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7 Min. Long Film Before Shooting Death of Patriot Prayer Member Leaves Many Questions About “Kill Box”-You Decide

The following video is narrated with subtitles that have been analyzed by Jack Murphy, author, and journalist who posted about a potential “Antifa Kill team”, which has not been confirmed but has citizen journalists and researchers investigating what could potentially be an explosive turn of events for what many Democrats are still demanding are “Peaceful Protests”.

President Donald J. Trump has made public comments that he believes Antifa are in fact, “Domestic terrorists” and he appears to be signaling to the The Justice Department and the FBI:

From the tone of that tweet, many people are expecting that Trump will be taking a harder line with Antifa uprisings, and at least getting more investigations, if the the DOJ and FBI will follow, is unclear.

We do know that Bill Barr, the Attorney General has taken steps to push back on the media/legal observers that work as the propaganda teams for these left leaning groups.

The idea of planned groups of criminals, out looking for opportunities meant to do damage to, or kill Trump supporters has been planted even in mainstream media. Late in August President Donald J. Trump made comments to Fox News Laura Ingram about alleged planning by “thugs” who were traveling to Washington alleged to do harm to people at the Republican National Convention, in that same interview Trump talked about the shooting in Portland and said the thought the area was suffering from a “sickness” that allowed far-left lawmakers to allow the historic violence there.

We know that organized harassment of Trump supporters did happen on the last night of the Republican Convention, so Trump is clearly on top of the story.

In the Ingraham interview, Trump then talked about organized crime in these social justice mobs. “I’ll tell you sometime, but it’s under investigation right now,” Trump told Ingraham. “But they came from a certain city and this person was coming to the Republican National Convention. And there were like seven people in the plane like this person, and then a lot of people were in the plane to do big damage.” Trump told Ingraham talking about planned groups hurting Trump supporters.

Trump told reporters that the details were told to him by someone who was on the flight, but he did not identify the individual. He said that it was someone reporters would know and that he would ask if that person would “see whether or not I can get that person to speak to you.”

This is still not quite a confirmation that there is in fact a concentrated plan for members of Antica to hurt or kill Trump supporters, however, the events in Portland with the murder of the Patriots Prayer member has renewed the concerns that the group has taken a much darker turn.

This video is not at all conclusive that there is such a thing as an “Antifa Kill Box” but there are some very concerning interactions between what looks like people of the same gang, or team.

Murphy posted in the comments of his video, “Out of all the elements the video creator highlighted, I think the camera man’s involvement is probably the most suspect. I may be doing an interview with him very soon. Stay tuned.”


There is a man who walking along with his video, acting very strangely, making odd comments about what he is observing and who happens to get the shooting death of the Patriot Prayer member on film, including numerous moments after the shooting. The footage is very interesting.

Murphy, who posted the video to Minds, is the victim of coordinated attacks by Antifa, for his journalism, activism and books #DemocratToDeplorable adds some very relevant content about prior statements from Antifa that could possibly confirm the idea that Antifa is planning wider violence against Americans. Still not conclusive, but interesting statements he recalled from the videos and news articles.

Murphy confirms from a New York Times article that Antifa has “trained security and removal teams”, including trained arson teams.

This story is developing…

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