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19-Year-Old Democratic Candidate For Kansas House Accused Of Assaulting Ex-Girlfriend

Democratic candidate for Kansas House of Representatives Aaron Coleman is being accused of beating a recent girlfriend who rejected his suggestion of having a threesome with another woman.

Coleman is the same candidate that has already admitted to posting naked pictures of a girl on the internet because she refused to send him more pictures.

Coleman refuses to drop out of the race. he defeated seven-term incumbent Rep. Stan Frownfelter in the state’s Aug. 4 Democratic primary. That seat could flip to red unless voters really don’t care about women’s rights, which is altogether possible. No one cares about Biden’s accusers.

The girlfriend, Taylor Passow, 21, told The Intercept that Coleman physically attacked her in a hot tub after she rejected his suggestion that they have a threesome.

Passow says she offered to break up with him for one day on his birthday so he could have a threesome without her and that is when he attacked her.

Passow said:

“[H]e jumped on top of me, put his hands around my throat and started squeezing, and slapped me three times, and said ‘I don’t know where the fuck you think you’re going.’” 

The two former lovers disagree on what happened that day but in any case, that episode shows that he does not have the maturity to hold public office but since he is a Democrat, they do not feel that is a prerequisite for running for office. All that they require is a total lack of morals and a (D) after your name and the ability to place your party above your country.

Several other women have come forward with stories about being harassed by Coleman, including one girl who said she contemplated suicide after Coleman disparaged her appearance.

From The Daily Caller

Passow’s allegations against Coleman come days after The New York Times reported that Coleman confirmed separate allegations from when he was a minor in middle school. The Times reported that Coleman had circulated nude images of a girl after she refused to send him more.

“They’re accurate,” said Coleman regarding those allegations, according to the Times.

Multiple other women came forward alleging Coleman harassed them, according to the Times. One woman said she attempted suicide after Coleman allegedly bullied her in sixth grade over her appearance.

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