Sen. Kamala Harris criticized President Donald Trump for continuing to push the idea that America needs a border wall.

While CNN helped boast the newly launched campaign for Kamala Harris, Cnn reporter Jake Trapper asked her if she would support the wall if DACA recipients were given permanent protection. She said:

“That wall ain’t going to stop them,” the California Democrat said. “They’re not jumping over a wall.”

“I’m not going to vote for a wall under any circumstances.”

Isn’t her statement contradictory in itself? First, she said a wall isn’t going to stop them. But then she proves it can stop them by stating, “They’re not jumping over a wall.” But I’m sure not a single Democrat is catching that obvious observation Harris made. She said they are tunneling and other things. Of course, that’s what they are doing to get around the wall. And if border patrol isn’t being forced to watch the gaping holes where there isn’t a wall, they could spend more time looking for tunneling and other tactics being used to cross illegally.

As for DACA, Obama and Democrats have had many years to create a path to citizenship for illegals and they didn’t. They failed DACA. First, it was illegal to do in the first place. Even Obama admitted that:


But he did a further injustice by not giving them a path to citizenship. Obama knew this was temporary and it had to be dealt with. But his administration did nothing. So now they are acting like they are on the side of DACA recipients when they have failed them for so many years. It typical for Democrats to say they will help people during election time and then do nothing.

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UAF Contributor: Marie Penetraniti