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25th Amendment: Pelosi uses her Office for the Dirtiest Politics we have ever seen, Collins Said: “You are not the Head of the DNC”

Nancy Pelosi, radical Speaker of the US House of Representatives has been openly at war with President Donald J. Trump using every resource and tool and alliance she has to discredit the authority of the President of the United States.

Pelosi gathered an enormous amount of power in the 2018 elections when Trump supporters refused to vote in primary elections, and when the left was well organized to take over the US House by any means necessary and pushed through numerous radical US House members.

“Months ago Nancy Pelosi was talking about gourmet ice cream in her $24K fridge. Last week Nancy Pelosi was talking about impeachment…again. Now she’s talking about the 25th Amendment?!?! Nancy should STOP playing politics and get Americans MUCH needed Covid relief money!!!” Hogan Gidley, the National Press Secretary, responded.

“This is not about Pres Trump,” says @SpeakerPelosi. “He will face the judgment of the voters,’ she says in calling for a Commission on implementing the 25th Amendment, particularly Sec. 4. She says pres fitness for office must be determined by “science & facts.” Mark Knoller reported.

“If every poll has Biden leading why is Pelosi still trying to get him impeached? She couldn’t get that done in over three years but is willing to waste more of our money to try it in three weeks,” a Trump supporter wrote.

Pelosi and Democrat leaders have been using that power ever since, with their media allies, and with the most reckless and dangerous powers grabs we have seen, motivated by covering up numerous other scandals to damage Trump and remove him from office for any reason at all.

Trump, who mysteriously contacted the COVID 19 virus along with many other Republicans, is being discredited by a lucid and rambling Pelosi, for taking medications associated with the virus, and she is using a classic abusive technique to publicly harm Trump with a few weeks before the 2020 Presidential Election.

“This is not about President Trump, this is about President Trump forcing us to set up such a Commission,” Pelosi said, displaying classic abusive and punishing tactics to project and damage people.

Pelosi seems desperate to stop Trump from winning the election, to be honest.

Republican Doug Collins appeared on Fox News to discuss Pelosi’s actions.

“The American people sees the train wreck she is leading for the last 18-19months, and she has no power to do this, and she is pandering to her far radical base. She can not get this passed. She is so focused on beating Trump. Speaker: You are not the leader of the DNC,” he said.

One Trump supporter reacted and said,”So let me get this straight. Pelosi who ripped up a SOTU speech on National TV, runs a district with a human feces and drug needle problem on it’s streets and slurs her words like a drunk is setting up a commission to rule on POTUS Trump’s fitness. That can’t be right can it?”

Pelosi’s stunt happens on the same day that Trump’s medical scientists and doctors have cleared him for regular duty as President.

Game on Pelosi…. this story is still developing.

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