fired than at the same time period in 2020. Gunshot victims in LA are up 141 percent versus last year, and homicides are up 39 percent, according to a nonprofit newsgroup called Crosstown, a part of the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism. There were 15 hate crimes reported in Los Angeles in 2020, up from seven reported in 2019 an over 100 percent increase, according to the Los Angeles Police Commission.

As is the case in many other Democrat-controlled havens that made the same stupid mistakes to get a handle on the wave of violent crime, on Thursday, the officials in Los Angeles voted to increase police funding. LA’s public transportation agency voted to increase police funding by $36 million. That additional funding will make its way to the LAPD, the Long Beach Police Department, and the Los Angeles Sherriff’s Department. This isn’t the best they could do though, as law enforcement agencies originally asked for $111 million in more funding, and we have to believe that the law enforcement officials know more than the city officials what is needed for their people to do the job that needs to be done. It must burn their bagels to have the problems associated with rising crime rates caused by the very same people who are now shortchanging them the money needed to get the job done.

The vote for the extra funding was 12-0, and that included a “yea” vote from the Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti says the New York Post.

Just nine months ago in June, Garcetti bragged about being committed to not increasing the police budget. I guess the inevitable hadn’t yet hit him square in the face yet of the damage his actions along with the other idiots in charge did to the innocent citizens of Los Angeles.

“We will not be increasing our police budget,” the Democratic mayor proclaimed, adding that the city would be “reinvesting in black communities and communities of color.”

What about white communities? How can Garcetti get away with saying something so racist? All you ever need to do to figure out if something you said was racist is to flip it around. Had Garcetti or any other mayor for that matter said we are “reinvesting in white communities,” can you imagine the uproar that would ensue? And rightfully so. So then why are Democrats allowed to get away with making racist statements like they’re going to reinvest in black and people of color communities?

Democrats now feel that if they pander to black and people of color communities, they will be forgiven for anything they’ve done.

Forgiveness can only happen when the people liable for a tragedy take responsibility. So far I haven’t heard of a single Democrat politician who has owned up to making a serious error in judgment when they took actions that caused crime to skyrocket in their communities.

And how come no one is pointing out that the LA City Council voted in July to cut $150 million from the LAPD budget and yet recently only voted for $36 million in additional funding needed for law enforcement?

And when are these politicians going to apologize to law enforcement, the overwhelming majority of which do their jobs professionally? Defunding them for things that they didn’t do was a complete slap in the face of law enforcement and the rule of law. When are they going to apologize to the victims of crime caused by their reckless decisions to defund the police who are there to protect them? Don’t hold your breath. They are Democrats, and Democrats never admit to any wrongdoing.

Ilhan Omar Accuses Minneapolis Police of Being ‘Unwilling to Work’ Even Though They Get No Support From City Leadership

Ilhan Omar Accuses Minneapolis Police of Being ‘Unwilling to Work’ Even Though They Get No Support From City Leadership

Representative Ilhan Omar said the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) is low on officers because cops are “unwilling to work.”

MPD just began 2021 with about 200 fewer officers than it had at the start of 2020 after losing 105 cops during a year filled with riots and anti-police sentiment. During a usual year, the department would expect to lose just over 40 officers. The city now has just 638 active officers.

A lot of the cops who aren’t showing up for work are claiming PTSD, Chief Medaria Arradondo and Financial Director Robin McPherson recently explained to the Minneapolis City Council.

However, Omar and her district director, Kendal Killian, apparently don’t see validity in these claims.

“The police are just refusing to come to work,” the congresswoman claimed in a recent Twitter post.

Well, first off, that’s a lie.   I’m sorry, but to say that Minneapolis hasn’t passed a single policy that changes the makeup of the police department is a lie.  Minneapolis City Council recently voted to cancel the Minneapolis Police Department but to keep the police officers.  The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that the plan these geniuses came up with will create a new Department of Public Safety which will have “additional divisions … to provide for a comprehensive approach to public safety beyond law enforcement.”  I bet the people of Minneapolis are feeling safer already.

At first, the Minneapolis City Council voted to abolish the police department, and now they are making good on that promise even though they are lying by claiming they’re not abolishing the police department, they’re just getting rid of it and replacing it with another department they just made up.

