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100+ Antifa Rioters Vandalized Portland Buildings — No Arrests

Some things never change. As per usual Antifa rioted in Portland, Oregon and as a result, no arrests were made. That was fortunate for the DA who has gotten plumb tuckered out signing documents dropping all charges against rioters. The rioters held two rallies. One meant as a decoy and a second one that was responsible for damaging businesses.

The Portland Police Bureau tweeted:

“This evening (Friday), a group gathered outside the Mexican Consulate in Downtown Portland. The group was described as dressed in all black and wearing helmets. The group engaged in criminal behavior which included spray painting and vandalizing the property.”

Andy Ngo, a Portland area journalist reported that antifa announced the first demonstration digitally and that it was meant as a diversion to keep police away from the real riot.

Andy Ngô@MrAndyNgo·There is a group of antifa in black bloc smashing up numerous businesses again in Portland. They announced their gathering via a digital flyer. They’re vandalizing banks and real estate in the name of trans lives of color along NE Sandy Blvd. #PortlandRiots#antifa3161.7K4K

Andy Ngô@MrAndyNgoReplying to @MrAndyNgoAntifa organized two separate mini-riots tonight. One was publicly announced for downtown. It was meant as a decoy to fool police. There was another unadvertised one for vandalizing businesses along NE Sandy. @PortlandPolice didn’t stop either one. #PortlandRiots#antifa1:29 AM · Nov 21, 2020·Twitter Web App594 Retweets56 Quote Tweets1.5K Likes[email protected]·.

An official police statement reports “no arrests were made.”

Ngo reported the group attacked the liberal icon Whole Foods on the city’s northeast side during a “day of rage” in support of trans people.

Independent Media [email protected]·Photos from last night where businesses were vandalized in the Hollywood District by Portland protesters along Sandy Blvd. Businesses shown here: One Main Financial, Whole Foods, State Farm, Miller Paint Co. #Portland#protest


Independent Media [email protected]
·Photos from last night where damage was left to businesses in the Hollywood District by Portland protesters along Sandy Blvd. Businesses shown here: Chase Bank, Bank of America, Rose City Realtors and Wells Fargo. #Portland#protest.

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