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9 Officers Wounded in 5-Hour Shootout Involving Baby at Phoenix Home – Gunman Dead (VIDEO)

Nine police officers were wounded early Friday morning in Phoenix that started when someone reported that a woman had been shot at the home. The first officer who answered the call as he was walking towards the home, was shot multiple times in what was an ambush.

Five officers were shot and four more were wounded by shrapnel or ricocheting bullets. During the five-hour gunfight, a baby was brought out and placed the baby on the porch in order to lure more police officers.

All of the officers are expected to live. The scary part is members of Congress have pushed “Defund the Police” and other actions that denigrate the police. In my opinion, it is this type[e of rhetoric that sets off militants who then feel that the police are the enemy and therefore they are justified in ambushing them. Last year was bad for the police in officers who were killed or wounded and this year it appears to be worse.

The Associated Press reported:

A man ambushed a police officer who responded to a call at a Phoenix home early Friday, shooting him several times, then rained more gunfire on other officers who tried to rescue a baby that had been placed outside.

In all, five officers were shot, including four who were wounded while trying to take the baby to safety. Four more officers were injured by shrapnel or ricocheting bullets, Phoenix Police Sgt. Andy Williams said.

All were expected to survive, and the baby was unharmed, police said.

The most seriously injured officer was the first to arrive at the home, around 2:15 a.m., following a report of a woman shot. He was invited inside, Williams said.

“As he approached the doorway, the suspect ambushed him with a gun and shot him several times,” Williams said. “That officer was able to get back and get away to safety.”

Another man later came outside the home holding a baby in a carrier and placed it just outside the front door. He raised his hands to surrender while backing away from the house.

States need to increase the penalties for shooting a law enforcement officer. The gunman in this case is dead, but it is not known of the police shot him or whether he shot himself.

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