On June 12 the City Council voted unanimously to support a pledge to abolish the police causing a massive exodus of cops.

Back in June, even Axios wrote that Omar supported the idea of dismantling the police department.

Kendal Killian, Omar’s District Director also made a similar statement, alleging that the high erosion rate of Minneapolis police officers is because the cops  would “rather snowmobile than do their jobs.”

This know-nothing fool once berated Minneapolis cops calling them “insecure babies” and “cowards” and “scardy-cats [sic]” and said that supporting law enforcement was “an attempt to maintain white supremacy.”  This guy is a whackjob and he works for an elected member of the US House of Representatives.

Nonetheless, the Minneapolis police tell a very different story.

One officer wrote an op-ed that appeared in the Star Tribune where she specifically said. “I did not retire because I wanted to retire, despite many thinking 37 years was enough. I didn’t feel as if I was done just yet. I still had a mission to complete and that is what makes leaving difficult.”

Kim Voss, the officer who wrote the op-ed added that the total lack of support from city leadership after police officers were attacked by a mob of animals, many of who now suffer from PTSD.  Yokels like Omar and her sidekick Killian go on to say how horrifying it was for members of Congress on January 6 compared to cops who have had thousands of people in their face wanting to kill them.

“It’s hard to get up every day and be happy to go to your job feeling like damaged goods,” she said. “I received over 4,000 voicemails of vitriolic hate, and I didn’t have a phone left or a desk to put a phone on. My office had been firebombed.”

What happened to George Floyd at the hands of several Minneapolis cops was a horrible scene and his death a tragedy.   Even though it has been shown by the coroner that Floyd didn’t die by the officers but by an overdose of fentanyl, it still was a horrifying scene.   But there is no justification for what happened afterward when mobs of violent rioters and looters went through the city and destroyed everything they could get their hands on.   It seems that the politicians in City Council, the Mayor’s office, and even the Governor’s office were scared to death that the violent mob would go after them, so it appears that they came down on the cops and used them as the scapegoat to show that they were on the right side of the Woke Supremacy.  But their actions have harmed the city more than any mob because they are dismantling the police force and causing a massive exodus of good cops.  The people of Minneapolis will be hurt the most.

A Bright Spot From Hollywood, Denzel Washington Talks About His ‘Utmost Respect’ for What Police Do on a Day to Day Basis

A Bright Spot From Hollywood, Denzel Washington Talks About His ‘Utmost Respect’ for What Police Do on a Day to Day Basis

Denzel Washington is not your typical Hollywood celebrity.   He’s not a fruitcake who is so afraid of not being loved by pop culture icons and Twitter keyboard Woke Supremacists that he’ll jump on any dumbass off-the-wall bandwagon for fear of being canceled.

The very talented Oscar winner has talked about his Christian faith in public

The Oscar award-winning actor has already talked about his Christian faith in public.  I remember almost a half dozen years ago when Washington said, “There’s never been a time where God didn’t direct protect and correct me. There may have been times where I was less than faithful to him, but he had faith in me.”

There was also a time this great man spoke up and blamed black crime on a lack of fathers saying, “It starts with how you raise your children,” he said.  “If a young man doesn’t have a father figure, he’ll go find a father figure.  So you know I can’t blame the system.  It’s unfortunate that we make such easy work for them.”  It took a lot of guts for him to say that what with working in Hollywood and all, but the man has the guts to do it.

Washington goes contrarian on a lot of social issues that the Left claims moral superiority over, and he stands up and lets them know that they’re wrong.  The Hollywood actor is a breath of fresh air as far as I’m concerned.   He clearly understands American values and common sense, and he clearly is one of those that the Biden, Pelosi, Schumer Woke Supremacy would want to be sent to a reeducation camp, because you can’t have logic like that floating around the Mecca of radical pop culture.

What a lot of the cowards of Hollywood are joining in with things like the “abolish the police” movement Washington once again took what has been a very pro-American stance in saying that he is against defunding the police and he appreciates members of the military.  Unfortunately, that’s not the stance of most weak celebrities in Hollywood who have drunk the Woke Kool-Aid.

