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6-Person Team Briefed Hundreds of State Senators on Election Irregularities

President Trump has a team of six people including Rudy Giuliani and Peter Navarro who are teaching state legislators about the massive amounts of voting irregularities from the 2020 presidential election. They have now briefed hundreds of state legislators in all six swing states.

The legislators from Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin met with the six on Zoom.

Navarro said:

“These legislators, they’re hot, they’re angry, they want action. We gave them the receipts. We explained exactly how the Democrat Party, as a matter of strategy, stole this election from Donald J. Trump.”

According to Got Freedom?, a nonprofit election integrity watchdog, the meeting included a talk from President Trump. Nearly 300 legislators joined in for the president and his advisors. John Eastman and John Lott were part of the six who spoke. Evidence that was presented covered the areas of an alleged voter, ballot, and election fraud.

Phill Kline, who heads the Thomas More Foundation’s Amistad Project said:

“This information should serve as an important resource for state legislators as they make calls for state legislatures to meet to investigate the election and consider decertifying their state election results.” 

“The integrity of our elections is far too important to treat cavalierly, and elected officials deserve to have all relevant information at their disposal as they consider whether to accept the reported results of the 2020 elections, especially in states where the process was influenced by private interests.”

The Epoch Time

Navarro released a report on Dec. 21 that summarized and categorized evidence of election theft. In the Jan. 2 interview, he said he will be releasing another report on Monday. Navarro said Saturday the report “shows beyond a shadow of a doubt this election was stolen.”

Trump’s legal team and a handful of third parties are litigating challenges to the election in court in six battleground states. Dozens of U.S. Senators and House members have committed to lodging objections to electoral slates from those states when Congress counts the Electoral College votes on Jan. 6.

Trump’s legal team has appeared before several state legislatures already but this was an update and also a session in which they could find out what steps they can take legally.

US Senators have promised to object to the electoral votes unless there is a 10-day audit of those six states. Individual state legislatures would then vet the findings and have the opportunity to convene and vote on a new set of electors.

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