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Learn the Constitution 

There is a huge lack of education on the Constitution and the true history of America. Our educational system has failed our kids. In fact, the education system is highly influenced by leftist agendas. You can learn the Constitution for free with online classes provided by Hillsdale College. Here is a link to start getting educated.

In the News

Cory Booker suspends 2020 presidential campaign

New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker on Monday suspended his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination after struggling since the start to break into the top tier and failing to make the cut for the upcoming debate. And Cory...

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Democrats look every day on how they can discredit President Trump.  The House pushed the War Powers Act through to try and prevent Pres Trump from taking out someone they may have deemed and ally.  They will not admit the supported Soleimani but it sure...

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Schumer vows to force votes on impeachment witnesses

If people are concerned about one party trying to act like a dictatorship then they should be concerned about the Democrat party. They have undermined the idea of bi partianship. Everything has to be their way or no way. They have manipulated the truth at every turn...

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Vote Dem Out

It’s time to save America.