Washington is portraying another police officer in his upcoming movie “The Little Things,” where he’ll play Joe “Deke” Deacon, a Kern County Deputy Sheriff in California.

Washington was asked during an interview what his thoughts were toward police at a time when they are being pounced on by a criminal element that has Woke politicians backing them instead of law-abiding people.

“I have the utmost respect for what they do, for what our soldiers do, [people] that sacrifice their lives,” Washington answered. “I just don’t care for people who put those kind of people down. If it weren’t for them, we would not have the freedom to complain about what they do.”

The Oscar winner reminisced back to the early days of his acting career when he was in the movie “Ricochet” back in 1991.  He did a ride-along with an LAPD officer to prepare for his role as Nick Styles an assistant DA and he said that experience changed his entire perspective on police.

“I went out on call with a sergeant,” Washington recalled. “We got a call of a man outside his house with a rifle that was distraught. We pulled up and did a U-turn past the house and came up short of the house. He told me to sit in the car, which I was gonna do. I wasn’t getting out.”

“He got out. As he got out, another car came screaming up and two young people jumped out screaming,” the 66-year-old actor said. “As it turned out, it was their grandfather. This policeman defused the entire situation by just remaining calm.”

“But it showed me in an instant how they can lose their life,” Denzel related.  “He didn’t overreact. He could’ve pulled his gun out and shot the people that came up driving real fast.  He could’ve shot the old man that was distraught and a bit confused, I think he was suffering a little bit from dementia.”

Washington went on to say, “But in an instant, it taught me, and I never forgot it, what our law enforcement people have to deal with moment to moment, second to second.”

I wish more Hollywood people would jump on Washington’s bandwagon and come back to reality, because the way things are going now with the new administration and crazy radical Woke Supremacists running Congress, it’s not going to be a bright future for America, and people who work in Hollywood can influence people either way.  Right now the majority are not pro America.  They could learn a lot from a man like Denzel Washingon.

Minneapolis City Council Decides to Eradicate Police Department But Keep the Police Officers

Minneapolis City Council Decides to Eradicate Police Department But Keep the Police Officers

And you thought the Minneapolis City Council was just politicking around when they said they were going to radically transform the Minneapolis Police Department in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police.  Well, then you have a lot to learn about radical Woke Supremacists with power.  For them, virtue signaling is just the beginning of a very bad idea.

Three members of the Minneapolis City Council last week announced a plan to finally make good on their threat, er, promise to abolish the Minneapolis Police Department.  City Council members promised a “start fresh with a community-oriented, non-violent public safety and outreach capacity” pathway to law enforcement.  And just like Mike Tyson once said, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth,” this plan will fail the people of Minneapolis, and it is so colossally bad that it will probably harm people in nearby towns as well.

This is the same City Council that declared racism as a public health emergency and used taxpayer dollars to hire their own private security after they voted to defund the police.

The Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender actually went on CNN to say that fear of dismantling the police department comes from a “place of privilege.”

I think a thought process like that coming from a City Council president comes from a place of doing too many quaaludes as a teenager.

Yet until now, their promises never saw the fulfillment of the good they said would come.  In fact, their hate-filled rhetoric against police prompted a mass exodus of police officers who either retired or just up and quit, and the result of that was a significant spike in violent crime that hit the city last summer.  The rise of crime that hit the city enraged residents, especially when nothing was being done by the city to answer their pleas for help, and yet that didn’t stop the kooky ways of the city council.

Believe it not, when angry residents complained directly to city council members that something needed to be done to fight the crime that was taking over their neighborhoods, members had the gall to ask “Where are the police?”  Are these people really that out of touch with reality?

In time, the slow-witted ones on the City Council finally learned that inflammatory language about dismantling the Police Department doesn’t really work as a practical public policy so they backtracked on the idea.

But they did manage to come up with something that will more-than-likely prove to be even dumber than what they proposed before.   On Thursday, City Council members Phillipe Cunningham, Steve Fletcher, and Jeremy Schroeder announced their proposal that would eliminate the Minneapolis Police Department but would keep the police officers.

