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17 Chicago Police Officers Injured, Video Shows Cop Beaten With a Skateboard; Mayor Lightfoot Says Vast Majority of Protests are ‘Peaceful’

Seventeen police officers were injured in mostly peaceful protests in Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago, including one who was beaten with an extremely peaceful skateboard. At least 24 people were arrested but with Kim Foxx as the prosecutor, none of them may get charged. In three years Foxx has dismissed over 25,000 felony charges. That includes Jussie Smollett.

Seventeen officers were injured but only four people were arrested for assaulting officers. Officers used pepper spray on the rioters and some used their batons. Until the police can use the same tactics as the rioters and Chicago gets a real prosecutor I see little hope for the future. Just write them off as a failed city and move on.


The city once again had to raise the bridges to keep out more of the rioters but by that time they were already there. Locking the barn after the horse got out.


Lightfoot went on television to downplay the riots:

“What we’ve seen in cities all across the country, not just Chicago, is a continuing wave of protests. The vast majority of these have been peaceful. But what we’ve also seen is people who have embedded themselves in these seemingly peaceful protests and come for a fight.”


America is getting tired of these riots and of the Democrats making excuses for these thugs. I hope they show it on November 3rd.


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