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Domestic Terrorism

18 Officers Injured As Black Lives Matter and Antifa Target Columbus Statue in Chicago (VIDEO)

A large group of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter protesters assembled in a park to call for the defunding of police and an attempt to take down a state of Christopher Columbus.

As police started moving the crowd out of the park, they were met with a barrage of bottles, cans and rocks. All tolled, 18 police officers were injured.


The police were forced to use pepper spray in order to break up the large group of protesters.

Protesters were able to deface the statue but they didn’t manage to tear it down.

By about 8:15 PM the police had been able to move the crowd out of the park but the protesters continued their violence even as they were dispersing.

Some rioters tried to tell a reporter that police had been brutalizing a woman.


Police succeeded in saving the statue and they pushed the protesters west, where they ultimately dispersed.

The area near Columbus and Roosevelt was shut down for a good portion of the evening as police were dealing with the rioters.

Police say that a dozen people were arrested and that several police officers were taken to the hospital after being hit by the debris being thrown by the unruly crowd.


The violence in Chicago is out of hand. In my opinion, someone needs to loan Mayor Lori Lightfoot five bucks so she can buy a clue because currently she doesn’t have a single one in trying to deal with them out of hand violence.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Mary

    July 18, 2020 at 10:02 am

    All these thugs need to b arrested. Must pay hugh fines for throwing objects at police. Followed by 10 yrs in jail. These are not protestors Just violent thugs

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