I guess this means that they no longer believe that the police are the racists who systemically attack people of color in the city and it was the Police Department itself.  Let that sink in for a minute.  If you’re sitting there scratching your head reading this then you are a normal thinking person.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that the plan these geniuses came up with will create a new Department of Public Safety which will have “additional divisions … to provide for a comprehensive approach to public safety beyond law enforcement.”  I bet the people of Minneapolis are feeling safer already.

From the Tribune piece, “The proposed charter amendment would eliminate the requirement to maintain a minimum number of officers based on the city’s population, leaving the force size entirely at the discretion of the mayor and the 13-member City Council.”  After listening to that mishmash of clowns since the riots started over the summer I weep for the future of Minneapolis residents.

City Council member Fletcher said, “Minneapolis residents are imagining a comprehensive public safety approach that is more effective and more reflective of our values, and they are calling on the city to act. This charter amendment creates a structure that supports that vision and allows our city to innovate.”   And when this new Department of Public Safety has even more problems than the Minneapolis Police Department will the same City Council members blame the new department for the failures?  Will they blame systemic racism on a department that they created?

To be able to get it onto the next city ballot, the proposal has to first be approved by the City Council and the city Charter Commission.

The Tribune said that the Minneapolis Mayor, Jacob Frey, is concerned that the proposal “would diminish accountability.”

“I believe in a comprehensive approach. That’s what we’re hearing from people,” Frey said. “We are not hearing people want to dilute accountability by having the head of public safety report to 14 people.”

By the way, all of the politicians we’re talking about here are Democrat members of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party with the exception of one who is a member of the Green Party.  There is not a single Republican sitting on the City Council, and they probably wouldn’t ever listen to one if there were.

Illinois Lawmaker Wants To Abolish History Classes; Instead Promote Women, Black, LGBTQ Communities

Illinois Lawmaker Wants To Abolish History Classes; Instead Promote Women, Black, LGBTQ Communities

What, abolish American history classes? Does the curriculum create white privilege and a racist society?

There’s an old saying, “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

I guess the left didn’t learn this as they have been erasing history in the public square by tearing down statues of various famous people in American history and now one lawmaker wants to stop current history classes from being taught in Illinois schools.

Illinois State Representative La Shawn Ford, a Democrat from Chicago, called on his state Sunday to abolish history classes in Illinois schools.

Mr. Ford believes the history taught to children in his state does nothing to foster a more inclusive society.

“We need to end the miseducation of Illinoisans,” Ford said in a news release.

Ford said he was concerned that current school history teachings lead to white privilege and a racist society.

From Chanel 9 News

Currently working on changing school curriculum after a class visit to an African American history museum last October.

“I’m calling on the Illinois State Board of Education and local school districts to take immediate action by removing current history books and curriculum practices that unfairly communicate our history,” Ford said. “Until a suitable alternative is developed, we should instead devote greater attention toward civics and ensuring students understand our democratic processes and how they can be involved.”

Ford believes current classes overlook the contributions of women and members of the Black, Jewish, and LGBTQ communities, as well as other groups.

The conversation about adding this history of Black people in America to the school curriculum is going on nationwide, including here in Colorado.

Denver Public Schools (DPS) has been working on changes largely because of one school in the district.

Teachers and students at Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Early College has been focused on the effort since at least October 2019 when a group of students took a trip to the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C.

“They came back and they asked the history teachers to attend the museum in November,” principal Kimberly Grayson told 9NEWS in June.

“All of my history teachers – all of them are white teachers. They went to the history museum in November. They came back from that museum in November with changes to their curriculum in place.”

“We don’t want Black history to be separate,” Grayson added. “It needs to be embedded and emerged within history – all history.”
CV-19, RACE, POLICE – It would be nice to not have these issues brought up in almost every conversation. How about instead, God, the Constitution, and Bill of Rights?
Minneapolis Police Department Advises Residents to Give In to Criminals

Minneapolis Police Department Advises Residents to Give In to Criminals

Minneapolis police are telling law-abiding citizens that if a thief wants your phone, your wallet, or your car to give it to them right away.

I wonder if that is to keep you safe or to keep the mugger safe.

