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2A Attack – Lying Mayor Lori Lightfoot: Chicago Needs More Gun Control

For people like me, carrying extra weight, the idea of blaming the crispy cream donuts for the extra pound is preposterous. Yet when it comes to people using a gun to kill someone with, instead of a knife or car, options 2/3, progressive politicians, whose policies create poverty in these cities, are blaming the guns.

I have never seen a gun jump up and shoot anyone. Nor have I heard of a gun shouting out racists or violent phrases before going off.  These same politicians ignore the 2A rights of individuals and pass local laws in violation of the Bill Of Rights anyone. Why not, it is not criminal but should be, and they know it will take years for those adversely affected to go through the courts to try to overturn their laws.

Chicago, one of the most violent cities in America, which has already passed a local area “assault weapons” ban, thanks to a Cook County prohibition. Moreover, Chicago and the entire state of Illinois already have a licensing process for would-be gun owners that includes a background check. This is in addition to a de facto universal background check system wholly separate from the vetting process one goes through to purchase a gun or obtain a concealed carry permit.

The “assault weapons” ban and background check requirements do not impact criminals because criminals acquire their guns from dark sources rather than retail stores, gun shows, the Internet, etc.

Via Breibart

Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) suggested Wednesday there are “easy things” that can be done in response to Chicago gun violence, one of which is instituting more gun control.

The Chicago Tribune reported Lightfoot made her comments in reaction to President Trump’s intimation the federal government may step in because leaders in Democrat-run cities, particularly Chicago, have seemingly acquiesced to gun violence in their streets.

Lightfoot said, “If the president was really committed to helping us deal with our violence, he would do some easy things. What he would push for is universal background checks, he would push for an assault weapons ban, he would push to make sure that people who are banned from getting on airplanes can’t get guns.”

The “assault weapons” ban and background check requirements do not impact criminals because criminals acquire their guns from dark sources rather than retail stores, gun shows, the Internet, etc.

On August 30, 2015, Breitbart News reported a University of Chicago Crime Lab study showing criminals in the Cook County jail largely spoke of having acquired guns in undetectable ways on the street.

Another ramification of criminals’ means of acquiring guns is that Lightfoot’s n0-fly, no-buy suggestion is moot. Such a law would have no impact on Chicago gun violence because it presupposes criminals are buying their guns from a retail store instead the street.

More failed Democratic policies leading to more poverty, and more violence, with the only solution for liberals, fewer guns. This has never worked, and is unconstitutional! Hopefully, they wake up someday soon, thousands of people are dying in the meantime.



  1. mila

    July 16, 2020 at 8:55 pm

    the zombie speaks trash again

  2. Linda Nielsen

    July 20, 2020 at 9:21 am

    The police must be able to arrest criminals who have ILLEGAL GUNS AND are perpetuating VIOLENCE, and the State’s Attorney’s Office needs to prosecute to the highest extent of the law! Right now police can not arrest these criminals and if a few get arrested State’s Attorney Kim Fox just lets them right back out and refuses to prosecute.

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