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2022 Harbinger? Republican Elected as Columbia, SC Mayor for First Time in Almost Ever

Democrats should be running scared. Not only are they losing elections, but they are also losing elections where they have a huge advantage. The latest is the ultra-blue city of Columbia, South Carolina, where no Republican has won since 1986. Biden beat Trump, there in 2020 by a score of 68% Biden, 30% Trump. Republican Daniel Rickenmann has won the mayoral race with 52% of the vote. 42% of Columbia is black.

Rickenmann told supporters:

“I’m just overwhelmed by all the support from the business community, the citizens of Columbia, the young people and the old, a cross-section of people. I’m just excited about the opportunity to serve them and get to work.”

The Democrats have got to be close to panicking. If they can’t win these “safe seats” what chance do they have in the swing districts? The Democrats have launched a radical agenda that favors illegal aliens over Americans. Is it any wonder more and more minorities are voting for Republicans? Inflation is soaring, gasoline prices are going through the roof, the Afghanistan evacuation was a clown show in which we left as many as 14,000 Americans stranded.

The only claim they have a policy victory is the infrastructure bill that spends money we don’t have very little actually slated or infrastructure. The DOJ and the FBI have declared war on parents that they consider to be domestic terrorists. Biden wants to be able to control everyone’s bank account. He nominated a card-carrying communist to be in charge of banking. She is against a private bank and wants all Americans to bank through the Fed.

From PJ Media

Richland County, where Columbia is located, went for Biden in the general election by a better than two-to-one margin: 68% Biden, 30% Trump.

Rickenmann won Tuesday night with a less-commanding but still-impressive 52% of the vote.

Did I mention he’s a Republican?

In at least this one election, Columbia’s support for the Democrat standard-bearer declined by a whopping 20 points. Support for the Republican increased by 22.

That is nothing short of remarkable and ought to serve as a wake-up call for an increasingly woke Democrat party that is also increasingly distanced from its core constituencies.

But it probably won’t, which has me all excited about 2022.


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