Knowing Mayor Frey, I have to believe it is to keep the mugger safe because he has never shown himself to be concerned about law-abiding citizens.



Crime is rising rapidly in cities governed by Democratic mayors who all seem to support the rioters but law-abiding citizens, not so much.  Minneapolis might be getting its residents trained for when they do away with their police department. Once the police are gone the criminals will be running the city, so you might as well get used to it.

If you live in a city run by Republicans you may disregard this message as the police will still be there to defend you.

Besides, there is a 50-50 chance that the gun you are carrying will be bigger than the mugger’s. If that’s the case, they will either back down or achieve room temperature.

Ten years ago it would have been unthinkable that any city would defund their police department. I wonder if that’s an idea the city leaders decided for themselves or whether they are merely giving in to the criminals. You get three guesses and the first two do not count.

From Breitbart News

One Minneapolis resident who refused to give in without a fight was 99-year-old Evelyn Johnson, who fought with an intruder: “”He thought he was just going to cover my mouth and smother me, but that didn’t happen. I fought him. We wrestled for quite a while, according to all my bruises,” she told KSTP.

The Democrat-dominated Minneapolis City Council unanimously approved a resolution in June to abolish the police department — much to the chagrin of local leaders in the black community, who spoke out against the plan in July.

The local Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported that local black leaders had called the plan to abolish or defund the police “Egregious, grotesque, absurd, crazy, ridiculous.”

LA Teachers Union – Fascists! Demands Police Defunded And Charters Ended BEFORE Schools Can Reopen!

LA Teachers Union – Fascists! Demands Police Defunded And Charters Ended BEFORE Schools Can Reopen!

So much for the children! In another line of hostage-taking ultimatums, the LA Teachers Union released their demands before the teachers will go back to the classrooms. Some of the items are reasonable but the main two would require the city to defund the police and put a moratorium on Charter schools. So either LA does what the union demands or the children will not have any teachers, in the event the schools re-open.

From Washington Examiner

The Los Angeles Teachers Union issued a research paper arguing schools in the district can’t reopen without certain policy provisions in place ranging from mandatory face masks to a “moratorium” on charter schools and the defunding of police.

With classes set to begin on Aug. 18, United Teachers Los Angeles, a union consisting of 35,000 members, outlined a series of demands that should be met before reopening,

The union stressed the need for precautions to stem the spread of the coronavirus, including students being assigned to small sequestered groups, face masks, protective equipment, and school campuses being reconfigured to allow the maximum possible social distancing.

The paper argued that the pandemic “underscores” inequality in the United States.

The COVID-19 pandemic in the United States underscores the deep equity and justice challenges arising from our profoundly racist, intensely unequal society,” the paper read. “Unlike other countries that recognize protecting lives is the key to protecting livelihoods, the United States has chosen to prioritize profits over people.

The Trump administration’s attempt to force people to return to work on a large scale depends on restarting physical schools so parents have childcare. In Los Angeles, this means increased risk especially in Black and Brown working communities, where people are more likely to have ‘essential’ jobs, insufficient health care, higher levels of preexisting health conditions, and to live in crowded housing.”

“Police violence is a leading cause of death and trauma for Black people, and is a serious public health and moral issue,” the union said. “We must shift the astronomical amount of money devoted to policing, to education and other essential needs such as housing and public health.”

As for charter schools, the union called for a “moratorium.” The paper contended that they “drain resources” from public schools and claimed that they “double-dipped” during the pandemic by taking federal bailouts, even though their state funding did not decline.

The paper ended with a section titled, “In Conclusion: Normal Wasn’t Working For Us Before. We Can’t Go Back.”

The public sector unions have not been in reality for a few decades. While the schools have been in decline, in all scholastic metrics, the unions have been defending poor-performing teachers. Demands for raises, better health care, and tenure for teachers, good or bad, has the children trapped with no way out.

My wife and I homeschooled our children, which worked out great, but for those in LA who don’t want that responsibility, they can only wait and see who calls uncle first in this standoff. Either way, the system is broken, beyond repair, and must be replaced. The only thing that is in the way; is the United Teachers Los Angeles Union.